Thursday, August 25, 2011

The GalaxyTab again blocked in Germany

The legal battle between Apple and Samsung has left the Netherlands to head back to Germany, where a preliminary decision was made today around the shelves of the two manufacturers. The sale of the GalaxyTab is again banned in Germany, pending a trial on the merits on September 9. Judge Johanna Hofmann-Brueckner of the Court of Düsseldorf has nevertheless made it clear that it could confirm this decision. But this would only affect German soil, not Europe. According to a report from Bloomberg, the judge specifically stated "There are many other ways to design a tablet, as amply demonstrated by the market. We believe that the European rights to the design of Apple imply benefit from good protection, if not very large". A very different assessment of the Court in The Hague in the Netherlands where Apple got nothing for the moment the issues of hardware design. A lawyer for Samsung, and had interpreted the judge's decision "As he rightly pointed out, human design of Apple cannot force us to make bad products technically. Many design elements are simply necessary if you want to make a tablet. " It also appears that cases of image manipulation of the tablet from Samsung to give it the same dimensions as the iPad not particularly interested in the judge, is on his side Florian Mueller at FOSS Patents. She asked about it by counsel for both parties to discuss among themselves about it, but outside the court. The restoration of this injunction, decided to start on August 9 and then lifted a week later, is now valid until September 9. In parallel, Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission and answer questions digital answering a question on his Twitter, said its services "closely followed the Dutch and German records." Neelie Kroes has been active in business between Brussels to Microsoft.

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