Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Use Flare To Edit iPhoto

Edit images from iPhoto with Flare [1.2 - US - € 17.99 (€ 7.99 promo price) - 59.6 MB] alter your images by adding filters and other settings. Such applications are very successful and the number has increased recently, but Flare guard the advantage of personalization. No other applications in this category cannot be changed through the filters proposed by default, or create new ones. This new version lets you choose Flare as an external editor for your images. This feature allows you to send a picture stored in iPhoto, Aperture or Lightroom to Flare to add a filter, before returning the edited photo to the manager. It was possible before, but you had to export and re import the images manually, now everything is done automatically. You can be found more explanations to set each of these applications on the website of the publisher. Also they have added a button "More Presets" which returns on this page to download one of several preset effects provided by users. Effects that you can then modify to your liking...

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