Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Avoid Feast or Famine with Demand Planning

How do grocery stores know how much food to buy and when to buy it? This has been a long-standing problem for the retail food industry, but data analysis techniques are coming to the rescue. Demand planning is a process whereby data gathered on many variables can be analyzed to make a forecast of future sales.

Planning vs. Forecasting 

There is a difference between planning and making predictions. Demand planning is a process by which data are analyzed to make a forecast. If a retailer wants to know how much of an item to order, they can look at sales data from past years. For example, let's look at an item like butter. For most of the year, butter sales remain fairly constant, but at certain times, such as the weeks before Christmas, demand for butter goes up because of holiday baking. But what if there is a shortage of butter for some reason, or a viral news story about how eating too much butter is unhealthy? How will this affect the forecast?

Avoiding Empty Shelves 

One of a grocer's worst nightmares is a row of empty shelves and a crowd of unhappy customers who are not able to find what they want in that store. Today's business software pulls data from past sales, as well as market trends, weather events, media input and other variables to make accurate predictions of how much of an item consumer will want. These forecasts help to put the products on the shelves when customers want them. If running out of something is such a fear, why not just order extra? That leads to problems of its own.

Reducing Food Waste 

Overstocking leads to two major issues: loss of revenue and food waste. In the United States alone, food waste costs as much as $160 billion per year, with dairy products being the largest contributor to that figure. Not only does food waste cost money, it is also a growing environmental concern. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations estimates that as much as one-third of all the food produced in the world ends up in landfills.

Being able to make accurate forecasts for demand is crucial for business planning and today's analytical tools make that possible. Business intelligence analytics can take many variables and use this information to come up with predictions that are much more accurate than in the past. The next time you stop by the grocery store to pick up a package of butter, pause and think about how it came to be there when you needed it.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Apple Pencil Could be Getting a Lot More Interesting!

Apple Pencil
Two generations of Apple Pencil have gone by, each with their own set of gizmos. Which I might add have impressed us. But apparently Apple is not done yet with their Apple pencil. News is that the latest in the line- up could be getting a lot more interesting. In a latest patent filed by Apple we get to see what we can expect from Apple pencil 3.0- Just a name given.

New Patent and All we can expect from the - to – be - Apple Pencil: 

A new patent discovered by the one and only Apple Insider details how the next Apple Pencil will come. Apparently we’ll be seeing a lot more gestures with the new Gadget than its second gen counterpart. In the 2nd version of the Apple pencil we merely had a double tap input scenario going on but this time around that input range will get a lot more wider.

An example of things to come is a touch sensitive panel found on the side of the pencil which will allow the user to slide up and down to scroll through web pages.

The whole idea in making an Apple pencil with a lot more range if I may, is that normally when a user is holding a stylus or some other sort of writing impetus they are kinda limited by what they can do. To overcome this limitation Apple has decided to introduce a new and improved Apple pencil with more gesture capabilities.

Newer Ways of Making the Apple Pencil More Interesting? 

Another method as outlined by the patent, to make the Apple pencil more interesting is by allowing the user to roll the stylus or pencil in their hands to control something on screen.

There is also mention of a camera on the stylus in the patent that could probably help it in understanding what it is writing on and such. A little AI here and there wouldn’t be so bad eh!

However this is something that Apple has had in the wood works for some time now. So it is unclear whether it will make an appearance anytime soon.

Things of the Past…

Taking cue from previous patents Apple has also included support for other Apple devices. The so mentioned devices include the Apple TV and Apple Watch. But then again these are things of past mention as well. So who knows if they’ll be making an appearance in the Apple Pencil 3.0

As with all patents by all tech companies there is no surety when or even if these gadgets and gizmos will ever make it to any production belt, let alone any market. Tech companies keep patenting stuff that will never see the light of day. But one can only hope that the next Apple Pencil we see will have all that is expected and more.

A little side note- Apple’s pencils are some of the more advanced stylus’ out there. At present the latest of them comes with a double gesture tap system that we hope will get better.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Future Apple Watch is about to Incorporate Joystick-Like Digital Crown

Future Apple Watch
When it comes to interactive methods, the Apple watch is the winner. There are numerous interactive methods combined in an Apple watch. Some of the ways that you will find in this watch are voice control, side screen, touch sensor, as well as the Digital Crown. However, they think that their technology is not enough, and they need further improvement.

Recently, the Trademark Office and US Patent granted a patent. The patent states that "Capacitive gap sensor ring for an electronic watch." Besides, Apple is planning to convert the digital crown into a kind of joystick. Also, it will serve the purpose of the direction controller.

There is a possibility that the Digital Crown can be created through a shaft or a cap. After that, they will cover it with some of the capacitive elements in the middle of the two surfaces. Therefore, you can understand that one surface will rotate and move from another surface. To be precise, it will work like a shaft located within a ring.

Besides, they will comprehend the position of the internal element concerning the outer version. They will do it by pointing out the changes in the capacitance in the different layers of capacitors. To be precise, they check the capacitance difference in the touching points of the capacitors.

The measurement depends on the values, comprehended by the capacitive elements present in the fixed-in-place structure. The orientation of the other section with relation to the rotations doesn't matter. There is a possibility that they will use some of the measurements to find out the central element, which is connected with the outside section. Thus, it will help to determine how you must rotate the crown during the time of contact.

In case, if you want to determine the length where the crown is pressed into the watch, you can use numerous rows of capacitive elements. From the fundamental ground, it will help you to determine whether the crown is pressed or not. However, if you can add some more rows of capacitors, it will help you in precise, granular detection.

Just like the joysticks, the company will follow a return mechanism where the central element will come back to the center.

Besides, Apple is also planning to add some graphical elements to its watch. We all know that Apple doesn't use a cursor, and for that reason, they are planning to incorporate the graphical elements. Also, they are trying to make the movements compatible with the interface of the screen.

Well, Apple places a lot of patent applications regularly. However, those applications convey their field of interest. To be precise, they are trying to make efforts in these specific fields. But, there is no guarantee that they will incorporate these features in the future.

There are other filings related to the apple watch like EMG sensors, which will help you to measure your muscle movements. There is also the feature of hands-free tilts control.

So, these are the things that you must know about the future of apple watch.

Friday, December 20, 2019

Clips now features Memoji , Animoji and New stickers

On July 10, 2008, Apple’s iOS App Store was introduced, with only 500 applications available. Today, it has almost 2.5 million apps for its users to browse and download the apps. The apps can be downloaded through iPhone smartphones, iPad, and Apple computers. Besides, App Store has numerous useful and exciting apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Fitocracy, Headspace, PayPal, Overcast, Bear, Splitwise, Stylebook, Clips, etc. that are really good and effective. However, one of such useful and engaging app is “Clips." It is a top-rated app and has been downloaded by more than a million users.

About Clips App

“Clips” is one of the best and powerful video editing apps that can easily combine your photos, videos, and music to make a beautiful video. You can create videos in real-time, and the controls are simple and easy to use. Also, you can also add titles, in which the app can include your narration in the video along with other stickers, emoji, clip arts, etc. Clips also allow you to share your exceptional video messages, mini-movies, school projects, slideshows, etc. on social media platforms.

About The Clips Update

However, this year, after a long wait Clips app has been updated with new features that almost make it a perfect full-fledged video editing app. With the latest update, Clips can now include Memoji and Animoji, new stickers, and lots of other things in your videos. It has also improved the performance and stability of the app. In addition, the latest update has seven new animated stickers, and one of them is a classic illustration of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse with a new winter-themed poster. Moreover, with the update, the Memoji created in the Messages app on iOS will appear in Clips. It allows the user to create their personalized videos using these stickers.

In the app, the user can change the Animoji characters even after the video is recorded. You can mix the Mimojo and Animoji with all other existing features of the “Clips.” Besides with the wide range front camera, which has been included in the new iPhone 11 and iPhone Pro, will allow the user to fit more in the frame while recording videos in a selfie mood. Interestingly, the users will have more fun while recording their video in a selfie mood because the stickers and emoji of the Clips app follow the movements of a user's face.

Last but not the least, the Clips app is available for free on the App Store, and it is compatible with iPhone 7 or later, iPad (6th generation), iPad Pro or later, iOS 13 or later, and iPod Touch (7th generation).


The app is loaded with beautiful features to help you bring out your creativity and show it to the world. Along with so many amazing features, it also has all the necessary features like animated emoji, shapes, speech bubbles, text, filters, paints, etc. Undoubtedly it is one of the best video and photo editing apps ever made.

What to Do With Your Unwanted Electronic Devices

 Almost every day, there seems to be a new software system or electronic device that companies advertise as the next best thing. Whether it’s an updated smartphone or laptop, you often can’t help but buy one for yourself so that you don’t miss out on all the hype. Oftentimes, bringing home the latest device means saying goodbye to the dated version that’s been sitting at home. This may lead you to wonder what you should do with your unwanted electronic devices. Whether they’re still in good shape or can no longer be salvaged, here’s what you can do about all of your used electronics.

Clear All of Your Data

Before you take your devices anywhere, it’s crucial to ensure that they don’t contain any personal information. Leaving private data on your electronics can pose a serious risk to your security. Whether you plan to donate or recycle your devices, be sure to completely wipe them clean before parting ways with them. If you have a smartphone, you can reset it so that none of your personal data is left on the device. Computers should be reset as well, and it’s a good idea to back up all of your data so that you can access it after you get rid of the device.

Recycle Them

If your electronic devices aren’t in good enough condition to be donated, you can choose to recycle them. Many companies provide consumers with the opportunity to be paid for turning in their unwanted electronics. Depending on the type of program you choose to participate in, you can receive cash or store credit for recycling your devices, which is a common practice for ecoATM and other e-waste recycling companies. It’s important, however, to confirm that your electronics are likely to be approved by your recycling company of choice so that you can be reimbursed accordingly.

Donate Them

If you believe that someone else can benefit from your devices, it’s best to donate them to a good cause. Check any local charities in your area to see if they’re holding any e-waste donations that you can contribute to. You can also look into national organizations for any opportunities to turn in your used electronics. Some donate these devices to developing nations, while others support schools and foster homes around the country by supplying them with used electronics. No matter which organization you choose, donating your devices can help people in need greatly.

Take Them to a Tech Company

A simple way to dispose of your unwanted devices is to bring them to a tech company. Many of these companies run programs that provide each participant with a host of recycling options. Similarly to an ecoATM company and other e-waste recycling firms, tech manufacturers may offer you cash or store credit in exchange for old electronics. You can likely find a program that caters to your needs, whether you intend to recycle old CDs or printer cartridges. Check the website of your company of choice to explore their options and decide which one works best for you.

There are a number of useful ways to get rid of electronic devices that you no longer need. Whether you decide to donate them, recycle them, or participate in a program hosted by a tech company, choosing a better home for your electronics is a smart way to say goodbye to them. Before you part ways with your devices for good, be sure to do your research and explore all the different options you have. This can help ensure that your donation or recycling contribution gets approved and ends up in the right place.