Thursday, August 25, 2011

Evolution of Thunderbolt -3

So he imagines a Mac mini that could be chained to each other and that we connect to your computer in order to gain power. Thus, we could have a system with 6 Core i7 processors with 24 cores in total, 24 GB of RAM (which could go up to 96 GB) and 6 TB of storage, all for $ 6000. He said a similar setup with a Mac Pro would cost more than double. Thus, each could have its Big Mac at home. For those who no longer remember, Virginia Tech University was developed in 2003 the third most powerful supercomputer in the world with 1100 Power Mac G5, which were connected by fiber. Integrating Xsan in Lion and the addition of Thunderbolt have the advantage to save money on software as drastic as the material for the sharing of calculation. There remains the problem of the video card ... Cringely also has its own ideas on the matter. It can well imagine Apple market screens 27 "or 30" shipped directly Retina which a video card. With such a system, users could build "machines" to measure. All this is only speculation, it is unclear whether all this will really come, but it illustrates the fact that Thunderbolt is able to radically change the way today's computers are designed. Recently, a Japanese blog announced the launch by the end of the year of a new family of Mac unrelated to existing materials. If such a model were to be born, we would not be surprised that Thunderbolt is playing such a role.

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