Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lion OS X has a Recovery Disk Wizard

Apple formalized in a technical availability of u "Recovery Disk Wizard" for OS X Lion. This utility allows you to create a USB key containing a partition recovery Lion OS X for your Mac, a clone of your HD partition Recovery. The procedure is simple: run the software, insert your USB key (at least 1 GB Mac OS Extended partition with GUID partition table - you can use a hard drive or an SD card for example), and that key will be transformed into volume recovery OS X.
If major problems on your disk that also affect the partition Recovery HD, you can use this key to perform some relief, even reinstall the system. Apple says that if you created this key from a Mac that has been updated to Snow Leopard Lion, you can use on any Mac. If, against you created it from a Mac on which Lion was pre-installed, so the key cannot get that specific Mac.

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