Sunday, August 31, 2014

iPhone 6 Coming in Gold, Silver and Grey Colours

iPhone 6
Apple’s iPhone 6 in Three Shades –Gold/Silver/Grey

A French website, NowhereElse has recently posted images of the leaked iPhone 6’s Sim card trays indicating that the model would be available in gold, silver and grey. The images uploaded by Steve Hemmerstoffer, editor of French Apple fansite portrayed the three trays which currently featured on the iPhone 5s.

The French website also had images of internal components of the iPhone 6 indicating trays, speakers, home buttons as well as vibrator motors besides pictures of the SIM card trays which was not surprising since the iPhone 5s is already available in the same three shades though the grey colour has a somewhat darker shade than the iPhone 5s, according to 9to5Mac report.

Besides posting images, the site has also confirmed the release date and has added that Apple’s new phone would also have 128GB of internal storage and the report seems to be coming from the most trusted and loyal Chinese sources who is known to have an exceptional track record of disclosing features of Apple’s products much prior to its launch.

According to 9to5Mac, alongside the SIM trays, besides the home buttons and vibrate motor, speakers are also photographed wherein the internal speaker appears to be much larger than the components used in the earlier iPhone.

Internal Speaker Larger with Sound Quality/Louder Volume

iPhone 6  sim trays
Besides, the internal speaker being larger in size is not the only factor determining the sound of speaker but there is a possibility indicating that the iPhone 6 will be offering sound quality or a louder volume and according to the last image, the design of the vibrator motor too has changed significantly. Though it is likely that the effect on the end user has not changed, the change was essential to accommodate the new internal layout of the phone.

The site had posted images which according to Mr Hemmerstoffer claimed to be promotional artwork for the new flagship model with the date of September 9 and according to news reports, the Californian Company is likely to unveil the next iPhone on this date together with the rumoured iWatch. Mr Hemmerstoffer alleged that the artwork had been handed to him by his loyal and most trusted Chinese sources who had given a familiar piece of artwork to him prior to the launch conference of the iPhone 5s.

Yellow Metal – Important Role in Smartphones

iPhone 6
In the updated round of iPhones 6 images, besides the new set of photos portraying the SIM trays et all, what is very noticeable is the curved edge to the SIM tray, which makes a seamless line with the iPhone 6’s curved edges seen several time earlier and the images depicts some changes to the speaker as well as vibrator motor of the device.

Going by the success of gold iPhone 5s, users prefer the gold colour and few know that most smartphones utilise gold in their internal components. Moreover, the yellow metal’s strong conductive properties and malleability are the cause which has an important role in smartphones.

Apple is likely to announce the new 4.7 inch iPhone at a press event in September which would be going on sale a few weeks thereafter. Rumours are on that the 5.5 inch variant of iPhone 6 would also be released though the timeline for the same is not known with several supply sources posing delays.

Friday, August 29, 2014

iPhone Apps Initiating Forced To Place Expensive Calls

iPhone 5
Privacy has been the top most reason that encourages anyone to invest in a smart phone. If you have been in a delusion that you are safe and spying is limited to another area, then beware. iPhone one of the largest selling smart phones seems to have hit a roadblock in form of forced call through their certain apps. This vulnerability can force the apps to place expensive calls or facetime calls.

Usually in any phone and even iPhone, tapping any number will give a pop screen prompting whether you want to make call or not. According to one of the developers, there is serious risk in apps which don’t ask for permission about the same at first. Due to the security lapse, your phone might be forced to make calls just by clicking of links; this will potentially connect your phone to expensive numbers without any prior warning.

Developer Andrei Neculaesei from Copenhagen Company was able to demonstrate the complete process and the security lapse in certain iOS apps. This has proven to work as many apps like Facebook messenger, Google+ and Gmail don’t give any pop-up when a consumer’s taps on any phone number embedded in the site.

“Hello Pretty” tactic 

Andrei stated that he used a very sneaky JavaScript to enable the links in a website, which clicks on by own. When these sites were accessed through various apps apart from Safari, an automatic call was initiated. Apart from incurring money loss, the user might end up communicating to the attackers through live video. This was called Hello Pretty.

Facetime has been facing a lot of problem as the calls are getting initiated by accessing any site through their app. These calls are almost instant. Just image a simple situation, you have just clicked on some link and without you being aware, an automatic calls is placed to an expensive number, where your attacker will be able to save all the details including your looks.

Even though Andrei was able to highlight some of the apps that have got affected by this issue, the entire blame can’t be placed on Apple, as there are apps which have been made available through different developers. Some of developers have not configured their apps to give a pop up with any specific information.

There are many giant names in these developers like Facebook and Google, who have chosen not to use this feature but the growing security issue might prompt them to incorporate these features.

Current update 

Due to the ongoing security issue, Facebook has already started working to get this issue fixed atleast in their apps. There are still many more apps still vulnerable to this issue.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Apple’s Largest iPad – 12.9 Inch

Apple’s Largest iPad – 12.9 Inch
Apple Inc.’s suppliers are gearing to manufacture one of the company’s largest iPad, boosting the screen size and the production is scheduled to begin by the first quarter of next year. The new iPad would have the screen size measuring 12.9 inch diagonally, making it the biggest product in the range though Apple currently has been producing iPads with 9.7 and 7.9 inch displays, respectively.

The tech giant has been working with suppliers for a year in order to develop an updated range of larger touch screen devices, according to some sources. The latest versions of the iPad mini and the updated version of the 9.7 inch iPad would be released at the time of Christmas as reported by Bloomberg.

Apple is keen on revamping its product range after its announcement of mixed third quarter results in July wherein the company had sold 13.3m iPads during the three months to June 28, which was down by 9.2pc the same period of last year and short of the 14.4m that analysts had expected. iPhone sales had missed market predictions of 36m though the sales had rose to 13pc to 35.3m that period.

Improvement on the iPad Line

Apple managed to bringup total sales of $35.33bn, which was up by $300 m though its profit fell by 22pc to $6.9bn. Apple shares, recently crossed the $100 level as investors had renewed hopes on the upcoming products after the announcement of Tim Cook, Chief executive, who had stated that the company was set to have a busy end to the year. Sales of tablets which were the second biggest product of revenue for Apple had declined consecutively for two quarters due to lack of new models and consumers had turned to smartphone with bigger screens.

Apple chief executive, Tim Cook is working on ways to improve on the iPad line and its supplier have started manufacture of updated 9.7 inch screen iPad as well as set to enter production of the new version of the iPad mini wherein these devices would be made available later this year. The company is planning an event on September 9 to debut its new bigger display iPhones which went into mass production this July, reported by Bloomberg News.

Potential Customers for Larger Screen iPads - Businesses

Most of the potential customers for larger screen iPads are business men who could use the device for more tasks of a laptop computer.

Apple had unveiled a partnership in July, with International Business Machines Corp: wherein Cook stated that part of the pacts rationale was in selling to corporations so that they could be a catalyst for the growth of future iPad.

An analyst at researcher, Jitesh Urbani, had stated that while tablets sales growth had slowed down, he projected that businesses, schools as well as governments would be buyers of the devices and those groups accounted for 16 percent of the tablet sales in the second quarter which according to his estimate was up from 13 percent a year earlier. Urbani, in his interview, had stated that they would be expecting larger tablets to perform better in the enterprise market.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Apple Awarded Patent – Electronic Devices with Flexible Displays

Apple Flexible Displays
Apple has been awarded a new patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, for `Electronic devices with flexible displays’, which controls mechanisms used with flexible displays to replace components like physical buttons with additional durable as well as resilient alternatives, to create another means of detecting sound output with haptic feedback, which is sound and localized vibration and perform other things thus making it easier to open a MacBook lid.

The patent describes several options to use a flexible display for a variety of input methods aiming at ways that can put flexible display material over actuators in order to create new buttons on demand.

Besides this it also provides systems to overlay them on the existing button features that are found in the iPhone such as the Home button, thus providing access to it while simultaneously protecting it as well as providing a continuous surface for the individual.

The system combines flexible display layer in some embodiments, like a compatible OLED substrate with a similar flexible capacitive touchscreen layer which then is covered by a rigid or a flexible cover.

Assembly Flexible – Interacting with Components

Since the assembly is flexible, users have the opportunity of interacting with components that are installed beneath it which serve as a user input and when force is used, the display activates and deforms the internal button, other sensor or dome switch before returning to its original shape.

Moreover, the internal actuators could be used to press against the flexible layer upwards to create temporary ridges, points or shapes on the surface of the display wherein each region could be active or inactive to user input. Ridges for instance could be used to outline grid pattern matching the onscreen keyboard.

According to an example, control structures or buttons get input from user’s finger or object that are pushed on the display, thereby deforming and transferring force on a sensor and some system tend to extend the device’s active screen area by replacing the external control as in the case of iPhone’s home button with internal counterparts.

Benefit of Flexible Display

There is another benefit in using the flexible display on top of the button and switch wherein it enables Apple to potentially expand screen space with the possibility to build all display devices which can grow or reveal buttons whenever needed. They can also take the form of physical buttons, as created by actuators that are used beneath the display layer to push up on the screen, creating bumps and ridges.

Its effect would be similar to what happens with the Tactus keyboard that produces a physical keyboard from a transparent, flat display cover. As the overall patent is aimed at devices such as the iPhone and iPad and its intention is to save space on mobile devices, there is a provision which explains how the tech could be utilised in a MacBooktrack pad in order to deform the surface and raise the top of the notebook away from the bottom thus making it a lot easier to open, preferably creating a lid opening which may replace the groove that is available in current models.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Apple’s Battery Replacement Program

Apple’s Battery Replacement Program
Electronics is not without its fair share of failures and batteries bear the most brunt. And going by the record, Apple maintains a strict customer satisfaction first strategy for its line of products. Hence, Apple has launched a battery replacement program for select iPhones – namely some iPhone 5 models that apparently arrived at customer’s hand with poor batteries. Let’s us take a look at the affected users and what they can do with this replacement program from Apple.

The Affected Units and Problem

According to Apple, only very units sold between September 2012 and January 2013 were affected by this problem. The replacement program got started in United States and China first owing to large shares of ownership on August 22nd and will start for the rest of the world on August 29th, 2014. The defect leads to poor battery life as some customers started to experience from late last year, which is unusual for Apple products.

The Replacement Process

If you feel you are one of the affected customers owing to sharp decline in battery life, the first thing you need to do is head over to Apple’s website and enter your phone’s serial number on the battery replacement page and check whether you are eligible or not. The serial number can easily be obtained from the about page in settings in your iPhone. Once done, you can get it replaced via an authorized Apple service provider or at Apple retail stores. To prepare for the replacement process you need to follow these steps carefully.

• Backup all your data to iTunes and iCloud service

• Turn off “Find My Phone” feature from Settings

• Erase all data and settings in Settings > General > Reset > Erase all Contents and Settings

Once done you can head over to the store to get your battery replaced, which should be hassle free completely.

Some Other Information

In case your iPhone has other damages like screen damage or digitizer problem for touches that needs to be fixed first before you can continue with the replacement program. Such repair may incur extra charges if applicable however. Note that Apple may restrict the repair program in certain countries and if you are in such region try to contact Apple for a full refund. In addition, this program will notextend your warranty and covers affected iPhone 5 battery for two years after the retail sale or until March 2015 whichever comes later.

Apple generally serves its customers well and this is a proof of that. Such programs show how concerned a company is towards its customers and also gives them something more to stay loyal apart from a stellar product line. This also helps Apple to stand out from the competition breathing on its neck in technical department and gives them some air as their customer programs are something other totally lag behind. With the next iPhone coming in just about 3 weeks from now, this shows that their attention is equally distributed to not just new product launches but also to their existing customer base as well.

5 ways to increase security and privacy of your iPhone, iPad and Mac

Apple products are known for not just their simple yet awe inspiring designs but also the hardware mechanism that makes them such useful devices. The Apple product owners have from little to no reasons to complain and have been fully satisfied as far as the product performance is concerned. However, with the number of users increasing exponentially, it is only a matter of time when someone will be able to hack into the Fort Knox of devices. This is the reason why you as an end user should pay greater attention to the security of your iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Even though Apple makes its products more and more convenient with each upgrade, it is the responsibility of the end user to ensure its complete safety and maintain its privacy. Depending upon the sensitivity of the data on your device, you can toggle the settings on your phone and monitor the security arrangements. The idea is not make the phone so impenetrable that even the user gets nightmares while trying to get inside their device. However, the security and privacy tips will only make sure that breaking into your phone or device is extremely unattractive to the thieves or pranksters who can be dissuaded from their antics by just looking at the layered security.

Use a reasonably strong Pass Code 

The latest iPhone 5S has a biometric system which is unbeatable when it comes to identifying its true owner. However, for any other devices, the owners can use reasonably tough pass codes to unlock their phones. They should be hard to guess but not something you can’t easily memorize. iPhone 5S users can also use stronger pass codes rather than using the biometric unlocking system for added security.

Turn off Personal Notifications on the locked screen

While it is very simple to quickly gaze at notifications on the home screen, it can also be very unsafe if your phone is in the hands of anyone other than you. Your pass code lock will defeat the whole purpose if people can read your personal notifications even when the phone or the device is locked. It is better to turn off the notifications on your home screen when the screen is locked so that no one but you can read your private messages.

Go for 2-tiered security layer

This might seem a little over the top to add to layers of security on your Apple device. However, considering the sensitivity of the data we have on our phones these days, it seems like a very small level of security. All it takes is add another layer of password on the apps to get the added security. You can make your device twice as strong by just introducing another level of pass code.

Keep your web browsing private

If you do not wish your web browsing history to be tracked or recorded, you can use the private browsing feature of safari. You can also enable the private browsing from the bookmarks, tabs etc which makes it easier and more convenient. Also, if you are on the network that you do not trust and are using the browsing for personal and sensitive information then you can also gain access to the VPN service that will keep your data private. Needless to mention that with all the browsing that happens on internet enabled devices, you must also secure your devices with a reliable piece of antivirus software like Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac that will deter any hacker from trying to hack into your device.

Delete the Web History Data

If you have not used private browsing by Safari and now want to remove the data from your device, you also have the option of wiping your device clean and start afresh.

The Resolution of the New iPhone 6 Calls for an Assured Askance

iPhone 6
The count of people holding their breath for the iPhone 6 is really high and ever increasing. Experts have brought up their words regarding the phone’s resolution and apple stands on a raised scale with the eye boggling specifications on the iPhone 6. A the words are out form the Apple headquarters in California, the new mobile will come out in two size- a 4.7” model and another with quite a big screen at 5.5”. The most common question placed on the table is regarding its resolution. People are curious about the count of pixels that screen will have inside its boundary.

Apple has always shocked us with the new margins they set when it comes to the screen resolution of iPhone. They have been setting benchmarks with their exceptional resolution standards and one they started with the retina display they became hard to compete. This calls for a thorough analysis on the screen resolution of Apple’s upcoming tech masterpiece.

The different sizes come with different resolutions

The 4.7” display comes with an awesome screen resolution of 1334x750 that makes a pixel density of 326 PPI or Pixel Per Inch. This one has got a 2nd level retina display. The larger model with a stretched screen has nothing to upset but a lot to impress. Its pixel density is a league ahead of its predecessor and no doubt from its other competitors. It has got a screen resolution of 2208x1242 and with a pixel density as high as 461 PPI, it will be a complete new experience.
A thorough analysis on the iPhone’s resolution has an assured positive outcome

Though all these information are far less certain, you can eat on it when you know it is Apple you are talking about. While the analysis is on progress the key ingredients for its screen size and the number of pixel that is made to fit on the screen. They will be your basis of the resolution analysis. Apple has always caught eyes with the values they set on the specs table beside the Pixel per Inch criteria.
It is going to be a common mind play for all iPhone admirers to judge its new increase in size and that is how Apple answers with an outstanding resolution for the iPhone 6L, which is the 5.5” model. If you go by the verdict of the analyst, the company was testing both the sizes of the new iPhone 6 on the same resolution scale of 1704x960 pixels. This is supposed to be the new standard for the iPhone 6’s screen resolution.

A proper hardware and software synchronisation is what should be thought about

However,any interested buyer will consider the display factors and resolution to be one of the prime factors for buying this super-phone, what matters more is the software developer’s outlook on this matter. It is more important to consider the analysis of app developers and website designers on the resolution as their software also bears the responsibility to justice to the high levels of hardware specs.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Coin – Connected Device for Credit/Debit/Membership/Loyalty Cards

Coin is a connected device which has the capabilities to hold and behave like the card such as the debit, credit, gift, loyalty and membership cards and instead of carrying several cards, users can now carry one Coin. The manufacturers of Coin, which is a Bluetooth enable connected card have designed it, to help users to store magnetic stripe information for various credit as well as debit cards on one device, have recently announced the delay of its launch till next year, though they would start sending out 10,000 beta units to pre-order customers very soon.

The Coin card which is a credit card sized black plastic rectangle with an LCD screen, is priced at $100. It comprises of a programmable magnetic stripe which can be swiped through any standard card reader at a retail store etc.: and up to eight cards with magnetic stripe could be saved on the Coin card on-board memory and then by pressing small button switches between cards, it displays the currently opted card, an embedded e-ink screen, thus enabling users with less cards to carry in their purses or wallets.

Attached to an Android/iOS

Users could set up their Coin cards by swiping all their valid cards in a free Coin supplied card reader which can be attached to an Android or iOS smartphone, with a photo of each card for verification purpose and then loaded into the Coin card through a Bluetooth Low Energy – BLE, wireless connection. Individual Coin card could be paired to the Android or iOS device, resulting that if the Coin card is beyond the Bluetooth Low Energy range, which is around 150 feet, it would stop functioning.

The Coin’s screen can display the credit or debit card brand, namely American Express, MasterCard, Discover or Visaas applicable, its last 4 digits of the card number together with its date of expiry. The Coin could also be set up as a stand-alone device to enable it to work without a nearby smartphone though with less security.Around 1,000 customers have already been issued pre-production Coin units, and in lieu of the full launch, the company would be expanding it to another 10,000 and backers should be receiving emails enabling them to claim their beta device very soon.

Coin’s Announcement – Applause/Scepticism 

Coin’s announcement drew a lot of applause as well as scepticism with the possibilities of increased convenience being apparent though some pointed out the probable security implications which included the chances of financial harm that thieves could do to people swiping a single Coin instead of being forced to try for a loaded wallet.

Others criticized Coin for its lack of support for emerging chip and signature standard which had started developing with U.S card issuers. Kanishk Parashar, Coin CEO had stated that the company is yet to start the possibility of the addition of a chip and is focussed on launching its first version. He also informed CNET, that once they were through with the first shipment of Coins, they would be in a better position with enough resources to perform an R & D project.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Henry Peter Badenhop Granted Patent for Mobile Billboard Messaging App

Henry Peter Badenhop

Henry Peter Badenhop
An updated invention has the potential of providing free standing application for mobile device which has the capabilities of linking the user to remote internet based database, providing advertisement as per the choice of the user and Henry Peter Badenshop has been granted this Patent. These may include types of products or services needed together with the distance of the advertising location from the user’s mobile GPS location or when the GPS is inactive, the distance can be determined by cellular/mobile device location through cell towers.

Mobile billboard messaging icons tend to display messages which are connected with the user’s choice from advertiser on the user’s devices display like the tablet or the Smartphone which is connected to the internet, location technology as well as logic means in determining when the device of the user is in a prescribed vicinity of the advertiser’s location. Coordination location of the device helps in identifying the advertiser’s location and correlate with user’s preferences within a preselected distance and if this correlation is available, a minimum of one message is displayed from the advertiser on the tablet device or a smartphone.

Message Transmitted based on Given Radii

The message is transmitted when the user’s device is within the given radii from the advertiser and when transmitted, the messaging icons provide real time promotion, together with deals and coupons appropriate for the purchase of goods and services of the advertisers or the sponsors according to the user’s options.

Moreover, the target messages that are displayed by the mobile billboard are based both on the user’s geographical real time location as well as the user’s specific choice. Revenue from advertising has now become a possible driving business force in present day business market with electronic devices being increasingly adopted in the advertising forum, which include advertising on mobile devices and computer namely the tablets and Smartphones.

Majority of the advertisement platforms and models make use of such devices providing advertisements with web page links, email links as well as mobile applications together with games or through spam emails. Other platforms of advertisements tend to use tracking algorithms or phishing means to track consumer’s web site searches and invade them with an attempt to provide advertising aimed towards the consumers.

Mobile Billboard Messaging – GPS Enabled Device

The mobile billboard messaging icon system works with GPS enabled device, a display screen with internet connection, which displays a number of applications. Further on the icon system is created with a mobile billboard messaging icon which is associated with software that has the entry of user and his preferences together with the advertiser or sponsor data.

The messaging icon of mobile billboard gets displayed via the internet connection which displays one message according to the user’s choice which is generated from one advertiser or sponsor. The mobile billboard messaging icon on the other hand functions and enables an internet connection between the mobile device and its message icon software.

The GPS location of the device is equipped with relevant given radial distance from at least one location with one of the advertisers who displays the message. Whenever the GPS is in standby mode or inactive, the location is provided depending on the position of the cellular tower and the location is determined based on the relevant given radial distance from one location associated with the advertiser who displays the message.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Apple to Ban Benzene/N-hexane in iPhone/iPad

Apple news
According to the Associated Press reports, Chinese and American labour groups petitioned Apple to investigate the use of potentially hazardous materials used in its iPhone and iPad assembly process and the company stated that it will make changes banned in the use of at least two of the chemicals, namely benzene and n-hexane which are connected to nerve damage and leukaemia.

Apple on their part, after conducting a four month study were determined that there was no evidence to indicate that these chemicals could be a problem to workers assembling its devices in twenty two factories but all the same would take necessary steps to avoid the problem in future and both the chemicals have been banned from the assembly line.

Toxins like n-hexane is widely used by several manufacturers to clean smudges from screens before packing them in boxes which dries faster than other safer solvents and hence enables the staff to work quickly with less waiting time. This may cause nerve damage and in some severe cases also paralysis. Apple checked that from its twenty two factories, only four of which used it for minor functions which would now be stopped completely to ensure the safety of its workers.

Common Carcinogen Benzene

Besides the two chemicals, another substance, the common carcinogen benzene is used for the coating of certain electronic components. The environmental group, Green America, had earlier this year warned that the exposure to toxic chemicals which were used in the manufacturing process of certain parts in the making of Apple products could lead to nerve damage, cancer as well as reproductive health issues.

Moreover, it was also claimed that staff were not given proper adequate training regarding its use, access to the correct protective equipment. Thereafter, Apple had undertaken to investigate the use of the chemicals at the factories where the final manufacturing of the devices is carried out and did not come across any workers who could be at risk though it was discovered that both the chemicals were being used at the four plants in products which did not list them among their ingredients. In some of the factories they were able to work with managers in opting to safer alternative products with Apple prohibiting the use of benzene and n-hexane as cleaning agents and degreasers in its final assembly process from September.

Chemicals to be used within its Safety Standards 

Benzene is said can be used if found in fewer than 0.1ppm in `breathing zones’ while n-hexane could be used to a concentration of 28ppm, both limits of which represent a tightening of safety standards. Apple, unlike other major electronics makers applies American health and safety standards in its factories outside the USA and is said that it will continue with its policies down the supply chain in future to minimise harmful toxins.

Campaigns director at Green America, Elizabeth O’Connell stated that the announcement together with the preceding investigation portrayed that Apple listens to customers though it needs to go further to create a safe environment at all factories in their chain of supply for the health and safety of all its workers.

 The group also mentioned that they would continue to call Apple to identify and disclose all chemicals that would be used in all their supplier factories and chemicals which seem to be hazardous to health should be replaced with safer alternatives in all their factories.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Apple’s Reversible USB Cable Revealed

Apple’s Reversible USB Cable
Apple is on its way with a reversible USB cable for its anticipated iPhone 6 and according to a video leaked by known Apple leaker Sonny Dickson, who has made a name for himself earlier by leaking out information details on the iPhone 5S much ahead of its arrival has now tweeted an image on the design improvement to the Lightning cable which will connect to the long rumoured iPhone 6.Popped up on one of Dickson’s tweets and through YouTube, the ten second video portrays what is believed an Apple Lightning to USB cable and its box.

The video then shows the unplugging of the USB cable from an Apple computer and is then plugged back but in the reverse direction. According to Dickson, the already reversible eight pin dock will not change and users could plug the cable into a USB port now in a reversible manner. The video shows a claim made by Dickson that Apple has a new type of Lightning cable with a reversible USB connection at the opposite end. If the information is true, then the new cable would be an improvement over the existing USB cables which had to be plugged into a computer or port in only one direction.

Apple’s Improvement on USB Cable

Dickson had sent other alleged evidence of the new cable to 9to5 Mac wherein the two photos portrayed the cable charging the iPhone through both ends while a video showed the USB cable being removed from an iPhone which is then reinserted in the opposite direction to charge the phone butApple declined to comment on this issue.

This new cable would be included with the iPhone 6 and it is expected to be launched at a media event on 9th September and the new iPhone would then be available in the market sometime later in the month.

The one sided plugging had its limitation which had always been an annoying aspect as users would often struggle to figure out which way to plug it in and users are aware that a USB cable’s configuration requires to be plugged into a computer or any other device in one way only, Apple’s improvement will features a USB end which can be inserted from both ends enabling users to plug in a cable without the need to check in which direction it needs to be inserted

Improved Charging Capabilities 

When Apple had earlier announced its Lightning connector in 2012, the company had touted not only its improved charging capabilities but its reversibility as well. Apple had stated that the reversibility would be making the life of the user much easier since they would not waste time to determine which end the eight pin dock could be placed into an iPhone or iPad and the earlier Apple 30 pin connector was not reversible.

There are several third party providers who offer reversible USB cables and a new USB standard known as Type C which is reversible is also on the way. If Apple decides to launch a reversible USB cable, it would not be the first one to do so.

Is There Actually A Need For An Airplane Mode And What Does It Really Do?

Airplane Mode
If you want to know the function of the Airplane mode, then it is used to disable the device’s Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cellular radio in short the functions related to the wireless transmissions. Now with the turning of time, there are several airplanes, which are offering airplanes in-flight Wi-Fi access together with cellular accessibility, and this brings us to the question, what will the function of airplane mode come to use as of now?

Well, it is not necessary for you to fly only to operate the Airplane mode. In fact, even if you have never flown, in your device itself, you will come across the Airplane mode, which acts as one of the quickest of ways to disable your device’s battery-draining radios. It has the ability to likewise, increase the life of your device’s battery, as you will not be using the present wireless radios that are there in your device.

Function of Airplane mode:
Whatever type of device you are use, be it a Smartphone, iPhone, an Android, Windows 8 tablet, an iPad or whatever it is, the function of the Airplane mode is the same everywhere and it ends up disabling the same hardware function in each of the above devices. 

i. Device will stop communicating with the cell towers:
If it is a cellular device, your device will suddenly stop communicating with the cell towers as soon as you bring it to an activation mode. You will be unable to receive or even send anything and this depends on the cellular data, right from sending messages to voice calls.

ii. Stop the scanning of Wi-Fi networks:
If it comes under the Wi-Fi category, your phone will eventually stop scanning any kind of Wi-Fi networks that is present close by, and will not attempt to join them. Even if you are linked to a Wi-Fi network, you will end up getting disconnected.

iii. Disable the Bluetooth:
This Airplane mode also ends up disabling the devices Bluetooth connection, which is a wireless communication technology that people generally utilize with the help of wireless headsets. But Bluetooth can be easily used for other things such as the mouse or keyboard and many more.
iv. Disable the GPS functions:
You will also end up being disabled with your GPS functions, mostly the receiving functions in many of the devices. This tends to be a bit consistent and confusing also.

Airplane Mode, smart way to save battery:

The moment you enable the Airplane Mode you will get to see an icon indicated by the airplane sign in the notification bar of the device. It will appear on the top bar section of your Android phone, iPads and iPhones as well. Nonetheless, you still can use your device when travelling on aircrafts even during the landing and takeoff time, as far as the airplane mode is enabled. There is just no need to power it off. Airplane mode is an excellent way to save battery, even when you’re on the ground.

However, why do we need this Airplane Mode?

Well there are rules and regulations in several countries, which prohibit the use of devices, which have the ability to transmit signals while traveling on commercial airplanes. Generally, a typical cellular-enabled tablet or a phone carries out its communication with a number of cell towers, thus trying to maintain a good connection at every time. However, communications like these have the tendency of disrupting with the sensors of the airplane. They might also end up causing potential issues with the sensitive navigation equipment, which can turn out to be a state of concern. This is why we need to enable the device into the Airplane mode most of the time while travelling by airplane.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Apple’s iPhone 6 Improved LTE Networking

iPhone 6
Announced originally in 2012 and feature support for speed up to 150 MBPS with improved LTE networking, the Category 4 chip would be an improved version over the Qualcomm MDM9615 chip which is found in the iPhone 5s as well as iPhone 5. The iPhone 6 would incorporate Qualcomm’s MDM9625 LTE modem as showed according to a new photo of the device’s logic board shared by GeekBar which is more durable than its predecessor enabling lower temperatures under heavy performance due to its refined 28-nanometre production process.

 Together with these features, the MDM9625 is also inclusive of support for the next generation LTE Advanced network which are yet to reach out to the other ends of the world and information on the inclusion of the MDM9625 in the iPhone 6, showed a detailed but sketchy report from VentureBeat which was reported early this month, indicating that the iPhone 6 would comprise of a Category 6 LTE modem capable of a speed of 300 Mbps.

It was said that the radio would not support LTE Advanced networks as featured in the MDM9625. It was also posted by GeekBar that a supposed schematic from the iPhone 6, appeared to show support for NFC - near field communication in the device and the schematic also has a NAND flash chip, originally presumed by the website to be of 1 GB of DRAM in the device.

Battery Life for LTE Browsing – 10 Hours

The iPhone 5C is actually an iPhone 5 in plastic shell which is available in various colours while the 5s is the faster version of the iPhone 5 due to a new 64-bit chip which has the capabilities of the 64-bit iOS 7 and while the budget iPhone which was predicted failed to come true, the 5c is still priced at £469 phone SIM free and is not much appealing to developing markets.

Both these phones are capable of taking advantage of added LTE bands than any smartphone presently available which are available in five models of each to opt from, based on the region. Surprisingly, despite the extra bands which are now made available, Apple states that the battery life for LTE browsing is around 10 hours, up to two hours from the iPhone 6 which is an achievement due to the improved power efficiency of the LTE modem chip, likely but not confirmed to be a Qualcomm MDM9625 as well as the larger battery due to the internal redesign.

Faster LTE Experience 

This will enable to support a faster theoretical LTE speed of 150 Mbps down and 50 Mbps up but only a few operators would be deploying the bandwidth in delivering this faster LTE experience around the world. 
Apple is likely to launch the iPhone 6 at an event on September 9 this year and the launch of the 4.7 inch version will possibly follow thereafter, as production related issues may hold back the release of the 5.5 inch version till later this year or probably early next year. Moreover, besides the larger display, the iPhone 6 would also feature a thinner chassis, an improved camera with stabilization, a faster A8 chip and much more.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Apple’s Upcoming iPhone 6 with Sapphire Screens

iPhone 6
It was reported by The Wall Street Journal recently, that the first sapphire screens for the upcoming iPhone 6 and the iWatch are likely to be expected this month from a Mesa, Arizona factory which is jointly operated by Merrimack, New Hampshire based material produce, GT Advanced Technologies Inc. – NASDAQ-GTAT, and Apple. It was said that the plantwould be manufacturing double sapphire than the current synthetic sapphire producers all over the world.

It was also suggested by thesources that the sapphire screens would appear in variants of 4.7 as well as 5.5 inch versions of the iPhone 6, though the sapphire covered models would be a bit expensive as well as rare. If the sources are right, then it would be a good change for Apple who has been offering good variety in terms of colour as well as internal capacity on earlier iPhone though they have not charged premium for updated materials in the same model. Sapphire which is a material known for scratch and crack resistant properties, is the hardest material and while its properties are an appropriate choice to increase the durability, high cost for manufacturing have made it unsuitable for a large scale mass production applications, enabling sapphire for only selected items like covers for luxury watches.

Speculation on Sapphire Screen with regards to Cost

Apple has been currently using sapphire for iPhone camera lens as well as its touch ID fingerprint reader. It is estimated that the sapphire iPhone screen would cost $16 to produce when compared with the cost of around $3 for the Corning Gorilla Glass, which is the company that currently utilises its entire iPhone line-up though detractors are of the opinion that the sapphire in large quantities would be prone to shatter as well as make the displays much harder to view in sunlight. Apple though presently has been using sapphire in limited portion that protects the Touch ID fingerprint sensor beneath the iPhone 5s home button, prevents scratch on top of the camera lens in its iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. But with regards to cost, in the production of larger quantities, like for a full iPhone display, it has brought about some speculation that a sapphire screen may not come up in this year’s iPhone line-up.

Complete Redesign from iPhone 5s

With rumours floating that Apple has plans to introduce the two new iPhone models this year – 4.7 inches as well as 5.5 inches, both are expected to be a complete redesign from the present iPhone 5s. With many speculating about sapphire in the next iPhone, Apple has managed to strike a deal of $578 million with furnace maker GT Advanced Technologies which enables the companies to finance as well as operate jointly a Phoenix facility which will produce sapphire crystal material. Many of Apple fans looking forward for a sapphire front panel should consider that the company arrangement with Liquid metal that had existed since 2010 has yet to appear in any of the company’s product in a more significant manner. The only known utility of Liquid metal till date was in SIM ejector tool which was shipped with the iPhone 3GS.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Apple comes forth with innovative Force Sensor Mouse!

Apple Force Sensor Mouse!
With an Apple patent filing that was uncovered on last Thursday, it displays the latest and new kind of advanced mouse, which employs sensors that can measure the location plus the level of force that is being applied on its main button. It also indicated the pressure that is exerted on its haptis system to provide one with feedback.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published Apple’s novel application regarding the ‘Force Sensing Mouse’. This mouse does not only provide you with an estimate on how hard the user has applied pressure on it but also through the system of haptic vibrations sends forth a confirmation feedback.

This operation is principally built on the system of strain gauge, which is fixed to the beam or the cantilever arm. The design is quite similar to the usual Apple mouse designs, and comes with one large single top section, which tends to act as a button. The accessory can very easily transfer force through this arm section moving straight in to the sensor mode.

For example, if a particular user presses down hard on the mouse, the cantilever arm may bend a little twist or even flex. This way it ends up distorting the strain gauge, which in turn outputs a certain level of voltage that is translated into a kind of input signal. By processing through the voltage output, the mouse can gauge the kind of force that is applied by the user thus creating accordingly, control signal.
The effective haptic feedback is an electromagnet, which is disposed in the body of the mouse in such a way that it out rightly hits the top portion the moment it is activated. On the other hand, the well-rooted embedded vibration motors is placed in several positions around the mouse, so that it can come about with the apt and accurate level of feedback.

Practically, a user tends to move a UI cursor on top of a particular icon and then exerts pressure on first force, to select the related asset. This way it will immediately trigger the feedback forcefully. If the level of pressure is a bit harder, it tends to induce pressure on the execution of command, for instance, when you open a folder or any kind of app, you will notice that the mouse tends to respond with a more intensive vibration. In this way the user gets to navigate, select and then activate different kinds of graphical assets by the system of one button press, hence getting hold of feedback all through the way.

Apple has also kept a note about its pivot-style orientation design, which might tend to bring in a bit of distortion while reading, because the force transferred through the cantilever beam is relatively, where more force gets transferred when it is nearer to the mechanical elements of the mouse. Thus to mend this issue and to pinpoint finger location, this particular discovery proposes to deploy a touch sensor, just as the one that is available in Apple's Magic Mouse.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Apple’s iOS – Spyware Proof Mobile Operating System

Apple has come out as the spyware proof mobile operating system in a test which had been conducted by surveillance software and hardware vendor.According to recent reports from Gamma Group, FinSpy spyware with the capabilities of hacking its way into a BlackBerry, an Android and older versions of Windows Phone was unable to hack an iOS unless the device has been tampered. FinSpy is the surveillance software which is marketed by Lench IT Solutions PLC along with UK based branch Gamma International Ltd in Andover, England as well as a German based branch Gamma International GmbH in Munich.

The spyware is marketed through law enforcement channels and Gamma International being a subsidiary of the Gamma Group, specializes in monitoring and surveillance inclusive of equipment, training services and software.This software can be installed on targeted computers to exploit security lapses in update procedures on unsuspected software.

Details have been leaked from the Gamma Group that a piece of its spyware FinSpy had been used to find out if various mobile platform could hold back snooping attempts made on phone calls, contacts as well as other data, wherein in the document envisaged by Washington Post and considered by Cult of Mac, FinSpy is said to be designed to help Law Enforcement and the Intelligence Agencies to monitor remotely, tablet and mobile phones devices.

FinSpy Capable of Full Access 

The software suite is marketed in Arabic, English, German, Portuguese, French and Russian, all across the globe at trade shows, offering intelligence support, ISS training as well as products to law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

It has the capabilities of taking control of target computers as well as capture encrypted data and communication with the use of enhanced remote deployment methods which can be installed on target computers and FinSpy can obtain full access to all phone calls, address book, text messages as well as microphone through silent phone calls.

Moreover it also has the potential to trace a device anddetermine its location. FinSpy has gained a lot of reputation since it is being used by law enforcement and government agencies as a powerful though a controversial tool for snooping into mobile devices and hence the ranking of iOS in the Gamma Group’s document from April, is a possible Apple security.

FinSpy Possible only Through Jailbreak

From the major mobile platforms cited in the document all were susceptible to FinSpy and the spyware was capable to access its way into Android of all versions, BlackBerry, Symbian as well as Windows Mobile 6.1 and 6.5, though Windows Phone 8 is not supported so far by the software.

As per Gamma team, the iOS version 4.3 x, 5 x, 6 x, and 7.0 x seemed to be vulnerable to FinSpy which was possible only through jailbreak and as per their observations and explanation, it states that the iOS target can only be installed if it is jailbroken devices.

Generally, Apple’s security are considerable tight especially in the mobile world, though not impregnable and researchers at Georgia Tech have reportedly made a way to hack an iOS device according to Wired source, through one caveat, wherein a USB can be connected to a hacked computer

Apple’s Upcoming Plans for HealthKit

It was reported that Apple had held talks regarding its plans for HealthKit and the upcoming services, with several companies which include the Cleveland Clinic, Mount Sinai, and Johns Hopkins together with the medical records providers Allscripts and Epic Systems.It was revealed by Apple that the HealhKit would be a framework that would be available to third parties for aggregation of data and for storage and would subsequently be available through a corresponding app known as `Health’, hoping that the HealthKit could serve as central hub for information obtained from third-party medical apps and hardware.

 Apple has already started working with the Mayo Clinic, Nike and Epic and it seems that other industry players are also keen in tying up their services as well, with the iOS based platform. According to sources, Apple is trying to keep away from regulatory hold ups since with the partnerships, the responsibility of keeping highly sensitive medical records and data private is very essential.

 For instance, Apple’s developer relations branch has been working with app makers such as iHealth Labs, who is the developer of specialized activity trackers as well as fitness related apps. Jim Taschetta, iHealth’s Chief Marketing officer indicates that consumer privacy issues are paramount to the HealthKit initiative.

Incorporate iCloud for Data Storage

He also offers examples of toggle which enables users to choose if they would prefer third party apps or healthcare providers to share sensitive data with HealthKit. From the technical side of Health, an Apple associate stated that the company has plans to incorporate iCloud for the purpose of data storage and informed Reuters that the data transfer and storage would be fully encrypted to Apple’s server.

Moreover, the backend of HealthKit would be designed in a way that providers would be responsible for patient’s privacy and not Apple. Apple has been in consultation or hired health experts as well as legal professionals to navigate the data privacy and regulatory policies outlined by the government agencies, in order to bring the HealthKit to the market.

The Food and Drug Administration – FDA, revealed that in June, it had discussions on mobile medical application with Apple over several meetings but details with regards to the upcoming rollout was not yet disclosed.

FDA to Work Closely with Apple

The FDA has stated that Apple will be working closely with them as they develop products in the future. They have further stated that the earlier FDA is involved and advising and Apple would be less likely to be caught by surprise in future when they intend to release a new product, and if that product must be regulated.

It was also reported, earlier this year that Apple executive were planning to meet with the FDA over same issues. HealthKit, with its robust data sharing as well as collection capabilities would be moving into uncharted water for massive distributed consumer solution and as such its launch may come across some complications with existing privacy laws and Apple on their part are preparing to work hard in order to prevent these types of incidents.

Portable Device Connected to Cellular Network

Portable Device
Improvements in technology, gave rise to internet which is being used by all individuals at large. Earlier the access was limited to computers and laptop or a tablet which has now improved with the access through mobile devices as well. Internet can now be accessed while on the go and users can get connected to the web through Wi-Fi connection.

MiFi is one type of a portable device which can be connected to a cellular network while providing internet access for devices. It allows multiple users together with mobile devices in sharing a 3G or 4G mobile broadband internet connection creating an ad-hoc network. Staying connected especially when one is travelling or on a holiday is now made easy and economical with the aid of MiFi that enables to have access to the internet by wireless technology.

MiFi a brand name is used to describe a wireless router which can act as a mobile Wi-Fiand provides internet access to any Wi-Fi enabled peripheral device up to a distance of 30 ft.Being a portable Wi-Fi, it enables the user to connect up to five devices at the same time. People travelling to Spain for work or leisure, can use the facility of MiFi through and stay connected to the internet easily without any interruption, which is not very costly. 

Spanish 3G/4G – Economical Roaming Cost

Internet can be surfed through the Spanish 3G/4G network without the need of paying high roaming cost while travelling. User can reserve the portable device and keep the service provider updated on their arrival date as well as the return date and have the benefit of getting it delivered at their desired destination of either their hotel or the rental flat and get connected with the internet in Spain.

The portal device is delivered in a package which also contains a self-addressed stamped envelope to put in the device after they have finished the use of it. The user is instructed to put the same in a mailbox or could use the option of seeking the help of the hotel associate in delivering the package to the mail carrier. The said package could also be sent to the airport since every Spanish airport has a mailbox.

Device Light/Easy to Use

The device is easy to use wherein it can be connected to the Wi-Fi in the iPhone, Android, Windows8, laptop, tablet, PSP etc. Once connected one can engage in surfing the internet in Spain. The device is very light and covers almost 98 percent of Spain. They can stay connected with their family and friends through WhatsApp or Skype, or even update the trip details on social network like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and avoid unwanted expense by disconnecting the roaming option.

On disconnecting the roaming option, users can saved from being overcharged by internet cost while they travel from one location to another. This portable device proves to be of immense help while travelling, enabling them to stay connected or even coping up with the task which needs to be done through the internet besides keeping their family and friends updated through WhatsApp and other means of communicating.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

US Patent Office Rejects Apple Auto Complete Patent Used Against Samsung

US Patent Office
Over the years, the market for mobile devices has experienced several ups and downs. Different mobile Companies has faced legal and monetary crisis. In recent times, another legal complication has hit the world of smart phones. The war has ended overseas but it is still raging in the US. This new chapter has begun with the Apple Vs Samsung patent-infringement trials.


Although settled elsewhere, the battle over the patent is still raging in the US. The US Patent and Trademark Office have most recently rejected all the claims Apple made about a patent against Samsung. This was done on the grounds that certain portions of the claim were not valid. The patent is about ‘autocomplete’ feature that help the user generate word suggestions based on what the user been typing.


The final stand on this particular case is not yet out. The word on the street is that Apple will be able to present their case all over again with more and relevant information. The preliminary ruling will in no way have an effect on the judgement passed by the district court about infringement. The whole process to settle down completely might take a very long time. It could be days, months or even a few years.

On the other hand, Samsung last Thursday have presented their case and the decision of the US Patent and Trademark Office to the court on the grounds that it is by far relevant to Samsung’s claim over invalidity defences for the 172 patent.

Neither Apple nor Samsung are willing to comment on this issue. The legal fight that is currently going on is getting complicated over time and is no more about the money involved. Although, damages have affected both the parties involved. The real battle is over the market. Who get the rule the mobile market is something to look forward to. Either it could go to the South Korean Company – Samsung, who are the leading producer of smart phones or it could go to number two. For now, both continue dominating the smart phone and tablet market.


All of it started in the year 2011, in the month of April with Apple filling a suit against Samsung. The initial trial was in the month of August 2012. Apple won the first round with nine-person jury supporting Apple’s claim and Apple was awarded compensation for all the damages caused. Samsung asked for counter suit but unfortunately, for them they did not receive anything.

A new trial is under process to recalculate the damages involved in the month of March, 2013. Again, in the month of November, Apple was awarded additional compensation for the damages caused. The last trial took place in the month of May, this increased complications further for both sides asked for compensation.

No decisions are taken as of now. The silence prevails for now. No matter what the decision is, it will change the market forever.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Apple’ iOS 8 – Top Quality Functions

Apple’s iOS 8 is likely to be launched this fall and in the meanwhile Apple fans and consumers can wait patiently for its latest updates on what new features lies in store with the upgraded operating system that is being offered.

The iOS 8 device of the Cupertino based company products will mark another changing upgrade to the software and would be different from its predecessor – iOS 7 which had been the most terrible change in Apple history. Its visual appearance was the most significant altered change though the iOS 8 will not bring about much alternation on how its operating system performs looks or feels.

As per Design & Trend, iOS 8 is very much the same as iOS 7 with regards to visual appearance and consumers cannot expect another major transformation on the transitions icons, etc.; on the display screen. Moreover, Apple’s iOS 8 is also said to be targeted more on top quality functions along with some preferred tweaks on the side. Minimum changes have been done but with the intention of giving a new experience to users who had been deprived of capabilities which Android users have been utilising all the time.

Keyboard Features - QuickType

The latest software update will now come with a keyboard feature known as the QuickType which suggest words like it does in SwiftKey. Apple is on its way in being more open in permitting third party developers in major parts of their devices, which is the first time that Apple is permitting third party keyboards to run on their device according to Tech Life.

The iOS 8 will be giving users the opportunity of switching keyboards with third party options. Though the default keyboard had got a major boost with the QuickType feature, Apple has come up with a decision to users with the option of switching keyboards of their choice according to their needs.

Developers of SwiftKey, Swype, Minuum and Flesky have reportedly confirmed that they will be working on keyboardswhich are iOS 8 compatible. Another feature which can be expected from the new operating updated system is the new set of system widgets for the pull down notification as well as the lock screen.

Enabling Third Party Widgets in the System

Apple could be going Android with its latest updated software as it has been confirmed by several sources that iOS 8 will enable third party widgets in its system while iOS 7 had only limited widgets, the Weather and Stock in the notification pull down.

 The intended upgrade will be expanding Apple’s widget section though it may not be compared to the Windows Live Tiles and Android’s widget system. Pocket-Lint states that consumers should not expect much from this since the new widgets may not be interactive and may not even sport update element regularly.

Beside this, the iOS 8 is considered to be family friendly wherein through this new feature of Family sharing, one can have the advantage of sharing purchased iTune content such as book, music, movies as well as select apps to the other members of the family which supports up to six members in a family to share personal content.

This too comes with a system security feature which will prompt an adult member whenever a young member tries to access mature content etc. Two more additional features which are highly functional like HomeKit and Health Kit will also be included wherein HomeKit technically permits Apple devices to be connected to a wide range of third party devices and HealthKit generates data from fitness devices like the Nike Fuelband+.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Apple Granted Patent for Wireless Disposable Wristband

Wireless Disposable Wristband
Apple has been granted patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office on communication between a devices like the iPad or iPhone and a wireless disposable wristband and the technology could be used for disposable wristband which can store as well as transmit all health related information to the doctor’s smartphone.

Earlier reports state that the Apple Patent covers up technology for an autonomous battery free microwave frequency communication device which could be embedded on physical object like the wristband, card or flyer and in the patent it is described how the smartphone can wirelessly transmit the data collected to a disposable hospital wristband.

The incorporated microwave frequency device also contains sensors or stored information like medical records or procedures which have been carried out during hospitalization. The smartphone would be capable of both reading as well as writing information to and from the wristband.

One Card in the Wallet

The Apple patent suggests that the wristband should have sensors which can measure some health functions like the body temperature and the pulse. Apple had announced its health app, at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, a type of dashboard for all health as well as fitness data. It was believed that Apple iWatch could also be accompanied with sensors which would be capable of evaluating health and fitness information providing software developers with the opportunity of collecting and using the said information in their apps.

The patent did not focus solely on health related functions for an embedded microwave frequency device but described how the given information can be conveyed from a mobile device to disposable loyalty cards or credit or ad flyers. It further states that the technology also has the possibility of `one card in the wallet’, for various purposes such as payment, promotions and identification.

Communication wristbands – Patient Identification 

Coloured wristbands can be worn for various purposes to show support for a certain cause or an organization and comes in various colours which may have some messages embossed on them. In the case of hospitals, coloured wristbands are used to convey information or to alert the staff to a certain requirements of the patient. When the patients wear their own coloured wristbands, it may cause confusion for the staff who may misinterpret its significance.

A communication gateway wristband serves as a source of patient identification as well as an interface between wireless wide area network- WWAN like a hospital network and a personal area networks– PAN of miniaturized electronic medical sensors on a patient. The gateway wristband comprises of a PAN transceiver which acts as a wireless data link with wireless medical sensors.

The WWAN transceiver establishes a wireless data link with its infrastructure, a memory that can store the identification of a patient as well as a processor that can receive data through the PAN transceiver and convey the information received to an external network through the WWAN transceiver. The processor on the other hand manages communication with the PAN as well as the WWAN transceiver, stores the received sensor date in memory, and translates the data from the PAN protocol to the WWAN protocol to enable the sensor data to be relayed to the hospital infrastructure.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

iPhone 6 Modified Recessed Volume Button Cut-Outs

iPhone 6
A month ago, the luxury modified iPhone vendor, Feld & Volk – Instagram page, shared a few high quality photos and video of the purported rear shell of the iPhone, while it had not been polished or fully processed and was in an intermediate stage of production, though it still offers a look at the body of the device. Feld & Volk who has received the completed 4.7 inch iPhone 6 rear shell, has shared some of the new photos, revealing some features not indicated in the earlier information.

These include a good look at the volume button cut-outs which have been slightly recessed in a change enabling a lower profile along the edges with decreased likelihood of accidental volume changes. The new images are put on display and are believed to be the final casing for the 4.7 inch iPhone 6 and with it we now have some details which had not been given earlier. Similar recesses have also been seen, on a purported perfect replica for the volume buttons and have been claimed as actual rear shell for the iPad Air.

Extraordinary Scratch Resistance Metal

A look at the embedded Apple logo by Feld & Volk’s photos is also offered, which Apple has not used on the iPhone from the time of the original iPhone in 2007 and as per Feld & Volk’s statement, the embedded logo is said to be similar to the original iPhone and it is made of very extraordinary scratch resistant metal which is presumed to be of liquid metal alloy, though there is no specific proof which supports this issue.

Another image portrays it to be an external camera ring measuring 6.66 mm in diameter and fits accurately on the rear camera hole of the shell. Design drawings and physical mock-ups which have been revealed convey that the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 would be seeing a protruding rear camera as in the case of the current iPod touch though the rumours have shown it to be a flush camera for the smaller 4.7 inch model. It is now left to be seen if the camera ring would be paired with the rear shell of the 4.7 inch model or not.

Flex cable, New Home Button

The last image is shown with a flex cable which is the source for the iPhone 6 and as in the case of the previous rumour, it is speculated by Feld &Volk that it could be the new home button but as MacRumours points out that based on its length it more likely tuned towards the flex cable for an iPad and not for its upcoming iPhone..

Apple is all set to launch the iPhone 6 very soon during the event which will be coming up in September and it is confirmed that Apple will be holding its annual iPhone media event then though it is not clear that both 4.7 inch as well as 5.5 inch models would be arriving together. Probably, the 4.7 inch model would be launched roughly one and a half week after the event based on earlier release patterns.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Apple’s Yosemite – A variety of Changes

Apple has been highlighting a variety of changes for OS X Yosemite in its feature page on the release beginning with a more modern and flatter look for OS X, with its focus on translucency, streamlined toolbars with smarter controls, the base OS X system which includes various feature improvements such as `Today’ view in the updated Notification Centre.

It provides a wide variety of information which includes integration with third party apps while Spotlight search which has also been improved with updated data sources, acts like a search engine by taking in data from Wikipedia, movies, Map, news etc.

The new Notification Centre in Mac OS X 10.10 would be very useful than the earlier version with the addition of both the Today view as well as the widgets and after using if for the past few weeks, the upgrades to the Notification Centre move the OS in Yosemite further ahead of Windows unless one would prefer the Windows 8 live tiles as a good option to check notifications. Mac OS X Mavericks does have a notification centre with slide out window from the right and access with a swipe or by touching a button in the upper right.

Mac OS X Mavericks Performs with Toast Notification 

The notification centre in Mac OS X Mavericks performs with toast notification- floating popup bubbles, towards the upper right of the screen and a sidebar to keep track on the latest notifications.

Moreover, the toast notification enables you to answer iMessage directly for instance if one gets an incoming FaceTime call, they can reply with an iMessage within the Toast notification.

These are helpful tools though when they come from the sidebar part which tracks all notification in Mavericks; it tends to get less useful.Yosemite has the same functions with the usual updates but with the addition of new Today view and widget from the Apple’s core apps and from third party software with more information readily available at one’s fingertips.

In Yosemite, the notification centre is more useful and besides being able to use the Toast notification and review missed messages in the sidebar it adds another tab at the top to see the Today view.

Today View Connects with Calendar ….

The Today view can connect with the calendar, reminders, social networks and much more, enabling the viewer with a quick overview of the days’ activities. One can view the appointments, meetings, reminders, if they have been set in the reminder app, birthday updates, as well as the current weather in the area, all of which is done with clean design indicating each category and is easy to view at a glance.

With the addition of widgets, the sidebar notification centre tends to be more useful. Earlier assigned to the Dashboard, users can add core Apple widgets like weather, stocks, world clocks, calendar, calculator etc. which will enable them to interact directly without the need of exiting from the notification centre.

These are all included in the launch of Yosemite, this fall, which according to Apple; users would be able to add widgets from third party app developers from the Mac App Store.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Apple’s New Launch - Apple TV in Newest Beta

Apple tv
With the arrival of the beta 4 update, Apple has finally launched a new Apple TV software beta alongside iOS 8 beta and the fifth Yosemite beta which includes the long awaited interface update and the design is said to be very dramatic.

The new interface consists of new icons which have been designed to resemble the icons in iOS7 with a less glossy and a flatter look. Many icons have new colours like the computers, music, movies and TV shows and the slim Helvetica Neue font that Apple had adopted previously with iOS7. The on-screen have also been updated.

Earlier Apple TV beta had added new Family sharing options together with support for iCloud photos and both these features have been introduced in OS X Yosemite and iOS 8. Presently the Apple TV beta is only available to the registered developers though the updated software would be released to the public at large in fall probably along with the launch of iOS 8.

The new Apple TV update can be downloaded by registered developers from the iOS Dev Centre. Apple has not completely done away with the grid of icons approach for Apple TV but has revamped the UI, an iOS 7 style makeover with a new set of icons which are flatter than their earlier counterparts.

Default Icons Reworked/Weight of Typeface Changed

Each of the default iconshave been reworked with more modern cover to avoid the present defunct iOS gloss effect for a matte finish while the background starburst effect which has been given leads to gradients that is present in iOS 7. Besides this, the weight of the typeface has been changed to slightly thinner with the icons no more casting reflections.

The pictographs have also been changed to make them look sleek and the `setting’, icon has been given a radical change with the same nested gears icon found in the latest Apple mobile and desktop operating systems.Lastly, the glow which surrounds the currently selected icons are tightened to include a better define white ring offset by a small black margin.

Apple TV User Interface Paradigm 

On the whole the Apple TV user interface paradigm seems to be largely unchanged from its earlier debut in the year 2007 and rumours have been spreading for years which picked up steam in 2011 with the publication of the autobiography of Steve Job, where the late Apple CEO was quoted as saying that he had `finally cracked’, the television issue.

These rumours came up in the early 2014 when various media outlets recommended that a refresh would be essential but nothing materialized till then. With recent reports, there are indications that Apple’s new set top solutionwas stalled since negotiations prolonged with the content providers.

Consistent design across platform is a good thing though third party apps tend to hold on to their same old icons and getting some consistency there, keeping in mind the platform as a whole has not been drawing much attention of late. The latest update is likely to come around the same time iOS 8 would come, this fall.