Saturday, June 30, 2012

iPad: The magazine will arrive more tomorrow

More than two years after the release of the iPad, magazines available on the Apple tablet are still relatively few. Those who have made the jump to the vast majority, like carbon copies of the paper version, they do little to exploit that allows the digital enhancements, in terms of multimedia, for example. However, the design tools offer more options, newsrooms are organized and equipped themselves gradually, and one begins to imagine what might be the electronic magazine of tomorrow ... if it does come tomorrow.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Windows Phone 8 will catch up with iOS and Android

After presenting this bold strategy on shelves, the Redmond company has presented extensively in Windows Phone 8. If Windows Phone 7 offers from the beginning an original interface, it was always a step behind its two main competitors, iOS and Android in functionality. 

With this version, Microsoft wants to both grow its difference while having the offer as rich as possible. The biggest new aesthetic is probably the famous home page that has been revised. It is completely customizable with new color themes and offers three sizes of tiles, which are even more flexible.

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Surface: Microsoft Announces Two shelves Intel and ARM

There will be shelves Windows and there will be shelves of Microsoft Windows. At a conference in Los Angeles whose purpose was kept secret, but surrounded by rumors, Steve Ballmer unveiled the Surface. Tablets 10.6 "16:9 HD who take the brand previously used for large touch tables.

New MacBook Pro and iOS 6: Apple smiles - II

Mountain Lion ready to roar

The installed base of OS X has reached 66 million users - is better than ever, but today is a drop in the ocean compared to IOS devices. 26 million of them went to Lion in nine months: the time has come for Mountain Lion. icloud, which has 125 million users, is an integral part of Mountain Lion.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

New MacBook Pro and iOS 6: Apple smiles

New MacBook Pro, Mountain Lion, iOS 6: we knew the program's inaugural keynote WWDC 2012. The order was respected, but the details were a rare show an Apple density and more ambitious than ever.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

iOS6 - III

Changes in the keyboard of iPhone

Apple has made some minor changes to the virtual keyboard iOS 6. The iPhone keyboard found the operation of the iPad for accented characters. If you hold your finger on a button, you will all accented characters, but not the original letter, which speeds up typing.

iOS6 - II

Facebook integration
iOS 5 incorporated the social network Twitter, iOS 6 starts in turn to Facebook. The principle is exactly the same: to save the settings in your account and you can add a status and other information on your account. Apple has done things with the opportunity to select an album to send a picture and to restrict the scope of the statute.

iOS6 - I

iOS 6, Apple does not offer the complete overhaul of its mobile expected by some. As with every update since its first version presented in 2007, the manufacturer has made some additions and modified in many ways more or less minor.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Dictation: Apple competition Nuance

We had spotted traces of dictation in Safari, this function is now official: you can dictate text to your Mac, as might already be on the iPhone and iPad. You will understand, the assistant Siri is not available on Mac, where it would also be quite useless - only the dictation mode was recovered iOS. The Word tab of System Preferences tab becomes Voice Dictation and Speech.

Overview of new OS X DP4 Mountain Lion

To mark the introduction of the keynote WWDC 2012, Craig Federighi presented the final version of Mountain Lion, which will be available next month. Overview of changes that were still kept secret among more than 200 new features.

IOS 6: Overview of Plans

The application plans had changed very little since its appearance on the first iPhone in 2007. Apple offers iOS June 1 brand new version which not only adds the missing feature in Apple's mobile system with a full GPS navigation software, but who gives more Google Maps.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Kio Rio Scavenger Hunt

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Testimonials: the jailbreak between additional features and piracy - I

In 2007, Apple introduced a new innovative device that combined not only a phone but an Internet browser. The original iPhone was years ahead of its touchscreen interface, but it was also very limited in terms of basic functionality. Apple still believed in the web-apps and had to be content with the native applications designed by the manufacturer, but also only available with the iPhone ringtones.

Look at Phil "Mini-Me" Schiller

If new Mac are presented Monday night, as seems to be emerging, it's a safe bet they will be announced by Phil Schiller. The "Senior Vice President Worldwide Marketing" Apple has rightly entitled to his portrait in BusinessWeek.

An article that said that his involvement in Apple goes far beyond simple advertising campaign management (although with $ 933 million budget the key to last year). We know for example that he was behind this ingenious idea of
​​a scroll wheel at increasing speed on the first iPod.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How Palm webOS and sank - II

The acquisition process is surrounded in secrecy, even today. April 28, 2010, the new grave, HP buys Palm for $ 1.2 billion. Palm, is the satisfaction that wins. The first PC manufacturer in the world has the money it takes to develop competitive products. Mark Hurd, HP's CEO at the time, has big plans for webOS. The operating system will be integrated with all products, from computers to printers.

How Palm webOS and sank - I

The period 2007-2012 has been more than eventful for Palm. Synonymous with PDA in the 1990s, Palm had to reinvent itself five years ago, when Apple introduced the iPhone. New teams, infighting, policy changes, acquisition by HP ... Palm went through all the states. Company there remains today a WebOS Open a mess The Verge tells at length. Back on this route chaotic.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Test: Raspberry Pi Model B

The Raspberry Pi is not the first miniature computer - plug computers, these computers so small they fit in the space of an outlet, are now common. But this machine the size of a credit card is distinguished by its openness, modern hardware platform, its connectivity and above all ... the price! For less than € 40, that can be done with a Raspberry Pi? Some answers in our test.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Apple TV has to invent

The rumor of a television hit the apple might be the rumor of the coming months / years, much like that of the iPhone during the previous decade. If the first Apple phone was launched in 2007, the first rumors from 2001. It is obvious that Apple is working on such a subject for years. This is a market too large and too strategic to the Apple brand remains away.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Apple TV: a rumor too good to be true?

This is the buzz of the moment. A source site Cult of Mac swears he approached a prototype of the Apple TV. Specifically, the device would look like an Apple Thunderbolt Display screen, in much bigger. No surprise, he would board three key technologies from Apple to distinguish themselves from the competition: an iSight camera to make FaceTime family, AirPlay easily stream content stored on other Apple devices (Mac, iPad, iPhone ...) and Siri (to control the Apple TV). To this we should probably also add icloud.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Aaron Sorkin: "Writing about Jobs is like writing on the Beatles"

Aaron Sorkin spoke about a new project which currently occupies that of the Sony Pictures adaptation of the biography of Steve Jobs. D10 invited to the conference, he told Walt Mossberg be the beginnings of this new writing work. Sony Pictures has confirmed his participation 15 days ago: "I will first go through a long period, from the outside, will not be like writing. It is rather like watching ESPN (the great American sports channel). A process of procrastination during which we try to find what will be the film. "

D: All Things Digital: Tim Cook - a big boss

On the occasion of the tenth conference D: All Things Digital, Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher have extensively interviewed Tim Cook. Apple's CEO obviously did not make outlandish statement, but made many developed on the company, its products and its strategy (a few video clips are also available & read Tim Cook on Siri and the names of the iPhone). 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Google and Microsoft acquires bought Quickoffice Press Play

Google announced the acquisition of QuickOffice, the publisher of the eponymous mobile office applications. If the press release of the two parties goes beyond the usual self-congratulatory, it is no doubt that Google seeks to build capacity by editing Google Docs and Google Drive within IOS and Android. 

Touch screens: 5 "440 dpi at LG and new Mirasol

The Korean manufacturer LG follows the lead of Sharp, who had presented last week (read: Sharp continues in IGZO screen with a 498 dpi). LG has unveiled a prototype screen 5 "Full HD, or a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

The resolution of such a slab is 440 dpi - Retina screen of the iPhone has him 4S 326 dpi resolution. By comparison, the Galaxy S III which approaches the 5 "screen with its 4.8" has a definition of 1280 x 720 pixels (306 dpi).

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Test: Jays t-Jays Four

The Swedish manufacturer Jays has built a few years a good reputation in the field of good quality helmets at a reasonable price. Does The Four Jays want to continue this trend: they are as good in-ear iPod and iPhone to less than 100 €.

Ebooks: Apple, Penguin and Macmillan eloquent the investigation of the Department of Justice

Macmillan, Penguin and Apple each have contested the allegations of the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ), which is investigating an alleged collusion between Apple and publishers to fix prices of electronic books. Unlike four of their peers, both publishers have so far refused to sign an amicable agreement with the DoJ.

Penguin, in its response [PDF] explains that the principle of agency model (where the sale price to readers is set by the publisher, not the distributor) was proposed by Apple, and it was to take or leave it.


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Monday, June 4, 2012

Thunderbolt: II FireWire, Fibre Channel VIII or ePCIe or II? - II

To believe a majority dissatisfied on the forums, which lack most current Mac is USB 3. And most superfluous on the same Mac, this is the port Thunderbolt. Both interfaces are not the same vocation, but the absence of a utility and yet on the other have reconciled. The fee for professionals rather adds to the resentment of a population which, in fact, has yet to use a port to such performance. But is it simply a matter of performance?

Thunderbolt: II FireWire, Fibre Channel VIII or ePCIe or II? - I

It is now over a year since the first MacBook Pro with a port Thunderbolt arrived on the market. The supply compatible hardware remains weak, the PC barely gets started, and frustration for Mac users, private property Thunderbolt (rare and too expensive) or USB 3 is felt on the forums. The imminent release of the first Mac Ivy Bridge is an opportunity to take stock of the particular position of this interface.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Apple Europe: spring cleaning begins

The resignation of Pascal Cagni, general manager and vice president of Apple EMEIA, is only the first step in a deeper overhaul of the European branch. According to our information, he was asked Herve Marchet, director of Apple EMEIA and close to Pascal Cagni, leaving office. It will be understood, the simultaneity of these two starts is not a coincidence, but rather the manifestation of a takeover by its Cupertino subsidiaries. It’s common with Pascal Cagni are many, joining Apple in 2000 from Packard Bell / NEC, to a certain charisma that made him a figure of Apple Europe.

Tim Cook: the "mere mortal"

Fortune devotes its cover to Tim Cook, with a portrait shaped article and taking stock. On what has begun to change or evolve from Apple. Details ... The portrait, by Adam Lashinsky, author of Inside Apple (€ 10.99) released last month, begins with the traditional story. That a meeting last February by Apple, for financial analysts and investors.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

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Friday, June 1, 2012

EBook: monopolies cross

What a tangled situation for American justice! By launching a procedure for cartel against Apple and five publishers, the Justice Department puts his finger on an insoluble problem: if we look closer, it appears that justice will have to choose sides between two dominant positions opposite, on two different levels of the market.

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