Friday, September 30, 2011

Which MacBook Air and Mac mini 2011 to choose? - II

If the distinction between the different models of Mac mini may be fairly clear, the thing is more subtle with the MacBook Air: you can not directly oppose 11 "and 13", with two very different uses. This question is to be removed: the 11 "ultra-mobile but a little less independent, the 13" not necessarily much harder to transport and more autonomous. Both are thin, lightweight, have a screen with a resolution thrust, and are very comfortable to use thanks to its SSD.

Which MacBook Air and Mac mini 2011 to choose?

MacBook Air and Mac mini Mac are two very different, but the lines pose the same problem: four machine on one side, three on the other configuration options with a shovel ... was soon to hesitate between two models, even after they scanned sheet in detail, even after reading tests MacGeneration. Here are some items to help you choose. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Facebook Unveils New Profile

On the occasion of the conference, Facebook unveiled its new social platform. They focus on the ease of access to content, sharing, and discovery. Profile, the center of Facebook since its inception, disappears: it gives way to a timeline, a wire that is "the story of your life," of your last interaction on the social network ... you were born.

Apple Verses Samsung on 3G

Apple and Samsung met all day yesterday in a court of the Netherlands. The Korean group called for the country is prohibited in the import and sale of the iPhone and iPad 3G version, Involved, the use by Apple 3G transceivers without payment of royalties. These components include technology from Samsung. A similar procedure is under way in France since July 8, on patents related to 3G as well as

Monday, September 26, 2011

Testimonials: you, your Mac and Flash

Nearly a year in October, Apple does preinstalls more Flash on his Mac. A decision that mimicked that of Microsoft Windows, but also followed the passage of arms around Flash iOS between Steve Jobs and Adobe. Hence the subject of this appeal to witnesses who asked the question whether the policy had changed your habits vis-à-vis this plug-in. The answers provided show various positions and trenches and strategies that are just as among those who kept Flash, but want to hold her bridle. Yes to FlashThe reasons are obvious to install Flash. Adobe technology is far from being replaced.

 Video sites have begun their moult - and yet not all, Canal + has been repeatedly cited as requiring the presence of the plug-in - but many others use it either for promotional content, either through to online tools "I surf more on iPad for some time and we must recognize that many sites require Flash. DIY sites, major retailers of home appliances, computer equipment, etc.. In fact, I will summarize the usefulness of the reader with access to catalogs, the realization of selections or purchases. So back to the iMac ... "wrote wsalado.Same is the ubiquity of Flash with vintz72 "In any new position (PC as Mac), I go very fast in general that he lacks Flash. There is indeed a lot of sites that still use it (partially, but sometimes the whole site is that the Flash).

Commercial sites use it extensively (Citroën, Peugeot, etc.. To name brands of cars). Those who say you do not need should not surf much. In short, until everyone has remade its site in HTML5, I must have Flash and I always install. On my iPod touch, I surf few specific apps and make up for the absence. ""I Flash in-dis-pen-sa-ble: I work in photography and graphic design, given the number of photographers Flash websites (including mine), you can not do without. This is the first plug-in installed in Firefox. And that's also why a iPad is irrelevant "says Norbert75. After the Flash users and those who would pass before there is the middle position.

That which is to have the plug-in on his machine, but use it sparingly, when you can not do otherwise."I do not use Flash Player as it slows down too much navigation and is too hot my MacBook Unibody 2008. But I use an extension (ClickToFlash) that allows me to see the contents when needed. ".This use ClickToFlash was mentioned several times. This extension hides the contents of web pages and Flash can play them on demand. You can also choose the sites where ClickToFlash can act and let down in others. "I use ClickToFlash since purchasing my iMac 27" 2009 and before that on my 24 "... This year, after buying a mini with Leo, the first installation of Flash site met, immediately followed by of ClickToFlash. Contrary to what I read, having lots of RAM (in my case) does not change much, it is mainly the processor that is sought. "Said Ianni.GasyKaManja alternates between two browsers "Mac's Safari or Camino with ClickToFlash with reading Flash blocked by default. I flash to 95% and I do this only when friends send me interesting links: YouTube, Daylimotion, only Flash videos.

Or on certain sites only (that of Disney, my bank) or when I have to book or buy something. "The use of a blocker is also highlighted by the older Mac users that the plug-in is broken down.ouviravecAnother solution for Flash without its drawbacks is to enlist the services of Chrome. The plug-in from Adobe is integrated into the Google browser. Therefore one can have a free OS X and Flash for Safari Chrome away when a site or page is needed. The switch from one to the other browsers is even easier. In the Safari menu "Development" contains the command "Open the page" that lists the browsers present. The current page in Safari will automatically be launched Chrome. To enable this menu, go to Safari Preferences and then at the bottom of the panel "Advanced".No FlashThe camp brings together different profiles of refractories. For example owners of older machines somewhat like that of Madalvée "I became a" no flash "in spite of myself on my Power Mac G5 with Tiger, where the software is not updated. Only a few fantasies we are prohibited, such as online shopping site of Adobe (too bad for them) and the sites of those who apply the latest (too bad for them too).

The sites of fans who wear a FrontPage design (a web authoring tool from Microsoft, ndr) of the 2000s are still rich and interesting! "There are also Mac users very recent and have not installed the plug-in after purchase "In my case, not at all in Flash for over a year and a half of my machines, including a MacBook Air 2011 "written rom54" and frankly it is rather a big advantage over any pub is almost more than the browser crashes, less consumption for the computer (the fans do take longer depending on the way sites visited by cons ... I installed Java). Ditto for my wife who has turned his cell phone and flash using the Internet to view iPad. Short life without Flash is rather pleasant.

"Since moving to Leo, I have not bothered to install flash. He has no real use in certain specific web applications ... that I do not personally. Now, the videos can be played natively, and YouTube (video-only service I use) allows, in its HTML5. "Said MacArthurEU.Another module quoted on a few occasions, one designed for these sites and videos that will force them to play their content in HTML5 with options on the definition used by default. This extension, YouTube5 can work with YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook.


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Friday, September 23, 2011

Net 10

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

The French press powerless against Apple?

For these titles, it is not an isolated initiative. Combined into a single entity, the GIE, they decided to negotiate with one voice against Apple and other Internet giants like Google and Facebook. Speaking with one voice, these media hope to establish a more favorable balance of power and get more favorable terms. In fact, about the kiosk integrated iOS 5, the GIE is clear: the securities in question are planning to boycott as Apple will not make some concessions.

It is always the same two points back: the customer files and 30% commission considered too high. Xavier Spender, CEO of Team 24/24, swear that a copy of the newspaper sold on the iPad brings in less money than the paper version. The GIE is of course very attentive to what the other titles to escape the grip of Apple. The initiative of the Financial Times who decided to abandon its application to launch a web solution in HTML5 is followed very closely. In this regard, account Liberation soon launch a webapp to not be dependent on a distributor too powerful.

This does not mean that Libé considering stopping development of its applications IOS.Regarding Epress, GIE does not stop there. Subscription offers and bundle will be available in the near future. The various members of the association meet frequently to reflect on how to monetize their content on the Internet. The EIG has already signed an agreement with Google to be present in its booth. Google is far less difficult and greedy Apple. The Internet giant asked a commission of 10% and lends the customer data. On the other hand, newspaper publishers have more flexibility in setting prices. If unity is strength, this group left some observers skeptical. Benedict Evans, an expert on digital content, think the press is in the same situation as the record industry: "People needed the music to Apple, they were not able to negotiate well, unlike the film industry which was able to obtain better deals.

The press is desperate, Apple has the advantage. " Ken Doctor, an expert in the media industry for its part provides a different look and feels that this type of coalition has had mixed results in the past. Individual interests often end up taking him as the better of common interests. And that's exactly what happened in the U.S. last year when several newspaper groups have formed a consortium to build a digital kiosk and impose their views. Finally, the union eventually collapse and each actor has signed an agreement directly with Apple ... It should be noted that this association was absent from a brand: Le Monde that he apparently preferred to go it alone.

The day broke up Wintel - II

Microsoft has the culture of "all Windows" younger probably do not know, but before that the iPhone does not come to change everything, there were phones with a "Start" menu as well as on PC. Now that divorce is consummated, the two old cronies are not without bitterness toward each other: Microsoft explains its inability to react in touch with the absence of a credible product for this market at Intel , and Intel says the insolent form of ARM by the inability of Microsoft to provide an operating system designed for touch interfaces.

The day broke up Wintel

Behind the television ads in relief, or connected, and other tablets, the new major last CES went relatively unnoticed. It is no less significant if: Fortress Wintel eventually implode under its own gravitational mass. It is, however, that since the conference of Microsoft Build the details of the divorce were announced. First element: all manufacturers of PCs, once submitted to the yoke of Microsoft, now offer machines running operating systems other than Windows.

There was a time when Microsoft would never have missed such insolence, but it was specifically convicted of such practices. Insult of all insults, even Intel has its own operating system (first Moblin Meego and after the merger with Maemo, Nokia's system). However additional Intel teams up with Google to offer an Android compatible hardware platform (see Android: Google and Intel optimize their relationship). This independence of manufacturers is indeed the element that has reintroduced a competitive pressure for both Windows and x86: in the mobile world, the ARM processor and OS tactile reign supreme. And it is this pressure that led to the second item that ends the reign unchallenged until Wintel: Microsoft announced that the exclusive x86 ended, and an ARM-compatible version of Windows was on the agenda . It is a real warning shot, while the tandem-x86 Windows is rain or shine in the computer world for a quarter of a century.

Wintel, the portmanteau word that describes so well the close relationship between Microsoft and Intel, which has been very successful in a waltz with each update of an advantage to the other and vice versa. The x86 has shelved the 680x0 processors from Motorola, the PowerPC alliance Apple-IBM-Motorola, MIPS processors, and many others. The IBM alliance goodness, the former regent, outside his own kingdom. No one was in size, no one could resist the steamroller. At best, the Mac has missed just disappear, which might have happened if, ironically, Microsoft had not come to the aid of the symbolic last competitor (Apple investing in an amount no less symbolic but the gesture has been sufficient to restore confidence in the stock market), and Linux should survive by having taken out the equation on commercial (commercial versions of Linux without the means of its competitors in terms of marketing ). On the hardware side, the only salvation for AMD has been to produce processors compatible with the x86 instruction set, including the road map remains under the sole control of Intel. As for other builders and developers, they were all committed to the cause Wintel: any little sheep who is away from the path saw sharply rebuked, if not economic sanctions. Intel and Microsoft held their cup whole computer industry, thereby making their mutual good fortune: in 2010, Microsoft record $ 62.5 billion in revenue and 44 billion Intel. The two companies have worked to preserve, and both have taken too much of their dominant position, which is based more on one another, so that they were both heavily sentenced several times. The industry has paid dearly for this straitjacket that will put a brake on innovation, a crucial component in this area. It will have been that by deporting a new market, away from two friends, the manufacturers have been able to get rid of their hegemony. But watching the course of history, one can not help but notice that the spell is sometimes quite ironic. In 1994, Apple presents its first Power Macintosh, it trumpets the CISC processors Intel is at an end, and that things are going now, Intel will not take the demands of Moore's Law a few years at most.

Twelve years later, the same Apple abandoned the PowerPC processor and passes it once decried as moribund and obsolete. If Intel was able to deploy ingenuity to ensure that the x86 architecture continues to remain valid, all agree, however, to note that it shows its age. We have perhaps forgotten today with the current nomenclature of Intel for its processors, but it takes its name from the first members of this family whose name was composed of a number ending in 86, starting with the 8086 which powered the very first IBM PC, and was born in 1978 .... Certainly, the architecture has undergone many changes since, but at a heavy price compatibility.

This is particularly acute at a time when Intel has to offer ultrasobre processor to deal with the ARM architecture that equips virtually all mobile devices. This does not, however, Intel to continue to develop brilliant discoveries (read Intel starts to 3D). For the interdependence of Microsoft and Intel have also sealed their fate mutual: it was necessary that the processors are compatible with the OS and applications, and vice versa. While Apple was 3 times its revolution (changing twice processors and once the operating system), taking each time a blank page while managing to establish a smooth transition, Microsoft and Intel are remained bound hand and foot. So much so that enough has become a cultural value for both companies, which have remained bogged down when the mobile took off.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

IPhone: the remote to do everything

The iPhone, and IOS devices in general are becoming remote controls of all trades. It is true that Apple has shown very early on the way with Remote [2.1.1 - French - Free - iPhone / iPad - iTunes Sarl] which is used to control the Apple TV or iTunes on your computer. Subsequently, many have tried to make the iPhone to act as a universal remote in the lounge.

 This applies, for example Beacon Griffin (69 €), which allows using an application to control your TV, your digital receiver, stereo, and much, much more ... But over time, there are more unusual objects. It started probably last year with the AR Drone where terminals iOS served quadricopter a remote radio-controlled (read: Testing the AR. Drone).

It is unclear whether the object was a commercial success, but he gave some ideas.Even if the object is much more conventional Dexim recently presented AppSpeed ​​Monster Truck, a remote-controlled truck that instead of being supplied with a remote control includes a dongle that plugs into a terminal iOS (read: When the iPhone truck driver). And sooner or later, this could also apply to large cars. In the world of Frankfurt, Valeo has demonstrated Park4U, a system to park your car for you. You leave your vehicle, you Draw your iPhone and you tell your car where you park.

This technology is already working with some manufacturers (Audi, Ford, Volkswagen), but the iPhone application allows for parking is not available and had never been presented. Unfortunately, the slots are not supported! Some have found uses far less futile. Thus, the German company operates the iPhone as a remote control for ultra-sophisticated KUKA KR 6, an industrial robot.The video is quite impressive. The application on the iPhone is not just to drive the vehicle (using the accelerometer), it also offers the ability to program it.

It's not just that the idea of ​​iOS any control is gaining ground. Recently, at IFA, LG introduced a system for Android to any drive your appliances: washing machine, oven and vacuum cleaner robot.All this only works with LG devices. Like what, Apple is not the only one who understood the concept of ecosystem ...

iPad: the lessons of Windows 8

iOS as Android systems are multitasking. Although the technical details differ, the operation is the same: one application is displayed full screen, you can quickly switch from one application to another, and a notification system provides quick access to information behind the plan.Windows 8 goes much further: taking advantage of the ingenious system of window management in Windows 7, it can "snapper" an application to an edge of the screen while another application holds most of the rest of the screen.

iPad: the lessons of Windows 8

8 Windows, Microsoft is force proposal: it relegates the windows and the mouse in the background and highlights its graphical interface and use Metro Touch. This proposal is so interesting that in some respects, Apple and Google would be wrong not to be inspired by Windows 8

Saturday, September 17, 2011

iPhone 5: a "very different iPhone"

Fall will be here in a few days. As of September 22, icloud iOS and 5 will then exit at any time. These two sites are also very well advanced and there is no doubt that they will be completed both in the next few weeks. But the icing on the cake, it will be obviously the iPhone 5, whose output is only a matter of weeks. On or about October 15, if we are to believe the statements a little forced and forced to Stéphane Richard, in addition to other ...

Friday, September 16, 2011

The 'sales' are gray PlayBook mine at RIM

Only 200 000 PlayBook tablets and 10.6 million BlackBerry smartphones were shipped this quarter. RIM announced yesterday its financial results for its second fiscal quarter 2011. The launch of the Berezina PlayBook turns but still believes his parent on a rebound and put through a review system and business operations.

Test iPhone supports two 4 car

We recently published a comparison showing the main navigation software for iPhone. If the application used plays an eminently important, the media is not to underestimate any means. The offer in terms of support for iPhone 4 does not fail. We decided to test two: Exomount of Exogear and the "Car Design" Navigon, to whom we owe the famous browser.

Bribes to the sales figures iPad

The trial of analysts involved in trafficking of confidential information on Apple on track with details on the procedure of the protagonists. To situate the context, in November, the U.S. stock market watchdog had launched an investigation against several analysts and investors


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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Test of two pens stylus for iPhone and iPad - III

With Calligrapher Prestige Dual Function Stylus (phew!) IChic Gear takes a very different bias: instead of putting a pen in a pen, the Swiss company has a stylus pen. His appearance could not be more traditional, with a form to promote a good grip.

It is a fountain pen rather heavy: light pens fans, go your way. iChic Gear has chosen not to use Parker cartridges, cartridges fine focusing. The autonomy is likely to be limited, but additional cartridges are provided: what pen before losing to overcome refills. Writing is after all quite nice considering the price.

Test of two pens stylus for iPhone and iPad - II

The stylus pen Virtuoso Touch Kensington is very classic: a metal tube that is half a centimeter in diameter, with a slightly grainy matte finish available in black or gray, light enough not to weigh heavy enough to we feel it. Nothing to say so on the quality and strength.

Behind her is a pen cap, and is compatible with Parker cartridges. This is fortunate, however: the cartridge is provided by default in a miserable quality. Be careful though: some cartridges "compatible Parker", slightly shorter or slightly longer, does not necessarily in the pen (this is for example the case of Fisher Space Pen cartridge).

Test of two pens stylus for iPhone and iPad

Apple is not at all in the camp of supporters of the pen: it is precisely the denial of this piece of plastic is easier to lose than to use that allowed the creation of the iPhone and iPad. The pen, however, remains relevant for writing quick notes, annotating documents, drawing. Many Stylus capacitive screens are also pens, they work equally well on a screen ... on paper. Practice? Useful? The response in our test!

Issues around the Apple campus

A proposal [architectural] backward, reminiscent of the Pentagon in 1943 as well as architecture firms in the suburbs in the years 1960/1970," the architecture critic of the Los Angeles Times, Christopher Hawthorne, looks tough enough on Campus 2, Apple unveiled the project in early June by Steve Jobs at Cupertino City Council.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


In recent days, the great wave of Ultrabook. Acer, Lenovo or Toshiba have recently introduced models that inspired quite frankly the MacBook Air. If the ultraportable Apple will have competition in the coming weeks, manufacturers embark on this segment timidly. According to DigiTimes, no more than 50 000 models were produced to deal with the initial application. It must be said that the market for personal computing is at half mast. In addition, some manufacturers may have learned the lesson of the iPad. Many had produced large quantities of tablets and currently have the greatest difficulty in selling them.
Most of these models will arrive on the market next month. Intel, which firmly believes in the concept, planning a conference on the subject on Sept. 14. The semiconductor giant has well resolve the various problems relating to technological Ultrabook and hopes to quickly find new partners. Intel's goal is ambitious, but for now seems out of reach: ensure that by the end of 2012, the share of Ultrabook represents 40% of mobile phone sales to the general public. Intel is also disavowed by one of its partners, Asustek, which estimates that this target will be missed. On the other hand, Asian society already promised that the next generation of Ultrabook expected in April 2012 will be sold cheaper. These models will feature architecture Ivy Bridge. Anyway, it's a funny way to advertise the current generation.

Samsung v Apple

Apple may expand its folder that contrasted with Samsung in Australia if she agreed to disclose sales figures of the iPad in England and the United States. As a reminder, September 26, Justice Annabelle Bennett of the Australian Federal Court in Sydney to hold a hearing at the request of Apple. Having dithered, Samsung has finally shifted to the September 30 launch in the country of his Galaxy Tab 10.1. The judge advised Apple to report sales figures of the tablet in two countries where the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is present (in the US sales, announced in England) to assess to what extent this was actually an impact on sales. But this is by no means a requirement and it also rejected a request from Samsung to force Apple to do so. Because it is confronted with a possible commercial reality of the claims of lawyers who feel that Apple's "remarkable similarity of the product from Samsung in terms of functionality and appearance" inevitably affect sales. In contrast, Bloomberg said, Samsung's lawyer argues that clients first choose an OS "People want an Android product, so they will buy a product Android. It has no effect on sales of Apple. " Does Apple will follow the advice of the judge? She has a habit in its quarterly results report the sales figures of its iPad. But only as a global figure consolidated, and never by large regions or even less for each country.

iTunes Match

A spokesperson for Apple was keen to clarify at All Things D-shaped correction of all media - including us - with iTunes Match described as a listening service streaming. Match iTunes would use a local cache: pressing the download button triggers not playback of a song streaming pure remote, but downloading a song in AAC format 256 local pieces read as it is downloaded. Streaming requires a constant connection to the server, the file being downloaded piece by piece. With icloud, Apple does things differently: the 256 AAC file is downloaded in its entirety in the local cache, allowing in particular, as long as the connection is good, start playing immediately and to move forward through the song without waiting for buffering. This system is also more easily deployable on a large scale: concurrent connections for streaming could bend mobile networks and degrade the user experience. But in the end, no matter: the same way that most users do not know about Specify its elaborate system of P2P (and time of Hadopi and shortcuts coarse it entails, it is better that they know nothing about), most users do not care about the precise operation certainly not Match iTunes. Apple is indeed everything that his system is like the hardcore streaming from the perspective of the user. While the song is downloaded in the local cache, switch to airplane mode and you cannot read it. Apple can be dispensed to provide a system for managing the size of the cache: it denies the existence of the local cache. While the song is downloaded in the local cache, it will be seen as downloaded by the system if the user has explicitly pressed the download button. While technically there is only one step - download the song - Apple separates for the user to listen and download, to facilitate understanding of the system. Music "rises" in the cloud of your iTunes icloud automatically; you can play a song directly in the cloud or to "descend" to your iPhone or your iPhone by pressing a button. Never mind the semantic and technical discussions are certainly important for a fringe of users, but are similar to all other pinailleries - provided that the system works.

Virtualization with Parallels Desktop Lion 7

First, it will be recalled with Leo, Apple allows users to virtualize its system software provided of course that it is run from a Mac. Previously, the Apple brand store for this possibility to edit "Server" Mac OS X Parallels Desktop is the first virtualization solution to allow it (without having to tinker) but there is no doubt that VMware and Oracle exploit this feature very soon in their respective software. Installing OS X Lion is simple, but slow. Parallels Wizard starts the recovery partition and prompts you to install Mac OS X 10.7 on your virtual machine. The biggest problem with this approach is that it is better not to hurry. The installer must before starting his work to recover the archive to install OS X Leo. It is not without problems for those who have acquired the USB Mac OS X 10.7. Despite a good ADSL connection, the installation process has taken two to three hours. After the installation is completed, the virtual machine restarts. Then, like any virtual machine, you are prompted to install the Parallels Tools. The application mounts a disk image on your desktop. You just have to start the installation as with any software. As with any virtual machine, Parallels allows you to set a range of parameters: amount of memory, graphics acceleration, storage ... As with any Windows virtual machine, you can also exchange files between your Mac and Mac virtualized. In performance, the results are quite honest. Your Mac is more powerful and more RAM you have, the better it will be. It should be noted that the coherence mode that allows you to melt the windows of Windows applications on your Mac can not be activated, but the interest of this feature with Mac OS X is very limited. 2010 on a MacBook Air Core 2 Duo 2.16 GHz with 4 GB of RAM, performance is completely honest. As always with virtualization, we feel the limits of this process as soon as you begin to make sustained use of the graphics processor. On the other hand, the fan of the MacBook Air can be heard more than usual. Out of curiosity, we tried to install Snow Leopard in a virtual machine. In this case, the application displays a short message reminding that Apple does not allow the virtualization of this version of Mac OS X. It is not officially unofficially making do, it is always possible. In any case, it is unfortunate for those who depend on it for one reason or another Rosetta. Recall that a demo version of Parallels Desktop 7 [260 MB] functional for 15 days is available for download.