Sunday, July 31, 2011

Straight Talk

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

HTC open to discussions with Apple

HTC is willing to talk directly to Apple about disputes between them. Winston Yung, CFO of the Taiwanese manufacturer told Bloomberg that the two companies "have to sit around a table and sort it out. We are open to discussion". The two companies have each scored a point against each other in recent weeks. Mid-July Apple has won a major race before the International Trade Commission (ITC) regarding two patents. A preliminary analysis still to be confirmed by the international body, but can interfere with device manufacturers Android. A few days earlier, is that Apple had lost, again before the ITC, in front of S3 Graphics, a maker of graphics processing units. Again a confirmation (or not) of the violation of intellectual property should be given in November by the ITC. Except that in the meantime, HTC has appeared in the folder by its acquisition of S3 ... "We are open to all sorts of solutions, since the solution and the conditions are just and reasonable," said the head of HTC "In public and private we have had discussions with Apple, even before these early findings”. Winston Yung, however, suggests that there has been no further meeting this month in the wake of these developments. HTC, July 16, announced his intention to appeal the first decision of the ITC.

Easy Access To The Password of Mac 10.6 and 10.7

Passware, a company specializing in the recovery of encrypted data or circumvent passwords, advertises a security vulnerability in Mac OS X that Leo has not filled. This, says the president of Passware, you can recover the password of the user account of a machine. This extraction involves, however, having first physical access to the machine and then use the FireWire port and hoping that a basic control system is disabled. If the conditions are met, the application of Passware retrieves an image from memory and to find information. The operation would take only a few minutes, regardless of the complexity of the password and the activation state of FileVault. This is one of the new features Forensic Kit 11, the application Passware sells (just under $ 1000) for example to government authorities, private investigators and others who need access to machines locked. This tool is developed on Windows. This version also allows extracting the contents of the Keychain Access in Mac OS X. The multiple modes of access to the password limit the risks. Passware also states that its approach does not work if the user disables the one hand, the automatic opening of the account (the password is not stored in memory in this case) and also if switched off his machine rather than leaving it on standby. This vulnerability is also present in Snow Leopard, and having informed Passware says Apple. In a statement to Cult of Mac, the president of the company added that the security flaw has been fixed in Windows 7.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

How to solve problems with network drives in OS X Lion

Several of you complain in the forums of MacGeneration about the problems with network drives under OS X Lion. If you use a NAS to perform Time Machine backups, you may have noticed that Time Machine cannot use your network volume. In OS X Lion In fact, Time Machine is only compatible with the communication protocol Netatalk 2.0, that do not support all NAS. Drobo announced that the FS series would soon be updated to ensure its full compatibility with Lion and Time Machine. If you have a Synology NAS, perform the update of the latest DiskStation Manager 3.1, or go to DSM 3.2ß in case of problems. Check with the manufacturer of your equipment the arrival of a firmware update. If, however, this update should arrive soon, you can always re-access AFP, as Apple explains in a sheet.

Chrome Fits Gently The Problems In Leo Compatibility

Chrome users spent on Lion will have noticed that some of the new OS are poorly or not supported by the browser. The scroll bar does not take into account the settings of the OS for its display, full screen mode is not suitable (but also gestures are not supported). Chrome has a full screen, but it does not behave as standard. Several adaptations of the software are in progress, as reported by Sundar Pichai of Google to TechCrunch.

Chrome currently displays many of the new button switches to full screen. But in this state, the browser will not display the toolbar. It does not propose the button to leave the full screen; it must be done by the menu or keyboard shortcut. Then, in Mission Control Chrome full screen is displayed among the other applications in the upper area of the screen.

Regarding the lack of toolbar, one of the developers of Chrome reminded that this presentation is desired. Google wants to give up space on page and the bar is displayed at the approach of the mouse. We are then in what amounts to a format. And the idea of adding a preference to software sorrow too.

In contrast, Safari offers an in-between, this is to maximize its display, but without depriving the user of the button bar and its tabs. Initially, the developer engaged in the discussion Chrome has refused to return to this established principle. Through the exchanges, the position has evolved. The adoption of the full screen, it requires a little work because the button bar of Chrome does not use the standard resources of Mac OS X.

Google has initially removed the full screen button as it appeared in Lion does not lead to a standard behavior. What can the user aback? The withdrawal is effective now since the latest beta. The scroll bar also has it normally. Then the developers will seek to stick as close to full screen mode as Lion, and test the principle of a button bar that can be displayed in this presentation.

In parallel, a participant in the debate has compiled a version of Chromium start offering more standard behavior.

Another planned development, this time on the support of gestures to move between page views. In the final version of Leo, this movement is, by default, with two fingers instead of three (it's option adjustable in the preferences of Mac OS X). Chrome, however, does not understand the gesture with two fingers. We must therefore modify the basic settings of the OS if you use a Magic Trackpad. There is also a developer - who has in the meantime with Trackpad Magic - said to have addressed the problem.

App: CheckUp, monitor the health of your Mac

CheckUp is a utility to obtain information on your Mac and your system to display an activity monitor on the CPU utilization of your disks, network or memory.

This application, published by the company, has a graphical interface rather original and enjoyable. Once launched, CheckUp just put a window type drawer on the side of your screen. It provides access to various features of the software through the icons.

These icons allow you to display, respectively, from top to bottom:

General information on your Mac (serial number, OS, IP address, etc ...)
  • A monitoring of the occupation of processors in your machine
  • A monitoring of the filling ratio and the use of internal and external hard drives
  • Monitoring network, display speeds for sending and receiving data, and the various connections made by web applications launched
  • A list of the different processes running on your Mac
  • A summary of data (number of apps installed, many widget, fonts, etc ...)
  • A history of recent crash
It is possible to reduce the view of the drawer or to access the software through the preferences icons at the bottom of the drawer.

When clicking on an icon, a new drawer opens, displaying some of the information available. It is possible to enlarge the window again to get more information by clicking on the button at the top left of the drawer.

Example of top drawer and the window for more info Data for part:

CheckUp But not content to simply display information. Indeed, this app has a warning tool interesting. As soon as it detects a problem, the first tray icons are colored orange to alert you the trouble.

It is then enough to go to the appropriate window for the details of the error. Note that it is even possible to set some alerts: alert me from X files in the trash, if the computer does not have enough RAM, etc. ...

In summary:

Checkup, keeps an eye on the health of your Mac
Version 3 ~ 13 MB

7-day full demo, available for 29 euros on the publisher's website

Checkup Download for Mac OS x 10.6

App: AccessMenuBarApps, expands the menu bar

AccessMenuBarApps is a simple application that minimizes the items in the menu bar to allow access to all the icons of software present in this one. If you are fond of small and useful practical applications, you may have noticed an increasing number of apps just put their little icon in the menu bar of Mac OS X. If this provides quick access quite interesting, but with the proliferation of applications installed, this portion of the Finder quickly becomes cluttered..And for those who has a small screen, some icons are sometimes marked with the menus of the application first. AccessMenuBarApps every living thing has a solution to this problem, but ultimately quite convenient. Indeed, the application menu of the app is minimized, so that when we call it in the foreground, the menu bar is full of space, and therefore shows the icons may be hidden.

History of making its use a little more practice, the application can be called from a simple keyboard shortcut, Shift + Space by default, configured from the preferences of the software. At this same place, it is also possible to activate / deactivate the sound played for each call AccessMenuBarApps (recommended to avoid going crazy) or enable / disable the option to call the software to the forefront in "tapping" twice the cursor against the top of the screen.

In summary:

AccessMenuBarApps, uses a trick stupid but convenient to clutter the menu bar
Version 2.0 ~ 1.7 MB

AccessMenuBarApps download for Mac OS X 10.6+

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Step-by-step how to install Mac OS X Lion Part.III

If you prefer to be against a "clean" installation, you certainly favor a clone and / or a manual backup. In case of problems, you can use your clone to return to Snow Leopard. If all goes well and you get a blank partition with Leo, restore from Time Machine will only "dirty" your installation so you may prefer to manually retrieve your documents from a clone or a one-time backup and reinstall your applications manually, This will allow you to transition to ensure their compatibility and to clean.

The "clean" installation is to start with a blank disc and install Mac OS X Lion: it can leave on a cool and avoid potential problems, including the most complex installations and the most polluted various hacks. By default, Lion installs from above and Snow Leopard, but it is quite possible to do a clean install if you really want. You will need to do to create an installation disk of Mac OS X Lion on DVD, hard drive or USB key, manipulation we have explained in a step-by-step. At the first stage of the installation, you can choose to use Disk Utility to format your partition Snow Leopard.


Even if you plan to install Mac OS X Lion as Apple has planned, that is to say, since Snow Leopard, you should create this disk to install Mac OS X Lion. The installation package is removed in the first start up Mac OS X Leo, and is heavy enough that you do not want to download it again to install it on another machine. Mac OS X now includes a partition backup to restore your system, but this restoration requires an Internet connection. If huge problem away from the Internet, this little USB key with Leo at the end of your keychain will serve you well.

Installation takes about thirty minutes, just enough time to review the new features of Leo. Good discovery.

Step-by-step how to install Mac OS X Lion Part.II

Mac OS X Lion
Some applications do not work perfectly under Leo: again, if you depend on some applications for your studies or your work, first check that they run properly under Leo. The site provides a Roaring Apps compatibility table that allows you to quickly know if an application is fully compatible, compatible with any concerns or incompatible with Leo. It is possible that some compatibility problems come not from the application of the system but do not hesitate to wait for 10.7.1 or 10.7.2 to avoid the initial teething problems.

In one case as in the other, know that for several weeks or a few months at least, MacGeneration list all applications updated to become compatible with Leo. Developers are our primary source of information, but feel free to contact us if your favorite application is compatible Lion. The installation process of Lion is more robust than other versions of Mac OS X. Examples include that of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard: Mac could refuse to start if certain applications were incompatible with Leopard installed. Since Snow Leopard, Apple puts the applications are incompatible with a newly installed system in a specific folder.

But one problem is soon reached; it is safer to make a backup before installing the Mac. Manual backup, clone (For example Carbon Copy Cloner) or Time Machine, the backup type will depend on your type of installation. If you install directly on top of Snow Leopard, Time Machine or a clone will suffice: if something goes wrong, you can quickly restore your machine to its previous state. If all goes well, your clone or your incremental backup Time Machine can be reused in Leo.

Step-by-step how to install Mac OS X Lion Part.I

Mac OS X Lion is here - finally, some say. As each new version of Mac OS X, many users will wonder what the best way to install it? Here are some tracks.

Snow Leopard update
Whether you decide to switch to Mac OS X Lion now or later, make sure you use at least Mac OS X 10.6.6 and have installed the Migration Assistant for Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Those who have to wait and recover the latest security updates, and others can ... just install Mac OS X Lion. Lion OS X is available in the Mac App Store for € 23.99: Lion OS X. What you download is an application of 3.5 GB containing the installation program, which will take about thirty minutes to download THD, two hours with ADSL (8 to 20 Mbps), and an eternity with every connection slower.

Those who have a slow connection are usually far from an Apple Store, and therefore cannot necessarily go there to download Lion. Take your troubles patiently and somewhat against the plague return passage at this time exclusively for the Mac App Store. Or wait until August and order the USB key installation Lion. The more impatient and reckless of you will certainly fall on the cat without thinking one second potential problems you may encounter on the road The more cautious will remember this rule

Mac OS X Lion is incompatible with the PowerPC applications: if you absolutely need a PowerPC application that does not have an Intel version, stay in Snow Leopard the time that the developer put his application up to date, you finish your project, or you find an alternative. You can always test Lion on another partition or another disk.

Software Updates from Publishers for Leo Compatibility

New flight of updated of software for Lion or details of their compatibility from their publishers.
Pixelmator is working on version 2 of its editor, but an interim update, numbered 1.6.6, must be proposed by the Mac App Store (currently it still shows 1.6.5 in it). It can also be obtained via the internal update of the application for which has not purchased via the MAS.

TextMate, a text editor, a few minor issues with Leo, the editor Macromat maintains a page listing the bugs still present and if so as to level. Boinx in the various titles (FotoMagico, BoinxTV, Istop Motion ...) will be updated for free, adjustments had already been undertaken and revisions will be available through the publisher's website or on the Mac App Store.

VMware in turn gives the green light to use the current version 3.1.3 of Fusion with 10.7. The publisher could also suggest something about the new possibilities of virtualization of Mac OS X (read OS X Lion: virtualization (finally) allowed. Parallels in a technical update on what does not with Parallels Desktop for Lion 6, it was revised again today. Another list of files referred further questions about use with Leo.To recall that 9 XPress free update is expected in August.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kodak wins a round, but still remains the battle

There is a new twist in the case between Apple and RIM to Kodak on a possible infringement of patents relating to the image preview and processing of different resolutions. The commissioners of the International Trade Commission (ITC) decided to go back to a Kodak unfavorable opinion of the administrative court, reopening the file again.

In January 2010, Kodak filed two complaints against Apple and RIM, for alleged violation of a patent on the preview images and processing of different resolutions and another on the ability of a computer to "get help" to another application to perform certain functions, which patents are infringed by the iPhone and BlackBerry. Apple was quick to respond, accusing Kodak patent infringement on the image processing in its cameras and handheld cameras.

The administrative judge of the ITC had considered responsible for the case that Apple and RIM does not violate any patents from Kodak. The commissioners of the ITC, however, decided to reverse this decision, made reopen the file at a time when Kodak revealed his true intentions: to get a settlement up to a billion dollars, an amount necessary for this company lacking liquidity.

Kodak had won against in the second round: the ITC administrative judge responsible for the second case had held that Kodak did not infringe the patent from Apple. The commissioners of the ITC must decide this case by September, but decided not to do: Kodak has definitely won on this ground.

In the first round, Kodak had appealed the decision of the ITC, which was partially confirmed its decision unfavorable elements had to pass before an administrative judge. It is precisely in the context of this new expertise that Kodak has this time received a favorable decision, "the ITC has changed key aspects of an initial recommendation of a judge of the ITC in the charges of violation patent brought by Kodak against Apple and RIM, "said Kodak.

Again, you will understand, the six commissioners of the ITC will decide definitively, by August 30. Nothing is sure in this case; financial markets unpopular decision in mid-fig and grape: Kodak unscrewing action of more than 8% at the close of the NYSE. It would not be surprising that once again, the historical name of the photograph recalls his rise to a friendly agreement.

Final version of OmniPlan 2 is available now

OmniPlan 2, the project manager is finalized at The Omni Group [149.99 Euros]. The update is free for licensees of 1.0 purchased between January 6 and July 17. For purchases prior to this time the update is 99 dollars.

This version focuses on the collaboration: we can synchronize a database using a WebDAV server, with MobileMe or through Omni Sync Server, a new service offered by the publisher and currently in beta. Synchronization can then be done automatically, and that Omniplan will also manage a CalDAV server to retrieve the schedules of all employees.

OmniPlan manage two fiscal years in addition to the normal years and will be able to plan a project for the second fiscal quarter rather than for a particular month. Many other improvements have been made in planning the project, could for example create tasks that will start automatically after other tasks. The publisher has also added filters and the print function is more flexible. The demo version runs for 15 days but the application is still only in English.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Banner Zest 3 Release!!!

BannerZest 3 Beta announced in late June, now Beta version is downloadable in final. This application allows you to produce Flash files without great technical skills, you can simply drag and drop graphics and audio within themes ready to use. Several settings are then used to adjust the animation before integrating such a website.

It was already with the Pro version, the animation decline in a readable version of IOS, but one theme was offered a slide show. BannerZest March 1 with ten themes is compatible HTML5. However, it does not replace Flash; the two can even be combined into a single file. Auquafadas, publisher, says he optimized the product code destined for IOS devices.

Aquafadas has also created 10 additional themes (14 in the Pro version) to dress the contents of the user. 8 and 12 are respectively designed to HTML5. The upgrades from version 2 are charged € 22.74 and € 53.82 for the Pro. You can also migrate between the latest standard and Pro (functional differences).

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Growth of Apple Store in U.S.

In the first quarter 2011, the Apple Store (physical and digital) were responsible for no less than 20% of overall growth in sales in the United States. David Berman, director of an investment fund with some Apple stock, notes that Apple stores are a powerhouse: their growth is very strong, and evens an exceptional start to the year 2011 that was the way to most traders and distributors.

Thus, in the first quarter, the Apple Store generated revenues of $ 4.6 billion in the U.S. (3.25 billion Euros), up 80% over the first quarter of 2010. The iPhone is one of the engines of growth: sales increased by 113% in one year. Apple has the distribution network and the fastest growth in the United States, to Amazon and Wal-Mart.

The success of online stores and Apple drive is also visible, if not more, outside of the United States. In Europe, sales were up 49% for a turnover of 6 billion dollars (4.2 billion). In the Asia-Pacific, the most dynamic for Apple, sales were up 151% to $ 4.7 billion (3.3 billion Euros).

According to analyst Joseph Beaulieu of Morningstar, Apple could maintain a growth rate of turnover of sales of approximately 20% over the next five years. Despite the potential risk posed by dependence on IOS and especially to the iPhone: Apple works in cycles and replaced the extreme dependence on the iPod with a higher dependency on the iPhone, which also tends to the balance with the success of the iPad - the situation could be resolved by itself as Apple continues its diversification.

Apple will present its Q3results on July 19

Apple reports its financial results on July 19. On the occasion of the traditional conference call, it will present the results of its third fiscal quarter. As usual, it will be around 14:00 PDT and will be broadcast live via QuickTime. Mac Generation announce the live results and comment in stride.

This is the first full quarter that will benefit from the arrival of the iPad 2, and it should be reinforced by the updated iMac. This quarter should not go down in history: the rest of the range Mac expects Lion and the effect MacBook Air has settled, and the offset of the cycle of the iPhone may be a mixed blessing. However, analysts are optimistic: they expect sales to 24.75 billion ($ 5.73 per share) over the estimated 23 billion to Apple's ($ 5.03 per share) .

Tech Talk World Tour for iOS 5

This year all tickets to the developer conference (WWDC) is gone in just ten hours. Demand is becoming stronger. In order to more meetings with partners, Apple has decided to revive the Tech Talk World Tour. This is an event that allows developers to meet Apple engineers for a day and exchange.

This event happened in 2008 was in many major cities, including Los Angeles, New York, Paris, London, Delhi, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Sydney. Apple had put the cover in 2009, but had not renewed last year.

If one believes Macotakara behind this rumor, the Cupertino Company seeking to spread the word about icloud and iOS 5. Unlike the other editions, the event is open to students.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

iPad Vs Samsung Galaxy Competition

The iPad will have competition in Europe in the coming weeks. Samsung will market its Galaxy Tab 10.1 to 8.9 and from 8 August. The Korean company says its shelves are the finest in the world with only 8.6 millimeters thick and weigh only 565 grams, respectively (version 10.1) and 465 grams (version 8.9).

No surprise on the material: a dual core processor at 1 GHz, a 3 megapixel camera, autofocus with LED flash, a frontal webcam 2 megapixel, Bluetooth 3.0, USB 2.0 and WiFi. Despite the different screen sizes, both models display the same resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. Both bars are equipped with Honeycomb and are compatible Flash. Samsung also highlights the fact that they are equipped with TouchWiz interface that allows you to customize your home screen by posting a number of content such as photos, favorite websites; social networks ...

Care side, LG will sell its Optimus Pad for € 599 by the end of the month. It operates on Android 3.0. This tablet 8.9 "has a resolution of 1280 x 768, features a double heart Nvidia Tegra SoC 2 and 32 GB of memory. The connection is very rich: Wifi, 3G, Mini HDMI, USB Mini etc. What is its advantage over the competition? It allows you to watch content in relief (glasses required) and is equipped with a double-megapixel photo sensor 5 that allows video capture in 3D. It should be noted that initially this tablet should be sold over € 200.

Mac OS X Lion, The New Restoration Function

One of the new Mac OS X Lion is the creation of the famous rescue partition that can restore a Time Machine backup, surf the web to find information in case of problems, launch Disk Utility or to reinstall Leo. This last feature was criticized by some because it required mandatory internet connection. Until recently, it was not activated. Now it works, we could try it, here's how it operates.

Once the Internet connection on, Apple checks the eligibility of your Mac. It is unclear exactly what data passing between servers and Apple Computer. During this operation, a small message appears: "Loading setup information". The procedure takes at most a few seconds. The next screen is more conventional. The application asks you to accept the terms of the license agreement and then specify the disk you want to reinstall your system software.

In our case, it was not possible to customize the installation. Second, and the big news, you need to enter your Apple ID for the Mac App Store. Therefore, Apple validates that you have indeed already purchased Mac OS X Lion. In line with Apple, this is understandable since the installer will then begin downloading the system via the Apple platform.

Note that if you reinstall the system retrieved directly from the application via the App Store Mac, you do not identify you or on Apple's servers, or need an Internet connection. The disadvantage of this recovery process, except if you have a good connection, is that you have some time ahead. With an ADSL2 connection, the estimated time to download the system components and install them in our case was almost six hours. Once the download is complete, the computer restarts and the installation are finally beginning. The advantage of this method is that with any luck, it will do the "dirty work" instead of users downloading not only the system but also the different successive updates.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

iLife Before and Now

Apple has last updated the various components of iLife. If the Cupertino Company does not say so explicitly in its release notes, this is for her to improve the stability of its applications for Mac OS X Lion
Please note that Apple has made discrete changes in iPhoto. If the version number went from 9.1.3 to 9.1.5, those who have used it have noticed better respond to the aesthetics of Mac OS X Lion. Just like the Finder and iTunes, the elements on the left bar are much less colorful than before.

Now the Apple brand has dealt with iLife. Remains to be seen what she will do the components of iWork. Will we have the right to update the minimum or a more ambitious update that would take over some technologies of Mac OS X versions as Lion. And above all, is that this will be a free upgrade or a paid upgrade (with new features in the key?). To be continued ...

It is recalled that during the WWDC keynote, Phil Schiller is demonstrating a version compatible with versions of Pages and the system of full-screen Lion.

Samsung v Apple, The Game Continues

The game of ping-pong continues. Did you miss the Samsung case against Apple Samsung miss? Your daily dose for today is the scheduling of cases and a possible conflict of interest in Apple's legal team.

Samsung and Apple filed a few days ago their proposals for the timing of the events. While Apple's interest to expedite the process, Samsung has instead play for time: the two calendars differ by more than a month.

The judge in charge of the case has decided not to accede to the request of Apple, "the court agrees with Samsung to say that Apple has not shown evidence of harm sufficient to justify a procedure accelerated.” Although it has simplified its prosecution, Apple will not benefit from a tighter timetable.

Samsung does not stop in so good way: the Korean company has requested the withdrawal of all or part of the legal team to defend Apple on this issue because of potential conflict of interest. At least five lawyers from the firm's Apple & Bridges Mavrakakis, were indeed in the past Samsung lawyers in the firm Kirkland & Ellis.

The lawyers involved refute any conflict of interest: the records they would have had to deal on behalf of Samsung were not related to the proceedings. The Korean firm is not of that opinion, and fears that the increased involvement of lawyers cannot get with it to Apple: Samsung has asked the court to verify that the other two firms representing the Cupertino, Morrison & Foerester and Wilmer Hale, have not received "confidential information" on the part of Samsung lawyers Mavrakakis & Bridges.

Nortel Auction

Nortel Placed in receivership, Nortel has auctioned a 6000 patent represents a real treasure chest for any company involved in some way in mobile telephony. While Google had started the bidding at 630 million Euros, it is ultimately a consortium of Apple, EMC, Ericsson, Microsoft, RIM and Sony who won for a mere $ 3.2 billion Euros. A kind of all against Google that worries the authorities right now.

The problem is that this consortium, which became known as the Rockstar Bidco, has three companies in direct competition with Google (Android) in the field of mobile telephony: Apple (IOS), Microsoft (Windows Phone) and RIM (BlackBerry OS). This is not the first time these companies come together to counter Google, which has a real problem of industrial property, the sword of Damocles over Android and all manufacturers using this OS: Microsoft, Apple and EMC s 'were already allied to blow the beard and nose Google patents from Novell.

The competition authorities are concerned that these alliances can be considered a breach of competition against Google. These patent portfolios are real weapons that can destroy the strategy of the Mountain View Company in mobile telephony: by attacking Samsung, Motorola, HTC and others, Microsoft, Apple or RIM would indeed make Android charge, and decrease of much interest, while Google cannot defend its partners want to have itself a sufficient portfolio of patents.

Google has the best role here: she continues to assert itself as opposed to the arms race in the field of patents, but nevertheless participated in the entire major who presented bids in recent months. The Mountain View Company has in fact no choice: "the best defense of society against this type of prosecution is, ironically, to have a thick portfolio of patents, Google is a relatively young company, but our competitors have larger portfolios given their history, "admitted the legal department a few months ago.

Google should obviously try to invalidate the sale of a portfolio covering areas as diverse as wireless, Internet search, social networks and new technologies of data transmission for mobile devices. The defense seems to be emerging is that of accusing these companies have allied in order to keep up: if it could fly against RIM, EMC and Ericsson have finally paid unless each bid basis, it should be less effective against Apple.

The Cupertino company is not only the company that has most contributed to the pot, but the only company to have never left the table deal with Google - it actually covered financially for Rockstar Bidco they retire no negotiations without formally never join the consortium. A real poker game, it will be understood, which Apple is out to win the pedal.

Which iMac To Choose? Part.III

The model 27 "does not allow you to choose your processor, unlike the 21.5", which you can spend i5 Quad 2.7 GHz Core i7 Quad 2.8 GHz, an option 200 € may consider that those who want maximum power in a small footprint. The option that will turn over your iMac will still be adding an SSD though expensive (600 € for a 256 GB SSD, 750 € for a 512 GB SSD), this operation is rather complicated to do it even then (it will make all the components or so), and radically changes the profile of the iMac.

Machine father, the iMac becomes a little racing machine far more fluid, responsive to win this immediacy own SSD. The parameters to be considered at the time of this choice are many: the cost first, but the actual use you make of this machine and depreciation potential of this option over time. If you are not quite sure you post these questions, it is likely that the SSD is too big a pill to swallow: not so sure that the disk Western Digital Caviar Black 7200 RPM SATA III fitted to these iMac is not only quiet but also very fast (120 MB / s average flow against 160 MB / s average flow for the SSD Apple iMac mounted in 2011), and should not hamper you more than that.

If the price is not an obstacle and prefers the iMac to Mac Pro, there's always the option Royal: 27 "Core i7 Quad 3.4 GHz and an SSD. A configuration that will search the € 2 699 (300 € more than the Mac Pro "Basic"), but in our tests revealed a simply enormous potential.

This impulse potential is the same machine can you keep a cool head to this new range: the power of the platform Sandy Bridge, which is valid on this machine, is also on the rest of the range. The 2011 range is actually very reasonable and the choice is rather easy: all is a matter of needs (large slab or not, SSD or not) - and means (or no options). Whatever your choice, the range of 2011 iMac is consistent as ever, and all the component machines are efficient, well equipped and comfortable.

Which iMac To Choose? Part.II

IMac 21.5 "accompanied by an Apple LED Cinema Display 24". We often tend to emphasize the difference in definition between these two screen sizes (1920x1080 "Full HD" to 21.5 ", 2560x1440px for 27"), but we sometimes forget that these machines are primarily objects - and large objects. With its 52.8 cm wide and 45.1 cm high, the iMac 21.5 "figure of Tom Thumb is next to the iMac 27", spread over 65 cm wide and 51.7 cm. It is wrong to be fooled by the appearance of these air machines: they are 20 cm deep and then spread on a desk. This aspect must also be borne in mind at the time of choice.

The tests
- Testing the iMac 21.5 "Core i5 Quad 2.5 GHz, the" small "range
- Testing the iMac 27 "Core i5 Quad 2.7 GHz, the heart of the range also comes in 21"

Within a range, it is tempting to take the model is the most powerful and most expensive in the leaves to change later (which is difficult in the case of the iMac) or take cheapest model and the bard of options. The iMac does not escape this tension.

Side 21.5 ", the choice seems pretty quick: Apple severely limits the capacity of development of entry-level model. At € 1 149, it represents the choice of those who want an iMac without puncture their portfolio, population that Apple prohibits update the processor or the purchase of a first-hand SSD - but to whom she re peddle a 500 GB hard drive only. The performances are excellent Fortunately, thanks to the adoption of the Sandy Bridge platform.
In the heart of the range, things are less simple: once a choice of 21.5 "and 27" made, you may be tempted by a slightly more powerful processor or a little more RAM or a SSD. As always with the Apple Store, the rule is simple: do not buy what is the easiest way to change you, and think about the choice of what is the most complicated to modify in the future. RAM? Apple sells 4 GB € 200, three times the price in trade.

Which iMac To Choose? Part.I

You have scrutinized their specifications in detail; you know previously the Mac Generation tests, but nothing to do: you cannot decide for this iMac model over another. Perhaps you hesitate between 21.5 "and 27", and indeed between the "low" end and "high" quality, not to mention the SSD option. Here are some items to help you choose.

The choice of screen diagonal is perhaps not the easiest choice: Apple has smoothed its range even more than usual, and there is now no difference between the major design iMac 21.5 "and 27" iMac screen ... apart. Both models have four memory banks PC3-10600 (1333MHz) DDR3 SO-DIMM and can accommodate a SSD in addition to their hard drive (except the first 21.5 "), while the model 27" was previously advantage. The only material difference is iMac 27 "Thunderbolt have two ports, the iMac 21.5" have only one.

Segmentation is a much more quiet than before: the model of 21.5 ", you can have a 2.8 GHz Core i7 optional, but the 27" you can go up to 3.4 GHz. The iMac 21.5 "is limited to a graphics card with 512 MB VRAM, but you can get the side of the Radeon 6970M and 2 GB of VRAM with the 27". The iMac 27 "is indeed what it takes to feed all that beautiful world (310 against 205 W for 21.5 W"), but the differences end there: there is no hole in iMac range between entry level and a weak heart but more powerful range of flying a bit too fast in the price range.

The heart of the range, in fact, now consists of what is in fact a single machine available in two screen sizes: an iMac Core i5 Quad 2.7 GHz, 4 GB, 1 TB of disk and Card AMD Radeon HD 6770M with 512 MB VRAM. You will pay € 200 while the 5.5 "diagonal.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Samsung Chromebook Series 5 Part.V

All Chrome OS applications, you will understand, are actually web applications, mix of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and whatnot, which can be a bit of Flash. The Chrome Web Store catalog of applications for Chrome and Chrome OS, leaves a bit of his hunger: most "applications" listed are actually nothing but bookmarks.

As in any database application, there's good and bad. Angry Birds, but knocked free of advertising, is playable, but choppy - it's actually the case with most "games", and in general for all applications requiring a bit of graphics power (watch a video on YouTube 720p is an obstacle course). Applications such as the New York Times, Tweetdeck, or after Aviary are in contrast to successes. Leave the area covered by your WiFi network and you will have surprises: Angry Birds should work, unlike most applications. Even after Google's applications cannot be used on Chrome OS without connection! It's a real weak point: we are still far from having a persistent connection. Chrome started on OS, the writing of this test has finally been completed and iPad Mac: Cannot start any word processing application without connection.

Why the devil to become entangled in this mess? Good question. It is hard to imagine a hacker Chromebook afford to activate its developer mode and have fun with the terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T, very few commands available): it goes fast, very fast in circles. The public enthusiasm traditional netbook certainly good finish, excellent autonomy, or ease of use, but will block facing the limitation of off-line mode. The eternal optimists will point the finger at the potential of this platform, but the naysayers will remind them to reason and with dismay, read the terms of using a Google account and the permissions left in some applications.

In many ways, Chrome OS is a good system for Google.... She controls all layers (unlike Android, privatized by the different partners) and their application is in the center: what the sustainability of the Google advertising model. For now, however, the account is not there: what makes Google the user in exchange for his constant profiling is not enough that we can look if only one eye this platform - not to mention the "professional", Chrome OS is still too immature for the general public. We assume, however, that Chrome OS is a bet on the future, a time when the Facebook generation will be in charge, and where Web applications are more robust.

Samsung Chromebook Series 5 Part.IV

One could of course long dissertation of the benefits (transparency for the user, client continuously, etc.) and disadvantages (questions about privacy, persistent connection, etc.). This approach, but must first decide on Chrome OS room. The OS is reduced to its simplest expression, do not expect to go very far with your devices, you can connect a (small) screen without difficulty, a USB stick, SD card and some cameras, camcorders and phones will be recognized as storage volume, and ... that's about all.

Print? It will go through Google Print Cloud ... or not. Chrome OS is indeed unable to bind himself to a printer Cloud Print: The options available in Chrome are not in Chrome OS. You will have to either have one of the few Cloud Print compatible printers (the HP ePrint to simple) or have a Windows computer and connect your printer to Cloud Print, and not fail to draw a page.
Obviously do not hope to use a scanner, a key 3G, a headphone / mic USB, or other device evolved drivers just are not there. Absolutely everything must go through the Web, which is not simple.

Say you have a USB stick with a few documents, few pictures and some music videos. It will be recognized by OS Chrome and we can access its contents with the file browser (Ctrl + M). Edit a Word document? We must send it to Google Docs, and then change it there. If you want to save it to your key, it will download it, a round trip, in fact. Edit an image? Same thing: you must send it to Picasa, do the changes up there, and bring down the image. Watch a video or play a song? Yes, provided they are in standard formats supported by Chrome: MP3, H.264 and M4V ... that's about all. Do not expect to read a file MP4 QuickTime or DivX. Offline so there is no salvation: no Internet, Chrome OS is an empty shell. Let us be very clear: if you have a WiFi or 3G, the proposal made by the Google OS is interesting. The following online applications of Mountain View company has nothing to envy to native applications, Gmail, Docs, Maps, and the others are real pearls, each in their kind.

Samsung Chromebook Series 5 Part.III

This excellent battery life allows forgetting the charger at home, and this is fortunate: it is not the most compact in its class. You end up using this as using a Chromebook iPad: he can spend several days away from a wall outlet and use a few hours a day, always ready with its wake very fast. We return again to the lightness of Chrome OS and it raises the question what does this processor double heart, would he not had to sacrifice a little raw power (for even longer battery life), and example the graphics muscle (useful for acceleration and video decompression)?

The lightness comes from its Chrome OS architecture: it is based on a Linux (Debian) stripped of all its dross. The sequence of starting a traditional OS is here reduced to its simplest terms: in 8 seconds, the kernel is loaded, the material started (no need for profiling, while side firmware is loaded), and the user can then identify. He is faced with a browser, Chrome.

The first start Chrome OS takes a few minutes and cannot be done without internet connection. On leaving the board, it is likely that your Chromebook will need an update: Some system components are user side, but more importantly, the browser and applications are in the cloud.

The key is your Google account: it allows you to connect, and also serves as a keychain. Passwords, history, bookmarks, applications, and even state of the machine, everything is linked to your Google account, so you can find your session by logging on to a new machine or the machine ... at another. The Chromebook indeed have a guest mode (off) allowing a friend or colleague to connect to the session without disturbing the administrator - we find here the logic of the old couple client / mainframe. We like ... or not.

Samsung Chromebook Series 5 Part.II

If the finish is good and the input devices pleasant to use, the screen, it is a real nuisance. Have 12 "with a resolution of 1280x800 on a computer of 29.4 x 21.95 x 1.99 cm and 1.48 kg is significant, it had already made the observation for the MacBook Air 11". The choice of a matte panel and a backlight LEDs promise a good experience. Alas, it is not: the contrast is absent, the brightness too high, the colors washed out completely. Nothing, not even the price as other netbooks have much better screens, justifies this failure in order.

Finally, behind Samsung traps most of the ports. On the left side, there is the outlet, a vent fan (hopefully discreet), a trap door concealing a video port rare, mini-VGA (VGA adapter is included) and a USB port, and finally a jack input audio in / out. Right side, there is a second USB port and a trap door concealing a SIM slot and a switch to activate the OS developer Chrome. Before finally, there is an SD slot (HD / XC). Outside so, despite missing this screen, this Samsung Series 5 is more pleasant: it's a nice netbook, well designed without protrusions and vents diverse as sometimes found in this segment. Inside, the Samsung Series 5 is a netbook everything from classic to 2011, the Intel Atom "Pine Trail" double-heart N570 clocked at 1.66 GHz with 2GB of DDR3 RAM through its 16 GB SSD storage format MSAT.

The real star of this Chromebook however his 6-cell battery: it is simply unstoppable. The explanation is simple: Chrome OS is a very lightweight OS, which can be summed up in a big web browser, it is very applicant resources. Is achieved easily and 8-9 hours of battery life (Samsung announces 8:30), 8:00, passing a little time on YouTube, 9 hours, passing a little more time reading and a little less to watch videos.

Samsung Chromebook Series 5 Part.I

With Chrome OS, Google intends to revolutionize personal computing: the management of files over, no more updates, viruses and security vulnerabilities, welcome to instant start, synchronization continues, but also in all Google and while line. Chrome OS is actually a fully offset in the cloud - Google's servers - not turning as Web applications, because all PCs are primarily used for surfing. With the Samsung Series 5, the first computer OS Chrome, Google manage to impress, or is it ahead of its time?

For € 400, the Samsung Series 5 is a good "big" netbook with a 12 "display, it is on the border with conventional laptops and although it is constructed of plastic, it is quite well done. The party higher fine enough is covered with a shiny white plastic messy and attracts fingerprints, while the rest of the machine is dressed in a black plastic mat the most beautiful effect recalling the example of black MacBook of yesteryear. Other features of this netbook are reminiscent of the Apple notebooks, starting with the keyboard / trackpad. The keyboard is one of these keyboards "chicklet" keys to separate: it is a little more comfortable than the MacBook Air 11 "and has a fast race and a shot dry.

Google has customized some keys to adjust the keyboard to the needs of Chrome OS: the caps lock is replaced by a search key and function key deserve their name (last / next, refresh, switch to full screen, switch windows, brightness and volume). Finally, there is a dedicated key for switching on and off again like the MacBook Air.

Such as the MacBook, the trackpad's 5 Series is quite comfortable: it is a fully clickable trackpad, no buttons, which recognizes a limited number of touch gestures (tap, double tap, tap with two finger scrolling, but nothing more). However, it appears to be less accurate than other models, those of the Mac or HP Envy example. You can of course connect a mouse, but the portability will take a hit, especially since there is no Bluetooth.

Certified Data Destruction

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What is a pro for Apple?

The release of Final Cut Pro X two weeks ago illustrates the ambiguous relationship that maintains Apple with its business customers. A number of long-time users of Final Cut Studio felt "betrayed" by Apple considering that this version had many gaps and it was more like Final Cut Express, the light version of Final Cut Pro, only to the last.

Apple, the term "Pro" has been overused. It has been widely used in its products including its line of computers. There is one side, the Mac Pro and MacBook Pro, and the other, the iMac, the MacBook Air, MacBook and Mac mini. Although the Mac Pro may be a special case, none of these machines, however, is intended for a specific audience. Thus, the MacBook Air, originally designed for the executive wanting a lightweight and compact machine, does the same professionals that the happiness of students, for example. But what does the term Pro then?

These are not the interpretations that fail to tell the truth. Ken Seagall, the term Pro simply changed their meaning in the term of the Cupertino Company over time. He cites as evidence the Pro section of, which has not been revised since ... 2009. On this page, we have customer testimonials types of Apple: the war photographer, editor professional music producer, journalist ultramobile ... All are unique to fully exploit the Apple solutions and to have an almost unlimited IT budgets. In this design as a professional with the creative core target, Apple has moved to a definition a little less "ambitious" or perhaps less cliché. According to Ken Seagall, the term Pro at Apple now means "high performance model" whereas before it meant that it was something designed for professionals with extremely demanding requirements well above those of mortals.

This new service has to be the merit of being clear and involve more people. You use "up" your computer and its tools, you are a professional. This definition also is probably not denied by Sachin Agarwal, who has worked for more than 2002 to 2008 on Final Cut Pro. It is somehow the same opinion as Ron Brinkmann, the former head of Shake, which recently said that Apple did not care professionals. The market "Pro" as such is too small for Apple. The segment of interest above all is that of the professionals. This word is the fusion of the words "professional" and "consumer" (general public), a much wider segment in which Apple can better express them.

Sachin Agarwal said that when he was at Apple, the purpose of Final Cut Pro was not to engage in a race to the functionality, but to offer a powerful product, easy to use and much cheaper than the competition. To some extent, with Final Cut Pro X, Apple has entered a new phase. Left to sacrifice some features, the video tool is more affordable (at all points of view) than its predecessor.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Security vulnerabilities in Apple Portal Developers

According to YGN Ethical Hacker Group, the portal developers of Apple will be open to the four winds: riddled with flaws, it could allow an attacker to set up a phishing operation.

"Crippled", the word may be strong, but they are still three vulnerabilities that were discovered by this group of hackers who wants kindness. These three faults are linked and open the door to arbitrary redirection, separation HTTP response, and an XSS attack. A hacker could then direct the user to a malicious site without one cannot realize: the address displayed will always be It could then recover login and password with a page much imitated, still unnoticed.

Apple would have been alerted as soon as April 27 but could not properly plug the holes. Oracle, warned at the same time for similar problems, responded in a week and thanked the group. YGN is now threatening to publish his findings on a public list. The portal developers Apple has repeatedly been unreachable in recent hours.

The group of hackers published on his blog the details of these different vulnerabilities. Apple has indeed now fixed these flaws. However, the timing given by the YGN Ethical Hacker Group shows that between the times he reported these problems to Apple and when necessary has been done, it took a good two months.

Apple Vs. Samsung and S3

Apple has filed with the Court for the Northern District of California request for a preliminary injunction Samsung. If accepted, it would lead to withdrawing from the U.S. market four models: Infuse 4G, 4G Galaxy S, and Droid Charge GalaxyTab 10.1. They violate four patents according to Apple, three of which are related to the design especially with the frame surrounding the screen, the layout of the interactions under the screen, the positioning and shape of the earpiece, etc...

The fourth focuses on the patent system works, i.e. how you scroll, rotate or translate a document with a touch screen. In its application, Apple makes next to descriptions of its patents and their translation to the same in the operation of Smartphone from Samsung.

On his blog, Florian Mueller, an expert in intellectual property, following each episode of this series, explains that this attack is double edged. If successful, Samsung may have to remove its products at relatively short notice, by the re-entry in the best case (for Apple). But if Apple's request is not satisfied with, this will weaken his case. Mueller said that a court will not issue an injunction before a strong case and convincing. Apple's request does in fact only a few pieces of litigation brought against it to Samsung; the goal is probably easier to obtain a quick decision.

Mueller also lists pending and they have accelerated this week alone. Samsung complaint Tuesday with the International Trade commission with the aim to ban the entry of the U.S. iPhone, iPad, iPod and supposedly violating the patents. Wednesday the same complaint was filed with the court of the state of Delaware. Wednesday, Samsung opened a front in England, which was preceded by Italy. Count Florian Mueller: "Samsung has now filed a complaint against Apple with eight courses in six countries on three continents”. Samsung has also increased from 15 to 17 the number of patents used in its complaints in the United States.

On another front, the International Trade commission has determined that Apple had infringed two patents of graphics chip maker S3. For two, it has not been established that there was a violation. S3 had taken action with the ITC in June 2010, arguing that technology to encode, decode, compress, store and decompress graphics had been raped and used in all the materials Apple iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, Mac and also through the SDK to develop applications. This decision, says CNET, is preliminary; it will be confirmed or refuted in November by a committee. S3 for his part reiterated that his method of texture compression was licensed by Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony.

Friday, July 1, 2011

iPhone changed everything Part.III

However, we can forgive these errors before the announcement, which had, after all, very little evidence on which to rely. However, when all was said and shown, the reactions can give food for thought, in retrospect. David Haskin for ComputerWorld, said; I am more convinced than ever that, after an initial frenzy of publicity and sales to "early adopters", sales of the iPhone will not be dramatic. If Apple does not respond quickly by lowering prices and making amends with AT & T, which will probably be irritated, the iPhone could become the next Apple Newton. Remember, two years after the marketing of the Newton, PDA smaller and cheaper appeared - the Palm Pilot - which really made her little effect.

The quotations are undoubtedly the most ready to smile for the most outrageous, nothing but long awaited finally on the hilarious John C. Dvorak is that it made a specialty about Apple, which said in March 2007; Apple should drop the iPhone ... What Apple risks here is its reputation as a cool company that cannot miss anything. If she is smart she will say that the iPhone is a "reference design" and pass an asshole for him to build the marketing budget to someone else. Then it can wash their hands of any commercial failure ... Otherwise, I advise everyone to look elsewhere. You will not like what you see.

But he who made his gloating of the iPhone, which has since changed his mind quickly, was Steve Ballmer, in a statement that was missing a lot of foresight and that cost him dearly.

There is no chance that the iPhone can earn any significant market share. No chance. It costs $ 500 when it is subsidized. They might make money. But if you really look at the 1.3 billion phones that are sold, I would prefer to see our software in 60 to 80% of them on 2 to 3%, which is what Apple might have.

iPhone changed everything Part.II

Why the Apple phone got this much success? Since it will be a great device, if I was not the man stingiest of America, I could buy. The strategy as a whole, however, is based on what I call "iPod magic." Apple has succeeded with the iPod, the theory says. As a result, they can set foot in other categories and put them upside down. Even the press historically benign vis-à-vis Apple may have lack of discernment, both before and after the announcement of the iPhone. Also in December 2006, The Register published; Apple will launch a phone in January, which will be available during 2007. It will be a gem, a joy to behold, and its limited functionality will be easy to access and use.

The Apple phone will be offered exclusively by the network in every major territory and some consumers change their operator just to get it, but not as much as some had hoped. As consumers begin to realize that the competition offers better functionality at a lower price by negotiating a better subsidy, sales will stagnate. After one year a new version will be launched, but the innovation of the first model it will fail and disappear quickly. Even John Gruber himself, he is also so quick to recall the failed predictions of his colleagues, was guilty of blunder on the eve of Apple's announcement; there are still only a few days, I do not expect Apple has a phone this week. But I changed my mind during the weekend, and I think since it is ultimately what is most likely. Not a VoIP phone, which depends on the Wi-Fi or anything of that order, but a real mobile phone pure juice. It seems that we should expect to say "Wow, I thought Apple could announce a phone but I do not expect them to do like that!", But it is the devil if anyone knows what it is. My estimate would be unlikely but nevertheless enough to inspire: it will not be an iPod-phone, but rather the beginning of a new OS for mobile devices.

iPhone changed everything Part.I

Four years after the marketing of the iPhone, and you can not admit that Apple has totally revolutionized the industry of mobile phones in more ways than one. First in technology, since all manufacturers have begun to touch that applications are now the daily bread of Smartphone users, and browsing the web it has become even more natural than on computer, so that before they were content to substitute such as WAP or i-mode.

Even more impressive, Apple has moved the debate, making phone capabilities a central criterion when he was once a gateway to the service, if not negligible: Apple has gradually relegated telephone operators to the rank of sellers of pipes, which once made them rain or shine on the market. In short, the success of the iPhone is undeniable, even beyond its sales figures, also impressive for a company that did not put a toe in the market four years ago.

Despite the technological revolution, which put Apple in the years ahead of its competitors, all the oracles have failed to predict his destiny. CNET offers a small selection of Cassandra, and begins to make his own mea culpa with about Michael Kanellos, published by the site in December 2006 when the iPhone was still a persistent rumor; the iPhone sales will skyrocket initially. However, things will calm down, and the Apple phone will take its place on the shelves alongside the video cameras, cell phones, wireless routers and other aspirants to success. Remember the Mac mini? He was supposed to blow up a revolution for small computers. It was not the case. Some have predicted that Apple would derive rates the market up. Oops :P

Google improves search in Chrome

Google has introduced three new features to its search engine for computers. Two are reserved for users of Chrome, Google's browser; even if we can assume that the compatibility will be extended to other browsers in a second time.

Issue of mobile voice search is now also accessible from the desktop version of Google. Operation is very simple: when it is available, a microphone appears in the search field. Simply click and dictate the request to search. This function is reserved for Chrome, it's actually an API created by HTML 5 and Google is clearly not used elsewhere in Chrome, since version 11.

Also new this time open to all browsers, the search images. This feature was also initially being available on mobile devices with Google Goggle: the search engine will scan the image and search based on what he finds. Several possible uses such as finding the name of a plant or building are simply a different way of search.

Google is proposed three ways to launch a search with an image. The simplest is undoubtedly the drag / drop an image into the search field of Google, but probably not only work on all browsers. In all cases, you can also click on the icon of camera added to the search field to select an image on your hard drive, or even just copy / paste an image. Google has even developed an extension for Chrome and Firefox.

The third novelty of the day does once again that Chrome. Google still wants to speed up the search for the users of its browser by loading in advance the first search result. The company is betting that the first result is the one most likely to correspond to your research and place it in the browser cache. When you click on the link, it loads immediately.

Effective if we are to believe the video, but it will wait a bit to use this feature. Google says you can test it with the development branch of Chrome, but that the domestic beta is expected soon to experience it. It should be a priori accessible to as many people in Chrome 13.