Thursday, August 25, 2011

Now VisualHub is compatible with Lion

We learned last week that Kagi, manager of online stores used by many developers had sold unilaterally update utility to use the application to convert videos VisualHub OS X Lion. The editor of this application withdrawn from the market since 2008 was not informed of this decision and finally decided to rehabilitate the site for a final update. If you are using VisualHub or AudialHub then you will find on the site of two programs Techspansion update for OS X Lion. These programs require the latest versions of two software in question and allow, once installed, use them without problem with the latest Apple system. The developer warns users, however: this is the last version, the latest update forever. If a new version of OS X breaks the compatibility of VisualHub and AudialHub, there will be no patch. The publisher also recommends making backups of both software, they are no longer distributed. Alternatives to VisualHub are no shortage, beginning with the very practical Handbrake. If you still prefer to use VisualHub then an unofficial patch, which is referred by the developer, can be installed. vh131ffmpeg, it is called, changes the VisualHub conversion engine with the key to better performance.

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