Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A New Technology Video At Apple?

The Wall Street Journal writes "Apple is working on a new technology to stream video to TVs, and has discussed the opportunity to launch a TV subscription service ". The second part is not new, since at least 2009, we hear from Apple will offer packages of content for television, on a subscription. Thus it would compete with cable and satellite. This has not yet translated into action and Steve Jobs later acknowledged that the proliferation of boxes with their TV services and VOD integrated complicated task for those who wanted to enter this market. Regarding the supposed new technology, the veil of fog is thicker still. Is it for example promotes the integration of the AirPlay TV (but would bypass the Apple TV)? Vague formulation of the WSJ leaves the field open to all interpretations of how Apple wants to bring something new on the transport of these images.

Straight Talk

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Market Shows Serene Confidence On Apple

We were expecting to see the market reaction to the announcement of the withdrawal of Steve Jobs, they show a relatively serene confidence, since the close of Wall Street, not accusing AAPL a loss of 0.65% lower than the Dow Jones (-1.51%) and NASDAQ (-1.95%). This figure should be put in perspective with the performance of the day, while AAPL was up 5%. The scholarship has noted the change in position of Steve Jobs, would not seem particularly moved, and then displays a relative confidence that Apple continue its momentum after the change of helmsman. The smooth transition will have paid all we could see Tim Cook at work during the sick leave of the founder of Apple. If the Cupertino company would soon make an announcement as we suspect more and more, turning this small market will be gone as long as it is increasing in the coming days.

Launchpad Cleaner

The Launchpad is a new practice of OS X Leo, but can quickly become binding if you have many applications. As of IOS, you cannot just hide an application: to remove the Launchpad, you must remove the hard drive. It makes sense, but it is also inconvenient for some applications that are used rarely, but it does not completely remove either. Launchpad Cleaner can just hide the icons and so empty the Launchpad, without removing applications. This utility displays the current status of Launchpad and can hide an icon with a single click. We can also rename an application, but not moving. Developed by AIR Launchpad Cleaner is fairly heavy and the application exploits certain features of bad Mac OS X such as gestures to trackpad, but it is functional. The author has in mind in particular the preservation and restoration of the status of the Launchpad and we can restore the default version if something goes wrong. Apple also set a keyboard shortcut to change the wallpaper Launchpad. By default, the grid of icons is placed on a fuzzy version of the wallpaper in progress. Using the keyboard shortcut ⌘ + b, we can change this setting: net wallpaper, wallpaper in black and white wallpaper black and white blur. Once changed, the setting is retained by the system and the bottom is always as you selected. We did not find other shortcuts to use in Launchpad, please share your discoveries.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The GalaxyTab again blocked in Germany

The legal battle between Apple and Samsung has left the Netherlands to head back to Germany, where a preliminary decision was made today around the shelves of the two manufacturers. The sale of the GalaxyTab is again banned in Germany, pending a trial on the merits on September 9. Judge Johanna Hofmann-Brueckner of the Court of Düsseldorf has nevertheless made it clear that it could confirm this decision. But this would only affect German soil, not Europe. According to a report from Bloomberg, the judge specifically stated "There are many other ways to design a tablet, as amply demonstrated by the market. We believe that the European rights to the design of Apple imply benefit from good protection, if not very large". A very different assessment of the Court in The Hague in the Netherlands where Apple got nothing for the moment the issues of hardware design. A lawyer for Samsung, and had interpreted the judge's decision "As he rightly pointed out, human design of Apple cannot force us to make bad products technically. Many design elements are simply necessary if you want to make a tablet. " It also appears that cases of image manipulation of the tablet from Samsung to give it the same dimensions as the iPad not particularly interested in the judge, is on his side Florian Mueller at FOSS Patents. She asked about it by counsel for both parties to discuss among themselves about it, but outside the court. The restoration of this injunction, decided to start on August 9 and then lifted a week later, is now valid until September 9. In parallel, Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission and answer questions digital answering a question on his Twitter, said its services "closely followed the Dutch and German records." Neelie Kroes has been active in business between Brussels to Microsoft.

Watch and Enjoy Music Video Online

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Evolution of Thunderbolt -3

So he imagines a Mac mini that could be chained to each other and that we connect to your computer in order to gain power. Thus, we could have a system with 6 Core i7 processors with 24 cores in total, 24 GB of RAM (which could go up to 96 GB) and 6 TB of storage, all for $ 6000. He said a similar setup with a Mac Pro would cost more than double. Thus, each could have its Big Mac at home. For those who no longer remember, Virginia Tech University was developed in 2003 the third most powerful supercomputer in the world with 1100 Power Mac G5, which were connected by fiber. Integrating Xsan in Lion and the addition of Thunderbolt have the advantage to save money on software as drastic as the material for the sharing of calculation. There remains the problem of the video card ... Cringely also has its own ideas on the matter. It can well imagine Apple market screens 27 "or 30" shipped directly Retina which a video card. With such a system, users could build "machines" to measure. All this is only speculation, it is unclear whether all this will really come, but it illustrates the fact that Thunderbolt is able to radically change the way today's computers are designed. Recently, a Japanese blog announced the launch by the end of the year of a new family of Mac unrelated to existing materials. If such a model were to be born, we would not be surprised that Thunderbolt is playing such a role.

Evolution of Thunderbolt -2

Thunderbolt is certainly capacity to radically alter the possibilities of our computers. For laptop users, the concept of the Duo may return to fashion. When the user went home with his laptop, he inserted in his Duo Dock, which included a slew of ports and a floppy drive. Sony introduced the VAIO Z end of June, a laptop that uses the standard Intel to connect the computer to an additional module that contains three USB ports, an Ethernet port, one VGA and one HDMI. This module also incorporates a Blu-Ray or DVD, but also an additional graphics chip (Radeon HD 6650M), which is more powerful than integrated into the computer itself. On the Mac, the boxes are similar to the study. Earlier this month, explained VillageTronic consider an edition of his ViDock Thunderbolt, which would act as a hub with USB ports, an Ethernet port and a video card that would contain very powerful. In short, enough to make your MacBook Air has nothing to envy to your iMac. The best of both worlds in some way with one hand, the mobility of the MacBook Air and the other the working comfort of the iMac. It is not only on laptops that Thunderbolt is expected to play an important role in the future; it could also profoundly transform the desktop. In his latest column, Robert Cringely wonders if this technology could not have just the skin of the Mac Pro. With LightPeak, Apple could build on a modular architecture based on a principle of blocks. Assuming that with Thunderbolt, Apple no longer needs to system expansion cards.

Evolution of Thunderbolt -1

Since the beginning of the year, there are two significant developments in the Mac. The first is software. It is of course OS X Lion. The second is of a material, it is Thunderbolt. If the new operating system has received a lot of him and was quick to change the habits of users, technology co-developed with Intel has entered a much more discreet. However, it could disrupt our daily lives. Appeared in late February on the MacBook Pro, LightPeak has subsequently been generalized to the rest of the range. Currently only the Mac Pro has no such interface. But so far, this interface was not used to much if it is to connect an external monitor to your computer. Things are moving slowly but surely, the first devices exploiting this technology have appeared on the market in early summer. These are the manufacturers of storage solutions that have unsheathed first. This is not surprising in itself; this technology allows data rates much higher than USB 3.0 and FireWire 800. The Promise RAID 12 TB, which integrates six hard drives in 2TB, transfer rates of up to 800 MB / s. For mobile users who do video editing, this technology opens up new perspectives. This is also in this light that Apple began to promote Thunderbolt. But it would be simplistic to see Light Peak, a "super" FireWire or USB. And Apple has begun to show his 27-inch screen Thunderbolt. It becomes more than ever to choose a companion to your notebook, including MacBook Air, which now has access to the Gigabit Ethernet and FireWire.

Now VisualHub is compatible with Lion

We learned last week that Kagi, manager of online stores used by many developers had sold unilaterally update utility to use the application to convert videos VisualHub OS X Lion. The editor of this application withdrawn from the market since 2008 was not informed of this decision and finally decided to rehabilitate the site for a final update. If you are using VisualHub or AudialHub then you will find on the site of two programs Techspansion update for OS X Lion. These programs require the latest versions of two software in question and allow, once installed, use them without problem with the latest Apple system. The developer warns users, however: this is the last version, the latest update forever. If a new version of OS X breaks the compatibility of VisualHub and AudialHub, there will be no patch. The publisher also recommends making backups of both software, they are no longer distributed. Alternatives to VisualHub are no shortage, beginning with the very practical Handbrake. If you still prefer to use VisualHub then an unofficial patch, which is referred by the developer, can be installed. vh131ffmpeg, it is called, changes the VisualHub conversion engine with the key to better performance.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

The Termination Version Number In Firefox -2

For companies has been put on the table. On this point Dotzler explains that the emphasis is on the home user ("the individual") in defining the evolution of the interface. While another (and new) group, seconded that thought process, liaising with the companies. But then how to know if you have the latest version of the browser? Instead of a number, the about window will display a message such as "Firefox has verified the presence of an updated X minutes ago, you use the latest version". Information that was already in applications with a search feature updates. And if the connection is not present, not allowing any audit, the browser could then display its number or, more likely, indicate how long he could not confirm the existence of a review. This principle no longer rely on the version number is also in the sense of a mode in which the browser receives updates say silent, taking place in the background without the user's initiative. The latest iterations of Firefox will update in seconds with just one application restart to complete the transaction Mozilla's policy with its new round of rapid development is to get users to update as regularly as possible. From there, it is likely that the concept becomes more abstract version. We see it with Chrome, launched three years ago, its output at a steady pace took him for quite a while with two-digit numbers (the 15 is in development ...)! Firefox follows this example, the six arrived June 16 and 9 (most distant at present) should be completed by the end of the year. It was not specified in the conversation when the new policy will be applied. In versions 7, 8 and 9 in preparation, there is still a mix between the version number and build date.

The Termination Version Number In Firefox -1

Mozilla plans to do a lot with version numbers for Firefox. This decision is subject to fairly sharp exchanges in the forums of the foundation are to remove almost completely any reference to the encrypted version of the software, including the inevitable about window. Already on the download page for development versions of Firefox there is no mention of their number, but their progress "Aurora" for alpha and "Beta" for the latest. This principle should also apply to the general download page for final drafts. On older versions of Firefox, such as 3, it was instead the specific details of the version number to the Gecko rendering engine. With 5 and 6 for example have all been cleaned for much. To justify this decision was endorsed with the teams of the user interface and is being set up, As a Dotzler at Mozilla, said he is heading to the prevailing principle with Web applications that use always the latest version, without asking more questions. "Which version of Gmail do you use?" he starts at a time to an opponent to support his argument that the version of software tools no longer necessarily the value given him so far. What a user has countered that, unlike a remote Internet service, he had his hand on locally installed software on his machine. Not to mention about some situations where this information is useful if not essential (eg technical assistance or any problems of compatibility with third-party software). To these critics Dotzler said consistently that the number, in case of real need, would in any case submitted through the Help menu> troubleshooting information. And for web developers who want their eyes, extensions are available for display in the title bar of the browser.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Scroll Reverser refines the direction of travel in OS X Lion

Lion OS X changes the direction of travel by default as of IOS; we slide the finger up to go down, and down to go up. This decision failed at first, but you soon ... at least on a trackpad. With a mouse, the gesture is less clear, and if Apple has provided two options, one for the trackpad and one for the mouse, a bug that persists in OS X 10.7.1 to prevent two different choices. If you set the trackpad scrolling natural mouse will also adopt this behavior, whatever you do. Scroll Reverser (200 KB) originally allowed activating the scroll Natural Snow Leopard, to facilitate the transition. The small free utility functions nevertheless won since its first release and is now very useful also in Leo, especially if you use a trackpad sometimes, sometimes a mouse. Scroll Reverser makes first (un) natural temporarily activate the scrolling. Better still, it is able to do what Apple does not: enable it for certain types of devices only. This will be used with a trackpad, but not with a mouse, for example. Another option offered by Scroll Reverse: you can activate the natural scroll vertically but not horizontally. The current version does not, however, the intersection of the two options (natural horizontal scrolling trackpad for example). These options also work for the two-finger scrolling, not three or more fingers.

Friday, August 19, 2011

iFixit's Dozuki

IFixit manuals no longer need to prove themselves. Precise, well documented with pictures in high definition, they are invaluable for anyone who wants disassemble a Mac, an iPhone or even a car. With this experience, the site has decided to offer its engine manuals to all. Dozuki offering businesses who wish to create and host their manuals online. The focus is on the wealth of content, but also the ease of making updates and maintaining the interest of information. Two elements make up makes Dozuki: on the one hand and on the other hand a question / answer. Responses are made by experts and they can then be used for all Internet users. Dozuki is collaborative: the textbooks are developed by working groups. As needed, several options are available, starting at $ 99 per month for 50 public and guides up to $ 499 per month for an unlimited number of guides, public or private with own domain name. Each time, the guides can be transformed into applications IOS in the same kind as that of iFixit: Repair Manual (Free). Dozuki is currently in private beta, but you can contact them if you're interested.

AutoCAD 2012 for Mac OS X

AutoCAD on the Mac App Store, it's the turn of his older brother to AutoCAD makeover. AutoCAD 2012 has been revised to better integrate with OS X, and consider some of the latest operating system from Apple. Autodesk is so very proud that his software computer aided design is a fully native application interface with a "modern" - remember that AutoCAD 2012 is the second version of AutoCAD running on OS X.
The application and adopts an operation similar to that of all other native applications, and is fully compatible with such multi touch gestures. Compatible Lion without taking into account all its new features, AutoCAD 2012 is available at $ 3,995 (€ 2,800).

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Use Flare To Edit iPhoto

Edit images from iPhoto with Flare [1.2 - US - € 17.99 (€ 7.99 promo price) - 59.6 MB] alter your images by adding filters and other settings. Such applications are very successful and the number has increased recently, but Flare guard the advantage of personalization. No other applications in this category cannot be changed through the filters proposed by default, or create new ones. This new version lets you choose Flare as an external editor for your images. This feature allows you to send a picture stored in iPhoto, Aperture or Lightroom to Flare to add a filter, before returning the edited photo to the manager. It was possible before, but you had to export and re import the images manually, now everything is done automatically. You can be found more explanations to set each of these applications on the website of the publisher. Also they have added a button "More Presets" which returns on this page to download one of several preset effects provided by users. Effects that you can then modify to your liking...

Best Project Management Software

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Real NET10 wireless service

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Pigs in Trees: the revenge of the pigs will be terrible

The pigs have taken to their rank in Angry Birds ... their revenge will be terrible in Pigs In Trees [1.0.2 - US - € 0.79 - PAN Vision AB] and Pigs in Trees HD [1.0.3 - US - 1, € 59 - iPad - PAN Vision AB]. This game takes the idea of a struggle between pigs and birds, but this time next pigs. It also maintains a tone with these crazy pigs that live in trees and do not intend to let the birds who want to pique their place.

Google buys Motorola

Surprise of the day: Google has opened its wallet to afford Motorola Mobility for $ 12.5 billion. Motorola in January had been split into two groups, acquired by Google consists primarily of business phones and tablets. The statement signed by Larry Page, Google CEO says Android will remain free and independent of Motorola. This acquisition is seen as a way to strengthen the position of Android and enhance competition in the sector. The choice of Motorola makes sense: it is an American company that makes only smartphones and only bet on Android in 2008.

GPS: Navigon MobileNavigator Premium CoPilot Live - I

In terms of interface, the different software we tested alternate good and less good. Those who were already present in our previous comparison in 2009 have changed little. This is probably the application that is most faithful to the spirit IOS. Its interface is clear and simple, and unlike others, it is not lost in the various sub-menus. Less polished, that of Navigon's not too bad either. There are just screen "Other" which is a little search and in which we tend to get lost quickly. The interface was one of the weaknesses of the previous version of CoPilot. With this version, the publisher tried to upgrade its two competitors. Clearly, there is better, although it is difficult to understand choices.

GPS: Navigon MobileNavigator Premium CoPilot Live

The market for navigation software is a lucrative niche in the App Store. The Navigon, TomTom, and other Mappy are often at the forefront in the ranking of the most profitable applications. Following the release of IOS 3 which allowed finally to this type of software to comment on the iPhone, we published a comparison of four major programs of that time. While many people will end up on the road in August, we decided to set foot in the stirrup. For several weeks, we tested the following software: Navigon MobileNavigator 1.8.2, TomTom 1.8, CoPilot Live GPS Mappy Premium 9 and 1.3.

Apple TV: the head in the clouds

Despite being a hobby that sticks to the skin from the beginning or near the Apple TV continues its merry way. The latest version of its software system out yesterday opened up new horizons ... During the developer conference (WWDC), Apple has discussed at length icloud for its computers as well as the iPhone and iPad. With version 4.3 of its system software, the Apple TV is coming to the party.

Test Magic Bar

The Magic Charger reloaded the Magic Mouse by induction (see: Testing Magic Charger Mobe). The Magic Bar intends to do the same, but the wireless keyboard or trackpad Magic. The concept is similar, as the price, but is also a success? The principle of the Magic Bar is identical to the Magic Charger. An induction module replaces the two batteries or batteries and a charging cradle allows, not surprisingly, to reload the module.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

No New Mac Pro

As we have said many times, it lacks any new Mac Pro ... the new processors. Despite the various rumors of June, there is little chance that a new model to be presented this month: the Xeon adapted to Sandy Bridge Mac Pro are not yet available. Intel presented several lines Xeon Sandy Bridge, but none that can not fit the Mac Pro.

Kiwi private messages stopped?

Kiwi is one of the many Twitter clients that have come out on Mac OS X. A client also complete and original, but which is unfortunately no longer actively developed. The developer has released a new beta version that fixes some bugs with Leo, but he does not spend time on its software in the future. The reason is the poor relations with the social network developers. In March, Twitter launched a stir by questioning the value of Twitter clients. Since then, some developers worry a little that their work has been for nothing. A recent change in the Twitter API has forced developers to change their applications under penalty of not to allow access to private messages.

Firefox6 is finalized for August 16

The sixth version of Firefox will be available August 16, but we can already get the one that, unless last-minute problems should be the final [6.0 - 28.6 MB]. Few changes on the surface but there are at least one detail. Thus, in page addresses, the domain name of the site visited is highlighted with the rest of the URL. One way to fight against phishing, with sites that appear legitimate in their presentation while a simple glance of years show that the URL was wrong. Also note, this time in terms of gaps, lack of support of the special Lion (display options lifts, gestures to navigate through the pages and full screen views).

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The interruption of automated apps in OS X Lion

OS X Lion grows similarity with IOS in the way it manages applications to decide for itself the closure of an application to free resources. This function of "automatic termination" of applications, a real break from the multitasking system is supposed to improve "user experience" according to Apple. The Cupertino company said that the role of traditional + Q is minimized with OS X Lion, the benefit of an automatic management of application state - the beta of OS X Lion pushed to its logical conclusion by not doing the lights appear in the Dock. Lion OS X has two distinct ways to leave, or rather interrupting an application automatically.

Apple vs Lodsys

While Apple has reaffirmed its commitment to intervene in the proceedings that opposes Lodsys to many developers, they are four companies assigned by Lodsys for violating its patent on purchases in -app, which supported the involvement of Apple with the court. And not least because it is Atari, Electronic Arts, Square-Enix and QuickOffice, the first three are big names in the video game industry (EA is the largest worldwide publisher), and QuickOffice is the largest developer attacked initially by Lodsys (the other 3 were added to the case after it that Apple is engaged).

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lion OS X has a Recovery Disk Wizard

Apple formalized in a technical availability of u "Recovery Disk Wizard" for OS X Lion. This utility allows you to create a USB key containing a partition recovery Lion OS X for your Mac, a clone of your HD partition Recovery. The procedure is simple: run the software, insert your USB key (at least 1 GB Mac OS Extended partition with GUID partition table - you can use a hard drive or an SD card for example), and that key will be transformed into volume recovery OS X.

HTC vs Apple

 The ITC considers the second request from Apple. ITCA mid-July, Apple filed a second complaint against HTC at the ITC (International Trade Commission), accusing the Taiwanese company of violating four patents already used in other procedures and on laptops, scrolling and telematics touch screen. As often happens in these cases, the ITC has agreed to consider this request.

icloud Preview

iCloud.com is open, and finally if you have a developer account at least. Preview the new images.  The site provides access to webmail, calendar and address book online to all who have an account icloud. If you have a MobileMe account, you will have to transfer the data to icloud, but the link is idle. We note in passing the use of pop-up identical to those of IOS.

Behind the login screen, there are the traditional choices of application. There is Mail, Address Book, Calendar, Find My iPhone and a newcomer with iWork. As expected, the iDisk has disappeared, as well as the MobileMe galleries.  All web applications have been updated with each time an alignment IOS versions. Mail Webmail is similar to the iPad, the Address Book Contacts on iPad, the Calendar to iCal. The rendering is really excellent and is very close to native applications. 

The tab does iWork is currently only highlight the integration of the three applications icloud IOS. We assume that we can then access documents stored on the cloud from the Apple interface. iCloud.com is wide open to all modern browsers: the site works on Safari course of Chrome that uses the same rendering engine, but on Firefox, Internet Explorer. An error message appears with Opera 11.50, but the site is still accessible. The animations are still largely reserved for Safari ... Not surprisingly, JavaScript is essential for the proper functioning of the site as not fail to explain an error message if you try to use without iCloud.com. We should not imagine not feeding icloud: You must accept cookies to access the site.

Intuit's website design tools

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Meridian IOS to Android

Co-founder of Spotlight Mobile, Nick Farina has decided to increase its application of micro-geolocation, Meridian IOS to Android. In doing so, he explains what he liked in the development of Android, and what he liked least, from the perspective of a developer IOS. Farina made a decision early in the project as code natively on IOS, it has no reason to do otherwise on Android. He decided not to use cross-platform development tools, to stick as close to the canons of Android interface, and code in Java. This is an important decision that determines many choices. The first question was that of choosing an IDE (integrated development environment) is that of iOS Xcode Mac, point - code editor, SDK, test tools, simulators, everything is included. Google Android SDK provides the developer with the choice of the publisher. Farina has opted to use the recommended solution, Eclipse with the plug-in ADT (Android Development Tools for Eclipse).
“It is heavy and even heavier than heavy ". The first negative contact, however, must be surpassed to discover the power of this monolithic IDE "a good way to navigate Eclipse is to spend a few hours, and I am very serious about it, hacking away with hundreds of options, check boxes and small gadgets in the Preferences section. “This way to force Eclipse to discover, to understand its logic, is the cost to develop it easier for Android" will simply code for you. " This way of approaching things is actually the key, according to Farina, for Android development is going on in the best possible conditions: rather than starting with preconceived ideas about Eclipse or Java, you must understand how to use Eclipse Android and Java, why, and stick to it. It would be the easiest way to avoid many frustrations: "In general, the Android frameworks are fairly well designed and consistent API and integrate seamlessly with Java. In fact, [...] our application has almost the same class structure on Android and IOS. The code itself is incredibly similar on both versions. "
The Android emulator, to test applications, has not favored by Farina: Like all emulators, it is slow. The IOS simulator has the disadvantage of going through a compilation x86/64 (Intel x86, not ARM, which means that you can miss bugs that are present in the application on a real device), but the huge advantage of being fast. He said the solution is simple: to test the application on a Smartphone or on several different Smartphones configurations. The number of possible configurations is obviously much greater with Android, but you have any way to test its application iOS several profiles (iPod touch, iPhone, generation, generation), so as to comply with the exercise of all platforms. IOS side, Interface Builder is not a panacea, and fully customized development is sometimes particularly complex for simple things eventually. Android same side: we can only use Java or just the XML layout system. However, there are animations in a fundamental difference between the two OS: Android was designed as a competitor to Windows Mobile and BlackBerry OS, and resumed their logic rendering software, which eliminates the need of a graphics chip very powerful. IOS on the contrary has been designed with OpenGL acceleration in the lead, and the similar system in Android 3.0 is limited. In an OS as in the other, we must again ask the question of the relevance of the technical choices: am I ready to lose a bit of fluidity in this view against a somewhat easier to code (IOS)? Do I have to use the CPU made here, with the risk of the deal too, because during this time he must also parse my feed (Android)? In short, Farina tries to convey a simple message: if we are to avoid each other many penalties on iOS like Android, it is necessary to step back, weigh his technical choices, and understand the philosophy of platforms. Things that can be accomplished with multi-platform frameworks; but all this requires skill and time - is money: the port of Meridian took four months. All developers do not have that luxury.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Apple TV Latest Version -3

Going back to Apple, the problem remains the same: how to move up a gear and make the Apple TV product with a potential similar to the iPad or iPhone? With Apple TV, Apple has always been patient and seems to not want to confuse speed with haste. Unlike other terminals in the range, the Apple TV would not be entitled to a cycle of annual update. He muttered a few months ago a new model equipped with the A5 processor could emerge by the end of the year. At last, it would no longer be valid. To move up a gear, although Apple has two choices: find the "killer feature" which would be indispensable. This could be the integration of an App Store, but why must one hand that the developers are interested in this product and there is a large user base. And for the moment, two million Apple TV owners do not weigh very heavy, compared to the number of people who daily use a Mac, iPhone and iPad. Another major obstacle, interactions with the Apple TV is limited by the remote control. Another hypothesis comes from time to time would be downright Cupertino manufactures its own TV. Just last week, an analyst promised a real Apple TV in mid-2012. But it was more like wishful thinking than anything else. The idea has probably been a long time to germinate in the minds of engineers from Apple, but the realization of such a product is horribly complex as standards in this area differ from one country to another. As a universal solution like Apple, is currently impossible. Unless offer a 100% internet TV, but it is likely that the household under 50 is not ready for this idea.

Apple TV Latest Version -2

So, certainly this new firmware does not change completely, but it makes the product a little more interesting. And not to expect, with the advent of icloud, Apple TV should have a nice card to play. With the first model, Apple had already acted in a similar way by offering occasional revisions of the firmware in order to offer customers new features. But with this model, based on IOS, Apple probably affords to go much further and much faster. If Apple TV is still flanked by the status of hobby, with the model released last year, Apple has still turned a corner. In his first quarter of marketing, Apple has sold more than a million (read: Apple TV almost a million units sold). The apple did not release the sales figures of its predecessor. Without reaching the huge numbers of other devices iOS, Apple TV does not sell too badly. During the last quarter, Apple would have passed just under 500,000. Figures to compare, for example, with Google TV, which he seems catastrophic Logitech terminal with its review, has recorded more than product returns those sales for the quarter. If no one has yet managed to make a fortune with this type of aircraft, this segment is attracting more and more players. After Google has launched in the battle last year, is Research In Motion (RIM) to work actively on a small case quite similar to the Apple TV. The recipe is identical to that used by the Cupertino Company: hardware and software architecture very similar to other products in the home including the playbook. The product itself is more focused professionals.

Apple TV Latest Version -1

Despite being a hobby that sticks to the skin from the beginning or near the Apple TV continues its merry way. The latest version of its software system out recently opened up new horizons ... During the developer conference (WWDC), Apple has discussed at length icloud for its computers as well as the iPhone and iPad. With version 4.3 of its system software, the Apple TV is coming to the party. The little box of Apple is now able to access streaming all episodes purchased since iTunes account (in the U.S. only for now). One can imagine that this feature will be extended in the future more or less close to the films acquired on the platform download from Apple. This feature is not reserved for the Apple TV; it is also enabled on other terminals equipped with Apple iOS 5.0. For the Apple TV, this is a major step forward. In a way, it takes its independence from Mac or PC which it is attached. The decision of Apple is not surprising in itself, it only confirms what was announced at the WWDC, that the concept of the digital hub as we have seen in recent years is no longer relevant and that now everything will converge to one or more clouds. This is not the only innovation introduced by this update also offers support for Vimeo. Until now, YouTube was the only free streaming service run by Apple's hobby. That will bring a little diversity, and it is even more interesting that access to YouTube suffers frequent delays and Vimeo videos are very good.

hire-a-pro.com - roofing

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Default Folder X and specials in AppDelete

Default Folder X, adds features to the windows opening and saving documents. This is one of the oldest utility on Mac. He has recently been revised to support OS X Lion. Until the end of the promotion, Default Folder X is sold $ 19.95 instead of $ 34.95. As the name suggests, AppDelete is a tool to properly remove an application. To do this, simply drag and drop AppDelete on the software you want to get rid. Until tomorrow night, it is sold $ 5.59 or $ 2.40 less than normal. Finally, note that the promotional offer of Application Systems to an end. Until 31 midnight, it is possible to get the full benefit of the promotions made during the month. It is possible to obtain discounted software like OmniFocus, OmniGraffle, PDFpen Pro Dictate 2 or 1Password as well as games like Call of Duty 4, Civilization V, X-Plane 9 or GTA Trilogy.

Lion DiskMaker

Lion diskmaker is a utility that allows you to create a USB drive or a DVD backup for OS X Lion (€ 23.99). Lion can reinstall OS X on a Mac without an Internet connection, without going through the Mac App Store, simply by booting to the USB device or a DVD. Since the first version, the developer made two updates. Among the new features, we note the possibility of using a USB flash drive 4 GB only, as he had at least 5 GB of space for the first version. Lion DiskMaker is also more flexible on the location of the installation file: it must necessarily be in the / Applications folder and the application cannot find it automatically, you can specify it. Remember that this file is downloaded via the Mac App Store and it is possible to restart the download by pressing alt and clicking on the "Shop" store. Lion DiskMaker is free and the basic script is easily accessible if you want to change it. If the application has been helpful, you can still donate to Guillaume Gete, the author.

Apple blocks the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia

As reported by Bloomberg, Apple's lawyers have obtained justice that the Australian release of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 be postponed until the trial between the two companies in the United States for patent infringement and models were not set. Apple got the injunction after the announcement by Samsung for ten days as the launch of the tablet was imminent in Australia. This is the first time a product is locked Android following a court decision, while as pointed Florian Mueller, Apple and Samsung are competing in 11 classes from 9 countries on 4 continents. According to Apple, the Galaxy Tab violated ten of its models and patents, including one on the touch technologies: to limit the scope of marketing of the tablet to limit potential losses to Apple because of this trespass Industrial. Apple's lawyers said they were ready to reiterate this demand in other countries where Samsung had launched its tablet, without specifying which ones. The thing was done in the rules and the two companies agreed on a Memorandum: Samsung cannot sell or even advertise the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia until the situation is not resolved in the U.S. If Apple were to lose his U.S. trial, the Samsung agrees to indemnify for losses estimated following the withdrawal. Samsung told Apple three copies of the Australian version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 for expertise: the Korean company does not defend the American model and hopes to pass between the drops with a local version, revised, which would be complicated to seen patents and models involved. The next hearing was set for Aug. 29 by the judge responsible for the file: this will be to review the first decision and set a date for a possible local trial. Meanwhile in Taoyuan, Peter Chou, HTC's CEO, wanted to reassure investors after the adverse decision of the ITC in the lawsuit pending against Apple. He tried to downplay the decision by U.S. authorities: they say that HTC has certainly violated two patents from Apple, but this would be a "distraction" no possible impact on the activity of HTC as Chou. The CEO of HTC has finally reaffirmed the strategic acquisition of S3 Graphics: its patent portfolio could be a bargaining.