Sunday, August 14, 2011

No New Mac Pro

As we have said many times, it lacks any new Mac Pro ... the new processors. Despite the various rumors of June, there is little chance that a new model to be presented this month: the Xeon adapted to Sandy Bridge Mac Pro are not yet available. Intel presented several lines Xeon Sandy Bridge, but none that can not fit the Mac Pro.
The E3-12XX have 2 physical 4-core (4 to 8 logical cores) clocked from 2.2 to 3.5 GHz and can be mounted in pairs, we find perhaps in the model "of call "Sandy Bridge providing the platform in any performance gains, but not in the rest of the range where Apple focuses on dual-processor configurations in many hearts. The Xeon EX, by contrast, are from June to October with hearts and are designed to be used in configurations of bi-or quad-processor. EX range, expected in time Xserve has been designed for the calculation of mass and not machines every day. The price is related to: a Mac Pro with two processor cores at 2.4 EX 10 GHz amounts to more than € 10 000. Apple therefore expects processors 4-6 cores compatible with dual-processor configurations. According Donanimhaber (via), it will take at least the fourth quarter of 2011, or at best in September if the relationship between Apple and Intel are still looking good. Architecture to succeed Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, is still expected by mid-2012.

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