Saturday, August 6, 2011

Apple TV Latest Version -3

Going back to Apple, the problem remains the same: how to move up a gear and make the Apple TV product with a potential similar to the iPad or iPhone? With Apple TV, Apple has always been patient and seems to not want to confuse speed with haste. Unlike other terminals in the range, the Apple TV would not be entitled to a cycle of annual update. He muttered a few months ago a new model equipped with the A5 processor could emerge by the end of the year. At last, it would no longer be valid. To move up a gear, although Apple has two choices: find the "killer feature" which would be indispensable. This could be the integration of an App Store, but why must one hand that the developers are interested in this product and there is a large user base. And for the moment, two million Apple TV owners do not weigh very heavy, compared to the number of people who daily use a Mac, iPhone and iPad. Another major obstacle, interactions with the Apple TV is limited by the remote control. Another hypothesis comes from time to time would be downright Cupertino manufactures its own TV. Just last week, an analyst promised a real Apple TV in mid-2012. But it was more like wishful thinking than anything else. The idea has probably been a long time to germinate in the minds of engineers from Apple, but the realization of such a product is horribly complex as standards in this area differ from one country to another. As a universal solution like Apple, is currently impossible. Unless offer a 100% internet TV, but it is likely that the household under 50 is not ready for this idea.

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