Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Parallels Access: a new way to access your Mac via Tablet

The Russian publisher has announced the release of a new iPhone application. Parallels Access; which offers a whole new way to control your Mac or PC from your tablet! There are several points which according to his publisher make particularly attractive application. The first is that it allows you to use gestures to which we are accustomed to on the iPad on its software for Mac / PC. Thus, the copy and paste works like any application from the App Store. The clipboard can also be common to both environments. Every effort has been made to "applifier" software you use on your computer. Also to make it more convenient for everyday use, the software includes App Launcher to launch very quickly any application on your computer. It also offers a special view to simply switch from one application to another. Parallels Access is an application available for free download on the App Store. Its use is not provided. The software has a demo version of 14 days. Then you must take a one-year subscription offered € 69.99. The app needs an agent that you must install on your Mac or PC of your choice. This agent requires at least Mac Lion and Windows 7 PC. In terms of connection, the editor indicates that the application works in both 3G/4G wireless

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Website hosting from Network Solutions

Perhaps the most important aspect of online marketing is the web hosting service that a business owner chooses to partner with to host his or her website. A web host serves as the middleman between a business owner and the customer and ensures that the content that the business has placed online is being viewed as the business owner wants it to be viewed. A good web host will also have plenty of safeguards in place to ensure that no emergency will cause a hosted website to be lost to a customer.

If you are a business owner that is looking for a web hosting service, there are a few questions that you should ask:

1 - Does this web hosting service have a guaranteed uptime and do you have to pay for extended periods of downtime?
2 - Does the web hosting service have redundant servers as well as mirrors to maximize uptime?
3 - Does the web hosting service ensure compatibility with popular third party applications?
4 - Does the web hosting service provide the ability to create a mobile website that is different from the desktop website?

If you have not yet found the web hosting service that can answer all of these questions satisfactorily, then you may want to check out website hosting from Network Solutions. A highly reputable company, Network Solutions provides its clients with the guarantees that are necessary to ensure that a business has the opportunity for success online.

cat5 cables at TriangleCables

Frayed , worn and outdated computer cables can not only slow data down, they can pose a health hazard. Shocks and fires resulting from electronics endanger people and their property. Accidents like these can bring a business to its knees or bankrupt a family, not to mention the devastation if someone suffers personal injury. It's important for individuals and businesses to upgrade their cables accordingly to prevent lost time and data, as well as tragedy.

People who are moving massive amounts of data – whether they're processing documents for corporations or creating their own music videos – tax the computer systems they're running on. Old cables can slow the transfer of data down. Companies that want to stay abreast of the competition in speed will need the latest cables capable of handling Gigabits, like cat5 cables at TriangleCables.

These new kinds of cables also help businesses get the most out of new equipment. After upgrading to a computer system that can handle tougher jobs, it makes no sense to rely on the same old cords. Outdated cables aren't able to handle the same kinds of transfer demands, and wind up limiting the performance of new equipment. More importantly, these stresses can lead to major problems.

Overheated power cords can be a source of property damage and personal injury. This happens when damaged or overtaxed cables are used regularly. One home in Westfield, MA, had over $75,000 in damage due to a computer cord fire in April of 2013. This is just one reason that purchasing new, safe and more effective cables is more than worth the price.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

PNY Storedge provides 128 GB of additional memory in Macbook

PNY Storedge has introduced the  a solution for Apple's Macbooks that fits into the SD card slot and up to 128 GB of additional space allows. Macbooks with fixed SSD is ideal for this option. The Storedge looks like a scaled-SD card that only so far as it is out of the Macbook is necessary so that they can be pulled out again. Compared with SDXC cards Storedge the cards, however, are not exactly a bargain. The 64-GB module costs around 100 dollars and the model with 128 GB is offered for $ 200. A similar idea how PNY Storedge had is also used by the manufacturer of the adapter Nifty Drive, which was successfully funded via Kickstarter. The Nifty Drive has no own memory, but is equipped with a micro SD card and then sunk completely into the memory card slot of the Macbook. To fish out the adapter again, a paper clip or a similar pointed object must be used. The Macbook Air and the MacBook Pro with Retina screen cannot upgrade from Apple later with more SSD storage. A maximum of 768 GB SSDs orderable, but the memory is very expensive. For example, the MacBook Pro 13-inch large screen instead prefers to 256 GB 128 GB of memory; you must pay an additional fee of 200 Euros. For the upgrade to 768 GB even may cost around 900 Euros.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Wacom Announces Pressure Sensitive iPad Stylus

Wacom specialist in graphics and other tools for digital design have two novelties. The Intuos Creative is a Bluetooth Stylus Pen for iPad, but the most interesting novelty is perhaps two new Cintiq earning their monopoly. Wacom stylus already offers several mobile devices running iOS or Android. The latest, the Intuos Creative Stylus is for iPad and uses a wireless connection to transmit its information. At stake, a much better precision, since this stylus can handle not less than 2048 levels of pressure. In return, it will supply it with a AAAA battery that is supposed to withstand for more than 150 hours. Inside, there is a Bluetooth and it guarantees for better battery life, but that probably explains why the product is reserved for a limited number of tablets. It will take iPad 3, iPad 4 or iPad mini to use the Intuos Stylus Creative, but also a compatible application. Announced at € 99, this stylus will not be available until October, but you can already order it on Amazon for € 120. Wacom offers two colors (black and blue) and accompanies the pen of a case that doubles as storage for different sized caps.

LG G2 - The best Android phone yet?

LG announced their long awaited G2 smartphone two weeks ago to much fan-fair in New York. The phone made headlines across the world and is sure to be a best seller, but is it the best smartphone that money can buy? We decided to pit it against major phones from Samsung, HTC, Apple and others to see if this truly is the best phone of the year.
What caught most of the media attention in the announcement of the LG G2 was the unusual placement of the home button. While almost all smartphones place the home button below the screen, LG innovatively moved it to the back of the device just below the camera. This way they were able to increase the size of the screen without the phone becoming bulky. The results are certainly attractive - the thin bezel makes the phone look like a masterpiece of minimalist design - but is it functional? One thing that's for certain is that it will take a little getting used to. Most of us grip our phones in a way that will allow us to easily use the button (which can also be used for other functions such as volume control), but after years of using a below screen home button changing habits might not come easy.
If you don't mind using the rather unusual home button, the main way to compare this phone with other Android devices is on speed. With a Snapdragon 800 Quad-Core 2.3GHz processor described as a "power horse" by one blog, no currently available mobile can compete when it comes to processing power. The chip is so good that it's unlikely that even Apple's upcoming iPhone 5S, rumoured to be unveiled on September 10th, will be able to compete.
But as every geek knows, there's more to speed than processing power. RAM, where our devices store data that's being processed, is also important. Here the LG G2 matches up to the standard 2GB that every high end phone has been fitted with this year, but falls behind the 3GB chip that is expected in the Samsung Galaxy Note III which will be launched shortly.
Storage is one area where phones haven't really seen major improvements in recent years and while the LG G2 comes with respectable offerings of either 16GB or 32GB, it doesn't come with the all important micro SD card slot favoured by those who regularly use their phones for photography.
Camera phone photographers aren't likely to be opting for this device anyway. While the 13 megapixel main camera is respectable, it is significantly lower than other offerings on the market including the Nokia Lumia 1020 with its 41 megapixel chip. The camera does have optical image stabilisation and a sapphire lens, so there's no reason to be put off the phone if you only use the camera casually though. It's also capable of 1080p video recording which is about as good as you'll find on any smartphone.
The screen on the device is arguably the best feature. Coming in at 5.2" inches places the device between a traditional smartphone and a phablet. The screen is larger than the 5" display on the bestselling Samsung Galaxy S4, but thanks to the thin bezel the phone feels smaller than Samsung's rather chunky device. It's also got a full HD resolution and an amazingly bright panel, perfect for use on sunny days.
Would we recommend the LG G2 over the other main devices on the market? The specs do mean the device will be marginally faster than the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and other major Android phones, but not enough to say conclusively that this should be your only option. The phone design is better than the S4, but only about equal to the Sony Xperia Z or HTC One. If you're an Apple user considering switching to Android you might be better to wait to see what Apple announces in a few weeks before making the decision to switch. If you're still not certain if this is the phone for you go try it out when it comes to your local phone store.
Greg Richardson is an Edinburgh based Android developer who regularly uses dozens of Android phones while developing educational apps for Android. He still hasn't convinced his wife to switch from her iPhone.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

iTunes 11.1 Beta

With the latest OS X Mavericks DP 4 arrived this week, iTunes 11.1 is now installed automatically with the new system. The music player is also in beta since July 29, and that 11.1 was previously distributed only to developers. The next iTunes is compatible with OS X Lion and his successors. iTunes 11.1 beta finally uses the Notification Center OS X. When the application is in the background or hidden, the new song being played is displayed in an alert. In the preferences panel notifications OS X, it has the usual settings. Including the option of Maverick to display notifications even if a screen saver is active or the user account is locked. Setting the number of items to display in the column of Notification Center here has another advantage that gives a history of the last songs heard. This history feature exists in iTunes 11, but here you can return to a previous song by simply opening the notifications panel OS X. Following iOS, iTunes Radio arrived in iTunes with this beta in late July.

The principle is broadly similar to iOS 7 that had been described in mid-June. Apple offers first a series of themed resorts. They can be complete with its own stations ("My Stations"), created either from suggestions already made by Apple or after research of artists based in iTunes. Note that among Apple stations, there is that of Twitter, created from the hashtag # music placed in tweets. Adding a personal station through the "+" button. Where other types are selected with their subcategories or it goes in search of the artist preferred. The search for an album is not taken into account. Playing songs of a station is governed by the same constraints as on iOS. You cannot go back on a title, the button that would be replaced by a star of appreciation.

 However, a history of the songs heard in this station is stored and used at any time. You can put a piece paused, but not advance a few seconds of listening. We can nevertheless go to the next title, except that the sixth time the jump button is grayed out. It will unlock after a few hours. In the drawer of a station, in addition to the historical, the user can manually designate content will not play. This list also serves as and when listening, when reports that you never want to hear a particular song Other details, each piece displayed in the interface has a button to buy it immediately. The pub is present, for example displaying a jacket and an audio message a few seconds. Subscribers to iTunes Match will be provided. Finally, a button allows the reading preferences of the pieces quite bodied texts and also proposes to limit the advertising tracking, without elaborating. But it should probably play the kind of artists or songs that are displayed during commercial breaks and will no longer be based on your listening habits and musical tastes.

How To Provide Exceptional Care To Clients

A doctor, dentist, or medical facility can improve customer care by hiring a reliable medical answering service. Doctors, dentists and medical personnel don't work 24 h ours a day. When patients call it’s important to have someone that handles the patient with tact, concern, and respect for their privacy. A good medical answering service must be HIPPA compliant. This means they must follow federal regulations that protect medical information of patients when they handle calls for your business, medical facility, or practice.
Staff member of a medical answering service should be trained in the HIPPA regulations and how to handle patients. Often answering services are used for after hours and weekends when doctors, dentists, and other staff are not available. Sometimes a medical answering service can help during the day when a practice is too busy to take all the calls. A good quality answering service helps your business provide excellent customer care.
Another advantage of an answering service is that the patient talks to a real person. Many people hang up when they get an answering machine or recorded message. They do not want to leave a message and wait for a call back. When the patient talks to a real person, they have more confidence that the doctor will get back to them. Routine calls like renewing medications, calling for test results, or setting up an appointment are better when handled by a real person. This is the advantage of using a medical answering service.
When emergencies arise messages will be texted or relayed to the staff person on duty. The doctor of staff member off duty should not be contacted . An answering service can streamline and organize the calls of your medical practice providing good customer care. Staff members with the service should be kind and pleasant to patients. They should be able to handle pressure and emergencies well. When patients deal with a good answering service this builds confidence in the doctor, dentist, or medical facility.
Look for a medical answering service that provides customers with different way to get information. One that lets patients talk to a live person and also has online chat options for those comfortable with the Internet. Some patients prefer the computer to the phone line. Offer bilingual services because often your business has customers that speak another language. The most common language is Spanish and having an answering service that caters to these customers increases the quality of customer care.
A missed call can hurt your patients and the business you run. That is why a good medical answering service is important. Patients often want the request or problem answered immediately that is why a real person helps or someone online that can assist quickly. An answering service relives other staff member of extra duties so they can focus on the patients and their care. It hard for a nurse to answer the phone and take blood samples or vital signs.
An answering service today often takes messages, calls the doctor to discuss emergencies, and even schedule appointments. They train employees to handle calls and patients professionally. They resolve problems efficiently. Patients want to know that the the doctor is available to help so hiring a medical answering service improves your customer service.
Adam B. Fleming is a professional medical consultant and works with the National Health Services.

Sunday, August 11, 2013


Purchasing a new tablet is an expensive and exciting Experience, and if you are looking to protect your gadget with a lavish case, Then extravagant these tablets with Samsung tablet cases. Everybody is in need Of cases and covers for their tablets especially for Samsung users. These are Used to protect the gadgets from dust and other kind of scratches. Buying a Strikingly excellent cover to your gadget is really a challenging task. Finding a unique and attractive case is a real plus.

Whether you have a Samsung tablet or any other tablet, you Definitely need a protective table cover. With people taking their gadgets to Office and other places, getting a protective case is very productive for the Gadget. Using this exciting covers and cases individuals can showcase their Definite gadget appreciation from the people. You cannot afford to get old Traditional a leather case as they appear to be an old school gaming device. Following are to be followed to keep the gadget very safe.

First and foremost choosing a proper case is important. You Should purchase only the company case and it is apt for the device. Tmart Samsung tablet cases is one among the good brands of tablet covers and cases. One must check the size and if it is not so it will not fit with your device. Next thing is choosing a strong case which should not crack or break after some point of time. It should be made from silicone and should be very smooth to protect the tablet. It is very challenging task yet one has to perform this correctly.
 The final thing is Choosing the right color and designs. You have to do this according to your Mobile color and type. There are lots of styles and colors available in the Market and you have to choose amongst them. It is not just a protector but also an accessory. There are different websites and stores that sell the cases of all shapes and colors. You can compare the products as well as the price and buy the best one for your device.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The new iOS 7 beta 4

The fourth beta of iOS 7 fixes functional and graphical bugs and brings a few new interfaces. The previous arrows at the top and bottom, of the home screen have been replaced by simple dashes. The presence of the center of notifications and control center is always well marked and there is now no more confusion about the meaning of "slide to unlock". Apple has also added an arrow on the "slide to unlock". The status bar has been expanded from the beta 3 with small cosmetic changes. Apple has yet reviewed the transparency of folders on the home screen and properly aligns the effect of zoom / unzoom. The labels are larger in Maps and sometimes condensed into messages. Gradients of some icons have been softened particularly those of the Mail and Safari and Gmail icon in Mail brought up to date. Apple has also added a few effects here and there for example during a search in Safari and accelerated those already present. The interface has been redesigned Spotlight; the research Reminders borrows the color of the wallpaper; the phone call buttons are meanwhile more square; some elements of the iOS browser have been changed subtle. Icons for AirPlay devices - a screen for video compatible devices, audio devices - have been redesigned. The changes are visible in the camera. HDR button has been moved and the appearance of slightly modified filters. When an application or video fills the screen, you have to make two new gestures to open the Notification Center. This operation, which prevents accidental opening, also applies to the control center too. Finally you can start random playback of all songs by the same artist, without having to go through a playlist or limited to a single album. Numerous developers report on the social networks of apps that did not work with previous beta work with the ß4.

Why Should You Insure Your MacBook?

MacBooks are Apple's version of the laptop. These devices offer plenty of speed and power, combined with sleek looks, to allow you to do everything from play games to create art, surf on the internet, and write up important documents and presentations for your job. When you decide to invest in a MacBook, you are ready to hold onto your device for many years to come and reap the most benefits from it as possible. But what happens when things go wrong? Will your loss be covered?
Anyone who purchases a MacBook should seriously consider investing in an insurance plan. If you are not sure why you would need one for your computer, continue reading to learn the reasons why this is so important.

Protecting an Expensive Investment

If you purchase a MacBook for yourself or for a family member, you want to do your best to protect your expensive investment. The only way to really do this is to purchase an insurance plan that will cover a variety of situations in which you would otherwise be responsible for spending money to repair or replace your Apple product.

Accidental Damage is Covered

If you accidentally damage your very expensive MacBook by dropping it, for example, or even spilling a beverage onto its keyboard, a good insurance policy will have you covered. The insurer will be able to cover the costs of the repairs or, if the MacBook is too damaged, the insurer will cover the cost of replacing it for you. In this way, you do not lose a lot of time and can get back to work right away.

Cracked Screens are Covered

Apple products, despite being so powerful, are surprisingly fragile. The screens on these devices, too, are especially delicate, so you need to take a lot of care to maintain the screen on your MacBook. But, accidents happen that may cause it to become cracked, scratched, or smashed up. While your warranty may not cover the costs of repairing it, your insurance coverage will. So whether you did not properly pack your MacBook for a trip abroad or you accidentally dropped it and caused the screen to break, you can rest easy knowing the costs of repairing it will be covered for you.

Theft is Covered

Apple devices are extremely desirable to thieves who resell them on the black market. Some people will not think twice about taking your MacBook from you, and if that were to happen to you, you would lose everything, plus cover the cost of buying a brand new one. But with a policy like Protect Your Bubble MacBook insurance, the costs of getting a new laptop will be covered completely.

Breakdowns Are Covered

As computers age, they begin to operate more sluggishly and, eventually, they may even break down, sometimes out of nowhere. If this were to happen to your aged MacBook long after its warranty has expired, a great insurance policy will repair it at no cost to you so you can get it back soon.
Laura Ginn is a tech blogger who uses her MacBook for her writing assignments because she can take it wherever she goes, even when she travels. Because she knows how expensive her MacBook was, and how important her work is to her, she insured it to keep her investment safe.