Saturday, September 17, 2011

iPhone 5: a "very different iPhone"

Fall will be here in a few days. As of September 22, icloud iOS and 5 will then exit at any time. These two sites are also very well advanced and there is no doubt that they will be completed both in the next few weeks. But the icing on the cake, it will be obviously the iPhone 5, whose output is only a matter of weeks. On or about October 15, if we are to believe the statements a little forced and forced to Stéphane Richard, in addition to other ...
At Apple, we do not say otherwise. At least informally ... The New York Times has received some information under cover of anonymity several Apple employees. One way used frequently in the past with the Cupertino company to voluntarily leave leaks information about its next device.
These stories do not sensational reporting, but can confirm some rumors and to have a somewhat more accurate this new device, shown as being substantially different from the two latest models. This applies to both the inside and outside the unit. 

Descriptions obtained by Nick Bolton, a reporter for the New York Times, are quite consistent with cases that circulate on the Internet in recent days. Compared to the iPhone 4, it would be both larger, thinner and lighter. The latest cases published by Case-Mate and removed (or at DealExtreme) provide information on the edge reminiscent of the iPad with its two pronounced flare (read: Cases and protections: the ghost of the iPhone 5 returns) . The back is given as a metal and it seems to guess the famous profile shaped drop of water, thinner at the base of the phone at the top.

In terms of specifications, the New York Times sources confirmed some details that were like little doubt that the iPhone 5 A5 with a processor dual-core and an 8 megapixel sensor. Recently, an Apple engineer had spilled the beans inadvertently publishing a plate of sushi (read: The iPhone has 5 well-sensor 8 megapixels). The photo taken in the cafeteria Apple has in the meantime around the world. EXIF information attached to the file have spoken. If they said that the photograph was taken with an iPhone 4, definition (2526 * 4364) clearly shows that this is not a terminal like any other. On the other hand, it is recalled that it has often been said that the iPhone will carry a 5 SIM card even smaller.

What will be the "one more thing" on this unit? The little trick that will entice users to renew their iPhone phone. The iPhone 3G has 3G, 3G the ability to record video and the iPhone 4 FaceTime had more of a radically new design.

To date, there are three tracks. The first sell the button that would include a touch area to perform the extra mile. Apple may well offer an easier way to change such applications.  The second relates to speech recognition (read: iOS 5: New traces of voice recognition). Some builds of IOS 5 contain traces of a new system much more advanced than those built to date. 

A microphone icon trigger speech recognition, based on technology from Nuance, and transcribe the words as text. On the other hand, unearthed a few lines of code in the SDK iOS 5 suggest that we can trigger the voice navigation in the iPhone simply by bringing it to his ear and began to give instructions. No need to first press a button. 

The big question for this feature is why Apple has not presented at the developer conference (WWDC) in early summer? She wanted to keep the surprise out of 5 iOS or reservation does this possibility to your new appliance? Unless it is simply scheduled for a later version. The third hypothesis concerns the NFC. On this point, the reporter of the New York Times hesitates, he does not know whether this will be the menu of the iPhone 5 or its successor. This is certainly the next big battle for the various manufacturers of smartphones. This feature would transform the iPhone into an electronic wallet, and other situations where it transmits information simply by the presence of his phone close to a receiver element. Apple should probably think about linking the NFC with 200 million iTunes accounts which are associated with a credit card. Google has already launched on the market, but for now, this technology has not yet democratized. 

Apple has already filed numerous patents on the NFC (read: Patent: Apple tackles iPhone with payment). This technology will not only this, it could also allow different devices to communicate more easily together.
If you decipher all the rumors, the iPhone 5 should not come alone, it would be accompanied by four new iPhone would be slightly revised. If the dates are accurate advanced, it's a safe bet for Apple summoned the press by the end of the month or worse during the first days of October.


The iPhone 5 may be a logistical challenge for Apple. With previous models, the Cupertino company had all the trouble to meet the demand. When leaving a phone to the approach of the festive season, Apple makes it difficult. It's even more complicated, if we are to believe the first investigations, the new model is the United States waited even more than its predecessors ... Just a few weeks ....

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