Saturday, October 8, 2011

iPhone 4S

It's too late, the Apple Store now shows a period of one to two weeks. If you order now, you'll probably during the week of Oct. 17. Let us hope that the time goes on quickly ... Some European operators are late: you cannot find anywhere, and pre-orders should not be opened before tomorrow, October 8th at SFR and October 12 in Orange. Each operator will also have some copies on Oct. 14, as well as the physical Apple Store.
Better off not to over train if you want to have one soon, however ... Meanwhile, the 4 to 8 GB iPhone is available at SFR, white and black. The phone is sold with a € 29.90 fee and a two-year commitment. Again, it is only a pre-order; the phone will be delivered from October 14 only. 4S The iPhone is compatible with the bumpers, provided you have a new version for the CDMA iPhone 4. The price is unchanged, € 29 and you can choose from 6 different colors. Remember that this protective shell around the phone, but does not protect the screen on the front or the rear glass. Micro-USBVoici is the probably the cheapest accessory from Apple available now. To comply with new European regulations, Apple is now selling a micro-USB adapter for iPhone. For € 9, you can add your phone to a micro-USB jack, enough to recharge it with a cable the same type and therefore the majority of the adapters on the market. Shipping from October 14th as well. All other accessories designed for the iPhone 4 should always be compatible with the iPhone 4S. This applies to the dock or to specific covers as mophie Juice Pack Air. One point to watch for the covers: the silent button has been moved to the iPhone 4S, it is slightly lower, which can cause problems with the sleeves cut specifically for the iPhone 4.

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