Thursday, February 20, 2014

The 10 Best Websites and Resources for iPhone App Development

The app development for the iPhone is becoming a passion for most of the people in this globe. Right from the child to the adult, the app making is becoming a fun for them. There are many professional who were working out for job and also there are few children who makeprank applications for their fun works. If you want to become an app developer, you can easily make your leg wet by learning the tactics for the app development. In this post, I have listed out the top websites that provide app development tutorials for the new learners
Apple Developer's Site:If you were going to learn about the iPhone app development, then you need to visit this site first. In order to get more information about the application development, this website acts as a perfect arena. First you need to sign up for the developers program and you need to download the necessary tools from the website.

iPhoneDev SDK Forums:This site acts as best sources for the iPhone App developer and here they will learn various features about the application development. This community is robust in nature and you can get anything from the community and you can post your queries, it can be cleared by the programmers in the community. is a feature tutorial blog that allows you the developers to learn the app development process. It doesn’t matter whether you were an advance designer or a beginner, can be suitable for anyone. provides you a better place to learn the coding process.

AdWhirl:AdWhirl is an advertisement service that allows you to include the ad services in your application. Once you have added the ad service in the app, you can able to sign up for the various features of the website. You can use the entire feature by using the same code itself. AdWhirl increases your revenue and also they can show their ads in your application.

Cocos2D: Cocos2D is a website that allows the users to set up a high level graphics in the game. Rather than using the basic graphics, you can include the higher graphics in your application. Suppose, if you were going to develop a high end game, then Cocos2D will definitely help you to create a game. You can also include more interactions with the help of Cocos2Dwebsite,Cocos2D provides various toolkit for the developers.

The other websites are: 

SIO2 Interactive: Provides game engine for the app developers and include high graphics tool for their applications.

Shiva 3D: Shiva 3D is an awesome website, that allows you to include several graphihcs tool kit in your application.

OpenFeint: OpenFeintprovides you toolkit to establish many features in the iPhone application.
Urban Airship:This is a powerful feature which allows you to include the in-apppurchases in the applications. It allows you to include several toolkits in the developing website.

AppViz: This allows you to download and use the reports in your application. Therefore various app development tutorials have been clearly discussed in the above paragraphs.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Best iPhone – iPad Call Recording Free Apps

Call Recording Apps
Recording a call is a feature that allows you to record the important calls in your phone and also allows you to hear that after a while. Even you can record the various calls and show it to anyone too. In the Apple Operating system iOS, this kind of feature is not present and you cannot simply record the call using the ordinary call options. But there are several applications are available in the Apple Store which allows you to record the calls on your iDevices. In this post, I have shortlisted few applications that allow you to record the calls in the iPhone for absolutely free of cost.

WePhone: WePhone is a brilliant app that allows you to record the various calling activities in your iPhone. WePhone has been downloaded more than 10 million times in the Apple App store.WePhone also allows you to call your friends for low cost, even you can call international for very low rates. WePhone provide you caller ID feature with free call recording option too.WePhone allows you to record the outgoing calls and also make the users to aware of the recordings in order to avoid the legal problems. By using this application, you can record your call up to 20 minutes. Even you can also email your recordings from your mobile itself. And also you can download it in your personal computer, and also use it in wave file format.

Google Voice: Google Voice is a call recording application that allows you to call international calls at very low rates.Google Voice allows you to send the text messages too; you can easily record your calls through the Google Voice. The main drawback is that, Google Voice is only available for the United States only. Google Voice allows you to record the incoming calls of your mobile. Unfortunately, you cannot record the outgoing calls in your mobile phone. Google Voice can work with the iOS version 4.3 and higher. Google Voice is totally free to download in the Apple Store.

Tape a Call Lite: Tape a Call Lite is one of the most popular apps for the iPhone and you can easily record the incoming and the outgoing calls very easily. Tape a Call Lite has no limitations in it and you can record as much you want. Even you can record the calls of more than a number. Tape a Call Lite provides you an easier way to use the interface and also you can recordthe calls in MP3 file format, and also you can upload that in your DropBox account.

Call Recording by NoNotes: Call Recording by NoNotes is a brilliant application that allows you to record the calls very cleanly. Call Recording by NoNotes allows you to record the calls with unlimited recording times, and also you can share the recordings very easily. But the Call Recording by NoNotes app is only applicable for the North America only.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

How to block unwanted calls on an iPhone

Everyone would have experience this thing, you might have disturbed continuously by an unknown number and also with spams calls. Now you can completely free from that disturbance by using this post, here I have shared how to block the calls in the iPhone. Most of you would have constantly disturbed by the telemarketers by anonymous calls and other spammer too. In the latest version of iOS, you can easily block calls using the menu which is present in the iPhone itself.

Here is our Ho-to guide for blocking the callers on the iPhone and this method is only applicable for the iPhone iOS 7. The apple has built its iOS with the built in call blocking facilities. The latest version of iOS has several features, and has quick built-in facilities. It allows the users to block the messages, calls very quickly. You can easily block the face time without installing any unnecessary third party applications. You can easily perform this action by entering in the settings menu and also with the contacts list.

Once you have successfully set up the call blocking, the calls will be automatically routed to the voicemail number of your mobile.The call blocking facility in the iPhone is a one way street, when you were using the iOS 7 in your mobile, therefore allowing the users to contact the blocked numbers with no hindrance.

Download the iOS 7 and install it in the mobile 

If your device doesn’t have the iOS7 update, then back up the files that are present in your mobile and upgrade it to the iOS7 using the iTunes. This makes your device to become in iOS, and then you can easily block the numbers in the Phone by accessing the Settings icon in the Home screen. Else you can go to Software Update and then update your Phone by clicking the Download and Install Button your screen. Before downloading, make sure that your mobile has been connected with the charger.

How to Navigate to Blocked menu

By clicking the Setting icon in the home screen, and then select the phone option in the settings menu. Now tap the Blocked option under the call section in your mobile. Else you can go to the blocked menu by going through the respective settings (like Messages, FaceTimes and so on).

Now you need to simply tap the Add New Button on your iPhone, and then enter the number that you need to block in your mobile. You can select the numbers from the contact list too.

How to UnBlock the blocked Number: 

To unblock the number or a user, in that menu, simple tap EditButton in theoption which is present in the top-right corner, then you can easily unblock the number, which isalready blocked by you. Therefore by using this method, you can easily block and unblock the callers in your iPhone. You can easily be free from the disturbances and also from the spammers too.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

6 Great Tips and tricks for blogging while mobile

Blogging on the go with your smartphone or tablet seems like it might be difficult, but the truth is that most apps make blogging a breeze. Not only are some tasks easier, but the majority of tasks are fairly easy due to the advanced capabilities of smartphones and tablets.

Instant Publishing
Adding a video or photo to your blog is much easier with a mobile device. If you use a desktop, then you need to upload the photo or wait for the video to finish encoding. It can take several minutes before the file is ready to publish. Most blogging apps, like the official Blogger and WordPress apps, allow you to instantly add any new photos or videos to your blog.

Not only does it take less time, but you don’t have to work with any tools or settings. Just tell the app to publish your new videos and photos and it will take care of the rest.

Easier Typing
There are two tips to make typing easier. If you prefer typing with your thumbs, then rotate the device so that it’s horizontal. This will give you more room to type. If this is still too difficult, then you can always speak your blog posts. The majority of blogging apps and modern smartphones allow you to record speech as text.

If there are any inaccuracies, then just go back and type the correct word.

No Internet
Many people don’t use blogging apps because they aren’t around hotspots, or they don’t want to use their data plan. These apps are still useful even if you don’t have an Internet connection. You can work on a blog post or jot down ideas into the app. Anything that you type will be instantly saved so that you can publish it whenever you have an Internet connection.

In fact, some blogging apps will automatically publish your draft as soon as there’s an Internet connection.

No Blogging Apps
Do you want to blog with your mobile device, but you don’t like the available apps? That’s not a problem. You can write blog posts in your email app. Just email the post to your blog to have it published. Not only that, but most email apps have a setting that allows you to publish the post directly to your blog.

Live Blogging
One of the best things about blogging is that it allows you to stay in touch with your readers. They are interested in what you have to say. Mobile blogging adds a new layer to this by allowing you to blog during your day as things are happening. Normally you have to sit down, collect your thoughts and start writing if you're blogging with your desktop.

That’s good for long, detailed posts, but it’s unnecessary for shorter posts to tell people how your day is going. Mobile devices make it much easier to do live blogging. You can publish posts about how annoying the subway was or how great your date went. This will bring your readers closer to you, and it makes it easier to blog about daily events.

Easy Formatting
Formatting might seem like a difficult task with a mobile device, but it’s fairly easy when you know what to do. For example, you want to move a photo so that it’s under a certain paragraph. If you were using a desktop, then you would have to drag the photo to the right place.

It’s nearly the same with a mobile device. Just press the image and move it with your finger. You can easily move and format most elements with a single press. Not only that, but there are a number of buttons that allow you to italicize, bold and underline text.

Just get familiar with the app’s buttons, and you’ll have an easy time formatting your future posts.

Blogging with a mobile device is much easier than it sounds and safe with NQ mobile's mobile security application. Not only are most of the tools made for your finger, but it’s easy to publish photos and videos, formatting is a breeze and mobile blogging gives you the opportunity to update your blog several times a day.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Video Calling Apps for iPhone

Video calling is becoming a trend among the people; you can see your friends and chat with them through the video calling feature. FaceTime is a built in feature which is present in the Apple, which has excellent popularity among the people. Various updates has made the video calling feature to be very famous and made it very flexible too.

But there are few limitations that are present in the Apple FaceTime application, the main drawback was that, the FaceTime can only make the calls between the two Apple devices. Not everyone in this universe would use the Apple Products, so your receiver should have this Device to establish a call between you and them. And one more things are that, your device should be connected with the Wi-Fi network in order to use FaceTime. So in this post, i have shared few alternatives for the iPhone FaceTime and here it goes;


We all would have heard about the skype, and its awesome features. Skype is not only meant for video calls, but you can do text messages also in the application. Even you can do ordinary calls in the skype, you need to sign up for the feature and add the money in your account for calling the landlines phones all around the world. But you can make a free calling feature to a skype installed phone. You can easily make calls to iPhone, Android Phones and even you can make calls to the PC or any Mac. Even you can use the Skype in the Microsoft Xboxes too.

Yahoo! Messenger

Yahoo Messenger is another popular messenger in this globe, you would have heard about the Yahoo Messenger for the personal computer, from which you can easily establish the calls between the two personal computers. Likewise, In iPhone you can easily establish a video calls between two users through the Yahoo Messenger application. The main thing is that, you need a Yahoo mail service before using this messenger in your iPhone. This application is available in the app store for ultimately free of cost and you can download it, use it in your device.

Tango Video Calls

Tango is a highly rated video call application that lets you to make video calls to your friends. This application is totally free and you can establish a video call between the users using the Wi-Fi network or using the 3G network. This application is very easy to use and it is very popular among the iPhone users. Simply you need to install this application in your device and it will automatically search the contact list in your mobile. Then automatically it displays the contacts, who were using this service in your mobile.

Thus these three applications allow you to make video calls to your friends using your iPhone, rather than using the Apple FaceTime in your Apple Devices.

How to Develop iPhone Apps

Once you actually perceive why you're making your application and for who, future step is to detail what you may be building and the way. If you know a little about technology you can yourself search and know the way to create an app but if you are new to the field of technology than too you need not worry because step by stem instructions and guides are available to your rescue which you may refer to while trying to make an app. However creating plays its best part in this field and the thing which you are going to make is important other than the required skills because you can outsource the task too but you cannot outsource creativity which is the original thing. You almost certainly have a general plan of what you'd wish to build. However, to construct Associate in nursing application, you wish to understand specifically what options your application can support. Understanding World Health Organization can use your app and what’s vital to those users (which you’ve already completed) makes this task abundant easier. Particularization “what and how” needs that you:

Define the options your application can support. You must recognize what each screen can contain and what each button can do and why.

Decide that mobile devices you may support. Sure, you began by needing to build Associate in Nursing iPhone application, however what concerning iPod, the various flavors of robot and Blackberry, or maybe Windows mobile devices?
Determine if you may build an online or a native application. Users should transfer and install native apps that permit the software package to access the mobile devices’ knowledge and options (e.g., the camera). In distinction, mobile internet applications need no install and have terribly restricted access to the particular mobile device.
Decide however you may market your application. Mobile development isn't a field of dreams; simply because you build it, they'll not return. There square measure several selections for business your application’s existence: advertising, hiring a packaging team, content promoting, social campaigns and plenty of a lot of. Verify what’s sensible for you.
Determine if and the way you may decriminalize your application. If this application is a component of a business, this is often a really vital step. Mercantilism your app within the Apple store is nice, however bear in mind they take half-hour of revenue from every sale. If your app prices $1.00, you merely see $0.70 from every sale. You’ll conjointly favor to implant advertising or charge a reoccurring subscription fee. If you would like to form cash, take the time to outline specifically however you may be intimate.
Decide however you may check the applying once it's complete. Testing is crucial. Nothing will kill your application’s likelihood for achievement quite as quick as pages of unhealthy reviews concerning buggy software package. 1st impressions square measure everything, particularly once it involves mobile software package. There square measure many ways that to search out willing beta testers, choose one (or more).

Digital content publishing evolving to new heights

There's an array of programs and platforms available today that swiftly and easily let companies and individuals publish digital content. On the consuming end, a range of new devices means digital content publishing is now more attractive than ever.

In many respects, it is these high-tech devices that are overtly influencing -- if not outright driving -- digital content publishing. That's because publishers need the best end-unit fit for their digital content. There's little use in going to the trouble and expense of generating digital content if it's not going to display on the most popular devices of the day.

Some digital publishers focus entirely on one device alone, with their content tailored and configured to, for example, one popular tablet computer. They see the computer hardware market heading in that direction and they want to be part of the content action.

However, digital content publishers need to be vitally aware of the technologies that are leading today's content consumption as well as those that are emerging and coming on-stream. That includes the platforms on which to deliver digital content and the hardware where it ends up, whether laptop or tablet or smartphone.

Looking out for trends and the emergence of new technologies is key to ensuring success in delivering digital content. Wearable technology -- such as glasses projecting content onto a tiny panel and smartphones worn as watches -- is one area that is being developed, and digital content publishers will need to know just how to configure their content to match these bold new environments. For more about digital content publishing services please visit the site.

For the greater part, publishers remain perplexed about how to monetise their digital content. Back in the early days of the commercial internet, which was only around a decade ago, the prevailing wisdom turned out not to be so wise after all: rendering all your print content digital and dumping it online in the hopes that a) you’d make money out of advertising on your website or b) somehow, after consuming your content for free online, consumers would be goaded into buying your long-established print options.

While some major digital content publishers did enjoy a bonanza in advertising, since then the rates of clicking on ads and the price of ads themselves has plummeted. Some do enjoy high subscription rates to their digital offerings, but they remain a minority in digital content publishing. The great give-away at the start of it all, where everyone expects their content, which is costly to produce, for free, has come back to bite them.

Still, concerns about reaping financial rewards from digital content aside, there’s never been a better time for anyone to get their content out there, whether it’s large news corporations, businesses aiming to create a wider profile and attract new clients or individuals writing blogs.

In the fast-developing environs of digital publishing, one thing is clear: content is what forms the unyielding backbone of the internet and increasingly it must be professional and of the highest quality. The digital world is evolving, and so too is the content it carries.
Martin Jonson is director of the UK's Digital Downloading company providing exceptional quality at the lowest UK prices. He will complete your job quickly with the greatest care. You can connect with him on Google+.