Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Apple responds to criticism on Final Cut Pro X Part.II

This is actually the ability to fund X to communicate with other software that is singled out here: Final Cut Pro, with its support of XML, had it opened a strength, to suit different workflow. In fact, X still supports the FCP XML interchange; Apple has confirmed it will soon publish the new specifications. Although increasingly popular, the RED cameras are no longer managed by FCP X. RED and Apple is partners and yet have repeatedly promoted from one another. RED works with Apple to create a plug-in that will import original RED format, which does not address the fact that X does not fund nor other raw formats.

Pogue says that you can always save it as QuickTime, which is far from a solution that format loses much raw information. The only temporary solution that seems acceptable, pending the plug-in, is to use the RED software to convert raw files into ProRes files, which is close to the workflow already adopted by some users of the RED cameras (c is a proxy used only format for editing, where it is more suitable than the raw formats). Another problem is the lack of support for some cards video output of the most popular, particularly in view of mounting a dedicated screen with better color reproduction. Apple Black Magic said working with the support of their cards, while AJ has already beta drivers. As recalled by Rich Harrington, this does not solve the case of other manufacturers, but it is a first step.

Apple does not work against support for the AJA and Black magic cards to work on tape. The Cupertino Company believes strongly in giving up the tape and the transition to a 100% digital workflow; it applies the same strategy as for the abandonment of the floppy, but Rich Harrington explained that the situation is far from the same. The tape is important, although it is indeed on the decline. In an e-transcribed in a conversation on the Apple forums, Randy Ubillos, product designer iMovie and Final Cut, says that Final Cut Pro X 1.0 "is the beginning of the road, not the end." He means by this that many features will be added to as such, but that fund X is a new way; this is how to interpret the abandonment of the cassette.

"We never imagined that somebody changed editing software in the middle of a project," said he: the career of Final Cut Pro 7 is far from over. Apple insists on this point; it is with Final Cut Pro X of decisions (the abandonment of the cassette, the dissolution of the concept of track, etc.), But stay tuned for the add on other items. Final Cut Pro 7 is currently more mature and stable, but editors can already form the new practices introduced by FCP X. But beware; FCP and FCP X 7 live poorly, it is better to install them on two different partitions.


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