Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Apple’s new updated iOS 8

 iOS 8.0.2
With the disruption of the key features of the updated iOS on thousands of iPhone, Apple recently issued a follow-on version of the software in order to put things right and the new updated iOS 8.0.2 is now made available to the consumers.

Apple’s public image has been affected on the discovery that the iPhone 6 Plus can be bent, though it will now take some time to improve upon it. The company has stated that iOS 8.0.2 can fix issues that affected iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users downloading iOS 8.0.1 as well as includes improvements and fixes bugs originally in iOS 8.0.1.

The company also extended its apology for inconveniencing the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users who were affected by the bug in iOS 8.0.1. The effect of the bug was overwhelming wherein on downloading iOS 8.0.1, users starting reporting that their iPhones were not capable of connecting to a cellular network in order to make calls. Besides this, the Touch ID fingerprint sensors on certain devices were not working and the people had problems in unlocking their phones.

iOS 8 Compatible with any Version of iPhone 4S

Apple acted quickly by putting a stop to the update of 8.0.1 stating that they were investigating on the issue of the problem with an assurance that 8.0.2 would soon be ready in the next few days and also issued a workaround for those users who had lost cell service or the use of the Touch ID feature.

According to the company, the problem only affected less than 40,000 iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices when the latest models had only arrived recently and according to Apple, the first weekend of sales had reached 10 million of the devices which had been made available to consumers two days earlier bringing in a number of new features and fixes.

The iOS 8 is compatible with any version of iPhone 4S or later and the fifth generation iPod Touch and any iPad which has been released from the second generation while some features like Apple Pay seem to be specific to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Other changes are that the latest software tackles long standing issues with iOS’ notification system, the iCloud services and its tie-ins with Apple’s desktop OS X software.

Aim to Improve `Reliability’ of `Reaching’ Feature

Moreover it also extends into the home and health automation space with a suite of new `Kit’ apps together with developer tools. The company’s goal was to fix the bug which prevented developers in launching HealthKit app for iOS 8, in the app store as well as another bug which prevented users from uploading photos and videos from Safari.

 The update was set with the aim to improve reliability of the reaching feature on the latest iPhone 6 and 6 Plus where the `reaching’ enables the user with the ease of operating the large phone with one hand.

The update was also done to correct issues like the third party keyboards, third party app access to Photo library together with ringtones not being restored from iCloud as well as the issues caused with cellular services.

iOS 8.0.1 has also set to handle the issue which had caused unexpected cellular data usage when the devices of Apple had received text messages and to provide improved support of `Ask to Buy’, for in-app purchases for Family Sharing.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Introduction of QuickType - Improvement on Keyboard

Apple is now offering some more improvement on its own keyboard besides supporting third party keyboards, with the introduction of QuickType in iOS 8 which helps you to learn typing patterns with suggestions when correct by helping to input text in everything from text messages, to websites to notes.

Apple had introduced two types of keyboard related tenpole features in iOS 8, a third party keyboard support and QuickType predictive test. The functions of third party keyboards are the same as the mobile operating system with the replacement of the default system keyboard together with a new one, most of which tend to be similar and available at other platforms.

QuickType is Apple’s predictive text entry wherein the keyboard analyses the text typed suggesting words it believes one would most likely text the next, taking tone into account relaxed phrases and words which would be used in instant messages while emails tend to get more formal languages.

Overlooked Feature of iOS and OS X – Ability to Define Text Shortcuts

Some would prefer the option of predictive text appealing while there are others who would find the same distracting. Doing away with the predictive suggestion bar which is above the default keyboard from view temporarily is easy.

It can be done by tapping anywhere in the bar and drag downward where it collapses into a thinner gray line with a white grab handle. If the user intends to permanently disable QuickType, then the same can be done by a long press on the keyboard selector icon and slide the `predictive’ toggle off. Besides this, one can also make a trip into the iPhone or iPads’ settings app then navigate to Setting, then General, followed by Keyboard and turn off the `predictive’ switch.

To re-enable the same you could turn the switch back on. The ability to define text shortcuts which could be used in inserting longer text content is an overlooked feature of iOS and OS X. For instance one might set easily remembered shortcuts for mobile phone carrier text codes which would enable them to check balance through SMS or configure a quick option to insert email or mailing address to fill web forms.

Tips to Manage and Create Shortcuts

Managing and creating shortcuts could be done by navigating to Setting -> General -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts. Here one will see an alphabetically sorted list of existing shortcuts and adding new shortcut is simple as tapping the `+’ key in the upper right area of the keyboard where the resulting dialog prompts for two items, which is a phrase or shortcut.

 The phrase being the longer piece of text which can be inserted and the shortcut is what is actually typed. For `news@appleinsider.com’, the shortcut `@@@’, has been added. QuickType has popular and familiar functionality which have been available on several other mobile platforms for many yearsthough users of iOS who are not familiar with the feature would prefer that iOS 8 would keep its suggestion to itself.

To hide the suggestion bar of QuickType the user could open any app which launches the iOS keyboard like the Notes app which has been displayed in the screenshots. Once you begin to type, you will see suggested words which begin to pop up on the gray bar above the keyboard.

Apple – OS X Safe from `Bash’

OS X Safe from `Bash’
It was revealed that Red Hat security researchers had uncovered a huge exploit in the `Bash’ command shell found in OS X and Linux named `Shellshock’ by security experts wherein the exploit enables hackers to gain access through web connected devices and service with the use of malicious code.

The exploit which was called `as big as Heartbleed’, by Robert Graham, security researcher was referring to a flaw which was discovered earlier this year in the well-known open source software OpenSSL that had affected the internet by 66% .

Apple had informed that Hearbleed had not affected its software or key services and had also released updated for AirPort Extreme as well as Time Capsule assuring users that they would be fixing the Bash exploit issue at the earliest.

Shellshock Enabling Access to Hackers 

Bash being the software in controlling the command prompt on several Unix computers,can be exploited to take total control of the system. Linux is used to everything and the bug could affect Windows, Android and IBM machines.

 According to the Director of Cyber at Warwick University, Professor Tim Watson, he informed MailOnline stating that `the impact could be very severe and it’s not overstating it to say that it’s a more serious bug than Heartbleed’.

He further continued saying that `the primary way this is going to be exploited is through the web; a hacker could use the bug to place malicious things on the website or steal information like banking details.

The bug going by the name Shellshock could also allow potential hackers in gaining accessing to every internet enabled device which could be used in the user’s home with the use of something as a smart lightbulb.The danger with regards to this is that no sooner it gains access to an internet connected device; it could jump onto others which include smart locks which can open locked doors.

Software Update for OS X

Apple has been aware of this recent discovered bash exploit named Shellshock and is striving to work quickly in providing a software update for OS X, which is the operating system running on the Mac. As per Apple spokesperson conveyed to iMore is that the vast majority of OS X users would not be at risk to the recent reported bash exploit.

Bash, is a Unix command shell and language that is included in OS X, has a weakness in enabling unauthorized users to gain control of vulnerable systems, remotely. Systems are safe by default with OS X and are not exposed to remote exploits of bash unless they tend to configure advanced Unix services.

Apple is working on ways to provide a software update for users of advanced Unix services. Most of Linux and Unix based operating systems including OS X, across the globe have been affected by the exploit and millions of computers as well as embedded devices will be needed to be updated at the earliest.

If a user is advanced enough in enabling the types of service that can be exploited by Shellshock then there is a chance of turning those services off temporarily or patch bash using Xcode.For others, they could stay informed with updates to understand that there is no high level risk at this point.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Apple Invites AppleSeed Members for AirDrop Test Fest

AirDrop Test
Apple in its note has invited the AppleSeed members to take part in a `test fest’ to focus on AirDrop function in OS X 10.10 Yosemite which is likely to be launched soon.

The company has invited several non-developer users to participate in the AirDrop Test Fest to help in fixing issues in the over the air file sharing system. Those who have been invited would have a notice inside the Feedback Assistant application combined with the public beta of the forthcoming OS X Yosemite.

Users invited to participate will be provided with guideline to test the feature and according to the notice, they will need two Macs which would be capable of running Yosemite as well as AirDrop or one Mac running Yosemite while one would be running Mavericks to test the legacy feature. Since the focus is on Mac-to-Mac transfers instead of cross platform, an iOS device is not needed for participation.

Guidance for Specific Testing Feature

Usually Apple has been restricting test fest activities only to internal teams who have been working on upcoming OS X software but has now decided to include AppleSeed developers in the preparation of OS X Yosemite launch. The Macs would need to run the latest seeded build of OS X Yosemite and if the user would care to test with the iPhone or iPad, then a device with a Lightning connector running iOS 7 or iOS 8 would be needed.

It has been reported according to a letter that the company has planned a special discussion topic in the handling observations as well as test results together with a survey prepared to guide developers for specific testing feature. The directed focus suggest that there are some points of concern which is essential to be sorted out before the completed Yosemite is released to the consumers and the survey is made available through Feedback Assistant.

Information on Right Way to Write up AirDrop Bug Report

Users taking part in the Test Feat have been asked to revert back with issues in special forum which have been set up for the event and this could probably help in avoiding any outstanding critical issue before the launch, which will be in next month. Assistance to these issues for those considering testing feat would be provided with information on the right way to write up AirDrop bug reports.

AirDrop, being one of Yosemite’s important features comes with the ability to transfer swiftly files and media between OS X and iOS platforms without additional steps in sending content through mail and like iOS 7 and OS X 101.9 Mavericks implementations, the AirDrop iteration uses Wi-Fi connection to ferry data to and fro, though it adds in Bluetooth 4.0 for quicker device discovery.

AirDrop automatically collects the list of nearby machines, including Mac running Yosemite when accessed from Control Centre in iOS 8 from which content could be shared. The desktop version too has a dedicated Finder window enabling the transport of files from Mac to iPhone or iPad. AppleSeed members are already in the process of taking part in the AirDrop Test Fest which is scheduled to continue through Sunday, 28th September.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Apple TV Support to HomeKit App

It was reported that Apple has updated its Apple TV boxes enabling them to support the brand’s HomeKit app.

The HomeKit is Apple’s attempt to make the home smarter by providing home gadgets, software which is designed to control home automation systems, by introducing protocolto communicate which can connect domestic devices from an iOS device with all the safety as well as simplicity that the iOS environment could provide.

HomeKit support was first included in late beta version of Apple TV Software update 7.0 that had been released along with iOS 8 recently. According to Aaron Tilley of Forbes though the Apple’s official update documentation was unavailable, the HomeKit frameworks did make the shipping update.

Apple has always been doing far progressive thinking and with the latest update it would be making a great leap from the computer world to the living room world in an era where Smart TV functions have begun to strain from the PC and AV environment.

Apple TV Box with Integrated Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Capabilities 

The HomeKit app control app was first introduced to Apple tablets and phone as the latest iOS 8 update though the main element was missing from the ecosystem, which was a device that bridged the gap between the domestic gadgets and the tablets as well as the phones resulting in the Apple TV box together with its integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities making its appearance.

With this latest entry, Apple TV would be the hub which will combine the fragmented smart home industry enabling users to turn on lights or unlock the door from an iPhone remotely with the help of Apple TV being a bridge device.

With both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless technology as the primary technologies connected devices to communicate in the iOS environment and the Apple TV being always at home, makes it as a hub to communicate with smart devices, an ideal idea.

HomeKit First Software Salvo

With the entry of the HomeKit on the Apple TV box, there could be changes in an instant which proves that Apple is no longer making conduits which tends to simplify the access to the computer and online worlds.

Instead of keeping the home at arm’s length, Apple seems keen in getting involved in every area of the home as well as every part of the domestic life. In June, it was predicted by AppleInsider that the Apple TV was the most likely HomeKit hardware product from Apple.

Many have speculated that Apple’s HomeKit seems to be the first software salvo in the home and iLights and iLocks would soon be following it. This choice could now be more certain since millions of third generation Apple TVs are already available at individuals’ home which can serve the purpose.

According to Tilley, it was stated that anyone with a third generation Apple TV together with the latest 7.0 software update would probably have a HomeKit enabled central hub whether they are aware of it or not.

Apple refrained from commenting about the HomeKit at the summer’s Worldwide Developers Conference though it could be an indication that more developments are in the pipeline probably as early as the rumoured media event which is to be held somewhere by the end of October.

Apple’s iOS 8 - Message App – Various New Features

Messages are always stored by default on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and sometimes the text, images, video and other media is viewed after a long time. Keeping all these could take up valuable storage space on the device.

The new feature option in iOS 8 now enables users to select the duration of messages that can be stored on the devices and the new setting will be useful in controlling the time limit of text messages and picture messages which get stored on the device.

Too many messages, a backlog of messages could accumulate over a period of time and take up a considerable amount of space not only on the iPhone but in the form of iCloud backups as well. Apple has provided an option in the first iOS 8 beta by including a `Store Messages’, option which is found in the message section of the app setting.

The message app provides various new features with the upgrade of Apple’s iOS 8 especially for those who participate in group messages which might take up a lot of space or even tend to get annoying. Users have the option of choosing to save the messages forever, for a year or just for 30 days. As of iOS 8, `Store Messages’, default setting is forever.

Message History Setting – 30 Days/Year/Forever

Long text message thread especially those which are accompanied with images tend to utilise more space on an iPhone and Apple taking this into consideration has addressed this problem in iOS 8 by including a new `Message History’ setting. By launching the Setting app, users can customize this, choose messages and change the `keep messages’ option according to their requirements of 30 days, a year or forever.

Selecting the option of 30 days or one year warns the user that the setting would delete all text messages and attachments from the device permanently once it reaches the expiration date. With regards to threads which may remain active, Apple has provided an easier option to go back and view the older attachments and access the unique functions which are available by going to the `details’ menu that is at the upper right area of a message thread.

Functions - `Leave this Conversation/Do Not Disturb’ 

User can then scroll down to the attachments section and view the pictures, video and the other media which have been sent and can also add a name of the group message thread if they intend to do so. If the group message thread tends to get annoying, a new ‘leave this conversation’, function is also available in iOS 8.

Besides this, iOS 8 also enables users to send current location of the conversation to members or even share their location for three different option of time, of one hour, until the end of the day or indefinitely. Sometime, conversation could be unwelcome or bothersome and for this issue, Apple has included a `Do not Disturb switch’, and on enabling this, notification will go on mute mode for on-going conversation making sure that the phone is not buzzing when new messages come in.

These features are besides the new quick sharing functions in sending video, audio images together with text in the new iOS 8.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Apple Watch with 512MB RAM, 4GB Storage

Apple Watch
According to recent report regarding the latest Apple Watch which was announced at an event, there seems to be some specifications for the Apple Watch which has been rumoured to be offered with 512MB of RAM together with 4GB built in storage.

Apple was light on its technical specifications and on checking with the company’s supply chain it was found that the product would be included with the said RAM and the GB internal storage. Its details were given in a new research report to investors, recently by Timothy Arcuri of Cowen and Company, which was provided to AppleInsider.

The note claims that the 512 megabytes of mobile DRAM would most probably be supplied by Hynix, Micron and Samsung. Regarding internal storage, Timothy Arcuri is of the opinion that Apple is likely to offer another version of the Apple Watch which would be an 8 gigabyte version in addition to the standard 4 gigabyte version though he states that the choice on larger capacity would not be the default configuration and expects the memory would come from most of the major NAND suppliers.

Wireless Combination Chip

With regards to other internal components, he also expects that the Apple Watch would be featuring a wireless combination chip which would be similar to the Broadcom BCM43342 that is found in iPhone 5s.

 Moreover, the chip also includes a GPS radio which Arcuri states is `somewhat at odds’, with the announcement of Apple, wherein the company states that the Watch would need being tethered to an iPhone to offer GPS data.

No explanation was offered for this discrepancy though there could be a possibility that the chip could be a modified version which lacks GPS or it could be that Apply may have decided not to enable the function, with the aim on improving battery life.

Users would be expected to recharge the Apple Watch every night. Several other companies in the supply chain of Apple Watch is stated to be a wireless charging integrated circuit from Integrated Device Technology, NFC chips from NXP as well as AMS, power management integrated circuits from Maxim Integrated Products and Dialog Semiconductor, a MEMS sensor from Invensense, Wi-Fi front end by Skyworks and microcontroller by STMicroelectronics.

Launch in Early 2015

Some information with regards to the display of the new Apple Watch was also said to be displayed last week, indicating it to be a flexible OLED display with glass as well as plastic versions for various models of the Apple Watch.Apple has not released any details with regards to its launch though all that has been said is that it would be sometime in early 2015 and consumers could expect the launch before the end of the first quarter.

Though the Apple Watch was announced early this month, the company had focused on the design as well as the level of customization which was available in its upcoming wearable device instead of specifications and storage capabilities.

The pricing remains a mystery, but the company had stated that the Watch would be starting at $349 without any breakdown of sizes or collections.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Apple using TSMC for 20nm A8 chip in iPhone 6, not Samsung

iPhone Board
Apple’s iPhone 6 & 6 Plus built by TSMC

According to recent reports, the latest 64 bit A9 system-on-a-chip of Apple’s latest iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is said to be built by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and not Samsung, its long-time partner. As the iPhone device made their worldwide debut, the team at Chipworks disassembled the models to have a closer look at the components inside, which revealed an A8 processor that had been built by TSMC.

This discovery confirms the rumours of last year that Apple would be switching away from Samsung foundries to TSMC which employs a 20 nanometer CMOS process for the present generation. Aseries SoC. As per Chipworks, the A8’s contacted gate pitch of 90nm conforming to Qualcomm’s MDM9235, which is a chip built by TSMC.

The change from Samsung to TSMC for fabricating the A series chip powering the iOS device tends to be significant since Apple had relied on Samsung earlier for the task. Besides this other discoveries include the unannounced NFC controller made by NXP dating back to 2012 with Chipworks cities insiders stating that the design was built by Apple exclusively indicating that the company had access to the silicon for around 18 months.

New Chip Power and Energy Efficient

The discovery of the A8 chip that is found in both the updated iPhone models confirms the use of 20 nm process as The Journal’s July report had indicated which compares to the 28 nm processor of the A7 chip that is found in the iPhone 5z, iPad Air as well as iPad mini together with Retina display, built by Samsung, thus making the new chip more efficient with regards to power and energy.

At the launch of the iPhone, Phil Schiller, Apple SVP of Marketing, had stated that Apple was capable of fitting the 2B transistor of the A8 in less space than the 1B transistor in the A7.

Apple’s decision to use TSMC instead of Samsung for the new A8 chip is considered to have affected the profits of Samsung earlier this year though Samsung could return to produce the chips in future. For some time now, TSMC had been expecting to replace Samsung in the A8 fabrication process.

Faster CPU Performance & Graphics

Besides this, InvenSense has also been tapped by Apple for the new iPhones’ six-axis accelerometer and gyroscope, taking over the supplier STMicroelectronics while Texas Instruments also showed up with haptics driver that were used to control the vibrator unit.Sony is also supplying the iSight chip which in iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is the company’s Exmor RS back illuminated CMOS image sensor which previouslyindicated that the chip featured 1.5 micron pixels on a die size of 4.8 mm x 6.1 mm.

Moreover, Chipworks also discovered that Apple’s phase detection system or `Focus Pixels have been implemented in the green channel. By preferring a different company in the production process, Apple’s A8 processor in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus has a faster CPU performance of about 25% and up to 50% faster graphics as informed by Apple during the September 12th iPhone 6 announcement. Consumers, recently got the glimpse of the components used in the building of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

How to Back Up Data to New iPhone 6

iPhone 6
Apple’s latest entry, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are now available to consumers and one of the first options for these owners would be to move all their contents to their new device. Apple has provided the support with the process of backing up as well as restoring the data with the use of iCloud and iTunes.

Getting the data over to the new device is a simple process irrespective of which iPhone model the user may previously haveand they could use either of the options of iCloud or iTunes. Most of the iPhone users probably have enabled automatic backups through iCloud but if one is not sure, the status could be checked by navigating to Settings, then iCloud and finally storage and backup.

If iCloud backup has already been enabled, users could check on the `last backup. The iPhone performs automatic backups when it gets locked, or plugged in and connected to Wi-Fi and while the latest backup may be around two weeks old, user would want to run a new one before going ahead by using the option of `backup now’.

New Cheaper iCloud Storage Plan 

Apple has recently launched a new, cheaper iCloud storage plan for their consumers. If the iPhone is too big to back up a free 5 gigabyte account, one could add additional space to ensure that precious data does not get lost but restored.

Users could also use the option of iTunes if they do not want to upload their data to the cloud by connecting the iPhone to the computer with the Lightning cable and open iTunes wherein they can either sync the device or open File, then Devices followed by Backup to bring up the backup menu. To begin the backup, a right click on the iPhone and selection of Backup Now can be done.

 Restoring data from iCloud is done straightforward wherein during setup and after signing in to iCloud, iOS poses a question on the user’s desires to restore the device from a backup or set it up as a new iPhone. The option of `restore from backup’ shows up a list of the latest backup enabling the user to make a choice on what needs to be restored.

Backup & Restore Process Easy and Simple

On doing so, it will allow you to set up the iPhone without the need of connecting it to the computer and based on the size of the backup, it could take a significant time limit for download. User need to make sure to start the restore when the phone is plugged in to an external power source.

Restoring from iTunes back is also equally easy and you need to update iTunes to the latest version before connecting the iPhone to the computer with the included Lightning cable, then Choose File, Devices, Restore from Back up followed by the on screen prompts to opt for the backup and start the restore procedure.

Movies, music and photos that are synchronized from the computer are not included in the backups and hence one will have to resynchronize their handset after restoration is done. You could also subscribe to iTunes Match, Apple’s cloud-based music locker, for music wherein the service comes at a cost of $24.99 annually providing download of any song which is available in local music library from the iTunes Stores as well as those which are not sold in iTunes could be uploaded and made available to the user.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Apple's iOS 8 Released With New Features

Apple's iOS 8

Provision with Tips & Tricks for iPhone/iPad

Apple has granted access to Touch ID with its latest iOS with third party apps such as 1Password which could take advantage over the fingerprint reading hardware. With the preparation of the iOS 8 release, Apple has provided a set of tips with tricks to help users of iPhone and iPad enabling them to take advantage of the new functions and features offered in the latest development of mobile OS.

The much awaited feature rolled out in iOS 8 was initially introduced along with the iPhone 5s which had been opened only to developers. It has the ability to swap out keyboards for third party solution and though earlier Apple had restricted users to the main iOS soft keyboard because of security issues, now with iOS 8, users can download and check out custom solutions like SwiftKey and Fleksy.

In iOS 8, users can access few more features on a locked phone if one intends to do so. They can toggle on the Today and Notification view screens for Notification Centre. With Apple’s iOS release, its privacy expands and diversifies and this new entry is not exception where its biggest addition to privacy settings screen is in the Location Services sub menu. You have a new subsection on sharing the location with more refined control for the apps as well as new system services toggles.

Option to Permit Third Party Apps Access

Moreover in iOS 8, users also have the option to permit third party apps access to Camera, HomeKit, Health as well as Motion Activity data and the apps enabled would appear in new Privacy menu which has been named after each of these features.

The Usage as well as the diagnostics submenu which appears at the bottom of the privacy screen has a new toggle like Share with App Developers and if turned on, it enables third party developers to see anonymized crash data and the statistics on the usage of the apps.

From the point of view of app, Apple’s first party titles have updated features such as in Messages section, quick image and audio/video sharing together with deep email management in the Mail section. Besides this, Apple has also made some more addition of new Camera features enabling the world’s popular shooter up-to-date inclusive of time lapse functions, advanced exposure controls and shutter timers,

iOS 8 Features Siri

The iOS8 also features Siri which has been improved to a great extent with the virtual assistant presently supporting `Hey Siri’, hands free operation when it is plugged into a power source. While audio response has been tweaked to sound more natural, the backend is enhanced with HomeKit integration in order to control smart home products.

Besides Siri, they can also customize Notification centre with widget which have been created by third party app developers and powered by corresponding app, widgets could enable information displayed in Notification centre with the lock screen, from surf reports to sports scores which can be done with a swipe.

With the release of OS X 10.10 very soon, iOS 8 would be able to integrate through `continuity’ features namely answering the calls on their Mac, continue with text conversations as well as open Web pages and documents through Handoff with Apple’s iOS 8 now being available as a free over the air software update.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Apple and U2 to Team up for the Launch of Free U2 Album

Apple and U2
It was reported that Apple and U2 planned to team up for the launch of Songs of Innocence with Apple’s recent product launch event and announcement of the new iPhone, the Apple Watch and a free U2 album for each iTunes user naming it Songs of Innocence.

A surprise appearance was made by U2 at the event, with a performance of a new single from the album, The Miracle, of Joey Ramone. There was a mixed up review for the free album with several iTunes users stating that they preferred to have it permanently deleted from their device and Apple has launched a tool to remove the album due to these complaints.

In order to delete U2 album, the user needs to visit https://itunes.com/soi-remove and after clicking on `Remove Album”, a confirmation for the removal will be asked. When the album has been deleted from the account, the same will not be available for download as an earlier purchase.

Should the user decide to download the album, then you would have to get it again which is free for everyone till October 13, 2014. Guy Oseary, Manager of U2 had stated that it’s a gift from Apple and if they do not like the gift, the same can be deleted. Apple has mentioned in its support page that thereafter it needs to be purchased if the need arises.

Ten Year Anniversary of U2’s iPod Commercial

Songs of Innocence, was considered to be one of the biggest albums launched in history since iTunes users had crossed about half a billion ownership on the first day of its release with Apple giving U2 huge blanket royalty fee with provision of marketing budget which was worth $100 million to give the album to all iTunes users.

U2’s thirteenth full length album is the Songs of Innocence and is the first after `No Line on the Horizon’, in 2009.This free album has been celebrating its ten year anniversary of U2’s iPod commercial and it is said that U2 plans to collaborate with Apple for the next few years and transform the way music is heard. U2 was aware that the free album would not be welcomed easily by everyone and the Irish rock band also posted a blog which said, `What a mind blowing head scratching 21st century situation.

33 Million iTunes Users

Over 500 million people which makes a billion ears and for people, who have no interest in checking us out, look at it this way.. the blood, sweat and tears of some Irish guys are in your junk mail’.

According to the Associated Press, it was noticed that over 33 million iTunes users had accessed the latest U2 album during the first six days of the release. Eddy Cue, Apple Senior Vice President was heard commenting that the figure was record breaking which included customers that had downloaded the album from iCloud or had used iTunes Radio in order to stream it.

Consumers are now not only doing away with the ownership to which they once were very close but are also openly rejecting it.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Apple Pay – Transaction Secured and Easy

Apple Pay
Apple’s next focus on how we pay for things, end number of times, is aiming on cash and credit cards as well as online shopping. Apple Pay utilises NFC – near field chip to correlate with payment sensors at store checkouts which works on Touch ID.

This is a system built in updated iPhone which uses the fingerprint as a pass code. Apple Pay intends to make the transaction much more secured when major retailers like Target and Home Depot have reported huge breaches on the payment systems. A visit to Cupertino, California was undertaken by Gwen Stefani, Dr Dre and Stephen Fry together with a team of experts from fashion and technology to see Tim Cook, executive of Apple, unveil his latest products.

Their attention was drawn towards Apple Pay wherein Tim Cook made a statement saying `it’s all about wallet and that their vision is to replace it’. He then showed a video presentation wherein a woman was found fumbling for her card at a till, rummaging through her bag before swiping and then walking out with her goods.

According to him, Apple would make the entire process a lot quicker by simply pulling out your phone, tap the register and you’re done. This made sense to him since most of the shoppers tend to move around with phone in their hands.

Helping Consumers to Travel Lighter

To get started, Apple is on its way targeting the plastic which fills the pockets where shoppers make around 200m transactions daily with their cards and Apple is keen on helping consumers to travel lighter.

Apple Pay compatible devices are the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and owners of any of these devices could hold their card details in a digital wallet and pay for goods by tapping at the till. Apple does not seem to be discouraged with its past failures and is not a stranger to upsetting expectation.

Past experience which had occurred four years ago, when Steve Jobs, the chief executive then, had met with some universal criticism when he had set up the new iPad range where tablets were already available and consumers had rejected them.Apple proved the critics wrong and their devices with 170m units were sold while ecosystem of cheaper tablet had made their appearance.

Businesses/Consumers to Accommodate Apple Pay in their Plan

Recently, Tim Cook got his first opportunity to make his mark. After the death of Mr Job, the Apple Watch is the first new product line to be announced and the company’s step in the payment world would depend on how the present boss settles a legacy.

According to market survey it is considered that the new devices are the most anticipated and consumers would need to upgrade their iPhone 4 and 4S models which presently are the most preferred models. Apple’s iTunes platform is where users would have to sign up for Apple Pay, has over 800m users already.

Businesses as well as consumers are now looking forward to accommodate Apple Pay in their plans and Apple has gone ahead and signed up with some large names for its US launch this coming October which includes Disney, Starbucks, McDonald’s and Whole Foods.

Tim Cook’s Interview with Charlie Rose

Tim Cook’s Interview with Charlie Rose
In a recent interview with Charlie Rose, Tim Cook, Apple CEO discussed several current product lineup of the company like Apple TV, Beats and Steve’s legacy and hinted at latest products of which no one had any knowledge.

Cook admitted that there were a number of things which the company was interested in but their focus on execution prohibited the number of devices on which it could work on at any point of time.According to him there were products that they were working on and which no one was aware of with no rumours about the same.

With regards to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus being the latest handsets, he was all praise about the Retina HD displays, its speed and thinness. He had also stated that some of their products would be great Apple products while the others would probably end up being shelved. He further added that they had been trying around with lot of things internally and if one would take each of their products made by Apple they would probably fit on a small table.

Google – Company’s Biggest Rival

At the time of the interview he was heard stating about his interest in TV which he said is `stuck back in the 70s’, and TV is the one thing they continue to have interest in and that there are plenty of areas that Apple is interested in but they have opted not to work on them.

Cook named Google as the company’s biggest rival which he observed enables most of the other hardware competitors, including Samsung.With regards to Beats, Cook stated the acquisition was more than talents and made a reference to music of Jimmy Lovine and Rap star Dr Dre. He touted the firm’s Beats Music stating the streaming service’s human curated playlist provided a different feel when compared to competing services.

Twitter and Facebook are more of partners than competitors according to him and that Apple has no plans to get into social networking business. He further added that Amazon is a product company even if it manufactures some tablets and phone which is not seen in many places. He went on to talk about Steve Job’s legacy and Apple’s acquisition of Beats.

Changes with regards to User Experience

Cook was asked whether Apple had any catch up plans with Samsung in releasing its new 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch models to which he was heard answering in the negative stating that they could have created a larger iPhone earlier and that it was not about just making larger phone but with intent and purpose to make better phone in every single way.

Cook also spoke about Apple TV stating that television was an area of great interest for the company. Cook revealed only a few things which he would like to change with regards to user experience and did not share much in details.

At the end of it all, Cook made a comment during his interview with ABC News, David Muir, about Steve Jobs, Apple co founder saying that he thought of him every day. Besides, another interesting news revealed was that Job’s office had remained untouched at Apple’s headquarter in Cupertino.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Apple’s Updated iCloud Storage Plans

At the recent iPhone’s launch event, Apple has updated its iCloud page reflecting its price changes trimming the prices on iCloud storage plans and the top level being offered is 1 terabyte of online storage for $19.99 per month or £14.99 in UK.

At the WWDC event 2014, Apple debuted iCloud Drive, which is a cloud storage service and one can back up any kind of file with the capability of accessing it from anywhere through the internet connection. The service is built in Mac OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 wherein the iCloud Drive enables the user to back up important files, documents, photos which can be accessed from Mac computer, iPhone, iPad or PC.

Besides Apple, there are others who have been offering cloud storage. iCloud users will now get the opportunity of paying less on Apple’s online storage with the recent development of Apple’s updated iCloud page mentioning its price changes which are as follows:

- 5 gigabytes – free

- 20GB – 99 cents or 79p per month

- 200GB- $3.99 or £2.99 per month

- 500GB - $9.99 or £6.99 per month

- 1 terabyte - $19.99 or £14.99 per month

iCloud – Easiest Direct Choice of iOS Users

The earlier plans were offered at four levels with the 5GB being free while 10GB was $20 per year, 20GB for $40 per year and 50GB for $100 per year.For an abounding storage plans, Apple should be competitive in order to convince iTunes users to take advantage of the same though there are better deals through other storage sites.

 Sarah Mitroff, associate editor of CNET has made her comparison on storage plans with examples wherein Google Drive has been providing 15GB of free storage with charges of $9.99 per month for 1TB. Microsoft on the other hand offers 15GB for free with charges of $2.50 per month for user for 1TB though iCloud seems competitive when compared to sites like Amazon Cloud Drive and Dropbox.

iCloud seems to be the easiest direct choice for iOS users intending to store their content in the form of movies, music or any other files in the cloud which can easily sync their content with multiple iOS devices taking care that the contacts, appointments, reminders, photos, mail together with other items does not get disturbed across their iPhone and iPad.

iCloud to be More User Friendly 

Recently, iCloud got a black mark with the revelation that hackers had accessed certain accounts, releasing a number of nude photos of celebrity and though there was a denial from Tim Cook that poor online security was the outcome of the photo leak, the company did promise to improve iCloud’s security by sending alerts to users, should someone try to change their password or log into their account from any unrecognized device.

Apple on its part is striving to make iCloud more user friendly with a new iCloud Drive feature which will be working similar to Google Drive with same services as complete cloud storage site enabling the user to access directly in order to save as well as retrieve files, from and to the iOS device, a Mac, and Window PC which will probably be launched as part of iOS 8 on 17 September this year.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Apple iWatch – Nightly Recharging

Apple iWatch
Apple had not conveyed much with regards to battery life at the time of the announcement of its iWatch on Tuesday but the company has since informed that the same needs to be charged nightly since the battery life offers about a single day operation.

According to Apple spokeswoman Nat Kerris’ statement to Re/code, `there seems to be a lot of new technology packed in Apple Watch which people would love to use throughout the day. She further stated that they had anticipated that people would charge the device nightly which was why it was designed as an innovating charging solution that would combine their MagSafe technology and inductive charging.

Sources who interacted with John Paczkowski indicated that the company was not pleased with the present uptime of the Apple Watch while some informed that the watch’s battery life presently is a single day operation and that the company is striving to make some modifications for improvement, ahead of its launch. Basically a one day life of the battery is on par with the other touchscreen smart watches that are at the moment offered which include the competing Android Wear.

New Dimension in Communicating

Apple Watch comes with a new dimension to user in communicating with their circle of family and friends. Just a glance can convey who’s contacting you and the experience is amazing combined with different forms of notifications with their own unique functions.

It comes with a suite of apps which enables the users to remain active and helps to set calorie burn goals everyday as well as keeping track of the activity levels with a reminder to keep on moving. The need of words is much less since the digital touch features on the watch, provides a spontaneous form of connecting with other wrist to wrist users.

The Apple Watch has the potential of uniting the capabilities of fitness tracker together with an advanced sports watch in a single device which can be worn at all time. Besides, it can track a variety of other activities due to its capabilities of obtaining various kinds of data.

The accelerometer can measure the total body movement and its custom sensor can measure the intensity through the tracking of the heart rate. Besides this with the help of the GPS and Wi-Fi of the iPhone it helps to track how far one has moved.

Device to be Launched in Early 2015

The battery life of this upcoming entry seems to be somewhat unclear since the product has not yet been finalized and ready to be launched. It was revealed by Apple that the wearable device would be launched somewhere in early 2015 but refrained from commenting further on this issue.

With regards to hardware and the pricing, Apple seemed to be vague on the matter and while the watch would probably start at $349, the cost breakdown on how much various model would be offered was not specified. Since its starting offer would be $349, there is a possibility that the high end models would escalate to a five figure price level.

 The Apple Watch luxury edition comes with hardened 18 karat gold while its existing 18 karat gold watches are offered for more than $10,000 in the market.

Is Steve Jobs's amazing iPhone is too small for Apple?

Steve Jobs
At the time of introducing the first iPhone, Steve Job’s had stated that they have designed something that will be wonderful for the user’s hand. That phone cam with 3.5 inches screen, designed to fit in the palm of the hand and made to be easily operable with fingers from only one hand. At that time Job insisted that the company has been able to design a perfectly balanced gadget unlike the phones from Google, which were not only based on Android Operating system but also came in large size. Job stated that it will be difficult of people to operate such big phones and probably no one will ever buy them.

With the increasing changes in the smart phones, is it possible that he might have been wrong? Samsung electronics is doing very well in the market is in terms of selling over sized phones. Now flowing with the change even Apple is expected to launch iPhone 6 in two different sizes. One phone will have 4.7 inches screen and while the other one will have 5.5 inches screen.

Apple has been amazing in terms of the promotional campaigns for their products. At the unveiling of their iPhone 5, they stated that it was a common sense to have a half-inch-larger screen along with a slender width phone. They stated that the user will be able to drag their single thumb from one corner to another and there will not be any need for them to get their second thumb involved.

Apple has been seen many times to take backtrack in terms of their original mindset. Steve Jobs and Jony Ive, the design chief, after a thorough research determined that 9.7 inch screen is the most ideal for web browsing, watching video, and sending emails. During the 2010, fourth quarter earnings call, Steve jobs made the following arguments:
  • Compared to a 10 inch iPad, a 7 inch tablet will always been considered of half size. The benefits that one can receive from a 10 inch tablet are more than the half sized tablet. Since the screen size is measured diagonally, the smaller screen tablets are only 45% of their 10 inch iPad.
  • Resolutions doesn’t make difference- Increasing the resolution is no solution as per Jobs as the other tablets have various limitations on tapping and pinching etc.
  • Irreplaceable smartphones- One can’t replace the mobility of smart phones with a tablet. These 7 inch tablets are too big for smart phones and too small to compete with an iPad.
Contrary to the view points of Steve Jobs, post his death in the year 2012, Apple unveiled their own 7.1 inch iPad mini. These small tablets sold out like hot cakes when compared to the opinion of Jobs, who expected them to be DOA. Even though the overall revenue generated from selling of iPad was lesser then expected but it was still a surprise for Apple.

With the increasing screen size of iPhone, it will become harder for iPad mini to sell out. Now looks like apple is working towards a 12.9 inch tablet which is completely against what Job stated in 2010, he had said that a 10 inch screen is good enough to create a good tablet.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Apple to Unveil its Long Anticipated Products iPhones and iWatch

Apple is in the process in unveiling a set of the long anticipated products namely the two iPhones with larger screens together with a wearable computer which has been nicknamed the iWatch. This smartwatch would be the first brand of updated product unveiled under Timothy D. Cook who has taken the reins as Apple’s chief executive three years ago after the death of Steve Jobs.

It is expected to be offered in two sizes with a combination of functions such as health together with fitness monitoring as well as mobile computing tasks like maps displays. It will be offered with a flexible screen and just like the new phones, will support technology, enabling users to pay wirelessly for products.

Smartphones have come in several shapes and sizes, some being big, bright and curved with some having their own apps and some have none at all. Some of the smart-watches work with just Android whiles others on iOS and Android and there are also others which track fitness.

Growing Market for Fitness Tracking Gadgets

Apple will be entering a growing market for fitness tracking gadgets as well as smart-watches with its first wearable computer from Fitbit, Samsung Electronics and Nike together with two of its larger phones and will be fighting against Samsung whose big screen Galaxy smartphones had taken the sales away for the last few years.

Smart-watches could be slaves to smartphones since they are capable of operating through Bluetooth accessories and can offer an on wrist way of interacting with things without checking the phone all the time. Presently, phones are capable of managing the relationship between smart-watches and several other things as well as locations though the wearable have more scope for better performance and maybe in the near future we could be living in a world which would be well connected where smart-watches would have the potentials to work with them and also save extra strain on our phones.

Hardware & Software – Near Field Communication

Apple’s wearable or smart-watch would probably have an improved and a smarter way of conserving battery life or recharge on the go, or even an effortless and fast means of functions though some sources seems to be apprehensive over this issue. It could be that battery life on these types of devices is not quite ready to take the next plunge.

Since wearable need to be worn all the time, it would need recharging and the less they seem to be worn, the sooner they may end up as discarded stuff. The wearable device and the smartphone will consist of hardware and software which technology called near field communication - NFC that enables devices to impart information wirelessly within a short distance and which would make paying for products with a phone, less complicating.

With Apple’s hub of Health and Healthkit, it will give way for shared and exchanged health tracking data between accessories and apps providing information on health and fitness more continuously with improved software coaching that would be worth beyond basic fitness bands. The expected wearable will be debuted very soon and the watch is unlikely to be available in stores next year according to some sources while the price of the new device is not yet known.

Monday, September 8, 2014

iWatch to Feature Flexible Display/Wireless Charging

Reports from The Wall Street Journal revealed that a curved OLED screen for the Apple’s wearable iWatch will be coming up with a flexible display panel which would be protected with a cover made of sapphire and wireless charging and the company’s larger model of iPhone would be offered a one handed mode for easy use.

Further reports revealed that the iWatch would be coming in two separate sizes with its focus on health/fitness and mobile computing task enabling users to make purchases with NFC support. Its flexible display has been considered as `unique’ and Apple will be settling with wireless charging after their experiment failed with solar charging.

According to some source, Apple’s iWatch is said to be one of the its latest most ambitious project with a large amount of time and money invested into the health and fitness sensors in the device which will bring in much more accuracy than the existing fitness devices.

Different Health Related Metrics

It was suggested that the iWatch would be measuring a variety of different health related metrics right from the steps taken and sleep quality to blood pressure. Moreover it is also said to take advantage of HealthKit which is a set of APIs that Apple had introduced along with iOS8 which will integrate with prevailing health devices and apps, providing data to a central location.

It will also be relying on Handoff, a continuity feature enabling users in seamless transition task from one iOS or Mac device to another device. Regarding the iPhone 6, reports claim that the two new models of 4.7 and 5,5 inches would be offered with updated software for larger displays with the optional one handed mode making it easier to type and control.

The iWatch as well as the new iPhone are expected to be integrated with one another with the `Handoff’ functions of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite and these devices are reported to have near field communications technology for e-wallet mobile payment options.

In Two Different Sizes – Men & Women

Reports have also be circulating that Apple’s wearable device will not be available in the market till 2015 in spite of Apple’s plans to unveil the iWatch at its media event on September 9 this year. This gap between the introduction and the debut of the iWatch would be giving Apple sufficient time to finish work on the device and also provide an opportunity for developers in creating new apps which would be suitable to the smaller form factor.

It is also rumoured that the wrist worn device would be offered in two different sizes intended for both men as well as women with multiple reports suggesting that the iWatch would be missing the holiday shopping season and would be available in the market in early 2015 though customers would not have to wait for long for the latest iPhone since the same would be made available soon after the media event on September 9.

Much is expected to be revealed at the event which kicks off at the Flint Centre in Cupertino, California at 10 am Pacific and 1 pm Eastern. Live coverage of the event will be provided by official AppleInsider app for iPhone and iPad

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Microsoft New OS Teaser: Windows 9

Windows 9
Windows 8 even though was released with the aim of stitching together mobile and desktop became too complex for the user and affected the expected universal success. Windows 8 sales have completely dropped down with the new smart phones and tablets coming new light and also the longer life of exiting laptops and desktops. It is highly unlikely for the makers to come up with any other version like 8.2 or 8.3 so it calls out for two new expectations in the future: one is to expect a new advanced and faster version of windows operating system and second one is to wait for Windows 9.

Based on the communication received from Microsoft communication about Windows 9, will cost you but will provide you with all possible features that anyone will expect in newer version.

Release Date of Windows 9

Even though Microsoft has been mum about the name of the new operating system but there was information leaked by their Chinese division on Weibo clearly indicating that Microsoft new operating system windows 9 will be launched soon and the users will be able to see the start menu again.

Expected to be released in April 2015, windows 9 is expected to be launched in all the platform, laptops, PCs, mobiles and tablets. However some of the leaked information accessed by Myce.com indicates that the release is expected around 2 or 3 quarter of 2015.

But now as per Verge, the new Windows 9 preview will be released on 30th September but its still not confirmed as the system is still in the development stage.

No Charms Bar: Windows 9

As per Winbeta, Microsoft is supposed to do away by the charms bar in windows 9 but this is only pertaining to desktop PCs and might also happen in the mobile phones as well. One of the methods that are expected to be a stand out is the button near the windows controls, which once pressed will reveal share, search, devices and setting charm from top of the window. Microsoft has also been playing with the idea of actually removing the Charms bar completely.

Windows 9: Start Menu to be Reborn

Microsoft has been working on their new update called Threshold and labeled it as Windows 8.1 Pro, but this update is expected to actually come in form of Windows 9. The key for windows 9 is that they have combined desktop apps and metro apps unlike Windows 8. This will help the users who are comfortable with the start menu tab.

Windows Phone 9

The phone is tagged for release along with the OS. Currently the version available on new smart phones is Windows 8.1 featuring Cortana. As Windows 8 is supposed to become history, we are expecting that device hardware will be upgradable.

Price of Windows 9

Even though the price has not been revealed yet but one can either expect this new version to fall heavy on their pockets or might be made available free for users. Some of the other companies have been giving out the recent versions absolutely free of cost.

Features of Windows 9

64- Bit is the expectation from windows 9. Users are expecting Microsoft to make Windows Phone and Windows RT apps run on Windows Phone and as well as Windows. Laptops with 3D camera could be expected to have Kinect-based 3D gestures.

Apart from taking over a dud windows 8, Windows 9 is mainly expected to improve performance.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

SIRI – Your Own Virtual DJ

Siri can now act as your own virtual DJ and help in managing and playing some of your most favourite music at your command on your iPhone. Apple’s voice assistant comprises of various skills one of which is the capabilities to play and manage the music on your device.

Users can use Siri to play a certain album or song which may be stored in the iPad or iPhone, or play a selection of tunes from any artist. They can command Siri to pause or stop the music as well as to move forward or track back and much more.

Instead of listening to an entire album from beginning to end, you could tell Siri to play any particular song of one’s choice and if the song may tend to have a lengthy title, the same can be said in short, to get the song played.

 If songs from specific artist are needed, Siri can play music from that artist or group and will randomly shuffle selection of songs from any of the desired albums on the device. Besides this Siri also has the potential if in the mood for jazz or any other rhythm and take your request depending on genre by simple request like `play jazz music’ or `play R&B music.

Selected Album of Songs/Alternate Track

If the need to hear a selected album of songs which is not in order, users can tell Siri to play the required song from the album by naming it and Siri can shuffle the album and play the desired music by shuffling through the track of the desired album.

Moving to another track is also possible if the user desires to move to an alternate track and jump to the next one by commanding Siri to `skip to the next song or would like to hear the previous song again, you could instruct Siri to skip to previous song and get back to the previous track song. If a certain playlist has been created as favourite music, it can also tap in this too by giving the command to `play the song selected from the playlist’ which is selected and played by Siri.

Stop/Resume/iTunes Radio ….

If the need to stop the music for a while you could tell Siri to `pause music’, or would want to start off where you left, the same can be done by the `resume music’, option. Besides playing music on the device, Siri also has the features of tapping into iTunes Radio which can be done by telling Siri to `play iTunes Radio’, and it can start providing the music from the station which was last accessed or the first one on your list.

You could also use a specific station of your choice and the same can be done by telling the desired station which is provided by the user’s command to Siri. Another feature is that should the user need to find out what is playing or is not sure on the song played and would want to know the title or the artist, you could ask Siri on `what is playing’, which will be displayed and the complete title together with the artist of the song is provided.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Rear Shell - Apple’s iPhone 6 – Images revealed

From the time invitations have been sent by Apple, for its September 9 event, rumours have been circulating with fresh iPhone 6 information and the majority of them have their focus on the 4.7 inch version of the iPhone 6. A new video has been revealed by Steve Hemmerstoffer, editor-in-chief of French site, Nowhereelse, which is the author of several iPhone 6 image leaks, showing a rear shell destined for Apple’s much anticipated 5.5 inch iPhone with a ruler placed along it showing that the previously leaked specification of the yet unannounced handset could be legitimate.

The new photos portray one key detail on the upcoming handset which some consumers would be interested in making a purchase which is the phone’s size. Apple for the first time would be having bigger iPhone models in their stores this year which would be similar to rival devices running other operating systems though not all consumers would want a bigger device.

Device likely to be named `iPhone Air’

The shell seems to be physically scaled up version of the same part on its 4.7 inch counterpart and is complete with internal mounting points together with plastic rigging. The length shown in the video indicates between 150 to 160 millimetres and French blog NWE shows that the device is likely to bear the iPhone Air, moniker.

Besides this, the dimensions line up with specification from what was previously sourced is said to be a computer system at Apple manufacturing partner Foxconn. The screenshots of 4.7 inch version measures 138 millimetres on the Y axis, 66 millimetres on the X axis and 6.9 centimetres on the Z axis while the 5.5 inch version compares at 158 millimetres, 78 millimetres and 7.1 millimetres respectively. Not much has been portrayed in the video with very few parts for the `phablet’ model has been shown.

Thick Antenna/Rounded Opening/Cut-out for Apple logo/Elongated Volume Buttons

The latest revelation of the metal frame seems similar in appearance to a rear shell which appeared last month and both shells have thick antenna breaks, rounded opening for updated True Tone flash, and a cut-out for the logo of Apple, space for elongated volume buttons with a side mounted power button.

From various reports inclusive of a well-connected analyst Ming-ChiKuo, it has been indicated that the 5.5 inch model would probably be delayed till late 2015.Based on the company’s recent history, Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 6 and would be announcing its next generation iPhone line-up at the media event to be held on September 9 at the Flint Centre for the Performing Arts together with availability likely to follow on September 19.

 AppleInsider would be providing live coverage from the event in Cupertino. If Apple intends to introduce the 5.5 inch version on September 9, the company could stagger the retail sales of the two phones, with the availability of the 4.7 inch model somewhere in September and waiting to ship the 5.5 inch model till the end of the year due to issues on production.

The iWatch most probably would also make an official appearance along with the new iPhone 6.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Apple to Partner with American Express – Payment System

Apple, according to some sources is said to have reached a deal to partner with American Express and has come in agreement with them to work together on its latest iPhone payment system and American Express seems to be one of the many partners.

Apple will have to sign up before the launch of its new payment plan which is reported to be announced at the September 9 product event. It was earlier reported that Apple had been in negotiations with Visa which was said to leverage the forthcoming iPhone 6 and a few days back, a logic board leak reported the NFC, near field communications chip, planned for the iPhone 6 which will presumably play a very important role in enabling the functions of mobile payments.

Apple’s new payments system is planned to enable iPhone 6 users to utilise their phones instead of the credit cards, debit cards or cash in order to pay for goods in stores. The consumers could present their phones at the counter at the time of checkout of partnering retailers and transmit payment information to complete the transaction though it is not known which retailers have signed on to accept such type of payments.

Approval from Credit Card Network/Bank

Apple had held discussions with several credit card networks in the lead up to the announcement, regarding the new payment product according to sources. The Information, the news site, had earlier reported that Visa had also agreed to partner with Apple.

The representatives of both Apple as well as American Express refrained from making any comments with regards to this issue. The introduction of the iPhone payment product will end a lot of speculation for Apple, about when it would take advantage of its huge file of hundreds of millions of credit cards from iTunes as well as App Store customers in order to create their own mobile wallet.

According to sources it is said that Apple would need the approval from the credit card network or the bank which issues an Apple customer’s card for the card to get approved for mobile payments.

Secured iPhone Payment System 

Since consumers have accepted mobile wallets from Google and consortium of wireless carriers, industry analyst, executive are of the belief that Apple are capable of making it work.

According to industry sources, Apple is of the belief that its iPhone payment system would be as least secured as the traditional payment cards and sources believe that the iPhone Touch ID fingerprint scanner would play a role somewhere in the system which could be either at launch or in the near future. Apple need not re-invest here since many U.S. stores have now started accepting NFC enabled Amex, Visa Paywave, Google Wallet/Mastercard Paypass and several other forms of electronic forms of payment including the typical credit card swipe.

Having an extensive database of credit card numbers which are linked to iTunes Stores account together with updated security technology like the Touch ID built in the iPhone; Apple is firmly positioned to leverage these assets for the adoption of mobile payment. Though efforts would be needed of partnerships with credit card processors and retailers, this seems to be falling into place prior to the next weeks’ media event.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Apple Granted Patent – Iconic Cube Design-NYC

Apple Store
According to reports by 9to5Mac, Apple has now been granted a U.S. patent for its iconic cube design, its New York flagship and the patent is for the design of above ground glass cube of 32 foot tall element of Apple‘s Fifth Avenue store in Manhattan.

This self-supporting glass cube is totally without any structural steel wherein a 2011 redesign of the cube had brought down the number of glass panels from 90 to just 13. This iconic Fifth Avenue Apple Store glass cube, had been designed in segments by co-founder Steve Jobs, and is currently a patented ornamental building design which was approved by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and was officially granted recently, representing the latest design of the 32 foot cube using few panes of glass to achieve a clearer aesthetic.

The simple look was the outcome of the redesign which was completed in late 2011. Being personally designed by Steve Jobs, it is one of the most photographed landmarks in the city where the former CEO had paid for the project and was also the owner of the structure. The patent application, was granted to Apple on August 26, which had been listed as being filed in October 2012 and would last for 14 years

Steve Jobs – Original Design and Manufacture of the Store

Apple Store
Steve Jobs who had spearheaded the original design as well as the manufacture of this store has been listed among the inventors on the filing of the patent. Apple’s Fifth Avenue Store as research published in 2010 indicated that it is the fifth most photographed location in New York which is behind the Empire State Building, Times Square, the Rockefeller Centre and Grand Central Station.

The glass used is very much glass. It was informed that in January, one of the cube’s glass panels had shattered while clean-up crews had accidentally hit it with a snow blower. Patenting design of its stores is not unusual according to 9to5Mac reports, for Apple, since the company had been granted a patent for the cylindrical exterior of its Shanghai Store in 2012.

New Company - Microsoft’s First Retail Store 

Jobs has been given the credits for being one of the seven inventors of the structure and is joined by former retail chief Ron Johnson while the other inventors are Karl Backus, Peter Bohlin, Benjamin L. Fay, Robert Bridger, and James O’Callaghan. The all glass design has now inspired other project from
Apple which includes the mega store that opened in 2010 in Shanghai and similar to the Fifth Avenue store, it has its entrance as a staircase which is enclosed in glass while the one in China is cylindrical glass tower with a glowing white Apple logo floating within which is much like the glass cube in New York.

The company has also trademarked the design of the retail stores which includes the glass panel fronts as well as recessed lighting. Apple is also likely to have new company very soon on Fifth Avenue as it is rumoured that Microsoft is also in talks to open up its first retail store in New York City and would be located at 677 Fifth Avenue near 53rd Street which is in the vicinity of Apple’s store.