Thursday, August 25, 2011

Evolution of Thunderbolt -1

Since the beginning of the year, there are two significant developments in the Mac. The first is software. It is of course OS X Lion. The second is of a material, it is Thunderbolt. If the new operating system has received a lot of him and was quick to change the habits of users, technology co-developed with Intel has entered a much more discreet. However, it could disrupt our daily lives. Appeared in late February on the MacBook Pro, LightPeak has subsequently been generalized to the rest of the range. Currently only the Mac Pro has no such interface. But so far, this interface was not used to much if it is to connect an external monitor to your computer. Things are moving slowly but surely, the first devices exploiting this technology have appeared on the market in early summer. These are the manufacturers of storage solutions that have unsheathed first. This is not surprising in itself; this technology allows data rates much higher than USB 3.0 and FireWire 800. The Promise RAID 12 TB, which integrates six hard drives in 2TB, transfer rates of up to 800 MB / s. For mobile users who do video editing, this technology opens up new perspectives. This is also in this light that Apple began to promote Thunderbolt. But it would be simplistic to see Light Peak, a "super" FireWire or USB. And Apple has begun to show his 27-inch screen Thunderbolt. It becomes more than ever to choose a companion to your notebook, including MacBook Air, which now has access to the Gigabit Ethernet and FireWire.

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