Tuesday, December 29, 2015

How Apple’s Trojan Horse will Eat the Credit Card Industry

Apple has launched its mobile app payment system called Apple Pay last year among much fan fare and great support from the credit card industry. Apple Pay partnered with a number of banking institutions which issued credit cards. It was supported by the credit card because it solved the most critical technology issue and infrastructure problems which were being faced by the credit card industry. Apple Pay in other hand offered a new avenue for growth for the credit card industry.

Apple Pay is like a Trojan horse for credit card industry

Apple Pay is not yet a popular name in the field of transaction but it is growing at a steady pace, which ensures that it will achieve wider popularity within few short years. Apple has recently announced a deal with China’s Union Pay, which will allow it to operate nationwide in China.

The credit card industry should remain vary of the Apple Pay as it a Trojan horse for them. Once Apple has successfully established its platform on a larger level across the globe then it wouldn’t need the help of banks and credit cards at all. Apple will be able to take advantage of another great technology named blockchain, which will acts an alternative payment option. Bockchain happens to be core technology behind popular Bitcoin and it can function as a transparent ledger of the transactions.

Apple advantage over credit card industry

One of the biggest advantages, which Apple has over the credit card industry, is that it is supported by a grand magnitude of iPhone loyalists. iPhone has a cult-like following all across the globe which brings a great opportunity for the Apple to push the Apple Pay to its followers with each software update or new product offering. But it wouldn’t be easier for the Apple to change the habit of the people but with time we will see a wide number of users actively adopting the Apple Pay platform for making day-to-day transactions than the credit cards.

Apple is also financially equipped to push the usage of Apple Pay by offering credits on purchasing of an iPhone along with exclusive discounts on iTunes store. Even the rebates for credit card fees can also be used for buying the music on the iTunes, iPhone accessories or movies on Apple TV. Currently there aren’t enough outlets throughout the globe, which accepts Apple Pay, but with time it is expected to gain huge momentum.

Credit card companies failed to popularize the use of chip and pin technology

Credit card companies simply failed to force the merchants to install a new chip and pin technology. It should be noted that merchants had complained a lot the time taken by the credit cards in reading card cards. This not just annoys the customers but also costs money in lost transactions. Even this system doesn’t have a uniform guideline for usage as in Europe chip-and-pin transactions require both the chip in the card and a pass code while in US terminals only need the chip.

An iPhone 6s Skin Makes a Perfect Stocking Stuffer

You’ve made your list, and you’ve checked it twice. With only a month left until the big day, there are a handful of weeks to complete your shopping. If that brews anxiety in the pit of your stomach, you’re not alone. People around the world dread December shopping. You and every other reluctant shopper are in luck, however! You can avoid the stress of packed shopping malls by visiting an online retailer of iPhone 6s skins.

What’s so special about iPhone 6s skins? First of all, they provide the best in protection, which will save your loved one the heartache of ruining their phone. How often have you heard about people gouging their iPhone and ruining its sleek design? Or when someone’s dropped it and shattered the notoriously fragile touchscreen? Without a skin, your friend, family member, or partner will see similar damage to their 6s. iPhone 6s skins are designed to take the brunt of these damages, saving the vulnerable body from scratches and dings. These skins also make it easier for the user to handle their phone, as they’re made out of an ergonomic vinyl that enhances the grip of a typical iPhone. With more to hold on to, the chances of your loved one dropping their phone and shattering it are slim to none.

Secondly, iPhone 6s skins are designed with style in mind. These aren’t ugly or boring sheets of vinyl that wrap around their phone. The vinyl is a flexible material that’s custom-cut to the unique specifications of the 6s. As it provides unparalleled protection, it can take on a lot of different designs. When you head online, you can see the selection and choose a combination that best suits your loved one’s personality. Let’s face it—the iPhone 6s isn’t known for its individuality, but with a personalized skin, the person on your list can have the most unique iPhone in the neighbourhood.

The third reason is its price. We all know that the holidays can add extra strain to your budget, even with the best laid plans. It’s important to know that a gift of style and protection won’t put your budget out to pasture – if you know where to look. You can find the perfect gifts for iPhone 6s users at dbrand, as their skins are moderately priced. Inexpensive though they may be, they won’t sacrifice on either protection or fashion, as they use the best quality of 3M vinyl precision cut by talented engineers.

The importance of precision in the 3M vinyl is so that the full phone can be covered without interfering with its unique design, features, or buttons. Tough, sized, and easy to apply, iPhone 6s skins make great gifts for any iPhone user in your life. They’re the total package, as they provide protection for such a valuable (and expensive) phone and add style to a lacklustre design. Best of all, they’re easy on your budget, so you can get a couple for everyone on your list.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Dividing the Screen in Mac OS X

Apple Mac devices are widely popular among the users due to its incredibly secure OS X which safeguards from a wide number of malwares and an incredible set of features which makes laptop more productive. Apple has introduced a SplitView feature in Mac OS X which allows users to quickly and evenly divide the screen between two programs which aid in multitasking. Most of the users sadly don’t know how to use the SplitView feature which limits their ability to get more out of the Mac device. Here are some smart and simple steps which will help in dividing the screen in Mac OS X.

How to access the Split View Mode? 

Boot up your Mac device and select the open window of the first program you wish to use. Now in the upper left corner of the screen click and hold on the green button this will launch the program in full screen mode. If nothing happens on pressing down the green then open Mac’s System Preferences from the Apple menu or from the Dock icon. Give a click on Mission Control and ensure that you had enabled the ‘Displays have separate Spaces’ in the settings.

Get two programs in evenly divided screen

In order to shrink the window of the program simply ‘hold’ down the mouse button or trackpad. Now drag the shrunken window to the side screen you prefer and let go of the mouse button or the trackpad. In order to bring another program in the Split View mode or in the half of the display screen give a click on another window which will make it pop up. Now simply fill the other half of the screen right next to the first program you had chosen earlier.

You can easily see both the chosen program windows are filling the screen in an evenly manner. In this Split View Mode users can easily switch back and forth between the two programs simply by clicking on them.

How to get two programs in Split View when one is already in Full Screen Mode? 

In case you are already working on a program in full screen mode and wish to start the Split Screen mode then follow these steps. Go to the Split View by opening the Mission Control, give a click on Mission Control in the Dock or simply press the Mission Control Key on the keypad.

Once the Mission Control view is open, drag the window of your opened program right onto the thumbnail of the program open in full screen mode. Now you will see two programs running smoothly in an evenly divided screen on your Mac OS X.

How to move out of Split View Mode? 

In order to get out of the Split Mode simply give a click on the green button present at the upper corner of the screen and it will bring back to the standard Mac desktop mode. Users can also simply give a press on Mac’s Escape (Esc) key to get out of Split View Mode.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

BBC iPlayer App Comes to Apple TV


Apple has unveiled a new version for its popular Apple TV which shows a better design, user friendly interface and inexpensive price. Apple has made some interesting changes and additional of new features which makes this new version better than earlier ones.

Apple TV offers a ‘top layer’ over the big screen filled with exciting features, a well crafted and designed remote, voice control service, universal search which makes searching everything simpler and the much needed on-demand portal. However at the time of its launch few key video services were missing which seriously limited the joy of using Apple TV to the full extent. Apple has risen from its slumber and it has launched the iPlayer on new Apple TV via its built-in App Store.

iPlayer debuts on new Apple TV

The earlier generations of Apple TV were lacking the iPlayer, which was not much sorely missed but the absence of its new TV’S App Store was simply a gross mistake by the Apple. Similar kind of TV devices running of Android Os offers this service which makes the television much more enjoyable. Though there was another smart way to watch the iPlayer shows using Airplay in Apple TV but it was a cumbersome operation. On last Monday Apple took heed of this situation and resolved the problem by bringing the iPlayer on new Apple TV.

iPlayer will set new record in adoption rate

It has been estimated that more than 10,000 devices which includes even the Android smartphone tablet and computers will be able to run the iPlayer. In 2014 more than 3.5 billion TV and radio programmes were requested by the users on iPlayer and iPlayer is expected to break its own record in 2015.

New Apple TV much easier to operate

The new Apple TV is extremely easy to install and comes with just one power cable and HDMI port without much confusing parts. Users having the previous generation of Apple TV can simply unplug the old device and replace the new one in its place without even opening and using the new HDMI cable or power cord. Apple TV software as always is simple and straight forward which makes setting up streamlined. A new Siri remote is offered by Apple which automatically gets synced via Bluetooth. Apple TV can easily be connected to the phone just an authentication of the Apple ID is required. Users can purchase various apps from its App Store which works seamlessly and efficiently on the television and it will also help in improving the functionality of the television.

iPlayer fills one of the missing apps in new Apple TV

Currently Apple TV features more than 2,600 apps which comprise of some exciting games and productivity apps but users are still missing a number of core content providers such Sky TV and Amazon’s video service. However a recent software update provided by the Apple has brought some exciting features TV device which includes voice search for music and various bug fixes.

Recording All Kinds of Streaming Video on Mac with the Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac Review

With streaming video becoming increasingly popular nowadays, there are tons of different platforms on which you can view great content. From regular streaming video services such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion to the TV shows and movies on Netflix, Hulu, and so on – you’re quite literally going to be spoilt for choice.

Unfortunately with all of these platforms the one thing that you aren’t going to be able to do is save the videos on your Mac and watch them later. Needless to say this can be a bit of a drawback, particularly if your internet connection is fairly unstable or there are certain periods where you aren’t able to access the internet. The good news is that you can work around that problem with the help of the Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac.

All that you need to do is set the Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac to record the streaming video and then save it in a format of your choosing. Doing this will just take a few steps:

  1.  Adjust the capture frame so that it encompasses the area of the streaming video that you’d like to record. 
  2.  Check the audio source is set to ‘System Audio’. 
  3.  Start the recording by pressing ‘REC’ and play the video simultaneously. 
  4.  Stop the recording once it’s done and save it on your Mac.
See how straightforward it is? The other features of the Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac are just as easy to use, and you’ll be able to enhance the quality of your videos, cut and combine video segments, insert customizable text, add audio tracks, use stylish transitions, and much more too.

Essentially the Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac will give you all the tools that you need to not only record streaming videos and save them onto your Mac, but also to improve them and edit them so that they look exactly the way that you want them to.

Due to the fact that the software is so intuitive, it shouldn’t take you long to start to record streaming video on Mac. Once you do that, you’ll find that all its other features fall into place just as easily too and in no time you’ll be able to create professional-looking videos of your very own.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Apple Releases First Arabic Version of Siri

Apple Siri assistant is quite popular among the Apple consumer due to its simplicity and productivity. Over the years, Apple has increased the support languages in Siri for various markets in order to make the device much more personal. Siri came with the English speaking capabilities, which were later enhanced by bringing more languages. Now Apple has finally released the Arabic version for Siri for its Arabic users residing in the parts of Middle East. Apple is targeting the rich user base of 30 million people residing in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia with its release of Arabic language support.

This move on the part of Apple latest update in the capabilities of Siri will allow the users in these countries to use Siri especially in their native tongue with ease and grace. This will open the way to use and interact with plethora of Apple devices like iPhones, iPads and Apple Watch very much simpler and easier in the Arabic language. Apple isn’t the first to bring such functionalities and support for Arabic language as it was Google which brought the voice search functionality on Android devices with the use of Arabic language support.

Apple set to conquer Middle East market

Apple has commendable and strong brand awareness in the Middles East and most particularly among the affluent consumers. The Smartphone shipments in the Middle East and Africa have seen a surge of 66% in the first quarter of 2015. Recently Apple has opened two retail stores in UAE amid huge fan fare and media frenzy.

The recent growth in the Smartphone has shown a like for the phones costing less than $200 in which majority of the Android phones are dominant. On the other hand, Apple’s iPhone is priced quite and still manages to get 17% of market share in Middle East, which is quite commendable.

Apple sales to rise with Arabic language support

Consumer will be receptive to the Apple software as well as it products with the availability of Siri in Arabic. Siri in Arabic will play a detrimental role in the reception as well as adoption of the Apple products on a wider scale in this region. It should be noted that such devices are becoming more and more personal and consumers want to feel that the device is designed for them.

Apple has gradually strengthened its digital assistant Siri by carefully increasing its support for languages, which now stand at 18 languages, which are spoken in 31 countries. Apple Siri’s Arabic support is especially designed in the dialect of the UAE and Saudi Arabia but even the other Arabic speaker will be able to make use of it but in a much comprehensive manner.

Arabic language is quite challenging for the tech companies as it varies strongly from one region to another. Apple has a huge task ahead of it for making Siri available in various Arabic variations in order to provide a wholesome experience to all the Arabic consumers.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

iOS 9.2 Update Targets Apple Music Improvements, Bug Fixes

iOS 9.2
Apple has released a new software update for all its devices ranging from iPhone, iPad to iPod touch. This software update brings some great features and removal of a number of bugs, which has undermined the ultimate use of the Apple devices. This iOS 9.2 update majorly concentrates on bringing some incredible improvement to Apple Music and Apple News as well as other minor changes and improvements in variety of OS features. Apple users can easily download this update by going to their Setting followed by clicking on General and giving a click on Software Update.

Improvements made to Apple Music

A number of users had complained about the inability to create new playlists and other small glitches in the Apple Music in the past. Now Apple has brought some considerable improvements to its Apple Music with this software update. Users can now create new playlist when adding a song to the playlist. Recently changes playlist will now list at the top when adding new songs to the playlists. Download indicator will be placed to next to each song in the My Music and Playlist to show which songs have been downloaded recently. Users can download albums and playlist from their iCloud Music Library just by tapping on the iCloud download button.

New features brought in this update

A new Top Stories is integrated in the News section to keep the users up to date with all important news. Mail Drop features is brought in Mail, which will help in sending large attachments with ease. iBooks get the support for 3D touch and listening to an audiobook while browsing or reading other books. iPhone gets support for the USB Camera adapter which will allow users to import photos and videos with ease and simplicity.

Improvement in Accessibility

VoiceOver issues when using Camera face detection, issues related with Guided Access when trying to end phone calls and speech rate of Speak Screen were fixed in this update. Apple has improved the functionality for the Switch Control users while using the 3D Touch feature. Apple has brought the Siri support for Arabic language for the users residing in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

Other smaller software updates released for Apple device ecosystem

Apple has also released some smaller but commendable updates for its Apple Watch, Apple TV and Mac OS X operating system. The Apple Watch will be updated to latest watchOS 2.0, which brings new improved language support along with a number of bug fixes. Apple TV users can find the software update in the Setting channel. The tvOS 9.1 updates bring the support for the Apple’s Remote app, which will transform any iPhone or iPad as a remote for controlling Apple TV.

The OS X10.11.2 update focuses on bringing better stability, compatibility as well as security for the Mac and Macbook devices. This update brings minor bug fixes along with the improvement in the Wi-Fi, Handoff and Airdrop reliability of the Mac devices.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Tiny Robots Inspired by Pine Cones


Future of Bio-inspired Robotics Lesson Learned from Plants

According to a group of Seoul National University researchers, the future of bio-inspired engineering or robotics would be greatly beneficial from lesson learned from plants. At the time of the 68th Annual Meeting of the Division of Fluid Dynamics, of American Physical Society held on Nov 22-24, 2015, in Boston, they shared details regarding how studying plants enabled them to develop tiny robots powered solely through changes in humidity.

The simplicity of the method by which the pine cones as well as seeds tend to respond to changes in an environmental humidity with motion, is the focus of work of the group. Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Seoul National University, Ho-Young Kim has explained that some seeds comprise of a head which contains all its genetic information together with a long appendage known as `awn’ which is responsible for locomotion like an animals’ sperm.

Awns are composed of two layers of tissue, one that swells with humidity – active, and the other that is insensitive to humidity changes – inactive. If the humidity in the environment tends to increase, the bilayer bends from changes in length-wise swelling. The bilayer tends to bend and unbend repeatedly due to periodic humidity changes which mean that changes in environmental humidity could be converted to mechanical work. Kim states that we imitate the bilayer structure in making an actuator which can generate motion on utilising environmental humidity changes.

Legs Attached to Actuator Known as `Ratchets’

Plants tend to move slowly, one cycle of bending and unbending could take a whole day. In order to increase the response speed of bilayer, it was essential to develop a new way of fabricating the active layer. The response speed tends to increase with the surface-area-to-volume ration of the layer since humidity is absorbed quickly and so active nanoscale fibres are deposited onto an inactive layer.

While the main step in the development of a robot, repeated bending as well as unbending does not produce net locomotion, Kim states that `this motion of cycle needs to be converted into directional motion in order to create a robot which moves.

Hence legs were attached to the actuator which enables only one-directional locomotion and the legs are called `ratchets’, and are combined with an actuator to build the bio-inspired robot’. The work of the group seems to be significant since it tends to open the door for tiny robots with the potential of locomotion based mainly on changes in environmental humidity, where no electrical power supplies seems to be involved.

One can imagine a robot operating in the field where no electricity is available, since they operate on changes in humidity levels just the way seeds do. Kim states that making a bilayer for the robots is not difficult but making a fast one needs technical expertise.

The group had also created a mathematical model to discover the optimum design for the robot in achieving the fastest speed for any given robot size. The reason for envisaging a bright future for humidity change-powered micro robots by the groups was because humidity changes seem to be all around us. Kim pointed out that for the group’s future plans, human skin seems to be more humid than the atmosphere and this is the main humidity gradient which was essential to tap into.

The team would be exploring the option of placing a tiny robot on human skin directly, one which bends due to its humid near skin. He commented that the concept is that on bending, some part of the robot would move away from the skin to meet with the dry atmospheric air. When it dries, the robot would return to an upright position near the skin and the cycle begins again with the robot continuing to move based on the skin’s humidity changes.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Apple Could Remove Headphone Jack from iPhone 7

iPhone 7
Reports coming from a number of reliable sources had indicated that Apple will be removing the headphone jack completely in order to make next generation iPhone slimmer. This means users wouldn’t be able to plug their ear pods in iPhone though the Lightening port. Now users will have to rely on using the Bluetooth wireless headphones, which have become quite popular in the last few years.

Apple is known to make some drastic changes in the iPhone after each ‘S’ year cycle. This time Apple is looking forward making next generation iPhone 7 much slimmer than the earlier models. Apple had simply stayed away from making comments on these rumors.

iPhone has a history of fiddling with headphones jack

Apple has made a number of experimentation with frequently changing the headphone jacks. In 2007 iPhone possesses a recessed headphone jack which required an adapter in order to work with other headphones. After facing the ire of the consumer, Apple switched to the standard headphone port in 2008 with its iPhone 3G. As of now Apple is using the standard Lightening port since the launch of iPhone 5. Though it didn’t found much appreciation from the consumer but accessories were rather quick to adapt with this change.

Wireless headphones reason for ditching headphone jack

It should be noted that headphone jack happens to be widest external port on the iPhone. In order to make iPhone slimmer it has to go away and Apple will be able to make next iPhone about 1mm much thinner than iPhone 6s.

This doesn’t mean that iPhone users can use headphones with their iPhone. Apple is planning to sell Lightening compatible range of ear pod together with the iPhone along with allowing other accessories manufacturers to develop headphones. But there is a catch the headphone manufacture has to also provide the users with Lightening cables in order to make their headphones compatible with the iPhone.

Wireless headphone will become quite common 

Apple has show quite an interest towards the wireless headphones such as Lightening headphones manufacturers. It is also looking at the opportunity to start the Made-for-iPhone licensing program, which will allow headphone manufacturer to develop exclusive iPhone headphones. A prime Lightening connected headphone made its debut in the Consumer Electronics Show in the Las Vegas under the name Harm’s JBL Reflect Aware headphones.

More rumors surrounding iPhone 7

Lightening headphones offers a greatest advantage of drawing power directly from the iPhone without the need of possessing any internal battery. Other wireless headphones need to be charged for listening purposes but this simply uses the energy from the iPhone to render the sound. This move will certainly help in making slimmer and thinner iPhone and it might even result in other manufacturers to follow the suit. Another rumor has erupted regarding the iPhone 7, which states that Apple has patented a technology which will allow the phones to be used even with the glove and Apple has also got a patent to make its phone water resistant.

Apple Launches Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock


Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock – New Larger Pad

Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock, a new larger pad based with the same design like its inductive charging puck was launched by Apple enabling it to charge on its side and lying flat. The dock is designed to be used for both 38mm as well as 42mm models and tends to charge the Watch lying flat on the surface or on its side while in Nightstand mode.

Since its update of the operating software in September, the Nightstand feature meant that plugging the Watch in overnight could turn on a special screen wherein the time is displayed in such a manner that when the Watch is placed sideways, one could still read the time. Moreover, it also gives Snooze and Dismiss functions to the side buttons which are convenient on top in night time positioning.

Embedded in the centre of the dock is a charging pad which can be flipped up to charge a Watch placed on its side. It is accompanied with a lightning to USB cable though a power adaptor has not been included. Taking into consideration where some docks have been of uncertain built quality, Apple Watch is perfect with a white polyurethane circle holding a central chrome ring inside that is the Apple magnetic charging puck.

First Venture in Wearable Technology

This can be placed flat so that the Watch can lie on top with the strap open. It also effortlessly folds up for side-on-use purpose. The underside tends to have a soft, fuzzy surface which does not scratch whenever anything stands on it. Besides this, there are cheaper models though this one has simplicity of design together with elegance.

 It is the first time that Apple has come up with a Watch charging dock following several third party accessories. The latest dock can be purchased from Apple’s website at a price of £65 and would be available in Apple retail stores. The Apple Watch is said to be the first venture into wearable technology of Apple and is offered in three versions namely Sport in anodized aluminum, Standard in stainless steel and Luxury in 18 carat yellow or Rose gold.

Front-Facing Camera for FaceTime Calls/Inbuilt Wi-Fi

According to a report released earlier this month it claims that the device is believed to have sold about 7m units, since its launch earlier this year, which is more than its rival vendors combined together. Apple does not tend to release official sale figures for the Watch; however Canalys, the report by independent analyst company, claims that Apple seems to be the only smartwatch manufacturer to deliver over 300,000 units in the third quarter of this year.

As per Canalys, Pebble, its nearest rival saw deliveries reaching 200,000 in the third quarter due to the launch of its Time Steel smartwatch manufactured from stainless steel together with a colour e-paper display. Apple had released the latest software upgrade watchOS2, lending support for the third party native apps, new watch-faces as well as improvement to Siri.

 It is said that the second generation of Apple Watch is in progress for release next year with rumours featuring a front-facing camera for FaceTime calls as well as inbuilt Wi-Fi together with new superior models

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Future iPhones could Contain Eye Tracking Software

Eye Tracking

Eye-Tracking Software – Future iPhone/Other Products

Software for eye tracking may now be a feature for the future iPhones and the other Apple products after the tech giant company has been granted a patent for the technology. According to latest patent it has been revealed that the next generation of iPhone could comprise of software which can track the path of one’s gaze and show notifications when the eyes tend to focus on certain section of display.

 The newly granted patent which was filed by Apple in September 2012, outlines how a gaze detection device can delay the automated auto correct of a misspelled word if it tends to know the user’s eye was not focused on the word, it asserts could be more instinctive. It recommends that this could be more applicable to notifications, delaying delivery of a message notification till the user tends to pay attention to the display, reducing the risk of missing the message completely.

The patent recommended that other instances could be for voice mail pop-up notifications, news alerts or app updates or software. Utilisation of biometric technology comprising of voice as well as facial recognition together with fingerprint and retina scanning has become a commonplace for payment and identification systems.

Eye-Tracking System for Unlocking

Biometric authentication utilising fingerprint recognition or retinal scan tends to offer an appropriate solution together with unique security as well as ease of use. Since products are available online, integrated with these features, multiple passwords are seen, as the industry standard tends to decline.

The iPhone 5s and 6s generations of Apple all seem to comprise of Touch ID fingerprint scanners inserted in their home buttons in order to unlock and make swift verified purchases.Google had patented the use of an eye-tracking system for unlocking devices by following the flight path of a bird or on reading a line of text, back in July 2013. The inbuilt iris-scanning smartphone authentication system had been unveiled by Fujitsu at this year’s Mobile World Congress – MWC, which was said to be applied to security systems.

The eye tracking system, a form of wearable technology enabled the user wearing the device to look at moving object on the projected screen of the glass in order to unlock the display. The picture of the product portrays how the moving object will be same to a screen saver with a bird flying back and forth used as an example. The user had to follow the movement of the bird with their eyes in order to unlock the display screen.

Panic Button – Fingerprint Sensor

However, in some of the cases, there seems to be no guarantees explored in patents ever making it into the future products. Several of the companies tend to run through patenting certain functions or materials to keenly refrain their rivals from utilising the technologies.

Apple had recently been granted a patent for the implementation of a `panic button’ functions in its fingerprint sensor that could be applied in different ways inclusive of disabling certain set of functions on the device, denying access to contact information, emails and photos or even activating the handset’s camera or microphone to documents with those making attempt to use it. The recordings could thereafter be forwarded to the law enforcement in case of certain situations.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Apple may Launch Macbook Air 2016 on Black Friday Weekend


Apple’s launch – Macbook Air 2016 Laptop on Black Friday Weekend

It has been rumoured that Apple intends to launch its Macbook Air 2016 laptop on Black Friday weekend falling on November 27 this year. If the rumours tend to be true, the latest Macbook Pro may have several problems with good sales inclusive of great deals for earlier Apple devices together with other products, according to online sources.

 The report by the source states that Apple would be releasing its lightweight laptop early to match up with the beginning of the festive shopping season in the US. But a Black Friday release would be taking away the response from Apple’s new Macbook model since several of the shoppers would be looking out for some appealing deals during the shopping weekend.

It is said that Apple has delayed the launch of the new varieties of Macbook Air as well as Macbook Pro in order that the laptops do not tend to dominate the company’s latest gadget, the iPad Pro. It is likely that theMacbook Air 2016 would pack an Intel Skylake U-chipset under the hood and would be running El Capitan, which is the latest version of Apple’s desktop OS.

Powered by A9X Processor – Various Storage Options

The iPad Pro is provided with a 12.9 inch display together with a stylus known as the Apple Pencil, along with a woven nylon keyboard called the Smart Keyboard. It is powered by an A9X processor with 4 GB of RAM and would be made available in various options of storage.

The Macbook Air is said to be the most powerful laptop of Apple’s till date besides being powered by Intel’s Skylak U-chipset as well as run on El Capitan which is the tech giant’s new operating system. There are plans also that the latest models would be much sleeker which would not be surprising, but would be provided with a Type-C USB port.

 Talks are also on that the new models would be having more powerful RAM as well as Force Touch technology. The Macbook Pro 2016 is also likely to comprise of the same Skylake processor but would probably come in December due to chip found under the code AAPLJ951 in El Capitan.

Two Display Options/Improved Battery/Retina Display

Besides this, others rumour that it includes two display options, a 13 inch screen and a 15 inch screen with improved battery life. MNR Daily has also added that it would most likely be provided with Retina display also.Since Apple had decided to skip their announcement at the time of the company’s unveiling of latest products in September, the new laptops have been subjected to rumours.

 It was earlier reported that Macbook Air 2016 would be launched in time this Christmas while the Macbook Pro 2016 would be made available in spring 2016. Besides this there are reports also that the two new Apple laptops had been delayed to make way for the newly released iPad Pro.

MNR Daily noted that Apple did not desire that the Macbook 2016 should compete with the new iPad which would affect the sales from it.According to the Vine Report, Apple supporters have been wondering on the official launch Macbook Pro 2016 and the Macbook Air 2016since then, making predictions ranging from November to January 2016.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Apple Pencil Gets a Twisty Torture Test


Apple Pencil – Concern Due to Awkward Position while Charging

The Apple Pencil could be a smart piece of technology though one thing that several people have been speculating is how susceptible it could be at the time of charging. At first glance, it tends to stick out of the iPad Pro which does not seem to be a clever idea. It has sparked some concern due to its awkward position while being charged. The Pencils placed into the power port on the iPad Pro, sticks out from there, open to the world where anyone passing could bump into it.

However, it looks like Apple had given it a though and there is a pivot mechanism within the connector created to take the strain should the pencil be knocked. Zach Straley, video blogger, tried his utmost in breaking it putting it through a gradual torture tests, ramping and though he eventually succeeded, he had to work hard in doing so.

Torture test is an evaluation of the ability of an item to endure extreme condition and such types of test can be conducted by product manufacturers, reviewers as well as end users. A torture test usually focuses the element to various severe trials which surpasses anything it would probably encounter in the real world practice.

Sporting an Unintentional Angle

Straley started off with an unboxing and a quick demonstration on the working of the Pencil and began with some wiggling, followed by more rigorous twists and tugs.

At one stage of time he could hear it cracking as he picked the iPad up using the Pencil as a lever, The Pencil had the tendency of popping out of the port when pressure was applied. Moreover it also performed some gymnastics when tugged from side to side.

Straley states that it is like they have created a hinge within the pencil in order that it would actually bend. The torture test processes to a set-up wherein the Pencil extends in the air when the iPad is placed on the table and this high tech writing device tends to end up sporting an unintentional angle. This means that one would have to take care while charging the Pencil.

Implemented for Marking/Drawing/Sketching/Taking Notes

Tim Cook and Jony Ive have been debating that the Pencil seems to be much more than a stylus even if the others may have to wait for some time to find out. The Apple Pencil is not intended to be utilised as a stylus which acts as a replacement for the finger.

 Ive is of the opinion that the design makes it clear that the Pencil could be implemented specially for marking, drawing, sketching and taking notes. He informed that the Pencil is a natural extension, in some ways of Apple’s iOS progress and the multi-touch user interface needs only fingers for operating and making it instinctive. However, assured activities such as drawing or sketching could be accomplished better with a tradition type factor tools.

There seems to be a familiar history of torture test for tech objects. Apple Watch had been subjected to drowning; boiling as well as dropping earlier in the year which makes the Apple Pencil’s trials to be a bit tame.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Apple Appears to Be Promoting Its Own Apps In The iPhone App Store’s Top Charts


Apple Utilising Top Charts Section – Promoting Its Application

Apple has been utilising the Top Charts section of its iPhone App Store, in higher positions than they would otherwise rank, for promoting its application by citing apps like Keynote, Numbers, iMovie, Pages and iTunes. When seen on an iPhone, these apps are perceived intermingled in the Top 20 Free application on the phone, though when viewed from the desktop version of the App Store, they tend to be either not present within the Top 20 or rather in a different position.

This difference could be associated to a bug in Apple’s App Store ranking system though if that is the case it could be an insistent one.It does not seem to impact the relative rankings of several of the other Top application other than Apples’.

Facebook Messenger still seems to be at the top of the App Store, followed by Acapella from PicPlayPost then YouTube and then Facebook. But in the desktop version of the store, a game known as Twist is ranked higher than Instagran and Snapchat and on the iPhone 6s version of the App Store, Twist is seen immediately after these two applications, even when the two charts had been seen simultaneously.

Top Free Charts Listing – Differs from Device to Device

Another interesting fact is that Top Free charts listings tend to differ from device to device Sensor Tower, the app store optimization firm began exploring this strange behaviour recently. Apple’s apps seemed to show up in random positions on the App store app on the iPhone as per earlier findings and at times would remain listed in the Top Charts even after they were installed on the end user’s device.

 The company was warned about this behaviour when it observed that its ranking data was not matching with what was appearing in the App Store. As per Sensor Tower’s data, only GarageBand and iTune U should be ranking in the Top 10, though not the productivity suite app or iMovie of Apple’s. Apple Store was first tested by Sensor Tower on many phones running the new version of iOS (9.1) and has now also tested it on iPhone 6 and iPad mini. They came across the same differences as well as noticed that the problem does not affect the iTunes App Store for iPhone on the desktop.

Device Explicit Charts Between Two Different Models

Sensor Tower, however found that an iPhone which runs on the older version of the iOS software (8.3), did not have the same issue like the other devices. The problem seems to be odd since it cannot be duplicated always. Ariel Michaeli, AppFigures CEO for instance had informed that he envisages the same Top charts on his iPhone as well as the desktop.

Without the official confirmation of Apple where no comment has yet been provided, one cannot officially mark this as being Apple’s direct, manual operation of the Top Charts ranking and it could be a bug. It is worth mentioning that it would not be the first time that Apple’s own apps have mysteriously appeared in the Top Charts on some devices and not the others. Apple has always had device explicit charts between two different models of the same device for instance two iPhones.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Google X Hopes to Launch Drone Deliveries by 2017


Google – Drone Delivery Business – 2017

Google plans to launch its drone delivery business in the next couple of years wherein the research lab Google X has revealed its plans recently, for its program. Known as the Project Wing, it intends having a commercial business in 2017. The engineer and executive of Project wing, Dave Vos, at an annual Air Traffic Control conference at Washington DC; who was a keynote speaker, shared the plans of the company with regards to its upcoming aircraft from Google X which is presently Alphabet Company.

 Vos confirmed stating that they expect to operate a delivery service with their Wing vehicle by 2017. However the Federal Aviation Administration – FAA has not settled the new rules and regulations yet, regarding how the commercial drones need to operate, but the company had so far evaded some of the preventive legislation in California.

Inspite of the doubt, Google is still keen on this state-of-the art innovation. The Project Wind has some focus in mind as the Amazon Prime Air that aims in bringing the packages of the customers within a time span of 30 minutes utilising the drones. The Wing aircrafts had been showed already last month, but the commercial use of them is not known.

Online Shopping Sites – Specific Air Space for Commercial Drones

The drone race is not exclusively by Google but Alibaba, Amazon and possibly Walmart would also be joining in the competition. Google’s competitors in fact have an improved track record in delivering logistics and a managing committee.

The only state in the United States permitting any kind of drone delivery till now is Virginia but this could bring about a change in the years to come. Alphabet – GOOGL, Tech30, earlier Google and Amazon – AMZN, Tech30, have both confronted regulatory roadblocks in the United States for drone delivery programs. Amazon had called on U.S. regulators to act quicker.

Online shopping site had recently planned that specific air space to be selected for commercial drones in order to deliver packages. No comments have been provided by Alphabet. The company has refrained from commenting on its plan beyond what Vos had shared during the annual Air Traffic Control conference.

Drone Delivery Soon a Reality

Project Wing had been announced in August 2014 on YouTube showing a field test with its most practical example in Australia that was around 1.5 metres wide and 0.8 metres tall. It shared the same four propeller quad copter design as prevalent consumer drones.

The company has a global vision and there is a possibility that autonomous drone delivery would soon be a reality. Project Wing seems to be a very aspiring program and Google X will definitely make it happen in the next two years. The project will see unmanned self-flying drones delivering packages to customers but no more details regarding what the package would contain has been provided.

The task force have also been working on options ensuring that the drone do not violate on airspace utilised by bigger aircraft. Alphabet is also in talks with the FAA regarding an air traffic control system for drone flights at an altitude of below 500 feet. On Finalization of the rules, Alphabet together with Amazon would use small drones for package delivery together with other consumer services. So, all spectators of drone need to look out for this huge invention in 2017.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Ultra-Hard Glass Could Put an End to Smashed Phone Screens


Ultra-Hard Glass – End to Smashed Phone Screens

A new kind of glass which tends to be stronger than steel putting an end to smashed phone screens has been developed by scientists in Japan. Due to a the latest kind of ultra-hard glass which is said to be almost as strong as steel, smartphone screen would no longer tend to get smashed.

Smartphone tend to have a big problem besides a short battery life and breakable touchscreens. Several of the smartphones either have cracked or broken screens and screen protectors apparently are not of much help. A survey was also conducted by Motorola and it was found that around one-in-five smartphone users were presently using a device with cracked or shattered screen.

However, scientists from the University of Tokyo and Japan’s Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute have developed a new material made by using alumina, which is an oxide of aluminium. Earlier efforts in using alumina in glass had been futile since it tends to crystallise on touching the sides of a container.

The research team however utilised oxygen gas in pushing the materials in the air and have used lasers to melt them, thus producing a glass which seems to be colourless, extremely hard and transparent.

Screens Thinner & Lighter

Besides being hard, the new substance also seems to be very thin, enabling mobile phone screens to become thinner as well as lighter than before. Reports of the results provided by the scientists in the journal Scientific Reports state that thinner and lighter glasses are desired for the fabrication of windows in buildings and cars and cover glasses for smartphones.

From the Institute of Industrial Science at the University of Tokyo, Dr Atsunobu Masuno informed the Asahi Shinbun newspaper that he along with his team hopes to commercialise the technique in the span of five years. The scientists are of the opinion that it could be the best since the earlier attempts to develop such a type of glass had failed. The ultra-hard glass tends to have various advantages besides being tough and very thin thus making the mobile phone screens thinner and lighter.

Shatterproof Display – An Assimilated System of Five Layers

Remarkable displays for the gadgets to capture the growing marker had been developed by tech companies.Displays always tend to give buyer first impressions which is a lasting impression and hence companies such as Apple and Samsung have invested on great screens. iPhone 6S series has a 3D touch with high resolution of 1,242x 2,208 pixels while the Galaxy S6 Edge+ has a remarkable resolution of 2,560 x 1,140 pixels QHD.

The phone has a curved display on both ends. Besides this, Motorola had launched a smartphone which has one of the toughestscreens and the device is called the Moto X Force which was launched last month. It has a shatterproof display due to an assimilated system of five layers which tend to absorb shock from an impact.

The embedded lens and display are warranted against cracking and shattering for a period of four years from the initial date of purchase. However, the phone is not shockproof or intended to withstand all types of damage from dropping.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Google Maps for the iPhone Gets a Helpful New Navigation Feature


Google Maps – Spoken Traffic Direction

Google - GOOG Maps, in the latest update for iOS users has learned to portray and tell and the app would now be using spoken traffic directions when you tend to hit a slowdown ahead. Prior to the start of a trip, it would give you a verbal summary of the traffic condition. While moving, Google Maps tends to support in avoiding tunnels which are overcrowded as well as highway routes with accidents.

This feature tends to automatically pop up while utilising the Navigation feature to provide spoken turn-by-turn directions. The app would talk in mid-journey notifying of any incident which would lengthen the journey and provided options to reroute. It seems that Google is drawingout some of Waze’s best features.

Google had acquired Waze for $1.1 billion in 2003, a sum which seemed small in contrast to some of the latest acquisitions and funding sequences. Waze, significant of its secondary community based navigation app, Google would be integrating real time information with explanations for what could be causing the delays in Maps so thatdrivers would be able to avoid slowdowns flawlessly than earlier. This feature has been made available since May to Android users.

Voice Navigations & Alerts

Waze’s app got a new pretty redesign and it leaves one to wonder why it has not just replaced Google Map as the flagship navigation service for Google. Google Maps envisages more updates than iOS, in Android version and already tends to sport voice navigation as well as alerts.

This is one of the several features that Google has added to Google Maps for iOS this year and others comprise of the ability of sending location one would find on the browser of the phone, enhanced public transit direction for navigating cities as well as to see where one is going prior to departure with a Street View thumbnail on the map.

Besides the added spoken traffic alerts, Google also states that the latest update enables the user to easily add new and missing businesses from the sidebar. If one intends to install the update, they could check out the Google Maps page on the iTunes App Store.

Does Not Incorporate with Siri

Google Maps does not incorporate with Siri and does not run in the background like Apple Maps and the reason is that Apple does not give its third-party inventers, access to the APIs it tends to use to try and have an advantage over them.

 Google Maps tend to falter where any app would. One concern with regards to Google’s fault comes in the traffic estimates. Often the app tends to offer a route which tends to suffer from heavy traffic when it only affects a tiny portion of the trip.

Since one gets to view the actual traffic on the route before confirmation, it is only something to warn you regarding the traffic which will probably have no effect on the trip. It is hard to beat Google Maps, no matter what kind of transportation one would be using to move around. It seems easy to use with features found only in standalone GPS units, like lane guidance.

It is ahead of Apple especially when it comes to car and pedestrian navigation. Moreover, its accurate maps mean that one will never get lost. With the combination of accurate traffic information from Waze, Google Maps seems to be an easy choice for Editor’s Choice award.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Guide to Mastering the New Apple TV


Apple’s Streaming TV Box –Redesigned/Revamped

Apple’s streaming TV box features a redesigned remote control, a revamped interface with a full Apple Store. Besides streaming content from Netflix, Hulu and other services, the Apple TV doubles also as a gaming console.

It is said that Apple TV is not just for streaming anymore. It latest embodiment which will be shipped this week, tends to provide on the big screen almost anything one would earlier have done only on an iPhone or iPad. The new Apple TV seems to be an accomplished device though it is not flawless. The streaming TV features also tend to outdo its predecessor.

The Apple TV being a dependable streamer though till now its range had been limited to a few services which included HBO besides Netflix and Hulu. However, Apple did not let the addition of other channels like the competitive videogame play from Twitch.tv.

All this seems to have changed and the new Apple TV features the iPhone like app store which enables you with the choice of your own streaming services. It is no longer forceful in directing you to iTunes and the other service of Apple. One can customize their favourites on the home screen.

Quality of Video – Full High Definition

The quality of the video on the new Apple TV is very successful at full high definition which is technically known as 1080p and should be quite a bit for most of the individuals. Though video supporters may tend to complain that it does not maintain a high quality video standard known as ultra-high definition or 4K like the other streaming boxes do, but there are not many 4K TVs or much of the programming made available so far.

The remote of the Apple TV does not seem to have a headphone jack that the other streaming devices such as the Roku 3 and 4 as well as the Nividia Shield tend to provide, to spare family and roommates during night.

Apple TV on the contrary supports Bluetooth wireless headphones and one needs to buy them separately. So far it is not known whether one will be able to stream video from Amazon and Google Play. Both the companies seem to have competing video stores and one point could be the cut that Apple tends to take on in-app digital sales.

Voice Search with Siri Virtual Assistant

Other main services expected on the Apple TV include Google’s YouTube. The CBC News app will be compatible for iOS with Apple TV at the time of launch and on adding the CBC News app; users would then be in a position to watch The National live and on demand together with demand episodes of Marketplace as well as the Fifth Estate and latest news clips.

Besides this, the new Apple TV also permits voice searches with the use of Siri virtual assistant. On request, Seinfeld or Jennifer Lawrence together with Apple TV can look through the catalogs for iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, HBO and Showtime with much more.

 Users could also ask for good documentaries to view. By default the Apple TV comes with the following apps namely iTunes Movies, iTunes TV Shows, the App Store, photos, music, search, computers and settings. Besides these stock apps, the fourth generation Apple TV unveils an App Store full of third party apps as well as games for the television.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Apple’s Survey App Helps Venues Easily Create Indoor Maps


Apple’s Dedicated Indoor Positioning App - iOS

Apple had now launched a dedicated indoor positioning app on iOS, enabling business holders to map out their venues by utilising their iPhones. The Indoor Survey App was first noticed on the App Store by Steve Troughton-Smith, a developer and though it did not appear in search, it is effortlessly accessible through a direct link.

The app had been updated on October 27 and hence it had been on the App Store for a week before anyone had discovered it. Its description stated that an iOS 9 would be needed or later with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch compatibility together with an 18MB download size. Description on iTunes reads thus `enable indoor positioning within a venue using the Indoor Survey App.

By dropping points on a map within the Survey App, you indicate your position within the venue as you walk through and as you do, the Indoor Survey App measures the radio frequency – RF signal data combining it with an iPhone’s sensor data’.

 Apple had been building up its indoor mapping tools for a year now in silence. It had introduced iBeacons in 2013, small Bluetooth transmitters, which retailers as well as venue owners could utilise in delivering location specific notifications and alerts.

Mixture of Wi-Fi & Radio Signals – Track Positions

In the iOS 8 update last year, Apple had given the developers access to more comprehensible location data using the iPhone’s indication coprocessor. As noted by Apple Insider, the Indoor Survey App utilises a mixture of Wi-Fi and radio signals in order to track positions, like the technology created by Silicon Valley start-up,WiFiSLAM that was purchased by Apple in 2013, at a price of $20 million.

Apple had also launched in October, the Apple Maps Connect that invited business owners to submit their indoor mapping information. Though this was not for small corner shops, Apple specified that participating venues should be accessible to the general public offering Wi-Fi connectivity throughout and drawing over one million visitors yearly.

According to a report from 9to5Mac, indoor position, as of June last year was added to locations which comprised of the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco and the Mineta San Jose International Airport. There is a possibility that the Indoor Survey App could be beneficial in extending this availability and make it easy as App Store descriptions notes for venue holders to gather data without installing any special hardware.

Maps Connect

Apple’s mapping attempts was something that was needed in the past and the company had apologized for moving from Google Maps with iOS 6 in 2012. Since the failure, Apple had made several attempts in improving the quality of its maps and had launched the Maps Connect urging small businesses to improve their Maps selecting public venues with more than one million yearly visitors.

With iOS 9, Apple had extended its map offerings including transit directions and like the Indoor Survey tends to include navigation options for indoor locations. The company has made a limited quantity of iPhone apps available through its App Store and had only 16 apps shown on the store page at the time of writing.

Apple seems to have a history of bundling apps together with stock iOS should it feel that the functionality is crucial to a core iOS involvement. This had led to some complaints stating that the basic OS has too many additions.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Apple Updates iMacs with 4K and 5K Retina Displays


iMac Range – Latest Retina Display/Force Touch Capabilities

The iMac range with latest Retina displays as well as Force Touch capabilities has been updated by Apple due to its new line of wireless accessories. For the first time the standard iMac of 21.5 inch now tend to feature a Retina 4K displaywhile the 27 inch range is updated to sport Retina 5K displays.

Three wireless accessories had been released by the company, namely the Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse 2 and Magic Trackpad 2. This was to bring its Force Touch technology to the desktop models. All three models tend to have rechargeable batteries with each new iMac would come with new Magic Keyboard together with Magic Mouse 2 as standard while the Magic Trackpad 2 would be sold separately. The new Retina displays would make photos and videos much more immersive and true-to-life due to its colour range as well as outstanding image quality.

The iMacs also features more commanding processors and graphics, with two Thunderbolt® 2 ports accompanied with new storage options which make the high performance Fusion Drive affordable. Philip Schiller, Senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing for Apple has commented that `for the first iMac till day, the spirit of iMac has not faltered, delivering the ultimate desktop experience with the latest technologies, gorgeous displays and cutting edge designs’.

Text Sharper/Videos Lifelike

He further added that `these are the most stunning iMacs we’ve ever made. With our gorgeous new Retina displays, more powerful processors and graphics and all new Magic accessories, the new iMac continues to redefine the ultimate desktop experience. The text looks sharper than ever, with retina displays and the videos appear lifelike and one gets to view new levels of details in photos.

The 21.5 inch iMac is made available with all new Retina 4K display comprising of 4096 x 2304 resolution and 9.4 million pixels, which is 4.5 times more than the standard 21.5 inch iMac display. Each 27 inch iMac comprising of a Retina 5K display which, isthe highest resolution all-in-one display has 14.7 million pixels, which is 7 times more than an HD display. The Retina display on the 21.5 inch iMac and each 27 inch iMac, the iMac with Retina display is now much more affordable.

Wider P3 Based Colour Range

Moreover the new Retina displays tend to feature a wider choice of colour range which brings about brilliance and true to life colours to the desktop. The 5K and 4K Retina displays has a wider P3-based colour range providing a 25% larger colour space with more available colours where the images are more intense exposing great details.

The latest 27 inch iMac together with Retina 5K display tends to come with sixth generation Intel Core processors and the new AMD high performance graphics delivering around 3.7 teraflops of compute power. The new 21.5 inch iMac having Retina 4K display comprises a fifth generation Intel Core processor with improved Intel Iris Pro Graphics.

Two Thunderbolt 2 ports which are standard on all iMac tend to deliver around 20Gbps data transfer speed for external drives with great performance peripherals with three streams 802.11ac Wi-Fi enables iMac to support around 1.3Gbps wireless networking. The new Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse 2 together with Magic Trackpad 2 seems to be more comfortable, proficient and environment friendly.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

iCar Release Date Rumours


Apple Developing Electric iCar – Project Titan

Reports reveal that Apple is developing an electric iCar to compete with Tesla. It has been reported that Apple is negotiating with BMW and rustling Samsung employees, particularly battery specialist and reassigning many of the staff for its Project Titan.

There have been several reports since February that Apple has been working on a car which would give Tesla a run for its money, after an Apple employee had been informed by Business Insider having knowledge on the subject. This was related to the sightings of cars arrayed with sensors/cameras, registered to Apple.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the iCar project has been dubbed `Titan’, which initially stated that there were many hundred, Apple employees operating on the project. This has been backed by new report, claiming that the iCar would be released in 2019, will not be fully autonomous but will be fully electric with a few smart features like it would be complete with emergency braking, cruise control which will handle the accelerator and breaks on motorways and in traffic together with automatic lane changing system which will be activated by a flick of the indicator stalk.

iPhone Experience to Vehicle Through CarPlay

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple while speaking at Wall Street Journal’s WSJDLive conference at The Montage resort in Laguna Beach, California stated that the automotive industry seems to be close to massive change.

However, he refrained from commenting on whether Apple would lead part of the change which Cook forecasts would be seeing users move away from internal combustion engines to electrification. At the conference, Cook mentioned that itseems like there would be massive change in that industry. One may not agree with that but that seemed to be his belief.

This was followed by his refusal to respond to reports of Apple’s development of an electric car to be on sale by 2019. Instead he informed that the company has been working to bring the iPhone experience to the vehicle through CarPlay, Apple’s in-dash system which tends to permit users in accessing their iTunes music collections together with driving directions with the requirements of operating phones. According to the Guardian, Project Titan seems to be on its way, with the newspaper reporting that Apple has already developed its self-driving car and is need of testing.

Apple Interested in Carbon Fibre Reinforced BMW i3 Electric Vehicle

In contrast to several car makers like Google and Tesla, which are testing their self-driving cars on public road, Apple is keen on keeping a low profile. This indicates that the company is in need of some secured doors behind which it could test its private project.

Several outlets have revealed that Apple and the German automaker BMW have been coordinating with one another with Reuters reporting that Apple important person together with Tim Cook have been visiting BMW production facility in Leipzig.

Apple, in particular had been interested in the carbon fibre reinforced BMW i3 electric vehicle which was reported as the most energy efficient car in the US and is believed that the i3 would form the basis of the rumoured iCar, It has been further claimed that negotiations had started in autumn of 2014 between Apple and BMW and are now approaching a final deal. But it is worth mentioning that BMW had been the first carmaker to incorporate iPod facilities in its vehicles and it is entirely possible that Apple is simply looking to secure an agreement with the German company to move its CarPay project ahead.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Access Apple's Find My Friends app on iCloud.com

Find My Friends app

Apple’s Find My Friends App to Trace Friends/Family Members

Apple has recently added Find My Friends, its iOS utilised to trace friends and family members. Find My Friends service of Apple can now be accessed from any mobile device inclusive of Windows PC due to its debut on the iCloud.com portico. Initially spotted by 9to5Mac, this addition brings the feature to the computers for the first time.

Though for years, the Find My iPhone service was available from iCloud.com, Find My Friends tends to be limited to an iOS app. Find My Friends, also came to the Mac through a widget built in to OS X 10.11 El Captain, last month. However, users preferring to acess the Find My Friends service without the iPhone, iPad or a Mac will be unable to do so till the update.

Activating this service needs an iPhone or iPad that enables the service to track user’s current locations. The opt-in social networking feature permits friends to share their precise location on a map. Earlier in the year, Find my Friends and Find My iPhone became a more predominant part of Apple ecosystem when had become inborn, pre-installed apps on iOS 9. Formerly, to download the software, user had to access the iOS App Store.

Missing Potential to Set Alert/Edit Friends

Apple has included the find My Friends app in the operating system with the release of iOS 9, instead of making it an optional install as done in the past. With the addition of Find My Friends to iCloud.com, there is a possibility of gathering more information about friends’ locations from Mac as well as Windows. In order to view the location of your friends, users could visit Apple’s iCloud website and sign in with an Apple ID and when logged in, could locate and click on familiar Find My Friends app icon. List of friends tend to be displayed towards the left of the page with a map on the right. You could click on a friend in order to view their exact location. General functions are somewhat limited in comparison with the iOS app, but particularly missing the potential to set alert or edit friends.

Pre-Installed on Every iOS Device

Find My Friends links Find My iPhone together with many other iCloud apps which include Calendar, Contact,Mail, Photos, Notes, Reminders, iCloud Drive as well as the iWork suite of apps. The addition of Find My Friends to iCloud.com comes following its promotion to a default app in iOS 9 meaning that it comes pre-installed on every iOS device which cannot be removed. However, the app can be hidden though not totally removed from the device. The iOS 9 also comprise of a Find My Friends widget to equal the OS X Notification Centre widget but there is no dedicated, standalone Find My Friends app for OS X.

Consumers may tend to have different views regarding `Find my Friends’ app where some may consider it helpful and practical while others may find it disturbing. In any case, users will not be included to the app without their consent. Once you choose it, you will be included on the Apple map. A positive aspect of the app is for parents with the ability of tracking their children’s locations without the need of texting them.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Apple Clarifies How Wi-Fi Assist Works in Wake of Claims it Eats through Your Data


Apple’s Latest Mobile Operating System – W-Fi Assist

A new page has been created by Apple’s website clarifying that iOS 9’s Wi-Fi Assist should not show a substantial drain on data allowances. Presented by Apple, in the latest mobile operating system in mid-September, Wi-Fi Assist is one of the efforts to keep Internet connection alive when Wi-Fi coverage seems to be poor.

By default, the feature tends to switch to a cellar connection when it senses weak Wi-Fi signal. The company has explained the ins and outs of the feature wherein it claims that it should affect the data usage by a minimum percentage.

The new feature had been introduced in iPhone software update iOS 9 and is developed to switch the handset connection from Wi-Fi to cellular data automatically, when in a range of poor connection.

Some users had complained that they were being tricked into using more of the data allowance than they had expected when the feature was automatically turned on and the new software had been downloaded. In some of the phone contracts since the data allowances can be low as 500MB or 1GB, having activated the feature technically, would result in higher bills for the users.

Wi-Fi Assist A Source of Debate

The new support page read - `with Wi-Fi Assist, you can stay connected to the Internet even if you have a poor Wi-Fi connection. For example, if you’re using Safari with a poor Wi-Fi connect and a webpage doesn’t load, Wi-Fi Assist will activate and automatically switch to cellular so that the webpage continues to load.

You can use Wi-Fi Assist with most apps like Safari, Apple Music, Mail, Maps and more’. Wi-Fi Assist has become a source of debate after some users expressed concern with the feature which utilises mobile data – cellular data with their knowledge. This was a matter of concern for the users whose mobile plan permits only a small amount of data like 1GB per month while others have admired the feature stating that the feature’s mobile data usage tends to be small and comes handy in area where the Wi-Fi signal tends to be poor.

Apple has explained when and how the features tend to work in About Wi-Fi Assist page recently updated stating that-
  • The feature would not switch to cellular if your data roaming and so you won’t have to pay additional charges if you are out of the normal coverage area
  • Wi-Fi Assist only works with apps running in the foreground and won’t download content from aps in the background
  • The feature does not go into effect with certain third party apps which stream audio or video and will not download large file attachments.

Cellular Data Icon in Status Bar – iOS Device

One will get to know when Wi-Fi Assist has been activated since one will observe the cellular data icon in the status bar on the iOS device.

Apple has informed on its webpage that since one stays connected to the Internet over cellular when they have poor Wi-Fi connection, they could use more cellular data and for most users, this should only be a small percentage higher than the earlier usage.

Monday, October 19, 2015

How to Switch From Android to iOS (and Vice Versa)

It is very hard to subdue to urge to buy the new iPhone 6s or the new range of Nexus Smartphones. Both of them come loaded with some exciting specs and happen to offer a premium end experience to the end users. Both Android and iOS platform now offer high quality handsets with impressive features; build quality and great experience to the users. Here are some smart ways to make your transition either to the iOS or Android platform without losing your data.

Switch From Android To iOS

Apple has made it easier to migrate the data from the Android device to the iOS platform by launching the ‘Move to iOS’ android app. This app makes it extremely easier and simpler to facilitate the move to the iOS without much difficulty.

Step 1: Download the app

Download the Move To iOS app on your Android phone from the Google Play Store. Now take your iPhone out of the box and initiate the iPhone setup process. It should be noted that this app will work with IPhones which had not be set up earlier. IN case you had already setup your iPhone then perform a factory reset and use this app to migrate data from your android phone.

Step 2: Follow the instructions

Once the IPhone setup is initiated, you will find a “Hello screeen” and a number of prompts will follow it. Follow these instructions carefully to perform a glitch free and safe migration of data to the iPhone. You will soon be greeted with Apps and Data screen where you will find ‘Move Data from Android’ at the bottom of the list of options, select it.

Now on your Android phone fire up ‘Move to iOS app’. Agree to its terms and conditions then you will see ‘Find Your Code’ screen. This ten-digit code will be generated from the iPhone device after you select the ‘Move Data from Android’ option. Enter the code in your Android phone and begin the transfer process.

Step 3: Transfer the data

Transfer of data from Android to iPhone will require a sound W-Fo connectivity and depending on the amount of data, the time span will be determined. A huge amount of photos and entertainment files like audios and videos will mean more time while fewer data will transfer in just few seconds.

Switch from iOS to Android

There is no app available to make the transition from the iOS to Android phone but using the Google account you can make a simple and more efficient transition to Android. Android makes use of the Google account for keeping contact and calendars, sync your iPhone with a Google account by going to the Setting, Mail, Conatacts, Calendars and finally Add Account. Now just enter your Google ID and it will simply sync all your calendar and contacts data within few seconds.

Messages: Use service of iSMS2droid for transferring text messages to the Android phone.

Photos: Download Google Photos app and sign in with your Google account, turn on ‘Back up and sync’ and it will take a while to sync all the photos. Once done you can view photos from Google account on to your Android device.