Saturday, August 6, 2011

Apple TV Latest Version -1

Despite being a hobby that sticks to the skin from the beginning or near the Apple TV continues its merry way. The latest version of its software system out recently opened up new horizons ... During the developer conference (WWDC), Apple has discussed at length icloud for its computers as well as the iPhone and iPad. With version 4.3 of its system software, the Apple TV is coming to the party. The little box of Apple is now able to access streaming all episodes purchased since iTunes account (in the U.S. only for now). One can imagine that this feature will be extended in the future more or less close to the films acquired on the platform download from Apple. This feature is not reserved for the Apple TV; it is also enabled on other terminals equipped with Apple iOS 5.0. For the Apple TV, this is a major step forward. In a way, it takes its independence from Mac or PC which it is attached. The decision of Apple is not surprising in itself, it only confirms what was announced at the WWDC, that the concept of the digital hub as we have seen in recent years is no longer relevant and that now everything will converge to one or more clouds. This is not the only innovation introduced by this update also offers support for Vimeo. Until now, YouTube was the only free streaming service run by Apple's hobby. That will bring a little diversity, and it is even more interesting that access to YouTube suffers frequent delays and Vimeo videos are very good.

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