Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The server for all Mac OS X Server Lion Part.I

With Leo, Apple Exchange Server is in depth the variation of its system. Until Leopard, Mac OS X Server cost € 500 for 10 users, or € 1000 without limit with version 10.6, Apple had already lowered its prices by removing the version limited to 10 users, and not selling more than the unlimited version to € 499.

Apple goes much further in its next system since the company removes just Mac OS X Server as a system and makes an application for Mac OS X Lion client. As of July, for € 39.99 only, any Mac running on Lion will become the server and perform all the functions previously reserved for Mac OS X Server. A major change that goes in the direction of a general simplification of server functions: Apple aims to create nothing less than "the server for all’.

For all, that is to say for every budget, but also all the machines. While Mac OS X Server was rather designed to run on the Xserve, Mac OS X Server version lion can run on any Mac, as shown it very well the Apple site. Prior warning before you install the Server configuration back to a Mac OS X Lion client is difficult. In the current version, Apple offers no simple way to go back, it is necessary to reinstall the system. However, Mac OS X Server configuration lion looks like two peas in Mac OS X Lion client (even this is Photo Booth ...) and it is quite possible to install the Server on a machine to be used for everyday use.

Mac OS X Server Lion, Apple offers an entirely new application configuration for the server. Server named simply, this application provides easy access to some of the options for Mac OS X Server and somehow replace the server preferences from previous versions. For this application, you can manage users and groups, the various services or get some useful information on the server.

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