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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

How to Keep Using Google Maps Even When Your Phone is Offline

Sometimes, we don't have a strong internet connection when we need to use Google Maps. Fortunately, Google maps comes with an offline feature that allows you to go anywhere safely even when the mobile is displaying no bars. Remember that offline maps are a beneficial tool for those who often go abroad. In addition, it is ideal for those people who go to remote areas with spotty cell service. You only need some planning in this case. If you experience the potential of poor signal, you should try to download a map in advance. It is a very easy method that works on iOS and Android. 

 How to Keep Using Google Maps Even When Your Phone is Offline

For Android:-

Step 1) Download a map to use offline:

Saving maps is possible on your device or an SD card. Do you want to change the way of saving maps? If yes, then you need to download the map again.

  • You need to open the Google Maps app when you use your Android device or tablet. 
  • Ensure that your device has a proper internet connection and you have signed in to Google Maps. 
  • Now, you should find a place, for instance, San Francisco. 
  • Finally, your job is to click the name of the place or its address at the bottom. After that, you should click on More and Download the offline map. Suppose you are looking for a place such as a restaurant. In that case, click More, Download offline map, and then Download, respectively.

Save offline maps on an SD card:

You can download offline maps on your SD card though these are downloaded by default on the device's internal storage.

Whether you use an Android 6.0 or higher device, saving an area is possible with an SD card, set up for portable storage. If you are willing to learn how you can set up your SD card, you can take assistance from the manufacturers of your mobile.

  • Hence, you should first insert your SD card on an Android mobile or tablet. 
  • Then, you should open your Google Maps app. 
  • Now, you must click on the profile picture or initial Account Circle. Next, tap on the option Offline maps. 
  • You can see Settings in the top right. 
  • Click on Device below the "Storage preferences" option and SD card.

Step 2 (optional)) Save battery & mobile data:

Setting up offline maps is possible, and therefore, you can use other apps with phone data.

  • First, your task is to open the Google Maps app on your tablet or Android mobile. 
  • Now your job is to click on the profile picture or initial Account Circle. After that, you should tap on Settings and turn on Wi-Fi only.

Use Google Maps offline:

  • Your first job is to open this application on your mobile. 
  • Next, click on the profile picture in the top right corner. 
  • After that, you should click on the "Offline Maps" option. 
  • Then, you need to click on the option "Select Your Own Map." 
  • Now, you should move the rectangle over the place where you want to visit. 
  • Then, you should tap on the option "Download."

If you live in any particular place, like any city or town, you can follow this method:

  •  You should look for the destination in the application. 
  • After that, you need to click on the three available dots in the information panel's top right corner. Now you have to click on the option "Download offline map."
  • You can see an option in this app allowing you to make adjustments to the range of the area.

If you are offline, remember that you will not be able to get real-time traffic data until you have connectivity again. You need to estimate the travel time between destinations as if no traffic congestion is there.

Manage your offline maps:

This app offers data through Vehicle Map Service (VMS) supporting the safety driver features like road sign integration and adaptive cruise control in cars. You should remember that the safety features depend on offline map data. If you are willing to ensure the availability of map data, you must enable "auto-download" in the Privacy Center.

Turn on auto-download in the Privacy Center:

You should follow these steps to enable auto-download.

  • Open this application first. 
  • Then, click on Settings at the bottom. 
  • After that, you need to click on Privacy Center and Offline maps. 
  • Now, your task is to choose Auto-download offline maps. 
  • Ensure that an internet connection is available. Then, you must wait for the completion of the offline map download process.

If you turn off auto-download, it will save the already downloaded maps. But in this case you need to know that new maps will not be downloaded automatically.

These apps show the following under "Offline maps" on the car:

Optional: Home and Work maps when you are signed in.

Optional: Maps that you have manually downloaded.

Home and Work maps depend on your home and work address or the Google Account's location history.


We can say that Google Maps app has become a saviour for us. We use it for finding new cities or finding our way through the roads in our town. This app is always ready to help users in any kind of situation. An unstable network may sometimes trouble you in the middle of the road. But in this article, we have covered all the necessary steps that will help you in this case.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Why does Google Maps keep stopping?

Cache and system files are some reasons due to which the app may not function properly. This application can store specific temporary data on the Android device.

Q. How do you keep Google Maps on your Android while driving?

  • Google Assistant can greatly help you in this case by providing information when you drive. You should enable or disable the Driving mode in this application. 
  • Open the app on Android mobile. 
  • Next, your job is to click on the profile picture or initial Settings Navigation settings. 
  • Finally, you need to enable the mode or disable the driving mode.

Q. Can you use Google Maps while offline?

Yes, you can use the app after downloading an area like usual. If you are experiencing a slow internet connection, the app might guide you to your destination as the whole route is within the offline map.

Monday, March 27, 2023

5 Chrome Extensions That Help Me Get More Done

Chrome Extensions

Before knowing which extensions can help you to get more done, you should know what they are. Google Chrome extensions can block distractions and project management to enhance the browsing experience. The extensions refer to default software programs that can offer additional functionality in the Chrome browser. There are thousands of chrome extensions available in the market, but which one you will select. These Chrome extensions can let you experience the most out of the chrome experience. In this article, we have given points that will let you know about the benefits you can get from chrome extension.

What is a Chrome extension?

Chrome extensions indicate software programs preloaded on web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, letting people customize their Chrome browsing experience.

Benefits of the Chrome extensions allowing you to get more done:

1. Convert files into Docs, Sheets or Slides easily:

You might need to make hiccups if you work with organizations, partners or vendors. You may spend yourself hours by figuring out the way to convert files to Docs, Sheets and Slides effectively and securely. As soon as you find the Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides extension, you can easily convert files. Suppose, someone sends a file to you that needs to be converted. Then, instead of downloading this, you should add this to Google Drive. After that, your job is to highlight the file and hit the extension icon. Now, you can directly edit the file in Docs, Sheets or Slides without needing conversion.

2. Translate websites into more than 50 languages:

With the help of the Google Translate extension, you can quickly read pages available in different languages. Several ways exist to use them. Hence, you need to highlight a section of the text, or you can right-click on it. Now, you should hit the Translate icon on the browser toolbar. If necessary, you can translate the whole page with the button.

3. Watch videos and do work in the same browser:

If you are a beginner, you may use YouTube often to learn new skills. But it is challenging to see a video tutorial when you follow its instructions in the same browser. So, you can not see shrinking windows to see both. You can use the Picture-in-Picture Extension in this case. Hit the Picture-in-Picture icon to the search bar's right when you play a video to see the video and the rest of your browser window completely. Then, you can see the video minimised to the screen's bottom right corner. Therefore, you can easily navigate to other tabs.

4. Save content to Google Drive with a single click of a button:

You can get many images and video files if you are working on a project. Hence, you must keep these organized. You need to use the Save to Google Drive extension, using which you can save documents, pictures and videos with a single tap. Once you save the content, you can open this, rename it or view the file in Google Drive. You can find the content in Drive by sorting files based on file type (Docs, Slides, etc.), owner, location, the last date of notification, etc.

5. Take a breather to reset throughout the day:

If you take breaks daily, you can return to projects & meetings with complete focus. But you may forget to get up in many meetings or work toward a deadline. If necessary, you may set the Mindful Break extension, which gives you a reminder asking you to take a break after working for some hours or at a specific time each day. You may use the "random" reminder offering guided breathing exercises.


In this article, we have mentioned the benefits you can get from Chrome extensions. You can find them in almost every location of distraction where you are interested. Additionally, you can install them on the Google Chrome store.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Do Chrome extensions take RAM?

Chrome prerendering takes up a huge amount of RAM but can increase the network loading speed. Ad blockers, YouTube extensions, social media extensions, etc, and directly interact with web page content. These work continuously in the background. As a result, your PC memory may be occupied in the background.

Q. Are YouTube extensions legal?

Yes, it is legal to use. As a user with apps or extensions, you are not required to worry about getting blocked by YouTube or Google.

Q. Are most Chrome extensions safe?

Chromium-based web browsers like Brave and Google Chrome support almost all extensions available on the Chrome Web Store.

Saturday, March 4, 2023

Google Pixel Watch Finally Gains Fall Detection

Google Pixel Watch Finally Gains Fall Detection

Recently, Google announced its plan to introduce a new fall detection feature to Pixel Watch owners. According to the company, the feature takes the help of default sensors for detecting when the user takes a hard fall. Then, the feature will call emergency services unless the user does not give any response within around ninety seconds.

According to a Google blog post, once the user falls, the Pixel Watch detects that it will start vibrating after thirty seconds and gives an alarm. Hence, the user needs to hit the on-screen button to confirm that he or she is fine. Otherwise, the user needs to click another to get connected to the emergency services.

Google Pixel Watch Finally Gains Fall Detection:

If the user does not do any of these two within a full minute, the watch uses an automated message to place an emergency call. Google says it is essential to confirm that this Watch doesn't mistake activities for falls. The product has tweaked the sensors and connected algorithms ensuring that it is capable of detecting falls of the wearer or telling if the wearer is in the middle of energetic exercises.

For placing the emergency calls, the users must connect their mobiles, or they need to have a cellular Pixel Watch. The device comes with other safety features like Emergency SOS. Therefore, the Watch can alert emergency responders or trusted contacts.

However, Apple Watches come with this feature for saving lives after users fell over. Sometimes, the falls are problematic hugely as it depends on the location of the user, the user's age, and if users have specific medical conditions.

The interesting thing about the feature is that people can now enable and disable this. It is recommended to enable it when it's available. This feature is life-saving to the users.

How to Use the Fall Detection Feature?

When the Google Pixel Watch was released, it didn't have the feature: falls detecting. But now as this feature will be included, it will help to save lives. However, if the wearer takes a tumble, then he Or she can prevent the watch from reaching out if it is not necessary. When a user is conscious after the fall and thinks to be fine and doesn't require help, the user has to tap on "I'm ok" on the watch, which prevents the device from calling out to emergency services. But if the wearer is injured and requires assistance immediately, you should choose "I fell and need help." When nothing happens after a fall, the device will reach out automatically after one minute.

Once it does this, an automated message alerts the call center. Hence, users must enable it manually as by default the feature isn't turned on. Although people might worry about false detections, Google says they have done extensive testing to prevent this. Now, we only need to see how good the feature is.


All of these things will be done with the help of the combination of default motion sensors and on-device machine learning. If your Pixel Watch is connected to wifi only, it needs to be within range & connected to Bluetooth to contact emergency services for a fall. The LTE variants require an active LTE connection on the Watch. You can enable the feature from the Pixel Watch app on the connected mobile. Otherwise, you can do it directly from the Safety & Emergency section on the Pixel Watch.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Google Duplex: An AI System for Accomplishing Real-World Tasks Over the Phone

Google Duplex

Google Duplex: Making AI Conversationalists

The biggest challenge when it comes to machines, is to make them natural conversationalists. Right now we can tell the machine to do this or that but we can’t really have normal conversations with them, that is where Google Duplex comes in. Google Duplex not only understands normal human conversations but also understands the context in which a person is speaking and then replies accordingly. Currently conversation systems in place, sound stilted and struggle to understand the basics of the conversation.

Here is where Google Duplex enters in. The AI network is capable of making certain conversations over the phone such as making an appointment. The conversation is supposed to be natural and the person on the other end shouldn’t even know that they are basically talking to a robot. Google Duplex is centered around only certain areas so that each of these areas can be explored extensively enough to help Google Duplex learn the speech requirements.

Challenges in making Google Duplex sound realistic: 

The whole idea for Google Duplex is for the system to sound natural,which means understanding the nuances of conversation like understanding when to pause mid- sentence and understanding the context of the conversation while making the right intonations.

When people have conversations with each other they often speak in more complex sentences, omit words and use words such as “umm” and “uh” often in the sentence. The problems of natural conversation is compounded by the fact that when the conversation is made over the phone, then word errors and such become all the more common taking into account background noises.

How does Google Duplex solve these problems? 

Google Duplex is a recurrent neural network. Google has trained Google Duplex to the highest level of precision based on a bunch of conversation data. Based on this conversation data, Google Duplex uses Google automatic speech recognition tech, features from the audio, the parameters of the conversation and the history of the conversation to learn speech requirements.

As for sounding natural, Google used text to speech or TTS engine for short and a synthesis TTS engine to help with intonation in a natural conversation. Google has also incorporated speech disfluencies or the “umms”and “uhhs” in conversation to make Google Duplex more natural sounding. They have also used timed pauses, as if a person is gathering their thoughts, in the Google Duplex system. But to make these timed responses more natural they have to be placed in the right places in a conversation, for that Google Duplex uses low-confidence models to decide when a pause is required and when it is not.

In Conversation with Google Duplex: 

The entire Google Duplex system is capable of carrying out sophisticated conversations all on its own without any human intervention.

The Google Duplex system also comes with self- monitoring capabilities that allow it to know when the conversation is going out of its depth and then it lets a human operator take over.

The Google Duplex system goes through a series of training wherein a real life instructor guides the system in conversation and can correct the Google Duplex system too in real time.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Google Just Launched Grasshopper, a Smartphone Game to Teach Adults How to Code


Grasshopper: Google’s effort to teach adults coding

It’s no doubt that with computers being used everywhere in today’s world that computer programming is the highest paid job that is out there today. While many learn computer programming as a way to further their careers others are less inclined to do so and one of the reasons could be, is that it is too complicated. Well, Google wants to change all that with Grasshopper.

For those who want to learn coding and do not know where to start, Google’s Grasshopper seems to be the Launchpad. Moving from one level to the other through programming, Grasshopper tries to build interest in coding through a simple- enough- to- understand- game. There are already a number of games out there for children to encourage them to learn coding but hardly anything for adults. The gaming world, when it comes to coding, seems to be more centered- around children as the target audience rather than adults.

How Grasshopper wants to increase interest in adults to coding?

Product developer for Grasshopper stated time, money and access as some of the main reasons why adults don’t want to learn coding. When you are a child coding may seem a fun activity but as you grow older it just becomes something that you have to study and then you become less inclined to do so.

Time becomes the main barrier to learn coding. With many people having hectic lifestyles, coding becomes a little difficult to fit into the picture. But Google hopes to change all that with Grasshopper. Being in the form of a game, Google hope that adults would be able to fit in learning coding in their breaks or when they come back home and just want to unwind.

What does Grasshopper involve?

Grasshopper does not make you a programming genius overnight but in the hopes of introducing you to the basics of programming, Grasshopper aims to help individuals find out if programming is for them or not.

The game includes learning the fundamentals of JavaScript and also a schedule for very time you wish to play Grasshopper, you can set up a schedule of reminders for everyday or every other day or even none at all.

To complete each puzzle all you have to do is enter code, for every line of code one part of the puzzle is solved. It is as simple as that. Besides this, Grasshopper also includes quizzes that help people in understanding the basic principles of the coding their following.

Grace who is a Grasshopper that helps users along the way, is named after Grace Hopper a computer industry pioneer.

Google is also partnering with Coursera and LaunchCode to help users who feel like coding is for them. Grasshopper, which teaches individuals the basics of JavaScript, would be the first step and then if people like what they are doing and want to learn more, they could sign up with LaunchCode or Coursera as the next option available to them.

Grasshopper will be available on both iOS and Android operating systems.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Apple is Ready to Fight Google Chromebooks with Cheaper iPads


Apple set to release cheaper iPads to counter the rise of Chromebooks

Apple has seen the reversal of the fortune with the rapid decline in the sales of the iPads and Mac laptops is last few years. In 2013 these reigned supreme in the schools in US by getting over the dominance of the Windows devices but in 2018 Apple iPads had simply lost its touch. Google Chromebook has made massive inroads in the US classrooms by becoming first choice for the students and Microsoft is also right behind it. Now Chromebook amounts for 60 percent of the devices sold in the US schools while iPads sales are steeply declining for three straight years. But Apple is gearing to bring back the challenge to the Chromebook by bringing a new lineup of cheaper iPads.

A low cost budget iPad is set to launch soon

This Tuesday Apple will be organizing a event focused on the special education which aims towards bringing "new creative ideas for the teachers and students". Industry wide rumors are hinting towards the launch of a low cost iPad at this event costing just about $259. The best thing about this budget iPad is that it will come with the support for a stylus. Apple Pencil support is available for the higher end iPad Pro versions which helps in boosting the productivity to the next level. Some rumors have even suggested that Apple might also release the cheaper budget version of the Macbook but doesn't happen to be the case.

It is worth noting that Apple has recently updated its main education website which 17 different devices pictures. Out of these 16 happened to be iPads and jus one Macbook. Furthermore a recent ad carried out by the Apple has asked the users boldly "What is a computer?" which indirectly hinted that the iPad will be the future of the computer in upcoming days. It is worth pointing out that Apple hasn’t had a golden run when it comes making a firm ground in the education segment. It got fined for $4.2 million in Los Angeles 2015 when it failed to provide iPads to the school kids with its lackluster $1 billion program.

Bringing the best of iOS to the students 

Apple is a quick learner and has worked towards improving the functionality and features of the iOS and in turn iPad in order to lure the students. In the iOS version 9.3 Apple brought the multi-user support on the iPads and Apple even did away with the notorious Apple ID requirement in order to use the iPads. Thirdly Apple has even worked towards bringing better management tools for the iPads. All of these features were aimed towards grabbing the interest of the students and educator and push the sales of the iPads just like earlier days but rise in the iPads pricing has become a detrimental feature. A low cost budget iPad will be a masterstroke from Apple to regain the lost ground and bring a stiff challenge to the Google’s Chromebook.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Google Cut People Off From Gmail for Reselling the Pixel Phone

Google Pixel Phone
Ever since Google started selling its flagship Pixel devices a number of shady resellers has emerged who are offering the device above its marked price. Most of the people don’t gives much thought to the terms & conditions or policies which govern the sale and usage of any service of product. Similarly the people who indulged in violating the Google’s policies of ‘no-resale’ are facing the burnt in the soundest fashion. Google is teaching the over-smart users with hash lesson through cutting them off from the Gmail account along with all its other associated vital digital services.

A number of people who indulged in buying Pixel devices from a shady New Hampshire dealer are bring cut off from their Gmail account as a punishment for violating the purchase conditions. Google was able to detect user’s online purchase and thereby successfully judged that the purchase has made a distinct violation of its terms of service.

A lesson to be learnt

All those people who had indulged in reselling their Pixel device to reap benefits from it has learnt their lesson. Some of the people from bought as Pixel devices from the Google’s online store and later on had it delivered to a reseller in New Hampshire for resale purpose and in return they just made $5 profit. Since Sunday they had lost their access to the Google accounts which ultimately caused a great loss for them.

Google has stated that that the resale scheme crafted by the particular dealer from the New Hampshire is a clear violation of its terms of use and polices thereby the violators are being locked out of their Google account. Google isn’t the only company which users from buying phones exclusively for resale purpose. Apple does have the same policy with its iPhone, iPad and other devices which has to be bought only for personal usage and is restricted for resale. If any person violates such policy then that user is liable to lose the access to the services effectively.

Google handles digital death sentence to the violators

One of the violators or to be effectively called reseller of the Pixel device named Shmuel Super from Brooklyn New York was left shattered when Google revoked the access to his Gmail account and its associated services. Google has revoked access to the Gmail to as many as 200 people after analyzing the Pixel buying spree popularized by the New Hampshire dealer. Though it has come as a rude shock for majority of the Google users but it happens to a learning curve for the users on global level who actively makes use of variety of social media apps and tech services from tech giants.

Continuous reliance on the technology and enjoyment of the services offered by these channels has made your digital life much more in the hand of the companies and if users failed to play by the rules set by them will certainly means losing a major chunk of their digital life.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Google Global Code Jam 2016

Google Global Code
Most of the people don’t know that tech giant Google also organizes some great events which bring programmers from round the world together. We are certainly not talking about the frequently organized Android development events where Google releases new iteration of its popular mobile operating system. This is called Google Code Jam, which is essentially a programming competition where professionals as well as students from round the world take part in order to solve some complex algorithmic challenges within a stipulated timeframe.

Origins of Google Code Jam

Currently Google Code Jam is in its 13th year after the launch in 2003. This was started by the Google with an aim of identifying top engineering talents, which can play a huge part in the Google development as one of the iconic technology firm. Google Code Jam 2016 follows the same schedule wherein first of all interested programmers has to enroll through registering in the month of March. Then a Qualification Round is held in the month of April to segregate the best from the rest. This followed by a number of Online Rounds of either two hours thirty minutes to three hours. In this phase programmer grill their way through solving complex algorithmic challenges with a set time limit and their scored are calculated. Each year in the month of August Google organizes the Final event in which winners are announced and even offered a job right at its office.

How tough is Google Code Jam? 

There was even a time when seven problems were not solved in their respective round. It is worth pointing out that no one in the history of Google Code Jam has managed to get perfect score in the finals. Google ensures that problems which are chosen for this event are effectively difficult and hard to crack but there has been an incident of fastest correct submission when Sergie Fedorov of Russia solved the problem within 2 minutes and 41 seconds.

Google allows the participants to use any programming language as well as development environment of their choice to find the solution to the given problems. The only trick is that one has to come up with right solution within the giving time limit.

Prizes to be won at Google Code Jam 2016

It wouldn’t be possible to attract bright minds on a global without offering hefty prize money. Google Code Jam offers cash prizes to the successful participants. The winner of this event goes home with prize money of $15000 while second and a third placed winner gets $2000 and $1000 respectively. Consolation prize of $100 is given to all the participants who finish between 4 -26 places in this event. Participants also get one Code Jam T shirt if they finish among the top scoring 1000 from the Round 2.

Google also offers extensive reimbursement of the expenses made by the participant on the travel, visa, flight, accommodations and meals during the Google Code Jam event.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Google X Hopes to Launch Drone Deliveries by 2017


Google – Drone Delivery Business – 2017

Google plans to launch its drone delivery business in the next couple of years wherein the research lab Google X has revealed its plans recently, for its program. Known as the Project Wing, it intends having a commercial business in 2017. The engineer and executive of Project wing, Dave Vos, at an annual Air Traffic Control conference at Washington DC; who was a keynote speaker, shared the plans of the company with regards to its upcoming aircraft from Google X which is presently Alphabet Company.

 Vos confirmed stating that they expect to operate a delivery service with their Wing vehicle by 2017. However the Federal Aviation Administration – FAA has not settled the new rules and regulations yet, regarding how the commercial drones need to operate, but the company had so far evaded some of the preventive legislation in California.

Inspite of the doubt, Google is still keen on this state-of-the art innovation. The Project Wind has some focus in mind as the Amazon Prime Air that aims in bringing the packages of the customers within a time span of 30 minutes utilising the drones. The Wing aircrafts had been showed already last month, but the commercial use of them is not known.

Online Shopping Sites – Specific Air Space for Commercial Drones

The drone race is not exclusively by Google but Alibaba, Amazon and possibly Walmart would also be joining in the competition. Google’s competitors in fact have an improved track record in delivering logistics and a managing committee.

The only state in the United States permitting any kind of drone delivery till now is Virginia but this could bring about a change in the years to come. Alphabet – GOOGL, Tech30, earlier Google and Amazon – AMZN, Tech30, have both confronted regulatory roadblocks in the United States for drone delivery programs. Amazon had called on U.S. regulators to act quicker.

Online shopping site had recently planned that specific air space to be selected for commercial drones in order to deliver packages. No comments have been provided by Alphabet. The company has refrained from commenting on its plan beyond what Vos had shared during the annual Air Traffic Control conference.

Drone Delivery Soon a Reality

Project Wing had been announced in August 2014 on YouTube showing a field test with its most practical example in Australia that was around 1.5 metres wide and 0.8 metres tall. It shared the same four propeller quad copter design as prevalent consumer drones.

The company has a global vision and there is a possibility that autonomous drone delivery would soon be a reality. Project Wing seems to be a very aspiring program and Google X will definitely make it happen in the next two years. The project will see unmanned self-flying drones delivering packages to customers but no more details regarding what the package would contain has been provided.

The task force have also been working on options ensuring that the drone do not violate on airspace utilised by bigger aircraft. Alphabet is also in talks with the FAA regarding an air traffic control system for drone flights at an altitude of below 500 feet. On Finalization of the rules, Alphabet together with Amazon would use small drones for package delivery together with other consumer services. So, all spectators of drone need to look out for this huge invention in 2017.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Google Maps for the iPhone Gets a Helpful New Navigation Feature


Google Maps – Spoken Traffic Direction

Google - GOOG Maps, in the latest update for iOS users has learned to portray and tell and the app would now be using spoken traffic directions when you tend to hit a slowdown ahead. Prior to the start of a trip, it would give you a verbal summary of the traffic condition. While moving, Google Maps tends to support in avoiding tunnels which are overcrowded as well as highway routes with accidents.

This feature tends to automatically pop up while utilising the Navigation feature to provide spoken turn-by-turn directions. The app would talk in mid-journey notifying of any incident which would lengthen the journey and provided options to reroute. It seems that Google is drawingout some of Waze’s best features.

Google had acquired Waze for $1.1 billion in 2003, a sum which seemed small in contrast to some of the latest acquisitions and funding sequences. Waze, significant of its secondary community based navigation app, Google would be integrating real time information with explanations for what could be causing the delays in Maps so thatdrivers would be able to avoid slowdowns flawlessly than earlier. This feature has been made available since May to Android users.

Voice Navigations & Alerts

Waze’s app got a new pretty redesign and it leaves one to wonder why it has not just replaced Google Map as the flagship navigation service for Google. Google Maps envisages more updates than iOS, in Android version and already tends to sport voice navigation as well as alerts.

This is one of the several features that Google has added to Google Maps for iOS this year and others comprise of the ability of sending location one would find on the browser of the phone, enhanced public transit direction for navigating cities as well as to see where one is going prior to departure with a Street View thumbnail on the map.

Besides the added spoken traffic alerts, Google also states that the latest update enables the user to easily add new and missing businesses from the sidebar. If one intends to install the update, they could check out the Google Maps page on the iTunes App Store.

Does Not Incorporate with Siri

Google Maps does not incorporate with Siri and does not run in the background like Apple Maps and the reason is that Apple does not give its third-party inventers, access to the APIs it tends to use to try and have an advantage over them.

 Google Maps tend to falter where any app would. One concern with regards to Google’s fault comes in the traffic estimates. Often the app tends to offer a route which tends to suffer from heavy traffic when it only affects a tiny portion of the trip.

Since one gets to view the actual traffic on the route before confirmation, it is only something to warn you regarding the traffic which will probably have no effect on the trip. It is hard to beat Google Maps, no matter what kind of transportation one would be using to move around. It seems easy to use with features found only in standalone GPS units, like lane guidance.

It is ahead of Apple especially when it comes to car and pedestrian navigation. Moreover, its accurate maps mean that one will never get lost. With the combination of accurate traffic information from Waze, Google Maps seems to be an easy choice for Editor’s Choice award.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

YouTube Gives its iOS App a New look and in-App Editing Tools

YouTube has brought in an extensive update for its iOS app, which makes it much more similar to the Android version. This update has been introduced in the Material design style of the app, which is very much noticeable and quite divisive in nature. Google is simply trying to provide a consistent look for its products across the platform and devices by using the Android friendly material design. YouTube also gets in-app editing tools, which allow users to edit videos as per their choice before uploading it.

Changes brought about by this update

YouTube now has three tabs on the top of the main page, which includes Home, Subscription and Account. Home is usually filled with number of videos and channels available on the YouTube, Subscriptions showcases all the recent updates from the subscribed accounts and Account gives a summary of user’s account. YouTube app happens to be more vibrant in color, offers enlarged space and requires a lot of navigation for moving around the app, which might not be liked by some users.

A new in-app editing tool has been integrated in the app, which allows users to polish the videos before uploading on the network. A refreshed version of the Creator Studio App is also given to the users which offer enhanced Analytics section.

YouTube iOS update gets one star reviews

Google had introduced these dramatic and wholesome changes in the YouTube iOS app with the aim of making it more interactive than before. However, the early adopters of this app with its comprehensive redesign have stated that this new layout is simply garnish and happens to wastes space. The navigational changes brought about by this update require users to perform more swiping and tapping to get content. In simple words, this redesign of layout is not at user friendly and makes it difficult to move across the app.

A large number of reviewers of this update have complained of removing the left sidebar for better. The left sidebar has made it difficult for the users to access simple but essential things like history, subscriptions and playlists. One of the iTunes reviewers was quite upset with the need of pressing back button each time one has to move to different channel. To be true the iOS users feels that latest update has simply done away with the easier functionality and navigation support with YouTube app had earlier and it has been replaced with bigger pictures and vibrant pictures.

YouTube misses on bringing integration with iOS 9 features

Users with iOS 9 were quite let down by this new update, as it didn’t provide any support for the new iOS features. YouTube has missed on the great opportunity to integrate the support some new rich features of iOS 9 like plus SlideOver, Picture-in-Picture and Split View. Video editing tools and features included in the app are fairly basic at this point of time. But it still offers a way to perform few of the essential video editing tasks within a quick time directly from the app.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Deeper Look at the New Google

Google’s Holding Company – Alphabet

Prior to the death of Apple’s Steve Jobs, he had informed Google co-founder and CEO, Larry Page that his company had been trying to do too many things and as Page later told the Financial Times in his reply that `if they did just the same things they had done before and did not do something new, it would seem like a crime to him’. Yet Page acknowledges that Jobs could have been right to a certain extent – he would manage only so many things before too many of it would get lost in the shuffle.

These two desires , one to do new things irrespective of how weird and unrelated it could seem to Google’s core search and advertising business and still find a way in managing them to completion, explains the surprise announcement of Page’s that he intend creating a holding company by the name Alphabet. 

This would separate Google’s profitable ad-related businesses, which include mobile software as well as the video site YouTube from the company’s range of efforts on human longevity, internet access balloon, self-driving cars; the Nest connected home devices etc. where each of them will probably be a separate holdings

First Step in Fulfilling the Company’s Long-Standing Goal

However, the move, though applauded by investors, is just the first step in fulfilling the company’s long-standing goal in making Google a long term success as well as the world a better place’.According to several management experts, Alphabet would be successful if the individual project and companies would be successful enough on their own to become freestanding companies, ultimately and the new corporate organization qualifies that to occur though it does not guarantee it. 

At first, it is essential to dismiss the notion which Page together with co-founder Sergey Brin had developed such as the Berkshire Hathaway of the Internet, an updated version of Warren Buffett’s company. A professor at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, Michael A. Cusumano commented that `the comparison seemed to be silly and Buffett invests in existing, undervalued companies something like mutual fund is the opposite of Alphabet’s VC-style focus on risky new ventures like Calico.

New Businesses Tend to Get Short Shrift in Resources

According to David B. Yoffie, professor of international business administration at Harvard Business School, states that if Page and Brin attempt to run alphabet similar to an updated Berkshire Hathaway or General Electric, which is a more tech focused company, they would run into trouble. 

They have been running differently from successful tech companies and that he is doubtful since it is difficult to have a company structure in the tech world’. Regardless of closely related businesses, companies like Microsoft, Samsung, and IBM together with Hewlett-Packard have found it difficult to succeed. 

Moreover, they have also found it difficult to capitalize on updated products and services. According to Yoffie, new businesses have a tendency of getting short shrift in resources as well as management consideration. 

This is specifically what Page as well as Brin intends to avoid with Alphabet. Page had written in a blog post which means `alpha-bet’ or an attempt to get returns above `alpha’ – a normal target. In any circumstance, the reorganization sets Google/Alphabet on the track which may not be easy to change in the future if it does not tend to work since it will be more than a just a promise of reporting Google’s financial result and the alpha-bets separately.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Google and Apple Battle for Dashboard Dominance

CarPlay & Android Auto – Snuggled in Dashboard of Car Test

Cars have now become the new battleground for consumer internet companies and at the Consumer Electronics Show, held at Las Vegas, Google had unveiled a new plan enabling car manufacturers in using a version of its open source Android smartphone operating system wherein Android would power the car’s dashboard based information as well as entertainment system. CarPlay of Apple together with Android Auto of Google has made an appearance and will be snuggled in the dashboard of  car.

Apple’s CarPlay is the latest in the in-car entertainment and information system and is a development of its earlier car connectivity with music from iPods and iPhones into car stereo through the dock connector. It utilises Apple’s new Lightning Connector meaning that it is only compatible with the iPhone 5, 5S and 5C though it enables far greater connectivity which comprises the ability to power the navigation system of the car, as well as place calls and read messages aloud. Besides this, it also commands the car and the iPhone through Apple’s voice assistant – Siri. The new technology was announced by Apple at the International Motor show in Geneva, together with a huge list of car manufacturers that would be adopting Apple’s in-car systems.

CarPlay as the iPhone has a flat structure which offers all of its apps and functions as big icons on a scrollable home screen and none of the functions tend to be more than a level deep. There are no sub menus, lists or folders and getting anywhere in the CarPlay interface is a one or two tap functions. It is difficult to find flaws with CarPlay’s organization since there is not much of it there and it is easy and simple. At Android Auto’s screen bottom edge one will notice several icons which provide shortcuts to various functions.

The first to announce that CarPlay to be fitted in certain new cars were Ferrari, Volvo and Mercedes-Benz while BMW, Citroen, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, Kia, Land Rover, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Suzuki and Toyota had also announced that they would be working on integrating Apple’s CarPlay in their vehicles in the near future. Google had launched its own beating on the in-car area known as the Open Automotive Alliance – OAA which aims in bringing the Android platform to cars in a meaningful manner. It is not just installing Android from a phone in the car, but to adapt it specifically to the in-car experience. According to an OAA statement at the website `the Open Automotive Alliance is a group of leading automakers and technology companies which share a vision in making technology in the car safer, more seamless and more intuitive for everyone’.

The concept is that the OAA will permit car makers with more differentiation than several other competing systems while at the same time, maintain cross compatibility from common software among various car brands. Presently OAA brags on Audi, General Motors, Honda and Hyundai among the car manufacturers together with Google and chipmaker Nvidia from the technology business, indicating that there would be clashes between Google and Apple groups.

It is said that Honda, Hyundai together with General Motors seems to be pledged to both Apple as well as Google, meaning that the models are well-suited with Android and the iPhone from all these manufacturers though may not necessarily be in the same car. It is not known on how the new in-car connectivity camps, if at all, would be co-operating since certain cars are equipped with compatibility for iPhone while others for instance could only have the potential of being connected to an Android smartphone Few car manufacturers, however are in different camps where Ford for instance, presently utilises Microsoft’s system though is also signed up to Apple’s CarPlay while Kia has Android for its existing in-car systems and is also a member of CarPlay.

General Motors that manufactures Vauxhall cars in the UK has signed up with Apple’s CarPlay as well as Google’s OAA together with the GENIVI Alliance along with Honda and Hyundai indicating that the drivers could get the choice of Android or iPhone compatibility from the point of purchasing new car.

There is a possibility that the OAA cars could lend support to Apple’s CarPlay as the system has been shown off by Mercedes, Ferrari and Volvo at the International Motor Show in Geneva, run on BlackBerry’s QNX software.

 This has been adopted by the automotive trade due to its history of reliability. Until Apple tends to exclude the OAA from its licensing agreement for CarPlay, some of the cars could default to Android though switch to iPhone connectivity when the iPhone is plugged into the system. Both Android Auto and CarPlay come with extensive lists of third party audio streaming apps and listening to audio content seems to be one of the oldest as well as the safest means of in-car infotainment.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Google’s Android 5.0 Lollipop

Android 5.0 Lollipop
Recent reports reveal that Google has unveiled its latest version of Android known as Android Lollipop at its I/O Developer Conference in June this year.

There seems to be a lot more with regards to the updated operating system which features a redesigned user interface referred to as Material Design together with improved lock screen as well as notification menu. Moreover it also delivers an improved battery life together with great performance. Google’s latest entry is a big release and is the most significant visual Android update since 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich which was released in the year 2011.

It provides the foundation for the growth of Android as a platform beyond smartphones and tablets and Google is making headway in pushing Android forward as the future software. Its focus lies in making Android connected to every device where the users interact with and Lollipop is the first plunge in getting there.

Google’s latest announcement of the world’s most popular mobile platform came up after an extended testing and preview period and Android 5.0 Lollipop has been debuted on three new Nexus devices namely the Nexus 6 smartphone, Nexus 9 tablet and Nexus Player streaming media device. These will be available on the Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10 as well as Google Play Edition devices,this forthcoming week.

Largest And Ambitious Release on Android 

Google has described Lollipop as its largest and most ambitious release on Android, touting its flexibility and states that it would want Lollipop to excel across several platforms. Lollipop’s noted features are in the form of visual enhancement as well as user interface changes and the platform has new and more fluid animations together with cleaner design accompanied with a bolder colour palette and revamped multi-tasking menu.

 It also offers new methods to interact with your voice. The Material Design initiative is for the purpose of unifying the software’s look and feel across a variety of form factors. Several new Material Design features are seen in recent updates which Google has launched for its own Android apps like Google+.

Besides visual overhaul, Lollipop also brings over 5,000 new APIs to be tapped into for developers and enables multiple different Android devices with several form factors for improved performances.

Protection Against Resetting Phone to Factory Defaults

Google states that songs, apps, photos as well as recent searches could also be seamlessly synced across a variety of Android devices. Moreover Lollipop includes new notification controls in limiting alerts at the time of meetings etc. new battery saver mode which are capable of running through ninety minutes more of life between charges, multiple user accounts, new ways to secure the device through trusted Bluetooth connections and guest user modes.

Protection against resetting phone to factory defaults is also included in Lollipop which has been created to make it difficult for phone thieves in using stolen devices. All these features have been installed by several Android device manufacturers on their smartphones and tablets though Google is ensuring to make sure that they are part of the core Android experience

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Apple and Google Criticized Over Encrypted Smartphones

Apple and Google’s policy to encrypt their smartphones will be making the rescuing of kidnapping victims as well as foil the terror plots difficult, according to US with the FBI warning them of their decision which would not be helpful in kidnapping cases and terror plots. James Comey, FBI Director, criticized Apple and Google recently for developing smartphone encryption so secure, that it has become difficult for police to access easily on information stored on the devices even in times of search warrants.

The ability to search photos, messages as well as Web history on smartphones would help in solving various serious crimes right from murder to child pornography to attempted terrorist attacks. He also commented that someday it would matter a great deal to people and help them tremendously when they would be able to gain access to such devices when faced with these situations.

Comey further added that the FBI officials had already contacted the two companies who had announced their new smartphones encryption initiatives the previous week. His comment was that `he could not understand why companies marketed something expressly to allow people to place themselves beyond the law’.

New Encryption System of Privacy Concern

Comey remarked that Apple’s latest entry of mobile operating system, iOS 8 had been so thoroughly encrypted that it had been impossible to unlock iPhone or iPads for police while Google has been moving to an automatic type of encryption for its latest version of the Android operating system which has also been unable to unlock though it would be taking longer for the updated feature to reach its users.

The two tech giants have now decided to add new encryption systems of privacy concerns which have been sparked out by Edwards Snowden’s revelation of mass government surveillance.With Google and Apple, criticized for handing over reams of customer data over to the National Security Agency – NSA, they are now offering encryption software as a form of default on smartphones stating that it would now be impossible to comply with US government searches.

Quick Access to Phone Data – Save Lives in Emergency

Apple comments were that it was not technically feasible for them to respond to government warrants for the purpose of extraction of data from devices, the announcement of which has disturbed the American law enforcement with Comey adding his criticism to the issue.

He cited two examples of situations where the quick access by authorities to phone data could save lives in emergency. He also informed reporters at FBI headquarters that the officials of US were in talks with the giant tech companies, accusing them of placing people in a position where they would be beyond the reach of law.

Law enforcement does have the capabilities of intercepting telephone conversation if they have a wiretap warrant from court, however the new encryption system would block any access to call data, photos, contacts and even emails that may have been stored on the phone.

The former assistant director of FBI Criminal Investigative Division, Ronald Hosko, stated that the encryption would be protecting thousands of criminals who intend to do great harm, to people, both physically and financially.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Google Chrome 28

Version 28 of Chrome is completed and offered for download on the Google site or via the internal system to update the browser. This new version of Chrome 28 is the same as the beta version: the renderer Blink takes the place of WebKit and fitness notifications appears on Windows. Google's Chrome browser is also increasingly popular around the world. Blink is the fork of WebKit led by Google since April. The change is a priori invisible at the moment for the user, but the Mountain View Company has already started to clean up the code of WebKit as needed. Opera, which has already adopted for its home Blink browser and Adobe will be among the contributors to this new rendering engine. You can see the version number of Blink by entering “chrome: / / version” in Chrome's address bar. Another important novelty is the arrival of Notification Center. For now it is only available for Windows, it will happen "soon" on the Mac. The apps from Chrome Web Store and extensions can now display advanced containing action buttons notifications - notifications HTML5 were already supported.

In case of any notification alert of an email, a button to reply to the message and call another contact is there. Google is also preparing an API, Media Gallery, which will allow applications using Chrome to import and play files stored on the hard drive. The iTunes library will be the first case covered by this API. It begins to be implemented in the Dev version of Chrome.Since its launch in 2008, the growth of Chrome is impressive. Google has proudly announced at its developers conference that their Chrome was the most popular browser in the world, with 750 million users. The latest statistics from StatCounter prove that is right. The whole American continent is acquired him - except for Greenland. This is also the case in most of Europe and North Africa. However, Internet Explorer is still the majority in China (50% market share), which is no small thing since the Middle Kingdom were at the beginning of the year 567 million users, a figure the exponential growth.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Google Loon: Internet Access via Balloons

After his Hi-tech glasses, Google has unveiled a new experimental project for the less ambitious and unconventional Loon. Via balloons filled with helium and sent into the stratosphere, it is to provide internet access to people who cannot even enjoy it. A first experiment is already launched in New Zealand. There are more than a year now, Google X a research laboratory "secret" of the web giant, emerged from the shadows by revealing the Google Glass. This time, he returns to the front of the stage with Loon, a crazy project that seems straight out of a science fiction novel. Indeed, it is to provide access to the Internet via balloons in the sky. 2/3 of the population does not have access to the Internet and therefore Google tried for a fast and effective solution

The Mountain View company is part of a simple fact about the Internet: "Two thirds of the world's population, however, still do not have access to a fast connection and cheap, and there is still much to be done in this area. It indeed takes with many natural obstacles (jungles, islands, mountains, etc...) and financially. In majority of countries in the southern hemisphere, the cost of an Internet connection today still exceeds the equivalent of a monthly income“. Based on this inventory, the web giant unveiled a solution for home, in theory, to provide Web access to the largest number for a cost that should be mastered and increase the number of users on its services? The chosen solution is to send the balloons in the stratosphere at about 20 km altitude, twice as high as commercial flights. The problem is they cannot remain in geostationary position (the orbit is 35,768 miles) as satellites for example, so they derive the liking of the winds. However, thanks to solar and wind energy, it is possible to adjust the height of the ball and take advantage of a favorable wind to the best position. Obviously, they are in communication with each other to create a mesh over our heads and spread over a wide area Internet, the whole being connected to a server. This however raises the question of managing a full fleet of balloons which should include many components. On one hand, the web giant sweeps this issue claiming to have already "developed algorithms and complex computer systems" without further details.

A first experimental phase was launched in the region of Canterbury in New Zealand. It brings together 50 testers equipped with special receivers and about thirty balloons. The web giant is now seeking countries on the same latitude as the country to expand their experience. Balloons communicate and sprinkle the area with access to internet. Of course, no price or availability date was mentioned for marketing Loon and rates side, Google only says he hopes to provide "access to the Internet at speeds comparable or superior to those networks of current 3G "remains to be seen whether it is 3G base (384 kb / s in urban mode) or 3G + up to 42 Mb / s, the difference is huge. Finally, note that Google+ and dedicated web pages have been implemented. Finally, here are two videos presenting Loon.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Talk With Your Chrome 27 Browser!

The new version of Google's browser is here. Yes the Google Chrome; Chrome 27 shines with faster load times and a full screen mode for Android Smartphones. On Android Smartphones Chrome displays 27 sites in full-screen mode. Adding up the loading time of websites is very fast, save all Chrome users together 510 years of their weekly life time, as in Google announcement. Chrome 27 is of fast browser, the manufacturer promises to be an average of five percent faster load times. For this, the developers have optimized the processes. However, the daily surfing these improvements are comparably small. The advantages of faster loading times should be noticed only when accessing complex pages with a variety of different elements. Google's surprise announcement that set instead of the proven WebKit technology in future on its own "browser engine" to come in the current version but not yet to be in force and only going to utilize with Google's new Chrome 28 browser-base indicator in appearance.

As usual, Google has in the new Chrome version again closed some security holes. For the discovery of the vulnerabilities of the Internet giant let go this time almost 15,000 U.S. dollars. With over $ 3,000 received from the Finnish University of Oulu, the highest premium for the detection of memory errors in the audio playback. Security researchers found a total of 14 classified as risky vulnerabilities from Chrome and those have been removed from Chrome 27. In addition, the new browser receives an improved version of the Flash Player. With Chrome 27 Chrome users get the opportunity to use the framework presented in the developer conference intelligent voice search from Google. Interestingly, Google Voice Search understands but not as an exclusive new feature of Chrome 27: In the announcement, the function appeared not once on. Go to the Google search with the latest browser version, a microphone icon appears in the input line. Have appropriate audio hardware installed or connected to your PC, ask and you dictate from then blithely go.

The version for Android devices has received an update. On Smartphones you can now surf with Chrome 27 in full-screen mode. To do this, simply scroll down to leave the address bar disappear. But on tablets that function is not yet available. Use the Omnibox to the web search, this keeps your searches from Chrome 27, instead of the current display the Google address. At the same time there is more space for your search results. For website developers; Chrome offers 27 thanks to support new HTML5 features, the easy way to integrate form elements. How to do this demonstrates in the demo page. Furthermore, the Chrome team has the developer tools optimized in some places, to facilitate the work of the web developer. Also on board is a new audio interface. Which allows feed the browser with a live stream. These benefits include the new standard for real-time communication, which Google introduced Chrome 21. In addition, the makers of Chrome have built a sync file system interface to access data from Google Drive on the Chrome apps. In addition to these changes, the new Google browser comes with a number of other minor improvements.

In Chrome 27, Google continues the trend of its predecessor. The most interesting changes for end users can be found in the Android version. While also gets the big brother profound innovations donated, but play mainly under the hood. With intelligent Voice Search you have the communication with the PC hands free for other things. In terms of speed, Google's browser leaves the competition far behind as usual.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Google Maps with many extra features!

Google Maps is more than a road map. It provides storage information, photos, attractions, driving directions, weather details and much more. Google Maps is one of the most popular services of the search engine provider. You can reach the Maps service both via your browser, as well as app for Android and iOS. Since 2005, Google helps with it to the Internet users to find the right way very easily. While Google initially had only large roads in major cities on offer, it mapped now even the smallest streets, walking trails, the interior of museums, shopping malls and airports, and offers a lot of information about traffic and landscapes. Google Maps provides a free route planner navigates from point A to point B - and on request also includes the current traffic situation. The service provides not only driving instructions for cars, pedestrians and cyclists are taken into account. It also offers more details about the schedules of public transport along the route. Do you want to avoid certain roads; you can also easily change the route by clicking on any point on the route and change it by dragging with the mouse.

Along with groundbreaking maps Google also offers satellite images to help users going to get an impression of the area. To select this view, click "Satellite" at the top right corner of the browser. Recently this feature attracted attention, as a horde of amateur detectives are made on the internet in search of a murderer whose alleged fact, Google had taken from a bird's perspective. Another function, without which many users Google Maps no longer could imagine, is Street View ("Street View"): Pull in browser mode, the orange males from the left edge of the card on the blue-marked roads; you can see the area on eye level. That's handy to know how a particular street or neighborhood or looks around, advance impress a way that you have to go to the first time. Thus, with Street View also quickly check whether the holiday cottage really as stated in the prospectus, only 150 meters from the beach away.

Use Google Maps on your Smartphone, you must have some special features, but also have useful functions to choose from. The first step is to install the maps app on your phone or tablet. Do not have a data plan that allows you to surf the Internet on the go, the offline mode of Google Maps app is practical: With it, you save yourself selected map sections on your mobile device to help you to look at the road. Do you want to use the Street View feature, you must however a small detour to make (only connect to the Internet): Only call the info box to a local place - for example a café or restaurant - and see this window a button that takes you to the street view. Google leaves no opportunity unused to enrich his cards with information and data: How Google Maps shows users also plenty of current information such as weather and traffic conditions. Click above right on the "Traffic" button and put a check mark in front of the desired information. Because the data collected are Google even jam forecasts. Just click on the right menu to "traffic" and then left on "Change". Now select the desired time for prediction.

Not only in the streets of foreign cities of the journey is sometimes difficult - even in major shopping malls, exhibition halls, airports often lack clear direction. The remedy the indoor maps function: it should show the way even in buildings by Android Smartphone. Google Maps also allows you to be creative: It is easy to provide the Internet cards with their own comments and symbols - just click on "My Places" (left menu) and then "Create Map". Only after Google mapped roads and were then photographed and eventually made accessible, Google digitized now unceremoniously nor the rest of the world - or at least all the places worth visiting. With the "World Wonders Project" you will discover on the PC historical places and special landscapes, located throughout the world. With camera-equipped car, bike or on foot Google employees have photographed special places so that they can be admired in a panoramic view on the computer - some even in 3D.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Google Glasses Available Before 2014

Google  Glass will be marketed before 2014, the co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin, made an announcement at the TED Conference, and he assured that they should be available before the end of 2013. Present in April 2012, Google Project intrigue Glass: gimmick or technological revolution? These glasses augmented reality and futuristic design brings us one bit of science fiction. At a show Google, the web giant has offered a glimpse of its features without really revealing all. As in, we realize that this project is not a joke. Video Google has finally unveiled all possible uses of these glasses, for example, with voice and gesture control, we have the opportunity to take a video, a photo, communicate via video conferencing, translate a word, to send message, and even perform a search by pointing an item. Google the Glass feature a more seamless interface that displays the weather, time, a GPS route, depending on user needs.

According to him, the glasses will end connected to antisocial behavior imposed by the Smartphone. Finished noses glued to the screens, see emails, social networks, and more! "You want something that frees your eyes?" he added, "we wanted to liberate your ears." The Glass Google will thus have well equipped audio system that sound at the bone. The co-founder of Google has also announced that Google will emerge Glass much earlier than previously thought that is before 2014. Or even that they will be on the market by the end of 2013 at a price of less than $ 1,500 And of course, these glasses should then be compatibles with iPhones and Android Smart phones.

Always an interesting case to follow, rather attractive for people who are really interested in new technologies and have a little mind "geek", I still think that success is compromised, it is a great innovation. It is already quite comical to see the number of people staring at their Smartphone or tablet in public transport and in the street. Just imagine all these people with the same glasses, shot straight out of a science fiction movie ... it promises!