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Apple Car Autopilot Function With South Korean Partner

Apple Car Autopilot Function

It is expected that Apple will create a "beta" version of the "Apple Car" soon by this year. Then, it will give an order to produce 100,000 models in 2024. The model's price is very high and available for $99,990, and it is about £72,000 or AU$130,000.

The vehicle is a self-driving electric machine. This company can partner with Hyundai, BMW, and other famous manufacturing companies. It is called "Project Titan" and is available with AI-specific features with Siri.

The vehicle is expected to be launched in 2024 to 2028. According to the rumors, Apple has been working on different automotive projects, leading to an "Apple Car."

Apple Car Design:

At the initial time, there was a rumor that "Project Titan" has been involved in an electric vehicle that will be available in the market by 2019 or 2020. As per a special source, the program has experienced a failure in leadership at the end of 2015. At one point, Apple was thinking of using the base of BMW's i3. Even both Apple and BMW did a meeting for a potential partnership.

Apple Car Features:

Self-Driving Systems:

It is the most prominent element of the whole scheme. This one is available under the "Project Titan" name because it is closer to the original car-design concept. In addition, the company has invented and tested a self-driving system, which has been seen on public roads.

Testbeds And Sensors:

According to the DMV records, the initial tests usually add additional equipment to a pre-existing vehicle. For example, you can find a Velodyne LiDAR 64-channel unit on the SUV's roof.

There are radar arrays and a custom frame-mounted onto the front and rear bumpers. In addition, it comes with cameras available in the protective housings surrounding the car's exterior. Thus, it allows the self-driving system to offer a 360-degree view of natural surroundings.

Patents and Applications: Like other products, the company can make many patent applications related to driving systems and in-development cars.

Safety and Systems Patents:

A patent application on autonomous vehicles surfaced in December 2016, giving details of a process of "Collision Avoidance of Arbitrary Polygonal Obstacles."

It can work in two-dimensional and three-dimensional space. Besides, without knowing about obstacles, the patent application can outline systems and processes to traverse an environment. It includes things that can affect movement through an area, such as convex and concave objects, moving and stationary obstacles, etc.

The company suggested in July 2018 that the self-driving system could modify its behavior relying on the car's occupants' stress level. It uses an internal sensor for the measurement of different data points. If it detects any stress, the system will shift to a slower speed mode or take corners at a slower rate.

A "confidence" system is a feature available in the car that helps decrease the necessary resources to process a mountain of data from onboard sensors. It was invented by patents in 2022, describing the mountain of machine learning. Although there are a lot of updated technologies available used to process a considerable amount of data, it still remains a challenge for computing in today's life. 

VR and AR Features:

The usage of VR and AR is a significant element also. For example, you can use a projection system on the windscreen, which will help you to display an AR view of the road. It includes elements out of the user's vision also. Apple has not discounted the use of headsets for AR or VR. However, the company suggests how users must follow to reduce car sickness while using the devices.

These Self-driving vehicles have to give information to other car users about the intention. According to Apple, the technology in this section may be updated. These cars display a sign on the back or sides, which helps other road users to notify them about the next move. It can be available in the form of a light strip on the vehicle's perimeter, and it can work as a big brake light or indicator.

Inter-car communications also offer situational awareness that includes an alert notifying the car's position via a self-driving car system. In addition, it will be equipped with Skid recovery systems that enable users to keep the vehicle under control even in dangerous situations.

Skid Detection System:

This company has its plans already to use this for taxi systems. Apple devices are also beneficial and play an important role in autonomous car features. These help to show alerts to the users who are in the vehicle. When the car is in self-driving mode, users cannot be familiar with the environment outside the car. So if anything unwanted happens outside the vehicle, it will give you alerts to pay attention to it.

According to Apple, along with being beneficial for driving, the feature also helps users take pictures. It can be beautiful scenery on a road while traveling, a car accident, etc. It comes with a remote operator like a driver trained to face emergency transit situations. As a result, this feature can guide the car to the hospital. A specialized airbag system keeps the passengers secured in dangerous conditions. It features LiDAR and other sensors too.

Patented Design: 

It comes with Powertrain systems. Its sunroof is set to slide a large glass panel. In addition, the car's multi-segmented sunroof comes with independent sliding and lifting sections.

The bottom line: 

According to a few sources, Apple has been working on the project in a research facility in Switzerland. As per the report of March 2017, there was a minimum of 10 doctoral and postdoctoral students who left ETH Zurich university for the lab. All were specialized in robotics, computer vision, and visual navigation, which are essential for an "Apple Car."

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Apple M2 Processor- Staten

Apple M2 Processor- Staten

Apple is creating an updated version of the M1 Apple silicon chip, and it will be known as the "M2." It is expected that the Apple M2 processor will be shipped in 2022. However, according to a few people, it may be a replacement for M1 , destined for next-generation MacBook Air models.

This company unveiled the M1 Pro and the M1 Max in October 2021. These are the most updated Apple silicon chips used in the 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro models. This M1 Pro comes with up to 10 CPU and 16 GPU cores. When it comes to the M1 Max, you can find up to 10-core CPU and up to 32 GPU cores.

The M2 is Apple silicon's next-generation version. Although it is not as strong as the M1 Max and the M1 Pro, it will be stronger than the M1. It is the chip that is designed to replace.

Apple M2 processor Price:

Till now, there is no information regarding the cost of the M2-equipped MacBook Air. However, it is expected that this new version will replace the existing MacBook Air M1. If something like this happens, it will start from the £999 starting price, and apple may launch the MacBook Air M2 as a stronger alternative instead of a replacement.

Apple M2 processor Expectations:

These are things that people expect to see from Apple's Mac lineup.

It may happen that Apple will hold its Spring event in March also. According to a report from Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, we get to know that the spring event of Apple is going to happen on March 8. Then, they will launch all the updated iPhone SE 3, iPad Air 5, new processors, and Mac computers. If it won't happen in March, it is expected to launch the new Mac lineup at WWDC, which happens in June.

Apple M2 processor:

It is expected that the lineup to the M1 processor will be available in 2022. This M2 processor of Apple chip is the successor to the M1 processor. As per reports, the Apple M2 processor comes with eight cores, four performances, and four efficiencies. Besides, it offers RAM support for 8GB or 16GB and a slight bump in performance.

The M1 came to the market in 2020 as the first processor used for Apple's chip design. After that, both M1 Pro and M1 Max were introduced in 2021. The last two ARM chips come with extra cores than the M1 chip and are stronger.

MacBook Air 2022:

The new MacBook Air is going to be the most anticipated Apple product of 2022. In 2020, the first Mac was released and came with the M1 processor. It was equipped with awesome processing capabilities and insane battery life. However, there was no update from Apple regarding the design we expect to have from the MacBook Air. It is changed with the recent MBA, hopefully.

The new MacBook Air has come with a massive redesign for the very first time. According to the YouTuber Jon Prosser, this MacBook Air will have features such as iMac-like colors, white bezels, a new squared-off design, many USB ports, a MagSafe charger, a notched display, etc. People also say that the revamped MacBook Air may not be called the Air going forward.

13-inch MacBook Pro:

The 13-inch M1 MacBook Pro came on the market in 2020. But if you compare it with the 14-inch MacBook Pro, you will find this underpowered. This 14-inch MacBook Pro is equipped with an M1 Pro processor.

According to the reports, the 13-inch MacBook Pro version will be announced very quickly than expected with the M2 processor. It will have a healthy selection of ports like the newer MacBook Pros.

High-end Mac Mini:

It is the next Mac mini that will be a different beast. The high-end Mac mini features the M2 processor and a major redesign. It will have features like a thinner overall profile, a Plexiglas-like top panel, etc., and be available in many color options similar to the iMac M1.

According to the reports, the revamped design may come with 4 Thunderbolt connections, dual USB ports, wired Ethernet and HDMI output, and a new magnetic power connector. However, this new Mac mini cannot replace the M1 Mac mini, and the reason is that the M1 Mac mini is the most affordable Mac of Apple.

27-inch iMac:

The 27-inch iMac is expected to come with the M1 Pro/M1 Max processors. However, multiple theories are available that circulate around the 27-inch iMac. According to a few people, this new Mac will be capable of imitating the design language of the 24-inch M1 iMac. Other people say that it has a screen size of 30-inches that looks like an iPad Pro.

Some reports say that the upcoming iMac Pro and 27-inch iMac are the same. According to Ross Young, the high-end new iMac Pro may feature mini LED backlight technology for the display. He is the CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants. The device is used mainly by professional users and creative people.


Apple may beef up the manufacturing process, due to which it is expected to see M2 processor of Apple after the Autumn. The manufacturing procedure will remain at 5 nanometers. Apple will use the A14 and A15 as a base. It will use TSMC's next-generation N4P procedure, and it is an upgraded version of the 5-nanometer process. The conventional 5-nanometer process is used for A15 and M1, M1 Pro, and Max. However, compared to this, the new method can offer ~ 11% points more performance, and ~ 22 % points more efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How powerful is the M2 chip?

According to the recently leaked information, the M2 chip comes with a 4nm node, 16 power cores, and four efficiency cores in its CPU. As per the report from Bloomberg about GPU, the top-quality laptops or mid-range PCs can have 16-or-32-cores.

  • Will there be an M2 chip?

The MacBook Pro 2022 will become the first Mac equipped with the next-gen M2 processor. It comes with a more efficient architecture that helps to enhance the performance without boosting the CPU cores numbers.

  • Will M2 be better than M1?

The M2 may outperform the M1, but the vice-versa might not happen. When the Geekbench single-core tests are performed, it is seen that the M2 chip has outperformed the M1 Max chip slightly, with all CPUs receiving the same scores.

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AirTag Update: To Avoid Unwanted Tracking

AirTag Update: To Avoid Unwanted Tracking

Sometimes, people can get unwanted tracking alerts. For example, it gives notification while you borrow someone’s keys, but when only the AirTag is attached with it. If you mistakenly left your AirPods inside your car while traveling with your family, the tracking device helps you by giving you alerts. However, it is seen that some people are trying to use the device badly for malicious or criminal purposes.

Apple is working with different safety groups as well as law enforcement agencies. However, we have given more ways regarding AirTag update safety warnings. Every model comes with a unique serial number. Besides, devices that are paired are associated with an Apple ID. You can get information on the paired account from Apple for a subpoena or valid request from law enforcement.

What is AirTag?

AirTag is actually a device used for tracking and produced by Apple. This tracking machine is designed to use as a key finder. With the help of this device, people can find their objects such as keys, bags, apparel, small electronic devices, vehicles.

It helps to track your private items through the Find My app. The device has been launched last April. Since the Air Tag Update, multiple people have shared their stories regarding the device how it helps to get their valuable item. For instance, a person has got his wallet after he lost it on the subway. You need to know that the device is made to locate the belongings of people. It doesn't help to find the location or track people or property of other people. 

As unwanted tracking can be harmful to society, therefore the factor is considered seriously while designing it. This is the reason why developers made the Find My network keeping the privacy factor in mind. It uses end-to-end encryption also. It is also one of the reasons which the first-ever proactive system is made. It helps to notify you of unwanted tracking.

Updates of the AirTag device:

These are a few available updates. New privacy warnings during AirTag setup:

If you are a new user who set up the device for the first time can see a message in the upcoming software update. It states that the device is used for tracking your belongings. If the device is used to track people without consent, then it is called a crime around the world. The device is designed in a way that can be detected by victims. Besides, law enforcement is capable of requesting the identifying details about the owner of the device.

Addressing Alert Issues for AirPods:

It is heard that people have got reports of an “Unknown Accessory Detected” alert. You can make sure that you won't get to see the display when an AirTag device is available around you. It is applicable for merely AirPods of 3rd generation, AirPods Pro, AirPods Max, or a third-party Find My network accessory.

Updated Support Documentation:

Apple is now updating its tracking support for communicating the safety features that are default in AirTag, AirPods and Find My network accessories. On this page, you can get extra explanations that can be triggered by Find My accessories. You can see here updated details that let you know what you are required to do after you receive an alert like instructions to disable an AirTag, AirPods, or Find My network accessory. However, there are some links to resources that someone can use when they feel that safety is at risk.

Now, we will discuss the updates that are going to be introduced later this year.

Precision Finding:

This feature allows you to find an unknown AirTag with precision. It is applicable and can be used on iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and iPhone 13 devices. It helps to see the distance as well as the direction while it is within the range. The Precision Finding feature takes the help of the input from the camera, ARKit, accelerometer, and gyroscope.

Display Alert with Sound:

As soon as the device emits a sound to notify that it is present nearby, you can get a display alert along with sound. It is useful when you see that the device is in a place that is hard to find.

These are some of the AirTag updates that we have discussed in this blog.

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Apple RealityOS

According to the real Bloomberg report, the OS is based on iOS. The report referenced the rOS in 2017. Apple prefers to use the OS shorthand for different OSs such as iOS, watchOS, tvOS, iPadOS, and macOS. Geoff Stahl was an Apple veteran who belonged to one of the directors. However, after a few months, analyst Ming-chi Kuo claimed that the first AR headset of Apple is going to arrive later this year. Like, M1 Mac, it comes with a similar level of computing power.

Kuo recommends that the headset is going to be a standalone platform. Apple RealityOS may be a codename that has been used by Apple for the last five years. But according to the Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, the codename is “Oak” for the operating system. However, as per the continued references, you get to know that it is actually a project which is key to its headset.

Apple RealityOS Report from Bloomberg:

As per the information from Bloomberg, the Apple headset might not be available in the market until 2023. Apple has decided that they are going to reveal the news at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, known as WWDC. According to the reports, Apple is experiencing different issues such as overheating, cameras, and software. These pushes back the headset reveal. However, it might happen that Apple is willing to get the software development kits for realityOS before its debut. It was 2017 when we got to know from Bloomberg that Apple has been working on a new operating system ‘rOS’ or ‘realityOS’.

Report from 9to5Mac:

According to a report from 9to5Mac, we can receive the new OS in 2022. As per the details from the report, the operating system will give Power to the upcoming AR/VR headset produced by Apple. References of ‘realityOS’ are available in the App Store upload logs and the open-source dyld repo. It indicates that the headset will come with its App Store. Here, the third-party developers are capable of sharing augmented reality and virtual reality apps.

References from a Twitter user:

You can find the references to a Apple realityOS highlighted by Twitter user Steve Troughton-Smith. This new operating system is helpful for the developers as they test apps for the Apple AR/VR headset with the help of this. The headset is now one of the products that are popular among people.

Apple RealityOS Features:

  • The Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo gave additional information about it. Kuo gave the power adapter details of the headset. As per the report from Kuo, the headset is going to use a 96W power adapter which is useful for the 14-inch Apple MacBook Pro. 
  • Besides, he also gave information about the device that it is going to be compatible with two processors like a 4nm chip and a 5nm chip. 
  • It is expected that the device is going to have a minimum of 15 camera modules. 
  • The device will come with an eye-tracking feature, i.e. iris recognition. The expected price is going to be between $2,000 and $3,000. This product will be the same as the Oculus Quest. It has a few prototypes that are tested like external cameras for turning on a few AR features. 
  • Apple is testing the cameras to check if they are capable of tracking hand movements. Apart from this, the company is also testing software features such as a virtual keyboard. It is expected that the device is going to be available in a sleek design. 
  • The device weighs light and is comfortable to use for the user to roam around. Like tvOS that is used to run Apple TV, macOS and watchOS also run Macs and Apple Watch respectively. 
  • According to the report, it is revealed that the device will come with a three-display configuration. Apple is going to offer two Micro OLED displays and an AMOLED panel in this product. 
  • From an earlier report by Ming-Chi Kuo, it is known that the weight of the device is between 300 and 400 grams. Compared to M1 chipsets, the headset is capable of delivering better performance. M1 chipsets are used in the MacBooks by Apple. 
  • According to the rumors, the device comes with advanced sensors that are for the environment and gesture detection.

Shipment of Apple realityOS:

Usually, Apple doesn't reveal its upcoming products, but you can know the rumor around the company’s AR/VR headset. Multiple rumors have revealed some information about the device. But according to the investor Kuo, the shipment of the Apple realityOS is not going to start until the first quarter of 2023. Therefore, there will be a limited number of headsets that people can get at the time of the launch. You can see the same timeline of launching from a paper shared Display Supply Chain, DSCC by short.

The AR/VR headsets developed by Apple have been rumored for years. Apple bought the VR company VRvana in 2017 as well as the technology. Later in 2019, we got to know that a mixed AR/VR headset is going to be released in 2022 when the AR glasses will arrive by 2023.


According to the recent rumor from Bloomberg, the device is going to be delayed until 2023 for the development problems such as overheating. Whether these are the original references, the developers can get or will get access to the operating system. In recent times, the virtual Apple realityOS has got a huge demand in its market. Our earth is gradually going towards the metaverse gradually.

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Apple Watch Settings: How to Use the Control Center on Apple Watch

Apple Watch Settings: How to Use the Control Center on Apple Watch

Generally, Apple Watch is simpler to use, but a few ways are there following which you can make it more convenient. You can add shortcuts to your favorite apps or increase the Watch's text size. Making these changes will help you to feel more comfortable. Apple Watch control center is one of the features of such mobiles.

These settings and features are compatible with any Apple model. Please ensure that your Watch can run the recent version of Apple's WatchOS 8 software. Thus, your Watch will have access to all recent features and improvements. 

Apple Watch Settings: How to Use the Control Center on Apple Watch

Here, we have given you six changes that you can make at the Apple Watch settings.

1) Manage all Activity Goals:

When Apple released WatchOS 7, it has also added an option to change the goals for your preferred time. Earlier, there was only an option to change your Move (or calories) goal. Therefore, you don't need to use the defaults— 30 minutes of exercise and a cumulative 12 standing hours a day. You are capable of changing anyone to fit the proper routine.

After making the small changes, you can hit your targets, especially while you begin your day, not the time when Apple says. For instance, if you use sleep tracking overnight and give a charge in the morning, you will not feel like losing an hour to close those rings.

Please head towards the Activity app and open it on your Watch. Then, you are required to scroll the display to the bottom and then click on the Change Goals.

If you are willing to take a screenshot of your Watch, you should tap on the Digital Crown and side button together. It is an easy and straightforward to use process.

To disable the feature of taking screenshots altogether, you should first move to the Settings app on your Watch and open it then. You can take the help of the Watch app on the mobile and then head towards the General option. Next, you need to scroll down the display until you find the Screenshots option. You should hit the option and then toggle off the switch beside Enable Screenshots.

2) Customize Apps that Appear in Your Dock:

Have you installed multiple apps on your device? If yes, it can be hard to look for the correct ones while you need them. It is when you can use the Apple Watch's Dock. It may happen that you are not familiar with this term. It is the iPhone's app switcher. However, you should hit the side button in the Watch to trigger this.

If you are willing, then customize the Dock to display any app. To customize it on the Watch, your first job is to head towards the Start menu and open it. Then, you are required to click on the Dock and choose the Favorites option. It is advised to set up this in your Phone's Watch app as it helps you to customize these apps.

Now, you have to open the application and tap on the Dock option on the iPhone. As soon as you choose the Favorites option, a list of apps is available. It is divided into two parts that are— Favorites and Do Not Include. Favorites indicate the applications that have been available recently in the Dock. You should hit the Edit button that is available in the top right corner. Thus, you are capable of customizing the Favorites.

3) Choose the Portrait Mode Photos:

The device allows you to set the Portrait mode images like the background. In this case, your first task is to dig into the settings that are available in the Watch app. If you are willing to start the process, then you need to launch the application first. Then, you are required to move to the Face Gallery tab available at the display bottom. Next, you should hit the Portraits option. It is available under your New Watch Faces category. It would help if you then hit the Choose Photos option available under Content to choose up to 24 photos. It rotates automatically while you raise the wrist or tap on display.

4) Stop Application from Installing Automatically:

Whenever you are going to install any application on the iPhone, it installs its Apple Watch counterpart automatically. It can clutter up the Watch's app grid.

Navigate to the Settings in your Watch app on the mobile. Then, move to the General option. Next, you are required to slide the switch (beside Automatic App Install) to Off. Open the Settings menu for doing this. Then, it would help if you tapped on the App Store, and then your task is to toggle the switch beside Automatic Downloads.

Now, you are capable of installing separate apps on the Watch. Just open the Watch app on the mobile, and then you need to scroll to the bottom, where a list of available apps is available.

5) Silence Noise Alerts:

People prefer to use Smartwatches to check the alert or the time. However, loud alerts can defeat this purpose. Swipe up from the display bottom to enable your Apple Watch's silent mode. Thus, you can launch the Control Center. Next, your job is to hit the icon to trigger the Silent Mode.

You are capable of doing this also. Just open the Apple Watch's Settings menu, and then your task is to scroll the page down to the Sound & Haptics. Next, you are required to toggle the switch beside Silent Mode. A volume slider is available, using which you can manage the incoming notifications sound.

6) Make Text Easier to Read:

When you read any news headlines or notifications, it can be hard on the display. You are capable of enhancing the font size on your Apple watch. If you're willing, then you should launch your Settings app on your Watch. Then, you need to scroll the page down to the Text Size. Next, you should rotate Digital Crown or click on the letters available.


When you buy a new Apple Watch, you might think about the apple watch settings that you are required to enable or disable.

We have given here a few ways that let you know how to change the watch settings.