Monday, October 11, 2021

Apple Maps: New Ways to Explore Major Cities in 3D

Apple Maps: New Ways to Explore Major Cities in 3D

After the rollout of iOS 15, Apple comes with its biggest update on maps. Now you can explore different cities in 3D by using Apple Maps. Mainly you can experience 3D Cities in London, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco with rich details, better navigation experience, and immersive walking directions.

And many more cities to come in 3D to explore it. In this world, we all use maps to find any route or direction of any location easily. But after this update, Apple completely changed the way of navigation and provided a 3D view in some cities. You can use it for driving navigation and view in 3D that helps you to explore more beautifully.

Using this 3D map, you can see your neighborhoods, districts, marinas, buildings, new roads, landmarks like Coit Tower, the stadium in LA, Statue in NYC, etc. You'll feel like you're exploring these cities, and Apple is mainly focused on landmarks for easy navigation systems. In maps, only Apple can provide this beautiful experience and advanced features to explode cities in 3D. Even if you're seeing it for the first time, this map helps you feel like you have already visited by giving you a better experience.

Explore Cities with Highly detailed Apple Maps

It's a completely new way of experiencing maps because now users can view locations in 3D with detailed information. Users can see buildings, new roads, landmarks, and many things covered in this Map. When you use this map for the first time, you'll feel like you're viewing whole cities from your eyes because it's completely 3D. Currently, you can explore cities like London, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco for a 3D experience, but soon many more cities will be added.

Improve Navigation System for better Experience

After launching the 3D map view, it is mainly useful for navigation systems. Because now anyone can see the map more beautifully in each corner, buildings, landmarks, new roads, bus, taxi, bridge and busy roads, highways. That helps users to navigate more easily and find the best route.

Never Miss a stop with powerful traffic updates

Now Apple Maps comes with better improvements in transportation because now you can find the best route in one click. You'll get real-time updates on your map. With this feature, you can see the bus and train routes' real-time location, and you can easily plan your journey.

Immersive Walking directions

It's a very eye-catching and useful Feature. You can see its step-by-step walking guidance in reality. Users can pick the phone, scan that location, buildings, and then you'll get suggestions for where you need to go on your screen.

Discover Great places where Curated Guides

Even before 3D maps, we're using maps to find the best places and guidance. But after these new features of 3D maps enhanced the experience of viewing Great places with updated guides for you. Users can click on the guide button in maps to access. A New Interactive Globe

Apple Maps comes with a three-dimensional globe with new ways of looking at the World. You'll get another level of experience when you use this 3D globe to explore different locations.

Maps & Privacy

Apple is highly committed to keeping your personal information safe and secure. There's no sign-in required to use maps; you can access without any login details. So you can rely on security and use Maps without any worry because later, Apple comes with more advanced securities.