Tuesday, January 31, 2012

iBooks 2, Author iBooks, iTunes U: the iPad in all classrooms

A press conference in New York, presented by Phil Schiller keynote this was not quite ordinary for Apple. Dedicated to education, privileged sector of Apple, he witnessed the presentation of two iBooks, Author iBooks and iTunes U transformed into an application, a complete ecosystem in an attempt to impose the iPad in movie classroom and lecture halls.

Apple Store: Defence is confirmed and it moves in Strasbourg

Apple is well open a new Apple Store in a spray of Paris (Puteaux), in the Quatre Temps shopping mall for Defence, at the foot of the Grande Arche. Employment opportunities without precise location pointed in that direction in recent months and we had obtained confirmation of internal source in August. This time things are official, with the fresh registration of the new shop. The center faces the CNIT where a large Fnac.

iGeneration iPad 1.2.9 is available on the App Store

An update to iGeneration iPad is available on the App Store. It brings a new feature and several bug fixes. [1.2.9 - Free]. We worked in recent weeks with readers who met regularly cases of crashes and freezes that have emerged since iOS 5. Several corrections were made to remove and the passage of other bugs has been erased.

A new function was added: To report a fault. iPad on iOS 5 it will allow those of you who want to notify us of a spelling mistake or a wrong formulation turned in a paper to do so very easily. Simply select with your finger the wrong way in the text and a new button "Report a fault" appears.

Overview of iBooks Author - II

Once obtained the desired result, Author iBooks can test it before publishing it. For this, the application does not use the simulator for the iPad, but an iPad. A "Preview" button to generate a version and open it directly on the tablet from Apple.

Good idea but the implementation is quite restrictive since it is necessary not only to connect the iPad Mac with a USB cable, but leave open the terminal iBooks. IBooks you can add it to iTunes and sync with other iPad. It will also create a PDF file, which is convenient because universal, but much more limited in terms of interactivity. Author iBooks can also change the look of the book in both directions.

Overview of iBooks Author

Author iBooks is Apple's solution to quickly and easily interactive textbooks. What is the solution in practice? If you know of Pages (€ 15.99) or Keynote (€ 15.99), you will not be disoriented by opening the application for the first time. Apple did not just draw inspiration from its iWork to create iBooks Author: the new application is based on the suite Apple. From the opening, there is the traditional list of models. Apple offers only six, but six very different with specific guidance. Feel free to adapt them to your needs and possibly create your own templates. Legacy of Pages, Author iBooks can manage styles (the drawer above left), chapters and sections, and all options for changing the text are also meeting both you say, it was almost free with a Pages last application for Apple Mac.

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

"Inside Apple" culture of secrecy in Cupertino

A few anecdotes about the secrecy introduced at Apple have been published by the author of "Inside Apple" on sale next week.

Adam Lashinsky discusses some original practices, such as when any new project starts, and others who may ring familiar to some readers as working in companies governed by strict rules of confidentiality.

The author, who has met with former Apple employees, for example, says that some have seen a sudden one day be erected walls to their floor and doors put "windows were pacified and some pieces had none”. New access rules are enacted, and nothing enters or leaves the room without good reason. A rule of silence that covers course and especially outside the workplace. Friends and family are also kept in the dark. Phill Schiller, the head of marketing, said subject themselves to the discipline with his children while Apple was working on his future gadgets.

PC: the decline is accelerating

There was a time not so long ago when the holiday season alone was able to revive PC sales. But the personal computer is becoming increasingly rare in the hood of Santa Claus. Result, PC sales have stagnated in the fourth quarter. Exactly, they were down 0.17%. The PC head in the bucket since the second quarter and this trend seems heavy. A year finally sign the decline of this unit has taken a hit since the democratization of old tablets and smartphones.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Wi-Drive: SSD External test for iPhone and iPad

In storage for iPhone and iPad, two competing trends: the cloud or the external drive Wi-Fi Wi-Drive is logically in the second camp, ignoring the popularity of icloud and Dropbox, Kingston offers an external SSD 16 GB or 32 connect to Wi-Fi to its iPad or iPhone. Practice? Useful? Relevant?

Breaking into the Mac in the enterprise concerned

5 million Mac or almost! The number of Macs sold in the last three months of 2011. We will know whether or not Apple has crossed the symbolic threshold during the presentation of its financial results next week. The underlying trend is changing to an apple branded computers. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

CES 2012: Apple in all heads - II

Apple CES 2012 = 2013?

In other areas - where Apple is not (yet) present, it is clear that innovation in abundance gives rise to multiple ads all more interesting than others. If the CES 2011 was marked by an avalanche of tablets, the 2012 edition will be dedicated during the reign of connected. The television manufacturers had to admit the lack of medium-term view of return on investment ...

CES 2012: Apple in all heads - I

CES 2012 is now closed. More than ever, it suffers from a paradox: although Apple is absent from his whereabouts, she was very present in the minds of exhibitors and visitors. Between products very "inspired" and real innovations, the ESC 2012 again raises the question of the relevance of these giant rooms.

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Mac mini turns right

At the Macworld 2005; Steve Jobs introduced small Apple products including the iPod shuffle ... and the Mac mini. Today they celebrate their seven years.

According to some it is the Board of Directors, at a time when Apple was preparing its passage Intel, which would have led to the creation of the Mac mini, against the advice of Steve Jobs. According to others, is the successor to the G4 Cube, and Cube NeXT before him, and therefore born from the will of Steve Jobs, obsessed with the idea of ​​a desktop clean and simple, the antithesis of tower PCs. The truth is probably somewhere halfway: the board of directors at the time was eating into the hand of Steve Jobs and the Mac mini is far from the versatility of Cube.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Show Your Support For Walgreens

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Latest notebooks with advance technology

Notebooks are very useful for numerous works, and lot of students take them to the college. However, getting notebooks is an ideal one for students, as they like things, which are sleek and fashionable. Due to the rapid increase in technology, the latest notebooks come with a lot of functions that can provide easy access to numerous applications for the convenience of the users. Moreover, the latest notebooks for the students result in making an enjoyable schooling experience. A number of programs as well as special features help the users in both the work as well as entertainment. With the improvement in technology, the notebooks designed today are light weighted and rugged enough for repeat use. They are also made with education features, so that the students can get more learning from these advanced devices. Advance notebooks also come with the technology making it difficult to be stolen. Moreover, they come in numerous designs, providing users with the choice of selecting the best design. 

You also have a choice in selecting the color of your choice from the notebooks that are available in the market. In other words, you get numerous colors in the latest notebooks. You can find the design of your choice by having a look in the variety of notebooks. Before, the notebooks are just a piece that can do only basic work of computers, but, now, they are very advanced, and are came with many features making it to be very attractive for the users. 

Lots of works can be done with the use of latest notebooks. The technology has made them so advanced that they can do huge work of the users, saving their lot of time and energy. Moreover, now, the price is not an issue regarding the purchase of notebook. You can find many latest notebooks at a very affordable price. Different notebooks have different special features to please you on your work. The latest notebooks are very easy to operate, and accesses in an organized method as the assignments that are done today are also very organized. 

The keyboard is made for typing in a very easy way. Due to the increase in technology, the keyboards are also very fine that can be used with an ease. Now a day, due to sharp technology, you get the notebooks that are portable, which is a huge advantage of buying this machine. You also get other 3D applications and latest graphics technologies in the latest notebooks. Overall, they are a complete package providing you an easy way of doing your work. 

Summary: The latest notebooks are gift of advance technology, which serves the purpose of work as well as entertainment to the users.

The iPod shuffle is celerbating its seventh candle

On January 11, 2005, Steve Jobs introduced the iPod shuffle to the public from Macworld, as one of his famous "one more thing." The iPod shuffle is when the first iPod with no screen and opens the use of flash memory NAND.

Beginning of 2004, Apple controlled 31% market share of digital music player: the iPod's competitors are then hundreds of models of key USB flash drive, and some models opulent HDD. The Cupertino Company decides to go to conquer the market by launching the iPod mini, iPod hard drive a little smaller and a bit cheaper than its big brother. It is a success in one year, double the iPod's market share to 65%.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Prohibition of sale for the light kit logo on the iPhone

K.O Gadget received a letter ordering him to Apple to stop selling its iPhone 4/4S kit ($ 79.90) which allowed the Apple logo light up. Reproducing the system in this laptop brand. Apple sees this as an infringement on the copyright of its logo. Ko Gadget also proposed a variation with the famous Apple logo which would fit the profile of Steve Jobs.

The user will receive a kit to install itself, including a new back cover (thinner than the original) and a backlight of the size of a fingernail to plug in the iPhone. The logo lit up along the screen and remained 15 seconds after switching to standby phone. He was also active when the iPhone to the ear.

IPhone: Free Mobile deal with competitive offerings - V

International calls

The basic package includes Free calls to fixed and mobile in France, the United States, Canada, Alaska and Hawaii.

The program also calls to landlines in these countries: Azores, Germany, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Hungary, Canary Islands, Ireland, Italy, Latvia , Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Martinique, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Reunion, Romania, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Sweden and Switzerland.

IPhone: Free Mobile deal with competitive offerings - IV


It is now rare to have a mobile phone but no fixed Internet. All operators offer ADSL offerings combining fixed and mobile television and telephone.

Free does not offer independent, but the company offers its subscribers Freebox € 4 per month on wireless service plan. A total of 24 months with the purchase of a 16 GB iPhone 4S, you'll get € 2015 in Free. We compared the equivalent offerings from its competitors by not taking into account the additional costs that may apply if, for example, you are not in unbundled areas.

IPhone: Free Mobile deal with competitive offerings - III

With a fixed 3 hours

If the comparison is final with unlimited plans, rarely used many hours of use per month, especially as the DSL box all offer unlimited and free. We compared the offers Free to cheaper packages that contain 3 hours of voice and options tailored to the iPhone.

24 months

The difference with the offer of Free mobile is less important, but it is always present with these packages on one condition: Sosh. The operator does not propose to offer three hours, but the special edition package comes close 2 hours. Inexpensive (€ 22.90 per month with no commitment), it does not support the phone, but the bill is light total: € 1148 after 24 months, less than € 51 Free. The package is however very different.

IPhone: Free Mobile deal with competitive offerings - II

With a flat rate

Incumbent operators offer packages more expensive monthly, but that fund at the same time the phone partner. According to Xavier Niel, the offer of Free remains largely cheaper anyway.

We compared the offers of the three incumbents on the total price of a 16 GB iPhone 4S and paid a fee for two years. Two profiles were selected package for this comparison:

- A package as close as possible to that of Free, with unlimited calls, unlimited SMS and unlimited internet, but restrained

IPhone: Free Mobile deal with competitive offerings - I

Free mobile packages were presented this morning (read: The second revolution Free). The operator announced that the iPhone at launch, it will actually wait until January 27 next.

Prices in Free iPhone

At that time, you can buy an iPhone as expected 4S € 1, provided the fund then. Several funding opportunities are offered by Free, 24 or 36 months. This table summarizes the final price of each model and the difference from the rate naked on the Apple Store.

The secondary revolution of Free

€ 19.99! This is the new price "magic" of mobile phones in France. After its success with its offer ADSL € 29.90, Free hopes again cut prices in mobile telephony. Xavier Niel called on all its competitors to align its rates twice as expensive.

Draw me a perfect package

What is it like the perfect package? Xavier Niel described: the voice unlimited (with international calls to Europe, Switzerland, DOM, the United States and Canada. In all, 40 destinations included). The same goes for SMS and MMS unlimited.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Revolution of the PAF

The rumor of an Apple TV as, half confirmed by Steve Jobs himself, is constantly talking to her. The planets will align them-for a new warning shot in the style of Cupertino?

An impregnable fortress

So far television as such was under the rule of cable operators: real gatekeepers of access to content, they do not intend to let disintermediation easily, and Apple has been busy for the Apple TV pay to be enthroned on the side of free set-top boxes and delivered by cable operators, which has earned its status as "hobby".

The Revolution of the PAF

If Google was the first chopping to set foot directly into the TV, the initiative has so far been a dismal failure, attracting the hostility of the television channels who refused to see Google put its advertising over their content. Connected televisions have beautiful invade CES last year, mayonnaise has so far not taken in all initiatives affecting near and far to the media, Apple has always had at heart to act with the consent rights holders (even sometimes engage in real wrestling). We saw this difference in culture shine again there is little Match with iTunes, Apple is the only supplier of this type of solution has first signed an agreement with record companies, which enabled him to offer a solution much more elegant (including avoiding unnecessary upload data it already has on its servers).

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

iOS 5: good artists copy, great artists steal?

"Mistress, Luc has copied me, ah!”Since the submission of iOS 5, both sides start from the usual points of what would have been copied or not the new Apple in the competition. On the one hand, the very people who usually yell at war crime when the novelty of a smaller competitor comes from near and far from a concept to Apple today say that it is fair game. On the other, the most frenzied fans of Android laugh at what they see as a catch-up on the Google OS, which would have invented everything from A to Z. As usual, the truth is between two.

ITunes Match: explanation of some statutes icloud

A column of information in iTunes is used to find, as its name suggests, the "Status icloud" a piece after treatment with iTunes Match. It may have seven different information and quite explicit in their titles. However there is one that can sometimes seem incongruous. The criterion "Downloaded" indicates that this song in your iTunes library is uploaded to icloud because there was no iTunes Store. In contrast to standard "matched" that indicates that a local song was found on the iTunes Store. However, sometimes this criterion "Downloaded" is featured on songs or albums that we had just purchased from Apple.

Monday, January 9, 2012

WWDC Alerts: not to miss the train of WWDC

Victim of its success! Last year, the 5,000 tickets for the Apple Developers Conference (WWDC) were gone in 10 hours . The program with both iOS 5 and OS X Lion was particularly attractive indeed.

Nevertheless, it illustrates the growing success of Apple solutions to developers. In passing, we recall that the ticket costs just over € 1000. To this, add one round trip to San Francisco and accommodation costs.

Anonymous Support ToTthe Action Of eBizcuss

Two Apple Premium Resellers have confided anonymously to ChannelWeb on their relationship with Apple. Of anonymous witnesses who are going in the right line of the situation in which the group has publicly eBizcuss after Christmas and has led to an application for interim relief.

One of the APR, a European, details some opposition made by Apple for its activity and that of its peers. For example, the products most in demand during a period (iPad, MacBook Air) are not available for resellers like him while Apple and its partners in the mass distribution are properly delivered.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Best Radar Detectors

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

The enviable second place

While many companies have done everything to get the head of sales and maintain the domination of a market is a plight in many ways, and can be very expensive.

Long time, Apple has based its communication on the facetious irreverence against a titanic adversary. IBM, Microsoft or Intel in turn symbolized the order established that Apple was annoying, even this upset little game of gadfly could sit at the Cupertino company during a time when she was still a figure of outsider, but then it became one of the most expensive companies in the world and can now most of its competitors in terms of profit and turnover, it must affect a First a little more humble and respectful of the smallest it, otherwise it could tarnish its image.

2012: Challenges for Apple -II

The MacBook Air as a source of inspiration?

End of 2010, the MacBook Air was introduced as the future of Mac. And coincidentally, the site of Apple computers to promote OS X Lion are systematically MacBook Air. Last year, Apple has pushed the point home by giving its ultraportable processor powerful enough that it can be used as a primary computer. Will the "revolution MacBook Air" will finally contaminate the rest of the range or will it expand with the arrival of a new model with a 15-inch screen? It is inclined to favor the second hypothesis. In this case, the question is whether Apple will give a "facelift" to its professional range or if it will let it quietly grow old and accelerate the transition to the MacBook Air.

2012: Challenges for Apple

2011 was good for Apple financially. A figure attests to its success: its annual sales in 2011 (ended in late September), amounting to 108 billion dollars. The Cupertino company is now a relatively small club of companies that make over $ 100 billion of turnover.

Unquestionable financial success, but paradoxically one year fairly quiet in terms of news products. Not true major innovations as was the case in 2010, for example with the iPad. But we can not do the "revolution" .2011 was especially synonymous with renewal software with OS X Lion and iOS 5, and a new beginning in terms of services or with icloud Siri. A "renewal program" challenged, because if iOS 5 is a major release if only because it releases the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch from the tutelage of Mac and PC, OS X Lion is without Apple probably the animal that makes the unanimously least for some time.

iPad Application Development Company

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Jailbreak Apple Products

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Friday, January 6, 2012

SEO Software

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Your best Mac OS X - I

Last week we offered you a selection of applications to discover the same time as your Mac. We ask you then your own advice and many of you to respond to offer applications.

Here is a selection of ten applications from your proposals. If you have any questions to ask regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact us!

SOPA, an American-style super Hadopi

A bill currently pays American chronicle. Appointed Stop Online Piracy Act, it is intended as a kind of super Hadopi and take over the concept of firewall Chinese considered any website promoting copyright infringement will be blocked by Internet service providers based the United States. Widely lobbying by content publishers (Motion Picture Association of America, Recording Industry Association of America, but also the Chamber of Commerce US), this project raises naturally the controversy on the web.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A small guide to NAS - II

 NAS has the advantage of being accessible from any machine on your network, advantage can become a disadvantage. In the professional environment your new intern does not need to access your accounts or even your home, your child may not have needed access to all your data, even if only to prevent an unfortunate loss of data.

That is where the operating system scene of your NAS, usually based on GNU / Linux. In the same way as a conventional Linux or OS X, you can set what is called user rights. Every user - or group of users - can access data from the NAS that will not appear in others. In this way, on the same machine on a network segment can access information.

A small guide to NAS

NAS, network attached storage for: this acronym you may be familiar. It refers to storage systems that are real small home servers using an OS-based GNU / Linux and designed for service 24/24 (small footprint, low power consumption, etc..), Accessible on your local network or from the out. But in the jungle of the proposed models, it is sometimes difficult to navigate ...

Announcing: Snapdragon Stadium

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As the idea of the marketing activities intended for its mobile processor building distribution as well as in collaboration by means of the City of San Diego, the San Diego Chargers as well as the San Diego Bowl Game Association – The Qualcomm is going to rename the Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego as Snapdragon Stadium for 11 days. Throughout this time, the stadium will host three all over the country simulcast football games, one of which — San Diego Chargers vs. Baltimore Ravens — broadcasted on December 18th.
The objective of the promotion, the journalists release declares, is to report to the customers concerning how Snapdragon processors by Qualcomm are the digital brains inside mobile devices made patrons carry out extra on their mobile devices for instance watch HD videos, play excellent quality games as well as browse the internet, at the same time as preserve the existence of their battery intended for longer periods. Snapdragon processors contain as well been attributed in an assortment of SmartBooks, gadgets which unite the convenient aspects of Netbooks, along with the connectivity attributes of Smartphones. These wonderful processors are intended for transfigure the system that we make use of mobile devices in the upcoming years.