Thursday, August 11, 2011

Apple vs Lodsys

While Apple has reaffirmed its commitment to intervene in the proceedings that opposes Lodsys to many developers, they are four companies assigned by Lodsys for violating its patent on purchases in -app, which supported the involvement of Apple with the court. And not least because it is Atari, Electronic Arts, Square-Enix and QuickOffice, the first three are big names in the video game industry (EA is the largest worldwide publisher), and QuickOffice is the largest developer attacked initially by Lodsys (the other 3 were added to the case after it that Apple is engaged).
The argument is presented jointly in particular the unique ability to show Apple how the patent is exploited Lodsys: "Given the critical need for the defendants to rely on the assistance of Apple to show evidence in this case, the willingness of Apple to intervene as a party in this action, and the apparent lack of harm to Lodsys, the defendants respectfully urge the Court to grant the request for court intervention voluntary.” The four companies are represented by the same law firm, which will no doubt contribute to this action. You have to wait and watch, whether their application will be heard by the courts.

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