Saturday, October 29, 2011

Apple: a multinational support themselves finally

For many years, the financial position of Apple is growing at an exceptional rate, without the company itself follows. This has often earned the nickname Apple "start-up multinational." In 2011, the Cupertino company seems to have taken the measure of his status.

A number of employees rose sharply

49 400 employees in FTE (full-time equivalent), Apple has increased to 60 400 FTE employees, with a further 2,900 FTE employees who are consultants or part-time. Apple now hiring more than 10,000 people per year, equivalent to half of its payroll in 2008.

Friday, October 28, 2011

10-K: Apple Growing

Anthony Nelzin Periodically, the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) Requires companies (listed or not, if Their capital IS More than 500 Held by Shareholders) to Provide reports. Each quarter, Provide the Form 10-Q, and in case of major changes Such as the departure of the CEO, They must complete the Form 8-K. The Most interesting IS Certainly the Form 10-K, Which Takes Stock of the Year. Apple HAS ITS closed fiscal year, to table it Comes That document Along With A Hundred pages we propose to summarize.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Test of Magic Numpad Mobe

The wireless keyboard from Apple is useful in many ways: small and wireless, it is easy to place the feet of an iMac, for example. Only problem, it lacks the numeric keypad and ten additional keys on the keyboard wire. If you use an Apple Wireless Keyboard and Trackpad Magic, Mobe has a very elegant solution to offer. The Magic Numpad is a film to put him on the trackpad to add virtual keys. Software can then interpret these keys and send them to the Mac: this gives the equivalent of a wired keyboard, but occupies less space. Excellent or false good idea? Response in this test.

Latest slogan of Steve Jobs

If sketched recent years, various manuals bloom to reproduce the winning method of Steve Jobs, they obscure the essential ingredient: the man himself. Number of Cassandras have announced the end of Apple with Jobs that of both the man and his company have seemed inseparable, supporting their argument on the dark years of Apple in the absence of Jobs (and conveniently forgetting well the huge difference in context). Without his visionary angel in charge, who may well spur engineers and designers, and push them toward excellence? The error is precisely to try to do without Jobs.

Nintendo Wii Accessories

Nintendo is in no doubt the top leader while it moves toward to accessories for instance the controllers moreover its devise have turn out to be to a large extent preferred business customary. The Nintendo Wii through itself arrives by means of various easy entertaining by way of is Wii Sports game, however if you wish for to take pleasure in the practice to the complete occupancy, here in this article you also can have a some accessories you may would like to surprise for yourself:

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Testing MacBook Pro 13 "2.7 GHz Core i7" Thunderbolt "(early 2011)

With the update to its line of MacBook Pro, Apple has not done in half measures: while the Core 2 Duo stagnated since 2009, the top model of MacBook Pro 13 "is now equipped with an Intel Core i7 processor with the highest frequency ever seen in a Mac with this diagonal screen, 2.7 GHz.

A small MacBook Pro with large processor

Little or nothing distinguishes this MacBook Pro 13 "Core i7's Core i5 little brother, the exterior design to its HD camera FaceTime through its port Thunerdbolt, we had the opportunity to describe in detail in our test MacBook Pro 13 "2.3 GHz Core i5" Thunderbolt ". Processor and graphics chip, meanwhile, are quite different.

Carpet Cleaning Phoenix

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Testing MacBook Pro 13 "2.3 GHz Core i5" Thunderbolt "(early 2011)

Sandy Bridge processors with new micro-architecture, Intel Graphics GPU HD 3000, a new O Thunderbolt: Apple has pressed the accelerator pedal with his new MacBook Pro without the radical change. The entry-level Core i5 finally happening after years of Core 2 Duo without earning a penny.

The game of seven errors

Very clever man who could be distinguished from the first glance a MacBook 13 "Core i5 to a 2011 MacBook Pro 13" Core 2 Duo 2010 as the differences are minimal.

Apple quietly released new MacBook Pro

The new MacBook Pro were not expected until next week, but they are already available in the Apple Store. Apple has not even closed its online store for the occasion: this update is pretty minor in the program with new processors, hard drives slightly larger and more powerful graphics cards for the 15 and 17 inches. The previous models were dated February if we forget the change of keys on the occasion of the release of OS X Lion. This review is timely appointed to the holiday season and it can wait before the release of Ivy Bridge, the new platform that Intel is behind schedule and will not be available until early spring 2012 .

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Android 4.0 against 5.0 iOS.

 These two main operating systems for mobile devices are experiencing a major update. The revision to the Google OS is perhaps even more important than Apple, if only because it is the first unified version of the system for Smartphones and tablets. It will be interesting to see if this version also manages to give new impetus to the shelves equipped with Android. Anyway, this should make life easier for developers. The Android GUI has been redesigned so as to provide a more consistent user experience on Smartphones and tablets. The key word in this version is sobriety. Google has made sure to make use of its system more enjoyable reworking many details, including animations.

Straight Talk

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Testing the iPhone 4S

The home button of the iPhone, much in demand, tends to quickly show signs of weakness. Apple has revised its construction on the iPhone 4S: a click is softer, with a return more frank. Double-click, triple-click and long click is now easier to achieve - hope the durability is better ...


Some have noticed a trend of the screen of the iPhone 4S to turn to yellow, not hesitating to speak of "Yellowgate." Sorry for the grumpy, but there will be no scandal: the differences between the screen of the iPhone and the iPhone 4 4S are minor, as was the test on several sets of periods and styles different lots, but look different profiles used. Occasionally, some screens may be more yellow than others, the fault of an adhesive not quite dry.

FX Sneak Peek: Untitled Jersey City Project

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Untitled Jersey City Project for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. (1 page)

An original play on FX known as Untitled Jersey City Project is approaching to city moreover I guess this will certainly enthuse you.  It is certainly not your archetypal sequence. It builds up in the order of the perfect eight chapters on the quick affecting and shifting Jersey City Shoreline. They are structuring a gleaming new-fangled city down by the river although the resolute Jersey City still stays behind furthermore there are no regulations.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

iPhone 5: Why manufacturers of covers were planted

Some were disappointed by the announcement of the iPhone 4S: they expected a thinner iPhone 5, with a larger screen and a teardrop design. This design has been mentioned for the first time last April on the site This is my next, the team formed by Engadget resigned, And was taken by the manufacturers of bags China, again, again and again . Following the announcement of a new iPhone without new design is the cold shower for manufacturers, distributors, and all those who believed, including journalists.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

IPhone 4S: overview of Siri

Reserved for the new iPhone 4S, Siri is a vocal assistant from a research project of DARPA. As explained by Apple, "Siri 4S iPhone lets you use your voice to send messages, set appointments or making calls, among other things." The first tests show that the iPhone 4S Siri works particularly well in English, but is it the same in French? When you first start your iPhone 4S, Siri is not necessarily activated.

Long press the home button then start the traditional speech - and limited - iOS. To turn Siri, go to the settings of your iPhone 4S, General section> Siri. Siri to find the commands, press and hold the home button and press the button (i) after the line "What can I do for you? ". Disappointment or Wolfram Alpha (definitions, calculations, conversions, etc.). Or Yelp (search for points of interest including restaurants) are available in France, which diminishes the value of Siri. We knew since the announcement of Siri as routes were reserved for the United States: Siri is in beta and gain functions over time.

 In general, recognition is pretty impressive, even if it knows its failures. Siri offers essentially the same performance and same speed as the system of Action Voice of Android. Unlike the Google system, Siri is conversational: start dictating an SMS and you can check your appointments before you send the SMS course. This highly intelligent sometimes plays tricks on Siri: in our video, it refuses to recognize "Cupertino" because we have initiated a conservation of "Tokyo". If you tend to swallow words, Siri will be lost: his problem is not the speed at which you speak - you can talk really fast - but the clarity of your speech. Siri will make you work your joint.

Siri knows so listen, but not a talker: the male voice used is of poor quality and the speech rate very choppy. We are far from the fluidity of voice synthesis of OS X Lion. If Siri has a doubt about a word, he notes in blue: you can correct it manually. Siri is less pleasant to use French and English: it recognizes fewer variants of the same question, is less varied in his answers, and ... has less humor! Finally, know that Siri does not work without the network: it must then switch back to conventional speech synthesis (transcription voice is done on Apple's servers).

IPhone OS Project: Fadell gives his version

Vic Gundotra, senior vice president at Google, he does not say enough about its competitor "Scott is a pretty amazing type. For the management of a team developing an operating system, it is one of the best I've seen." Businessweek points out, however some of his mistakes, more substantial anecdotal or even if he was not directly responsible. One during a keynote when disguised as a scientific and an iPhone he missed a demo supposed to be funny. A wolf that Steve Jobs reminded him several times in the teasing in meetings that followed. Then there was the case of the iPhone 4. 

Jobs wanted to limit the number of prototypes that engineers could carry with them. Forstall persuaded his boss to let a few dozen of his men take the future iPhone to test it under real conditions of use. The rest is history. Random factors that did not prevent the vice president to consolidate his position at Apple. He also pushed the acquisition of Quattro Wireless, which became iAd and was counsel for the acquisition of the origin of Siri. It is said also well received by developers iOS third parties. A community in which Apple said it had donated $ 3 billion in two years that the App Store opened. Analysts and developers who have had to work or chat with Forstall stressed his ability to listen: "Forstall took detailed notes, without pen, paper, or laptop.

 "He listens to you and starts typing on his iPhone," said Matt Murphy, partner at Kleiner Perkins and the manager of a fund that invests in iOS developers. "You think he does not care what you say and he is sending an SMS, and then you realize that it is taking notes." Asked about the possibility of transforming the iPhone into a credit card with NFC (Near Field Communication) has answered more questions, about how developers can benefit from this and what it would bring to users. Clearly, a free technology uses concrete marketing has no immediate interest. It would also have refused to large developers have priority access to the validation of their securities, and that in fairness. The article ends with the close relationship that bound Forstall and Jobs. 

The second liked to see the future developments of Ios, in the same way he took a particular pleasure to have a look on the work of Jonathan Ive and his team installed a floor above. Like Cook, Forstall has probably lost both a mentor and ally with the disappearance of Jobs.

Scott Forstall: the "mini-Steve" of Apple

Development Manager and a member of IOS management team of Apple, Scott Forstall is the subject of a portrait of contrasts in Businessweek. The "senior vice president of iPhone Software" arrived at Apple in the footsteps of Steve Jobs from NeXT (where he was hired right out of Stanford).

His taste for something computer goes back to his childhood and is shared in the family, one of his three brothers are software design engineer at Microsoft for 20 years. He participated in setting rails Mac OS X, the creation of the Aqua interface (as director of the project) and then he directly supervised the development of Leopard before moving on to iOS (read Apple: the frameset).

He has been seen as a "real talent and quickly considered a rising star," said Fred Anderson now of him, the former CFO of Apple. 42 years old, he is the youngest of the current management team. And the system of which it is responsible driver devices which now account for 70% of sales from Apple. Businessweek has recorded at least 50 patents containing its name, inventions ranging from the presentation of the icons on the display device to iOS how to turn off the phone with a swipe of the finger. It's a strong man of the company and who was close to Jobs, even on certain patents which immediately followed the name of the owner disappeared "When he says something, people listen," recalls the former head of the iAd advertising management. The article describes him as a kind of "mini-Steve.

" Leading his team to the stick and obsessed with details. Able to translate technical jargon intelligible language. Mercedes of the dress - jeans and black top - are the points of resemblance with multiple Jobs. His team is not unlike that of the first Mac that loudly claimed its autonomy vis-à-vis the Apple II division. "They spoof me and told me IOS drives Mac sales," says Will Shipley, head of the Delicious Monster editor, about his friends in the division iPhone / iOS.

At its qualities that have earned respect and loyalty of many members of his team, just answer the critics on his way to work and its relation to others. According to testimonies of employees, several executives have left the ranks of Apple, tired of working with Forstall and hear saying "Steve would not like that." The same flight to other lands have also occurred among engineers. Former colleagues describe him as quick to assume the merits of collective successes, not to take criticism or errors and make love in the political games. Stories collected provide a vision of a less cohesive direction of Apple it seems. Relations are strained between some vice-presidents.

Businessweek writes that Jonathan Ive and Bob Mansfield (the cons, head of Mac hardware engineering and worked on the iPhone 4) avoid being alone in a meeting with Forstall, unless Tim Cook is present. According to Businessweek contacts, the departure of Jean-Marie Hullot close to Jobs and NeXT veteran would have been partly motivated by the prospect of working with Forstall. Hullot for his part says he wanted to go into something else (he is the application Fotopedia). There is also the story of Jon Rubinstein, former head of the Mac and iPod division, which saw Forstall arrive at a party, immediately left the (Jobs has not forgiven Rubinstein joining Palm one can assume that this resentment was shared by Forstall, ed). Mike Lee, a software engineer at Apple until 2010 tempers their critique of the personality of "I once referred to as a bastard Forstall of Apple first.

But it was not a criticism on my part. I said as a compliment. You could say the same about Steve Jobs. " Against Linux Mac OS XInternal struggles took place at the time of the decision to create the iPhone, around 2005. Jobs had two options, says the article. The team led by iPod creator Tony Fadell, campaigned for an OS based on Linux (project Purple).

The other team (project 2 Purple, read A Short History of the iPad), led by Forstall preferred adapting Mac OS X. Jobs on the other hand had a preference for the former, in that it seemed more flexible and promised more room for development. But he decided to put the two teams competing. Forstall began to degrease Mac OS X to try to make it work in an environment where autonomy is crucial. Ensued between the two teams and the two young men compete "explosive" according to a former employee. Fadell was 35 years old at the time and was the youngest vice-presidents.

Forstall Fadell annoyed by getting the best engineers and playing the card of secrecy, refusing to show the progress of what would become iOS. The challenge of reducing the size of Mac OS X and Jobs was held opted for this solution. Which put the latest teams Fadell (the cons) in an uncomfortable position since iOS arriving on the iPod, they had to get cooperation from those Forstall to add a layer of software to their hardware developments.

And when the idea did not please Forstall, the request was not acted upon. Businessweek says Forstall also insisted on recovering the development of iTunes. Fadell left Apple in 2008. At the time he had justified his departure for personal reasons, it seems, however, that tensions with Scott Forstall have weighed significantly in its decision.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

IOS 5: everything you need to know about new products

Need a computer?

With iOS 5, Apple intends to cut the cord completely from the computer ... or almost. You can now use your entire iPhone, iPod touch or iPad without touching a computer, the initial setup to daily management.

Initial Setup

Up iOS 4, the first image that appears at power terminal iOS was a dock cable and iTunes: it was necessary to connect the terminal to a computer to start using it. With iOS 5, those days are over: on startup, the terminal will simply ask the user to configure it.

Mobile Accessories

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The iPhone 4S is at your fingertips

After the Apple Store, iPhone 4S is now pre-order on the website of SFR. Prices are: 16 GB from € 129.90, 32 GB from 64 GB and € 229.90 from € 329.90. Deliveries will begin from October 14. Presented Tuesday night, the new Apple phone is available for pre-order. The same design 4S iPhone iPhone 4 a few subtle changes closely, but the components inside are totally different chip A5 double heart, 8-megapixel camera and Siri, many arguments in favor of this new phone, pre-order starting today. Faster, more comprehensive The iPhone 4S should be faster, especially for demanding applications, especially games.

The A5 is Apple supposed to be twice as powerful and up to 7 times faster for graphics. A first set operator that power has been presented during the Keynote, and we imagine that many others will follow. 4S The iPhone is also faster for Internet: its internal components are able to download to a 3G + network to 14.4 Mbit / s. This type of network exists in France, but there is little chance that you can really enjoy, at least for now.

The iPhone is also a world phone, capable of operating both on GSM networks that are well known in Europe than on CDMA networks used in America but also in Asia. If you travel frequently around the world, is an advantage. Best Camera The iPhone 4S improves his camera back. Program, an 8 megapixel sensor that increases the resolution of photos taken with the phone: it is 60% more than the iPhone 4, enough to print the photos in larger formats without losing quality. The pixels are not everything: the iPhone 4S is also entitled to a new and improved optical image processing.

All pictures posted by Apple is a good indication of the potential of this phone ... The iPhone is also able to automatically detect the faces to focus the right place. The video recording is also enhanced with real HD (1080p) on the one hand and stabilizing real-time image. Videos in 1080p, 8-megapixel images: the amount of data generated by the iPhone 4S will seriously increase if you take many photos and video. This is great, Apple now offers an iPhone to 64 GB of internal memory. Count € 849 without operator involvement ... iPhone 4SSiri The biggest novelty of the iPhone 4S is probably not the most visible. Siri is a vocal assistant who listens and does what you ask.

 This wizard also works in French and the initial feedback is very positive: this function reserved for the iPhone 4S can change many things. Siri Siri functions are numerous: weather, stock, alarm, but also SMS reading, writing SMS messages and ... As expected, we can pre-order the iPhone 4S today: the Apple Store online, it is so sold naked from € 629 16 GB version if you buy now, Apple l 'send free no later than October 14.iPhone 4S It's too late, the French Apple Store now shows a period of one to two weeks. If you order now, you'll probably during the week of Oct. 17. Let us hope that the time goes on quickly ...French operators are late: you can not find anywhere, and pre-orders should not be opened before tomorrow, October 8th at SFR and October 12 in Orange.

Each operator will also have some copies on Oct. 14, as well as the physical Apple Store. Better off not to over train if you want to have one soon, however ... Meanwhile, the 4 to 8 GB iPhone is available at SFR, white and black. The phone is sold with a € 29.90 fee and a two-year commitment. Again, it is only a pre-order, the phone will be delivered from October 14 only. The iPhone is compatible with the bumpers, provided you have a new version for the CDMA iPhone 4. The price is unchanged, € 29 and you can choose from 6 different colors.

 Remember that this protective shell around the phone, but does not protect the screen on the front or the rear glass. To comply with new European regulations, Apple is now selling a micro-USB adapter for iPhone. For € 9, you can add your phone to a micro-USB jack, enough to recharge it with a cable the same type and therefore the majority of the adapters on the market. Shipping October 14th as well. All other accessories designed for the iPhone 4 should always be compatible with the iPhone 4S. This applies to the dock or to specific covers as mophie Juice Pack Air. One point to watch for the covers: the silent button has been moved to the iPhone 4S, it is slightly lower, which can cause problems with the sleeves cut specifically for the iPhone 4.

Best Radar Detector

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Steve Jobs

After 1985, Steve Jobs is a new party - but this time he will not return. We could rewrite history a hundred times, Apple to Apple via NeXT and Pixar. One might point to Steve Wozniak, Chris-Ann Brennan, Bill Gates, John Sculley, and others. Or it could simply be quiet and let him talk Steve Jobs, one last time. On the life and death Affected by a rare form of pancreatic cancer, Steve Jobs is acutely aware of his mortality, which has inspired his moving speech at Stanford graduation in 2005.

"My third story is about death. At the age of 17, I read a quote that went something like: "If you live each day as if it were the last, one day you will end up being right. "She stayed in my memory, and during the 33 years that have since passed, I looked in the mirror each morning wondering" if today was my last day, I do I'm going to do today? "If the answer is no for several days, I know I need to change something.

 Keep in mind that I would die soon is what I found more radical to help me make important decisions. Because almost everything - what is expected of others, our pride, our fear of failure - gives way to death. Are only the basics. Never forget that death will come one day is the best way to avoid the missteps of believing that we have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow his heart.

About a year ago, it was discovered that I had cancer. At 7am, the scanner showed that I was suffering from a pancreatic tumor. I did not even know what a pancreas! The doctors informed me that it was probably a type of incurable cancer, and that I had only three to six months. My doctor advised me to go home and put my affairs in order - a euphemism for "prepare to die." This means having to tell his children a few months all that we thought we could tell them over the next decade.

This means trying to make things easier for your family. In short, to say goodbye. I carried this diagnosis all day. Later in the afternoon, I was a biopsy, an endoscope inserted into the throat through the stomach and intestine to stick a needle into the pancreas. I was unconscious, but my wife, who was present, told me that in examining the samples under a microscope the doctors started to cry because I had a very rare form of pancreatic cancer cured by surgery.

I was operated on and, fortunately, I'm fine now. This was my closest contact with death, and I hope that this will happen for another few decades.After this experience, I can say with more certainty than when death was to me a vague intellectual concept: No one wants to die. Even those who want to go to heaven do not want to die to get there. However, death is our common destiny.

No one has ever escaped. It's for the better, because death is probably the best invention of life. It removes the old to make way for new. Right now, you represent the new, but one day you will become old, and you leave room for others. Sorry to be so dramatic, but it's true. Your time is limited, do not waste it by living the life of another. Do not be trapped by dogma, which require them to live in obedience to the thought of another. Do not let the noise of the outside stifle your inner voice. Have the courage to follow your heart and your instinct. The both already know what you really want to be.

 Everything else is secondary. In my youth there was an extraordinary publication, The Whole Earth Catalog, one of the bibles of my generation. It was founded by a Stewart Brand not far from here in Menlo Park, and he had led his poetic vein. It was in the late 1960s, before computers and desktop publishing. It was made entirely with typewriters, scissors, and Polaroid cameras. It was a sort of Google in paperback format, 35 years before the birth of Google.

An idealistic book, teeming with recipes and great ideas. Stewart and his team have published several copies of the Whole Earth Catalog. When they had exhausted the springs of the formula, they published a final issue. It was the mid-70s, and I was your age. The back cover showed a picture of a country road in the early morning, the kind of roads on which you could make the stop if you were adventurous. "Be insatiable. Be crazy. "It was their farewell message. ' Insatiable. Be crazy. It is a vow that I have always made for me. Today, when you receive your diploma that marks the beginning of a new life is what I wish.

Steve Jobs: reactions and tributes

Born February 24, 1955, Steven Paul Jobs, co-founder and president of Apple, died October 5, 2011. In a brief statement, his wife, Laurene Powell Jobs and his children Lisa Brennan-Jobs, Paul Reed, Erin and Eve Sienna Jobs report: Steve passed away peacefully last Wednesday, surrounded by his family. In public, Steve was known as a visionary in private, he cherished his family.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Apple and iCloud Developers

Less than a week of opening icloud the public Apple breaks new pedagogy for developers iOS. This is to optimize the weight of their applications, knowing they are backed up daily in the cloud when you're in the presence of Wi-Fi. Some good practices should be observed on the place - inside the application - that stores its different data, to prevent them from being sent to icloud. The idea with icloud is that the user can find it on any of its IOS devices (or new) applications, documents and settings.

iPhone 4S

It's too late, the Apple Store now shows a period of one to two weeks. If you order now, you'll probably during the week of Oct. 17. Let us hope that the time goes on quickly ... Some European operators are late: you cannot find anywhere, and pre-orders should not be opened before tomorrow, October 8th at SFR and October 12 in Orange. Each operator will also have some copies on Oct. 14, as well as the physical Apple Store.

The iPhone 4S is Available Now

Presented Tuesday night, the new Apple phone is available for pre-order. The same design 4S iPhone iPhone 4 a few subtle changes closely, but the components inside are totally different chip A5 double heart, 8-megapixel camera and Siri, many arguments in favor of this new phone, pre-order starting today. The iPhone 4S should be faster, especially for demanding applications, especially games.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

IPhone 4S, but not iPhone 5

As the rumors suggested in recent days, 5 no iPhone, but 4S is an iPhone to the iPhone 4 that was the iPhone 3G to 3G. 
An update but not negligible in terms of hardware: CPU and graphics chip A5 double-heart, better battery life (8 appeal 3G 14h on appeal 2G, 6 hours of 3G browsing, 10 hours of video, 40 hours of music), a new dual antenna, new chip compatible G 14.4 3.5 Mbps, a world-phone mode UMTS and CDMA 8MP/1080p sensor, Bluetooth, 4 ...

Cards or the revival of iCards

Cards will be iOS that were iCards web in the early 2000s. This application will be available for free download will send cards that can be customized at will. They may be virtual or tangible as any postcard. But in this case, it will of course get hold portfolio is $ 3 for a card sent to the U.S. and $ 4.99 for worldwide. Nothing very original, many similar services already exist. This is the case among other Popcarte that can do the same thing.

Will not go back on the 10 new iOS 5 that were presented at the developer conference (WWDC): Notifications, IMessage, Reminder, Integration Twitter, Booth iOS, Camera, with direct shortcut on the Home screen by double-tap, Game Center, Booth iOS, Safari and Mail. Note that just Forstall showed the Facebook application for iPad without explicitly mentioning as it is still not available.The main information of his address will remain the date of availability iOS 5 to be proposed to the public October 12. This update will be available free to iPhone owners 4, iPhone 3G, and iPad iPad 2, iPod touch, 3G and 4G. Apple offers a GM tonight to developers, who can submit their applications to the App Store iOS (read: iOS 5: GM is available).Find my Friends: new feature icloud Eddy Cue succeeded Scott Fortsall. The general manager of online services Apple began by recalling the features lights icloud: iTunes Match, Photo feeds, documents, in addition to mails, contacts and calendars. On this occasion, he introduced a new feature associated with icloud: Find my Friends, that will quickly locate your friends if they are finally in agreement. This service is very reminiscent of Latitude. That could revive the controversy about geolocation, although the service is protected by a system of temporary location, and parental control.icloud and versions of iWork will be available for IOS compatible together IOS 5 on 12 October.iTunes Match for his part in reaching the end of the United States.

Set to launch in the U.S. at the end of the month and in other countries (France?) By the end of the year. Apple's new service will be charged $ 25 per year.iPod: Small touch-ups! While iPod sales are not what they were, Apple has introduced various amendments to nano. On the agenda: a journal interface with larger icons to navigate more easily on the small screen of the player whose appearance has not changed. Phil Schiller introduced the new range, has also introduced the new Nike + integration, which now does not need to dongle to function.

The shape of the iPod nano that inspired accessories, which turned it into shows, Apple has revised the Clock function. It now offers 16 new styles of clock, including the colors, yes, Mickey Mouse.The iPod nano will be available in seven colors. In an attempt to boost sales of its Walkman, Apple has lowered its prices: € 139 for 8 GB (a decrease of € 30) and € 169 for 16GB (down from € 40 ).The Shuffle is still offered € 59 for his part as the iPod classic is go again, while everyone buried.As expected, Apple also offers a very minor update to the iPod touch. It is now available in white and contains no major changes in hardware. Prices have been revised downwards: € 199 for 8 GB (-40 €), € 299 (-10 €) for the 32GB and € 399 (- € 10) for the 64 GB

4S iPhone: The Return of Newton!

On the menu for that special event: iOS 5, icloud, minor revisions to the iPod nano and iPod touch and iPhone 4S. And by way of one more thing: Siri, an assistant in the line of fire and Newton ... Knowledge Navigator in 1987!
However, it was not a special event quite like the others, was the first era Tim Cook. And as a symbol, the press conference was held nearly ten years to the day after the presentation of the iPod. A new page is being written at Apple.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Samsung and Apple: Steve Jobs, competition and concessions

Lawyers for Apple and Samsung gathered today in Australia. First point, the prohibition of sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 "has been extended until next week, time for Justice Annabelle Bennett disentangle the arguments of each party and whether Samsung will launch its Tablet in the country before the trial on the merits expected in late 2011 or early 2012. The manufacturer has already delayed several times this event, originally scheduled on August 11. The final deadline for acceptance on the market was that of September 30. Richard Lutton, chief adviser for intellectual property issues at Apple, has revealed that trade between Apple and Samsung around the patents had started at the initiative of Steve Jobs in July 2010. After estimating the range of smartphones Galaxy showed "striking similarities" with the iPhone, while Apple CEO had contacted the Korean group.

A good way given the close commercial ties and that linked the two companies and "to give them a chance to come into line," said Lutton. But Jobs did not participate in subsequent meetings. An approach to the summit did not work, as proof the launch in September of that year the first Galaxy Tab in Germany and other materials the following months. The complaint of Apple Australia was originally on 13 patents, the number has since been reduced to 5, and in the lot, certain functions or applications were withdrawn by one or other of the protagonists. Samsung has removed an algorithm that allowed the shelf to detect if a contact on the touch screen was intentional or not (to produce an action). "We can live without this feature your Honor, I told you it was trivial," commented David Catterns, counsel for the Korean group. Samsung has also removed from the Australian version of its tablet a rebound effect in the animation produced by zoom on an image or document. Another loss - this time at the initiative of Apple - the system for unlocking a cursor that is moved on the screen (it was previously retoqué the Netherlands). Australian shelves will also receive mention in front of their manufacturer, a way to better differentiate the iPad. According to the country, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 "is not always presented with the Samsung logo on the screen (example below with the U.S. model that does not, it appears that back). Samsung said Apple had conducted a total of ten changes to the Australian model, including seven on the interface. Two violations of patents are still cited by Apple. One of the manufacturing process of capacitive screens of the iPad 2 and the new Galaxy will also use Tab (it will be noted that much progress has been achieved between the two generations of iPad for their finesse). The other is how to correct the movement of the user's finger on the screen when performing a vertical movement.

Stephen Burley, Apple's lawyer, defended the idea that Samsung was trying to push the latest possible a decision on the merits in order to lift the temporary injunction. He called for a continued ban of sales in Australia, arguing that even a temporary permission would be detrimental to sales iPad "It [the Galaxy Tab] will be launched on the market at the speed of a horse gallop, it will take sales iPad so rapidly that by the final ruling, the impact of patent infringement will be at the expense of Apple and Samsung to benefit. " Rob Small, marketing director for Apple Australia, concurred, "Once customers have their Galaxy Tab and have invested in apps for the tablet, we have permanently lost for other applications, because they become Android users and they can use their apps on the iPad. It is this vitality that underlies the success of Apple, which can be undermined by the violations of the Galaxy Tab. " According to IDC Apple shipped 420,000 iPad Australia and New Zealand (mostly in the first) in the second quarter, double the previous one. David Catterns Samsung has argued that his main competitors were the other manufacturers Samsung tablets Android rather than the iPad. Whether customers choose between Android and IOS, and it was the Android market as a whole trying to bite into the majority market share for Apple in Australia. "People will choose to stay because they love Apple Apple operating system, iTunes and so on. Or you want a completely different system and you will on the side of Android. " To which his opponent, David Burley, countered that Samsung sought to play down the influence of the tablet to escape the dictates of justice. The Korean group, according to Burley, the marketer would pad in the direction of the iPad and beyond the shelves of other manufacturers such as Acer and Android Motorola weighed nothing. Judge Bennett then issued a statement "I understand there point of view of a concession that Apple Samsung will be a player on the market feared. The objective of the Galaxy Tab will double - to develop Android market and more broadly - in the first instance at least - it will be at the expense of Apple. " Competition with other manufacturers Android is only secondary to begin with.

Apple is seeking a ruling on the merits at the earliest to avert the risk that the injunction lifted or Samsung not so modified versions before this trial takes place. The judge, in view of reducing the number of patents involved, suggested that November would be possible for this trial. Samsung for its part said it needed time, at least until next year to tie his record. He also asked that the maintenance of the injunction on sales, claimed by Apple or rejected. Annabelle Bennett said it would give its decision only on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 "and any other product. A new hearing on this extension of the ban on the sale is expected after next week.

Amazon Kindle has its tablet Fire and Kindle to $ 79

As predicted by the rumor, Amazon today introduced its first tablet, the Kindle Fire. It does not compete directly iPad, but rather is designed to compete with the Touch Nook Barnes & Noble: with a 7 "screen, and comes at $ 199. The firm of Jeff Bezos has also introduced a new Kindle , whose price is extremely aggressive. Kindle the Fire is first and foremost a Kindle tablet, more than a multimedia tablet: it has no photo sensor, no microphone, not even a 3G chip (but a WiFi chip anyway). These sacrifices are used to define the tablet at the same time they get the price down.

Amazon does not say, but the tablet has 8 GB of internal storage and a battery life of 8 hours. This is not so much to compete with the iPad reading lights that meet the supercharged as Nook Touch Barnes & Noble. Amazon's CEO believes that the success of the tablet will come from the strength of its ecosystem of content: Amazon is the only plan on rival Apple's (read: Amazon, the best enemy of Apple), the two companies are in light years from HP, RIM, and even Google. Amazon posed patiently his pawns in recent years, books of course (Kindle), but also music (Amazon MP3), movies, TV shows (Amazon Prime), applications (AppStore), and now magazines.

This content is the best argument Kindle Fire, which is also sold with a 30-day trial of Amazon Prime, the premium service from Amazon that has a VOD system (11 000 movies and TV shows). Amazon takes a small size and close the book on 7 "(the Kindle has a screen with a diagonal 6"): The Kindle Fire weighing only 413 grams, one can easily hold it with one hand. With a dual-heart, she has access to all the services of Amazon, and will serve both as reading light viewer film or game support.Amazon uses a technology called Silk to optimize the content of Web pages served to Kindle Fire and accelerate the rendering and display, the pages are stored in cache on EC2 servers, optimized, and pushed to the shelves on demand. The JavaScript is still running locally, and the browser supports Flash (no Amazon boasted that matter). The load is increased.

By the way, Amazon opens the possibility of launching investigations behavioral data on the mass customer traffic Kindle Fire.Fire the Kindle uses the foundation for Android, which is completely obscured by Amazon as an interface: Google is not an ally here, but a competitor. The interface reminds a shelf, and mixing the various types of content - applications are included. The most frequently used are displayed on the first page, the largest elements of this first page as those recently used. No aspect of the software will remember the roots of OS used by Amazon. Competitor of the iPad, Kindle the Fire? Not sure. But the iPod touch him, could suffer: the devices are not directly competitive, but the price of Apple's PMP will now appear as too high. This concept device intermediate iPhone without a plan, iPad portable, will perhaps have to be redefined by the price or features. Kindle the Fire will be available November 15 and can already be pre-ordered. Beyond this shelf, Amazon has revised its range of screen reading lights eInk. Kindle The Kindle is the first touch touch land on which Jeff Bezos had never wanted to venture because of technical barriers (adding glare, loss of readability). Without a keyboard, it looks like the reading lights competing at Barnes & Noble, Kobo or Sony, and has a similar function: type in the middle of the screen to go to the menu on the left and right to turn the pages.

These areas can be customized (EasyReach system) for easy handling with one hand: we can minimize the area used to return a page back, rejecting the area to call the menu at the top of the screen, and allow a maximum of place to move to the area of ​​reading. The player interface and navigation is very similar to the application for iOS Kindle. Using the latest technology and a touch screen eInk infrared, the Kindle is proposed to touch $ 99 in WiFi, 3G model at $ 149 (available connection for life). To meet the reading lights cheapest, Amazon introduced a Kindle to $ 79, which is not touch and no longer has a near-useless keyboard of his predecessors.

This model, available now and 30% lighter than the previous model (170 g), just a minimal number of buttons. All these new models display advertisements on their screen saver, a system launched earlier this year and never interrupts the reading (read: $ 25 off the Kindle 3 against the pub). Without advertising, Kindle goes to $ 109, to touch the $ 139 Kindle and Kindle Touch 3G $ 189. Only the low-end Kindle can be ordered from France, the other remaining models currently US-only.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kindle complete overview of 2011

Meanwhile the marketing of Kindle Kindle Touch and Fire, we could not resist, we bought the new Kindle entry. Here is a comprehensive ... At the multitouch keyboard Kindle 2010 seemed unnecessary and took too much room for the rest of the unit. So side by side, even if they have a screen the same size, the new Kindle is all pokey. It is also lighter since the passage loses 70 grams.

Opinion: iPhone 4S / 5, what is (not) know (no)

Ah, rumors. They are born with or without foundation, live and die at a steady pace, leaving in every sense, contradict each other. A phenomenon accentuated at Apple, whose cult of secrecy only reinforces the desire to know ... and want to know. What is known, in the end? Nothing. Almost. As usual.

Home Recording Studio Guide

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