Saturday, July 23, 2016

Apple OS X: Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most Out of Your Mac


El Capitan – Updated form of Operating System of Apple’s Mac

El Capitan is the up-to-date form of the operating system of Apple’s Mac and the next edition would be announced very soon, though the concluding software would not be released till autumn. A multifaceted OS such as this tends to have abundant features as well as capabilities though there seems to be plenty of secrets which need to be discovered. Some worth mentioning are:

Find the Cursor

Sometimes one may not find the cursor. In this type of OS X, a mouse wiggle tends to make the cursor increase massively so as to enable in locating it. It remains big for as long as you do so and then returns to its normal size.

Swipe to delete as in iOS

If one is familiar with the handy swipe-left-to-delete motion in the Mail app of the iPhone, one will find the same on your Mac also. Utilising a trackpad, you could bring up the familiar red `Trash’ box with a two finger left swipe, while one finger is used on an Apple Magic Mouse.One could choose a natural swipe direction for the mouse and trackpad wherein swiping down tends to move the onscreen content down which seems to happen on an iPhone or iPad though is the opposite of what happens on a computer.

Suggestions in email

When one receives an email, the program tends to search the text for new statistics like event or contact details which is not recorded. A new line seems to appear towards the top of the message stating `1 Event found in this email’ and with a single click it can be added to your calendar. It will recognise a flight number also, so clicking on the arrow which tends to appear towards the right of the words makes knownthe flight information. If it states New Contact info found in this email, you can update your contacts’ details.

Mail in full screen

Full screen apps, raised on clicking the green button towards the top left area of the document of bar application, assists in focusing on one job at a time. However if one needs to work on many emails simultaneously, you would need flexibility. You could click on the yellow button in the traffic-light three, in mail, on the new message window in order to see it glide to the bottom of the screen. Thereafter you could develop more new messages which are together ready to be called back to the main screen by clicking on them. In order to work on plenty of new messages, you could click the new message button continually which will be identified by a tab at the top of the messages and you could click between them with ease.

Smarter Spotlight

To launch Spotlight, you could click the magnifying glass towards the extreme right of the menu bar. On editing the word weather, you get to see the forecast for your area. Entering the name of a sports car, a movie stars etc. to see the latest headline. You also get the updates of sports score here and could also move the Spotlight window around the screen, resizing its depth.

Safari tabs

Should there be browser windows which are used continuously, there is an easy method rather than plucking them from the top sites which Safari window tends to provide. A right click on the tab tends to turn it into a `pinned tab which sits towards the left edge of the tab bar like a small icon. It is also easy to suppress a tab which plays audio when you don’t seem to need it. Rather than having to mute the entire computer you could go to a blue speaker icon in the browser bar to mute any kind of audio pick a selected tab to silence. It is also simple to switch between tabs and click on the tab, However you can hold down the Command key and a number key to select a tab – 1 is the left-most tab, 2 the next along and so on.

The cleanest desktop so far

For long, Apple featured an application dock which tends to sit on the bottom of the screen while in the same menu there is a check box to `automatically hide and show the Dock’. It means that the dock slides in view only when the mouse heads towards it which is useful if the screen real estate seems to be limited.


This seems to be one of the best recently introduced application which seems to be developing. If one has an iCloud account, a note made on the iPhone would seem as if by magic on your iPad and Mac. Searching the notes seems to be easy and you could also save web addresses to notes together with photos and much more. You could also display element by type portraying all the URLs that have been saved together. Besides this, it is also simple in creating list, with bullet circles that tend to be satisfying when you have completed your task. The latest on the list is a padlock icon that enables you to lock individual note or the complete lot so that no one can get hold of it without your password.

Live Photos

Shooting live photos with multiple frames as well as audio saved along with the main shot seems to be the support of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus which can be viewed on a Mac by just hovering the mouse over the thumbnail pic in Photos. On clicking on the Live logo towards the bottom left of the image, when the image is full screen, it tends to come to life.

Use Makeshift Tags

There seems to be one thing which Apple has not introduced to notes, which are tags. If these tend to be a consistent part of the workflow, one would have to do with a hack. You could use hashtags in your notes and later search for them utilising the search box in Notes by using Spotlight in order to filter notes depending on hashtags.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

iPhone 7 - UK Release Date, Price, Pictures and All The Latest News

iPhone 7

Apple’s iPhone 7 - No Major Design Tweaks/Few Changes

Apple usually seems to reveal its next smartphone in early September and it would be disclosing the new iPhone in less than a couple of months. It would probably be the iPhone 7 which has been rumoured online much ahead of its announcement. Together with forecasts and remarks from analysts in the industry as well as specialised tech media, there were also many made-up leaked images.

Several portray the casing or material which are said to be in the new smartphone. Latest images displayed tend to give some insight on what the iPhone 7 looks like. On a Chinese social media, it has been portrayed as a similar model to the present iPhone 6s. The iPhone 7 is not expected to see much major design tweaks, though with a few changes.

 The camera lens for instance is much bigger which tends to hold true to the rumours circulating that the tech has been improving the on-board snapper. Besides this, the lines across the back are removed since the antenna has been shifted to the curves of the device. Unfortunately from the images, it is not clear whether the headphone jack is in place and its removal has been the main rumour regarding the new phone where most of the supporters of Apple seemed to disapprove on losing it.

Listed to Launch Three Variants

This year, Apple is said to be taking it a bit further and is listed to launch three variants, the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 7 Pro/Plus/Premium. Yet another report has been listing the presence of three variants namely the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro.

Apple would be doing away with the 16GB storage variant, replacing it with a 32GB choice. Initially the company had introduced the 16GB variant in 2008 which seemed to stay as the base model since the iPhone 5 in 2012. However with the growth of the app culture together with the capabilities of 4K recording, this moved to a 32GB base model which seems reasonable in more ways than one.

A report of July again restated the end of the 16GB variant with confirmation from people who were familiar with the matter. Besides the 32GB base storage alternative, Apple is also planning to knock up the storage on the top model taking to 256GB.

Smart Connector

A latest report informs that the iPhone 7 would be made available in 32GB, 64GB and 256 GB options while the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro would be offered in 32GB, 128GB and 256GB alternatives. It has been reported that the antenna band has been moved to the top and bottom edges and a recent leak has once again pointed this too.

 Some reports have indicated that the iPhone 7 would be coming with Smart Connector which was first introduced with the iPad Pro to connect the Smart Keyboard Cover together with the other accessories such as charging docks, though other disclosures have shown no existence of the Smart Connector.

We need to wait and watch to see if the Smart Connector would make its presence on the iPhone 7 or if it would just be the top end alternative.The iPhone 7 of Apple will not be easy on the wallet compared to its past alternative.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Powerful New Siri Capabilities and Single Sign-On Are Coming to Apple TV


Apple’s Powerful New Siri Proficiency

Apple recently announced a powerful new Siri proficiency, single sign-on for Apple TV as well as several more great latest features for users, enhancing the experience of entertainment in the living room. With the extended proficiencies of Siri, inclusive of searching across more app, YouTube search, and topic search as well as tuning right into more live channels, consumers tend to get to their favourite content much quicker.

The yet to come of the TV is apps and with single sign-on, customers could authenticate all the video channels for their pay-TV providers by signing only once in order to enjoy the benefit of their network TV apps. Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, Eddy Cue stated that `the future of TV is apps and Siri on Apple TV has changed the way we interact with our television and these long-drawn-out features will continue to deliver viewers what they want to watch even faster.

 There are more than 6,000 apps to be enjoyed on your Apple TV including over 1,300 video channels, which are even more fun to watch with the new Siri features united with single sign-on’. Siri has become more powerful since the launch of Apple TV, presently searching over 650,000 TV events and movies. Siri is made available to more countries with expanded abilities

Some Features & Functions

Some of the features and functions are:

  • Topic search for movies – Having the skill of asking Siri for a movie by topic or theme, user has many options of locating the films they prefer to watch like `Show movies about baseball, Find documentaries regarding cars, etc. 
  • YouTube search – Later in the month user can ask Siri to search YouTube for instance `Search YouTube for attractive wrestler videos’. 
  • Live tune-in – You could ask Siri to go directly to a live channel within a supported app like `Watch CBS News or Watch ESPN’ 
  • Achieve HomeKit accessories– Apple TV provides users’ control of HomeKit enabled accessories so that you can ask Siri to `turn on the lights’ or `set the temperature to 70 degrees. Apple TV also enables users to control KomeKit accessories when they tend to be away from home or utilise it for home computerization together with the Home app on their iOS device.


Simplified Way of Enjoying Pay-TV Video

Customers in the US, for the first time have a simplified way of enjoying pay-TV video channels by utilising single sign-on and beginning this fall, they will only have to sign in, once on Apple TV for the facility of immediate access to their favourite video channels which are included as part of their subscription for pay-TV. When the user tends to sign into a network app, any other app on Apple TV from participating pay-TV provider will inevitably log the user in all the other supported app needing verification.

During the process of the single sign-on, customers can view a page of all the verified apps which a pay-TV provider offers to determine, download easily and enjoy their favourite video channels. Any of the network-TV app could have the benefit of this technology enabling single sign-on, simplifying the process for their audiences. Single sign-on would be made available on Apple TV as well as iOS.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Apple Launches iOS 10 Beta Version to the Public

iOS 10 Beta

Biggest iOS Release - iOS Beta Version

A beta version of Apple’s latest mobile and desktop software, iOS 10 and macOS Sierra has been released by the company. Promoted by the company as `the biggest iOS release ever’, the latest software is said to be intended for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch featuring a revamped lock screen inclusive of the removal of `swipe to unlock’, customisable widgets as well as lively add-ons to iMessage.Though Apple is likely to release the update together with the iPhone 7, users could download the early version of the software using their Apple ID.

The company has been motivating users of beta to report on any bugs or errors they may come across in the iOS, which is not the confirmed version and would be updated all through the testing period before its general release. In order to download the software, the user is required to sign up to the Beta Software Program of Apple utilising the Apple ID.

When the user has signed up they can register the device they would like to upgrade to iOS 10 or macOS Sierra to be able to download the same. Apple has recommended consumers to backup any device they may be utilising for the beta and emphases that since the software is in its testing stage, it may feature malfunctions and viruses.

Altered the Way Users Open their Phones

You can back up the device in Settings by using iCloud or by connecting it to a computer. For those having over one Apple device, the iPhone maker states that it is better to download the beta on a secondary one and once the backup of the device is done, if you would like to update, it can be done by going to Settings > General > Software Update.

The iOS 10 is said to be the most essential change that Apple has released for the software in a few years. To be precise, it has altered the way users tend to open their phones. Picking up a device which runs iOS 10 mechanically lights up the screen showing notifications, weather information, calendar appointments and news updates.

From there, the `swipe to unlock’ feature has been removed by Apple which has been a basic since the first iPhone, the pressing of the home button was the only function needed to unlock the phone. Other useful alteration comprise of customisable widgets, the capability of deleting default apps and voicemail transcription.

Modification in Mac OS Sierra – Assimilation with Sri

To the developers, iMessage has also been opened who can now develop apps within it, which means that users can now order food, send money or shop within messages. The biggest modification in macOS Sierra is the assimilation with Siri that also tends to work now with third party apps.

Siri has got a huge makeover and is much smarter which includes writing your messages, performing image searches as well as transcribing voicemails. Apple Music has brought back useful iTunes features, comprising of the `Recently Added and Recently Played’, segments.

 It has also included statistics in Browse and For You, which has daily playlists, top charts as well as radio, somewhat like Spotify Discover Moreover the computer software also comprises of updates to the Photos app, tabs for every app and Apple Music.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Why You Should Care About Four Apps from Apple That You Can’t Download Yet


Apple’s Four Apps Which Possibly Can’t be Downloaded Yet

Apple had recently released four apps which possibly cannot be downloaded yet and which are the first signal of a big shift in the core messaging product of the company. The apps are said to be four sticker packsfor iMessage from Apple which tends to feature various smiley, hands, hearts and some throwback Mac iconography which may bring joy to Mac fans especially children of the 1990s.

While the apps are available at the store presently, they are supported only for iOS 10 and greater and if one is aware, the iOS 10 is not out yet to anyone but Apple developers.This month, a public beta period is anticipated but has not yet begun, which means that Apple has released four apps which cannot be utilised yet by anyone.

This seems an odd decision but one could take it as an indication that the public beta is pending. The crazy sticker packs tend to represent a part of greater ambitions for messaging by Apple as a part of the tech world which is getting progressively competitive. Since Apple in the past has been clung for not jumping properly on the social networking trend, the wheel has turned in making a most important social force.

Apple – Developing Software for Latest Products

But beta operating system could be insecure, crash abruptly, act unpredictably and also probably reduce the phone as useless. However if one tends to have an older phone or laptop there are greater chances of something going wrong since Apple intends starting developing software for its latest products first and will be working back from there.

 Even if there are no bugs in the operating system of Apple, one could find that not all of the apps are compatible with iOS 10 still, since several developers seem to be working on the upgrading of their apps before the full launch this coming fall. Sam Williams of Quartz who had co-developed the iOS app has held back from downloading the latest operating system stating that `most developers are not installing it yet on their personal phones and if they are not willing to risk it, best if everyone else holds back’.

If one is willing to take a chance, they will have to register with Apple first as a public beta tester and the company would be sending instructions on how to install the software. The user would otherwise have to wait a couple of more months till the software seems to be ready.

Apple Keeping Pace with Other Innovators

Messaging is now something that Apple has done impeccably in its modest form. However it seems to need a little more style in competing with the other messaging apps and is unwilling to open Messages up to other apps and developers to be there. The sticker packs coming from Apple though are the first of several add-ons which can be made by any other developers. That changed the benefits of Apple as it tends to keep pace with the other innovators in the field like WeChat.

At its June developers’ conference, Apple had already announced that it would add a multitude of features to Messages inclusive of the ability to hand-write notes, to obscure parts of messages as well as to automatically erase them a la Snapchat. These in-house features tend to enhance Messages though the stickers together with the other app which tap into iMessage to take it from a product to a platform.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

How to find out if your Mac is infected with Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor


Malware – Backdoor MAC Eleanor

Bitfender had recently announced that its researchers had found new malware which tends to target Macs. The malware is referred as Backdoor MAC Eleanor and has the potential of compromising your system completely. While the malware exists, attackers can steal files, execute code, and control the webcam and much more. Hackers regularly check for exploits with the slightest resistance and in several cases its users seem to be taken unaware.

It tends to come packaged inside what seems to be a legitimate file converter application known as EasyDoc Converter. But the application does not tend to work essentially.Once it is installed, it seems to run a malevolent script that installs a Tor hidden service enabling attackers to access remotely and control the infected machine.

The script tends to set up a web service giving attackers the capability of manipulating files, access a list of running processes and application, execute commands and scripts as well as send emails together with attachments. The malware also tends to utilise a tool known as `wacaw’ which enables an attacker to seize videos as well as images by utilising the built-in webcam.

Packaged in EasyDoc Converter Application

On utilising this software, Bitdefender cautions that an attacker could `lock you out of one’s laptop and threaten to blackmail in restoring your private files or transform your laptop into a botnet in order to attack other devices. Observing that the malware has only been discovered packaged in the EasyDoc Converter application the user needs to download the application, install and run it for the machine to have been affected by it.

An extra security measure by Macs known as Gatekeeper located in System Preferences under Security & Privacy could be helpful. It stops unsigned applications from unidentified developers by default, from running. If an unsigned application, outside the Mac App Store is downloaded and tried to run it, you would come across a prompt stating the application can’t be opened.

If you tend to download the application presuming that you do not have Gatekeeper disabled, a prompt would appear while attempting to run the application. In order to open the app, you will have to intentionally supersede the security settings for running the application the first time.

Malwarebytes/Sophos – Detect Backdoor MAC Eleanor

Your Mac will not be infected with the Backdoor MAC Eleanor malware, if you have not downloaded the application or did not bypass the Gatekeeper setting in order to run it. On the contrary, if you did it either, your Mac could have likely been infected. If one still has access to your Mac, there is Malwarebytes and Sophos which have already been updated in detecting Backdoor MAC Eleanor and any anti-virus software which tends to scan for malware would soon come up.

 In order to free your Mac of the malware, you could download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware application for Mac or Sophos Home and run a scan instantly, deleting any related files. To evade such situations in the future, one should ensure that Gatekeeper settings are set only to permit applications from Mac App Store and identified developers. If it is essential to install an application from an unidentified developer, ensure that it is from a trusted source.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Apple to Encourage Organ Donation with Health App

Health App

Apple’s Attempt on Easy Procedure of Organ Donation

Apple has been making attempts in making organ donation an easy procedure. The company had mentioned recently that the updated Health app, will be made available as part of iOS 10 and would be providing latest option which would enable users to sign up to donors of organ. Apple wants to motivate millions of iPhone users to register as organ donors through its software update which will add an easy sign up button to the health information app that is installed on every smartphone made by the company.

The app’s Medical ID feature that tends to keep track of the medical and health information includes the capability of registering as a donor of organs, eyes and tissues. The registrations which are sent in via your iPhone or iPad would be forwarded to the National Donate Life Registry, which is an organization handled by Donate Life America. The Health app introduced with iOS 8 in 2014 is Apple’s way of assisting in keeping tabs on one’s health and fitness and is more than just about keeping track of your daily stats. With the combination of a huge selection of data, the app can be time consuming.

One Donor – Saves Life of As Many As Eight

With a feature which is quick and easy it portrays how the app can extend its utility without getting too difficult. The Associated Press explained that if one desires to volunteer as an organ donor, you need to tap the registrations button in the Health app.

This adds yours status as a donor to an `emergency information’ screen which can appear even when the phone tends to be locked. On tapping another button would provide the information on organ donation. According to Apple, presently over 120,000 Americans are waiting for a transplant and every 10 minute, addition of new person is added to the waiting list. Donate Life America President and CEO; David Fleming had stated the demand for organs is greater than the supply which leads to the death of the person in need of a transplant, every hour in the US.He added that one donor could save the life of as many as eight lives.

Easing a Critical & Longstanding Shortage of Donors

The new feature is said to be presently available in the developers’ beta of iOS 10 though it will be more universal when the public beta of the new iOS version tends to roll out. The iOS 10 will be launched for all the mobile device users of Apple, this fall. Tim Cook hopes that the new software would help in easing a critical and longstanding shortage of donors.

 He stated that the issue made an impact when his friend and former boss, the co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs had endured agonizing wait for a liver transplant in 2009. He informed The Associated Press that `watching and seeing him every day waiting and not knowing, it stuck with me and left an impression that I’ll never forget’.

He was very much concerned that he offered to donate part of his own liver though Jobs had refused. Jobs had died of complications from pancreatic cancer in 2011, two years after receiving a liver transplant in Tennessee which had attributed in extending his life span. He had enrolled in that state’s registry when doctors had advised him the lengthy waiting list in California. This meant that he would not live long to get one in his home state.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Apple Patents Technology for Deactivating iPhone Cameras at Live Concerts

Apple Patent

Apple’s Patent – Block Camera Feature of iPhone

Now recording plays on phones would soon be a thing of the past since Apple has patented a technology that tends to block the camera feature of the iPhone. The invention of the company enables venues to utilise infrared beam to disable photography on devices, avoiding users from taking photos and videos. The California-based US firm company had been awarded the patent recently in the midst of mounting hindrance which intimates live events being ruined in various screens as the visitors record videos for the purpose of sharing them on social media.

A recent request had been made by actor Benedict Cumberbatch to fans to stop filming while he performed in Hamlet and Adele a pop singer had informed a female fan filming on her mobile at a concert in Italy to enjoy the same in real life instead of the camera. The patent of Apple explains how the iPhone would be temporarily disabled at the time of the rock event and would need an infrared transmitter to be installed during shows.

It states that `an infrared emitter can be located in areas where picture or video capture is prohibited and the emitter can generate infrared signals with encoded data which includes commands to disable the recording functions of devices. An electronic device can then receive the infrared signals and temporarily disable the recording function of the device, depending on the command’.

When Switched on – Phone Displays `Recording Disabled’

The patent states that when switched on, the phone seems to simply display a `recording disabled’ message when the audience members try to take images or videos. On the other hand, a watermark or blur effect could be applied to disappoint people from sharing them.It is not certain if Apple plans to apply the technology to the iPhone since companies regularly patent innovations without utilising them.

However, securing down on recording would be appreciated by several artists and venues. Besides this, other advantages comprise of shining lasers on visitors who use mobile phones at the time of the performances which has become a well-known approach in cinema in China and also adopted recently by London’s Jermyn Street Theatre.

Should the technology of Apple be introduced, it could lead to uncertainties that it could be utilised by oppressive regimes as well as law enforcement in avoiding citizensin documenting oppression. It is not known whether Apple intends to put the patent in use and the company has not commented in response for comment.

Concern on Technology Stating to be Indiscreet

Actors and musicians have been regularly complaining that the increasing use of mobile phones and selfie tend to stick at live performances and sharing the content through media sites for millions who did not really pay for the tickets. Several civil liberty advocates have conveyed their concern on the technology stating it to be indiscreet. They claimed that the same technology could be utilised in blocking out the covering of live protest by the activists. Though the technology would be focused on preventing copyright infringement, it would also come with additional advantage of improving the experience of concert going.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Apple reveals ‘smarter’ Siri at WWDC conference in San Francisco


Apple’s Smarter Siri/Message App

At WWDC in San Francisco, Apple released a smarter Siri together with a Message app to take on Facebook Message and Snapchat’s filters in the wrap of latest features shown recently. Tom Cook CEO of Apple had started the WWDC keynote with a tribute to the victims of the Orlando shooting before beginning a list of the new software features which users would see later in the year. Apple launched the latest iOS 10; MacOS and an upgraded Siri at the event together with latest versions of Watch OS and tvOS.

 As expected, Siri seemed to be among the highlights with Apple introducing it up for third party app developers. Siri would also be available on macOS with the Sierra update. Apple supporters expecting new hardware were dissatisfied though there were main changes to the operating systems for Macintosh computers, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Watch.

Cook had calculated up the significance of the development community to Apple. There were now two million apps in the App Store that have been downloaded around 130 times with US$50 billion which had been paid to the developers. Apple Watch app would eventually be more usable with new control centre, which will make it easy to switch between apps as well as a new way of opening app seven times quicker.

Siri Added to Mac – First Time

Apple’s voice-based virtual assistant, Siri, was added to the Mac for the first time with the ability to pay utilising Apple Pay. Option to use the payment facility would be appearing on the websites together with confirmation requests sent to a user’s phone wherein they could use their fingerprint to permit them.Mac users would be able to utilise their Apple Watch in unlocking a Mac when they tend to be in close proximity of their laptop.

Between Apple devices like iPhone’s Touch ID, there will be better incorporation for the purpose of online purchases with your Mac computer and copy and pasting from one device of Apple to another. Together with the software changes, Apple had also mentioned a free app in order to encourage children in learning programming. He had stated that they believe that technology should lift humanity.

Information regarding improvements on how the app seems to run on Apple Watch was also acknowledged by the audience of developers at WWDC in San Francisco with the potential of Apple Watch OS3 making apps to open faster by seven times.

New SOS Feature in Watch

One of the main figures behind Apple Watch, Kevin Lynch had announced a new SOS feature in the watch that tends to call an emergency number, sending a text message with the location to the emergency contacts, automatically. In order to activate the emergency call, you could hit and hold the button towards the side of the Watch.

Other developments to the operating system of the Watch comprise of a new control centre, a much simpler way of responding to text messages together with new Watch faces. The capability of swiping between open apps in the way identical to using apps on the iPhone seems to be the major modification to the Watch.

The fitness section of the Watch also tends to get a renovation under the latest operating system wherein you can compete with family and friends on number of steps taken, minutes of exercises and calories burnt. A new fitness app known as Breathe has been designed to encourage people to lessen stress by regular sessions of deep breathing. The latest version of Watch OS is said to be released in spring.