Monday, August 1, 2011

Lion DiskMaker

Lion diskmaker is a utility that allows you to create a USB drive or a DVD backup for OS X Lion (€ 23.99). Lion can reinstall OS X on a Mac without an Internet connection, without going through the Mac App Store, simply by booting to the USB device or a DVD. Since the first version, the developer made two updates. Among the new features, we note the possibility of using a USB flash drive 4 GB only, as he had at least 5 GB of space for the first version. Lion DiskMaker is also more flexible on the location of the installation file: it must necessarily be in the / Applications folder and the application cannot find it automatically, you can specify it. Remember that this file is downloaded via the Mac App Store and it is possible to restart the download by pressing alt and clicking on the "Shop" store. Lion DiskMaker is free and the basic script is easily accessible if you want to change it. If the application has been helpful, you can still donate to Guillaume Gete, the author.

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