Thursday, January 24, 2013

Apple Q1 2013 results

Apple has presented its financial results for the fiscal first quarter of its fiscal year 2013 (late September to late December 2012). Since it is the holiday, it is traditionally the most important quarter of the year season. This year, Apple has updated substantially all of its range for this time and Analysts are expecting a record quarter, despite some pessimistic discourse surrounding chronic and availability. It should be noted that this first fiscal quarter is shorter than a week in the same quarter last year.  Apple achieved a turnover of $ 54.5 billion (18% more compared to Q1 2012) and announced a profit of $ 13.1 billion, or 13.81 dollars per share (0.3% more). The first quarter of fiscal 2013 is the best quarter in Apple's history, although slightly below analysts' estimates. So that we can more easily compare results with the previous years in spite of these quarters of different lengths, Apple describes the average turnover per week. It stood at $ 4.2 billion this year against $ 3.3 billion last year.  The War spoils the Apple’s reach of $ 137 billion - almost a third of its market capitalization which will certainly suffered much in recent months. The margin for the last two years is under 40% (38.6%), probably as a result of operational costs. The international sales accounted for 61% of Apple's revenue, a figure in line with the average for the last year. It should be noted in this regard that Apple now publishes detailed results for China, so far as it included a large Asia-Pacific region. Finally, all shareholders at 11 February 2013 will receive a dividend of $ 2.65 per share on February 14.

Mac sales:

Apple sold 4,061,000 Mac. The combined effect of the macro-economic context, which affects the entire sector and promotes cheaper devices like the iPad, the late start of the iMac and supply difficulties seems he was right expectations analysts who estimated it over 5.2 million units. Apple has unfortunately decided not to disclose the sales figures of Mac laptops and desktop Macs, preventing any further analysis.

IPhone sales:

47.789 million iPhone were sold during the holidays. This is more than 35% of previous. Even though it is a record, but it is still below Wall Street expectations - it should be noted that the quarter began during the second week of marketing the iPhone 5. Also keep in mind that for most of the quarter, demand was limited by the supply side, the iPhone 5 has been a major problem in quality control during the first week of manufacture. The average rate of iPhone nevertheless maintains a high above $ 600.

IPad & IPod sales:

The iPad has sold no less than 22,860,000. Growth of turnover is quite low and the iPad mini encountered a great success. Finally, the iPod bounces like every year at Christmas, but 12.679 million units sold are below the levels of the past.

For the second quarter, Apple's objective is to achieve a turnover of between 41 and 43 billion, well below the 45.48 billion expected by analysts. These results are record results, but at the same time lower than market expectations - not to mention the specific case of the Mac.

Monday, January 7, 2013

New touch screen technology in iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s is now available with new touch screen technology in middle of 2013. Apple has introduced a new touch screen technology. These are so called in cell touch screens, in which the display surface is used in combination with the touch sensors in a plane. This has a good consequence; that the devices are considerably thinner. According to the China Times, they have introduced a new touch screen technology called “touch on display “which is the latest novel technology with thinner displays with more precise.

Apple seems to have two main objectives in the use of technology. Firstly, displays his 0.5 millimeters thick with this technology, on the other hand is designed to operate on fast finger movements much more precisely than with the previous technology. This is especially good at playing, because here again user reports a problem with the in-cell touch screen report. The manufacturer behind the new touch screen is Innolux who have already made the display for the iPad 2.

Apple will bring out this new iPhone 5s this year in any case. What name will carry it is not yet known. The current favorite in the gossip scene is iPhone 5s. Most probably in the March or April the production of iPhone 5s can be started and it will hit the market in the middle of 2013. During this same period iPad also going to hit the market. Overall, Apple is going to launch many new products one by one like Apple iTV, Smart Watch etc.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Vipre Antivirus (2)

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Apple testing the iPhone 6!

Which is going to be released as more flexible, larger, smaller or transparent? Just as in the picture the next iPhone will probably look. Rumors about Apple's bestsellers are circulated in 2013 but continue to work tirelessly. With the end of last year, Apple has completed the global launch of the iPhone 5. Now the first details of iPhone-6-prototype appeared in a developer forum. Given the fact that Apple introduces a new iPhone every year, it should not surprise that the company is already working on a new course Smartphone.

Nevertheless, the network is electrified, whether the news that the developer of the mobile operating system iOS have discovered the first evidence of a new iPhone. IT blog The Next Web reported known as log files, data statements within the system, the list an "iPhone 6.1" that would log on. The current iPhone 5 listed in the log files as iPhone 5.1 and 5.2.Apple's iOS mobile operating system seems to be in a new version in the testing phase. The logs would give an iOS 7 on a software basis. Only in the fall of 2012 Apple has released a major update to iOS 6. One need not be oracle to predict that Apple will not again this year be idle. The more obvious candidates, in addition to a new iPhone, updates to other mobile devices like the iPad and its smaller brother the iPad Mini. Especially the latter is likely to get more power and the coveted retina display.

Apple's music player series "iPod" could, however, take a break in 2013. With the new iPod Touch and the latest iPod nano, Apple has refreshed its two strongest representatives recently. Another update in the now-dominated Smartphone market of portable music player is not expected.