Monday, August 22, 2011

The Termination Version Number In Firefox -1

Mozilla plans to do a lot with version numbers for Firefox. This decision is subject to fairly sharp exchanges in the forums of the foundation are to remove almost completely any reference to the encrypted version of the software, including the inevitable about window. Already on the download page for development versions of Firefox there is no mention of their number, but their progress "Aurora" for alpha and "Beta" for the latest. This principle should also apply to the general download page for final drafts. On older versions of Firefox, such as 3, it was instead the specific details of the version number to the Gecko rendering engine. With 5 and 6 for example have all been cleaned for much. To justify this decision was endorsed with the teams of the user interface and is being set up, As a Dotzler at Mozilla, said he is heading to the prevailing principle with Web applications that use always the latest version, without asking more questions. "Which version of Gmail do you use?" he starts at a time to an opponent to support his argument that the version of software tools no longer necessarily the value given him so far. What a user has countered that, unlike a remote Internet service, he had his hand on locally installed software on his machine. Not to mention about some situations where this information is useful if not essential (eg technical assistance or any problems of compatibility with third-party software). To these critics Dotzler said consistently that the number, in case of real need, would in any case submitted through the Help menu> troubleshooting information. And for web developers who want their eyes, extensions are available for display in the title bar of the browser.

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