Saturday, August 27, 2011

Market Shows Serene Confidence On Apple

We were expecting to see the market reaction to the announcement of the withdrawal of Steve Jobs, they show a relatively serene confidence, since the close of Wall Street, not accusing AAPL a loss of 0.65% lower than the Dow Jones (-1.51%) and NASDAQ (-1.95%). This figure should be put in perspective with the performance of the day, while AAPL was up 5%. The scholarship has noted the change in position of Steve Jobs, would not seem particularly moved, and then displays a relative confidence that Apple continue its momentum after the change of helmsman. The smooth transition will have paid all we could see Tim Cook at work during the sick leave of the founder of Apple. If the Cupertino company would soon make an announcement as we suspect more and more, turning this small market will be gone as long as it is increasing in the coming days.

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