Sunday, August 14, 2011

Firefox6 is finalized for August 16

The sixth version of Firefox will be available August 16, but we can already get the one that, unless last-minute problems should be the final [6.0 - 28.6 MB]. Few changes on the surface but there are at least one detail. Thus, in page addresses, the domain name of the site visited is highlighted with the rest of the URL. One way to fight against phishing, with sites that appear legitimate in their presentation while a simple glance of years show that the URL was wrong. Also note, this time in terms of gaps, lack of support of the special Lion (display options lifts, gestures to navigate through the pages and full screen views).
These optimizations are not included in 10.7, either in draft versions of Firefox 7 and 8, but things should evolve over the course of their development. Work has been undertaken in this direction, as well as a redesign of the interface.

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