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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Portable Device Connected to Cellular Network

Portable Device
Improvements in technology, gave rise to internet which is being used by all individuals at large. Earlier the access was limited to computers and laptop or a tablet which has now improved with the access through mobile devices as well. Internet can now be accessed while on the go and users can get connected to the web through Wi-Fi connection.

MiFi is one type of a portable device which can be connected to a cellular network while providing internet access for devices. It allows multiple users together with mobile devices in sharing a 3G or 4G mobile broadband internet connection creating an ad-hoc network. Staying connected especially when one is travelling or on a holiday is now made easy and economical with the aid of MiFi that enables to have access to the internet by wireless technology.

MiFi a brand name is used to describe a wireless router which can act as a mobile Wi-Fiand provides internet access to any Wi-Fi enabled peripheral device up to a distance of 30 ft.Being a portable Wi-Fi, it enables the user to connect up to five devices at the same time. People travelling to Spain for work or leisure, can use the facility of MiFi through and stay connected to the internet easily without any interruption, which is not very costly. 

Spanish 3G/4G – Economical Roaming Cost

Internet can be surfed through the Spanish 3G/4G network without the need of paying high roaming cost while travelling. User can reserve the portable device and keep the service provider updated on their arrival date as well as the return date and have the benefit of getting it delivered at their desired destination of either their hotel or the rental flat and get connected with the internet in Spain.

The portal device is delivered in a package which also contains a self-addressed stamped envelope to put in the device after they have finished the use of it. The user is instructed to put the same in a mailbox or could use the option of seeking the help of the hotel associate in delivering the package to the mail carrier. The said package could also be sent to the airport since every Spanish airport has a mailbox.

Device Light/Easy to Use

The device is easy to use wherein it can be connected to the Wi-Fi in the iPhone, Android, Windows8, laptop, tablet, PSP etc. Once connected one can engage in surfing the internet in Spain. The device is very light and covers almost 98 percent of Spain. They can stay connected with their family and friends through WhatsApp or Skype, or even update the trip details on social network like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and avoid unwanted expense by disconnecting the roaming option.

On disconnecting the roaming option, users can saved from being overcharged by internet cost while they travel from one location to another. This portable device proves to be of immense help while travelling, enabling them to stay connected or even coping up with the task which needs to be done through the internet besides keeping their family and friends updated through WhatsApp and other means of communicating.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Real NET10 wireless service

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