Monday, August 22, 2011

The Termination Version Number In Firefox -2

For companies has been put on the table. On this point Dotzler explains that the emphasis is on the home user ("the individual") in defining the evolution of the interface. While another (and new) group, seconded that thought process, liaising with the companies. But then how to know if you have the latest version of the browser? Instead of a number, the about window will display a message such as "Firefox has verified the presence of an updated X minutes ago, you use the latest version". Information that was already in applications with a search feature updates. And if the connection is not present, not allowing any audit, the browser could then display its number or, more likely, indicate how long he could not confirm the existence of a review. This principle no longer rely on the version number is also in the sense of a mode in which the browser receives updates say silent, taking place in the background without the user's initiative. The latest iterations of Firefox will update in seconds with just one application restart to complete the transaction Mozilla's policy with its new round of rapid development is to get users to update as regularly as possible. From there, it is likely that the concept becomes more abstract version. We see it with Chrome, launched three years ago, its output at a steady pace took him for quite a while with two-digit numbers (the 15 is in development ...)! Firefox follows this example, the six arrived June 16 and 9 (most distant at present) should be completed by the end of the year. It was not specified in the conversation when the new policy will be applied. In versions 7, 8 and 9 in preparation, there is still a mix between the version number and build date.

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