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iPhone 14 Specifications and Release Date

iPhone 14 Specifications and Release Date

Apple iPhone 14 will be launched on September 7, 2022 (Unofficial) at $799-$899 for 128 GB. The price varies a bit. For 256 GB, it is $899-$999 and $999-$1099 for 512 GB.

We expect the phone to come in an immersive 6.1 inches (15.49 cm) display. It features a resolution of 1170 x 2532 Pixels allowing you to watch videos or play games with a crystal clear view. In addition, a rumor says that the mobile has 4 GB, 4 GB of RAM + 64 GB of internal storage variants. This high internal storage allows you to store videos, movies, songs, and other stuff.

iPhone 14 Features:


Camera specifications are impressive in this case. We expect that the phone comes with a Dual camera setup on the rear. It will feature 12 MP + 12 MP cameras enabling you to click excellent pictures. Besides, this device will come with a 12 MP + SL 3D camera on the front to tap on selfies and make video calls.

All the models will likely come with a new front camera with an auto-focusing feature. The front camera on all mobiles was fixed-focus. Therefore, it is a welcome upgrade enabling you to capture selfies. Besides, it allows you to make video calls with a deeper depth of field. According to the rumor, the new front camera comes with an f/1.9 aperture instead of the f/2.2 aperture.


The mobile will come with a Hexa-core processor. It allows you to enjoy a smooth and lag-free performance while accessing many apps and playing intense graphics games. In addition, it could run the iOS v15 operating system.

Besides, you can have a decent 3115 mAh battery. These features allow you to play games, listen to songs, watch movies or videos, etc. Hence, you do not need to worry about battery drainage.


Different connectivity options are available, including Wi-Fi 802.11, b/g/n, Mobile Hotspot, v5.0 Bluetooth, and 5G, 4G (supports Indian bands), 3G, and 2G. In addition, it has sensors such as Accelerometer, Gyro, Proximity, Compass, Barometer, and Siri.

Dimensions & weight:

It will have 146.7 mm x 71.5 mm x 7.4 mm dimensions and a weight of about 164 grams. We expect the size as a 6.1-inch.


The mobile is available in purple. Rumour suggests we get the model in a purple shade with a unique finish. It helps to shift tone based on lighting conditions.

Besides, a rumor says it comes in black, white, blue, red, and purple. But it will come in graphite (possibly midnight), gold (possibly starlight), silver, and purple.


An investor's report from JP Morgan Chase says that the mobile features a high-end titanium alloy chassis design. The company has already used titanium for the Apple Watch. But for an iPhone, they will use titanium for the first time. In addition, the material is more scratch-resistant. Besides, it is more robust than both steel and aluminum. Moreover, it is more corrosion resistant.


We expected that high-end iPhones would adopt a vapor chamber thermal system at the beginning of this year. According to the company, it is aggressively testing. But the VC thermal system is essential for the high-end mobile with more robust computing power. Besides, it is necessary for quicker 5G connection speeds. Mobiles from Samsung, Razer, and LG use this technology. It helps to keep a device cooler under heavy stress. However, we are still unsure if the system will support the high requirements. But the company is working on improving it. We expect those high-end models might adopt it soon.

Lightning Port:

According to a rumor, the company wants to remove the Lightning port from the mobile for a portless design. You can complete the charging over MagSafe. But we are unsure if the recent mobiles will support the technology. However, a few mobiles will keep on having a Lightning port.

No Notch and New Face ID Hardware Design (Pro Only):

The company is working to remove the notch that houses the Face ID hardware. But it is for a few devices, especially the Pro models. While introduced in 2017, the notch was a controversial design decision. Since then, it is changing little for the size tweak with the 13th generation.

In March 2021, Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst, said that the 2022 models might not come with a notch. Instead, these can adopt a hole-punch style design which is famous on multiple Android phones. Since then, we can guess what we should expect.

Hole Punch Feature:

Instead of working on a single hole-punch cutout, the company is working on another design. It will feature both a pill-shaped and a circular cutout. Generally, this circular cutout comes with the Face ID dot projector. In addition, the pill-shaped cutout will contain the front camera, Face ID infrared camera, and other components.

iPhone 14 software:

The smartphone features iOS 16 on board. Besides, the company showed the software on stage at WWDC 22. These are a few essential features.

  • Lockscreen customization with widgets, animated images, and cleaner notifications 
  • Share digital keys in the Wallet 
  • More filters for Focus Mode 
  • Edit and Undo Send, Mark as Unread in iMessage 
  • Enhanced voice dictation with an on-screen keyboard 
  • Quick Actions with text captured from the camera 
  • Photos - lift subject from the background with Siri Knowledge 
  • SharePlay in iMessage

The Bottom Line:

Although the company recently announced its launch on September 7, they don't reveal the secret. However, we expect the company to allow us to experience the new iPhone 14 series at this event.

In addition, the company will announce the Watch Series 8, its Pro version, and a new update to the Watch SE. Besides, you can also expect the announcement of the new AirPods 2nd Gen at the event. If the company finds enough bandwidth, you can see a new base iPad at the event.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q. When was it come out?

It might launch on October 31, 2022 (Expected).

  • Q. What does it look like?

According to design, these appear as the 13th generation models.

  • Q. Will it have three cameras?

The model comes with two cameras — a main wide-angle and an ultra-wide-angle.

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Airplay on Mac

Airplay on Mac

AirPlay is an excellent way to share your content between Apple and non-Apple devices. But you should ensure that the non-Apple devices must support it. For example, most smart TVs support it.

With AirPlay on Mac, it is possible to transfer music, photos, videos, etc. In addition, you can mirror the whole computer screen on a larger display. But do you know how? The article informs you how to AirPlay from Mac to a TV. As soon as you enable it, you need to cast from the device to your Apple or compatible smart TV using some clicks. You can apply the instructions to devices that run macOS's Big Sur (11.0), Catalina (10.15), and Mojave (10.14).

What is AirPlay?

It is a wireless communication protocol produced by Apple Inc., enabling you to stream audio, video, images, and device screens.

How do you enable AirPlay on Mac?

  • If you want to enable it, you should use the menu bar or Control Center. After that, you should choose the AirPlay status icon in the menu bar. 
  • Whether the icon is not available in front of you, you should navigate to the System Preferences and then go to Displays. Now, when available, you should choose the box near the Show mirroring options in the menu bar. 
  • Next, you need to select the Apple TV or supported TVs by going to the list of options below AirPlay To. 
  • However, if you want, you can go to the Control Center and then open it. After that, your job is to choose the Screen Mirroring and select the name of your TV. Next, tap the AirPlay audio icon from the Control Center to the AirPlay audio. Then, you should choose a compatible speaker from the list. 
  • If you connect it to the smart TV for the first time, you should input the code on the TV while prompted on the Mac.

How Do You mirror your Mac to your TV?

  • After enabling it, you can see your display mirroring your TV occurring automatically. In addition, it is possible to manage the mirroring size to achieve the ultimate experience. 
  • Next, you should choose the blue AirPlay status icon in the menu bar after turning it on. 
  • You should now review the option by navigating to the drop-down menu under TV_Name. In this case, Mirror TV_Name is the default setting, representing that the copied content to the TV will match the TV's display size. 
  • To alter mirroring to Mac's default display, you should choose Mirror Built-in Display_Name.

You should choose the icon if you are willing to copy the content from any specific app or video with its functionality. After that, select the smart television from the list containing the names of the devices.

How do you AirPlay from your Mac to your Smart TV without Apple TV?

There is no need to use an Apple TV to enjoy AirPlay screen mirroring or audio casting unless you use a suitable TV. You must follow the same method to enable and use it, like connecting to an Apple TV.

We have given here some things you should remember to ensure that you can do it seamlessly from the device to a non-Apple smart TV.

Ensure your smart TV is AirPlay-compatible:

Multiple mobile devices feature AirPlay or AirPlay 2 support to cast audio. Besides, it is available in Roku TVs, streaming devices, and other Samsung, LG, Sony, and Vizio smart televisions supporting the protocol. If you are willing to ensure that your television supports this, you should check with the manufacturer. In addition, you can browse the list of AirPlay 2-compatible televisions.

Connect to the same wireless network:

You should attach your device and television to a similar WiFi network to achieve the ultimate results of getting it up and running. Ensure that you should connect them before enabling it.

Update TV software:

It is better to keep the television current with the recent software upgrades. In this case, you should find an update before trying to do it.

Adjust the settings on your smart TV:

The proper location of settings will rely on the TV model. However, you will get it available from the Settings area of the smart TV. If you are willing to select if you need a passcode every time you attach to television from the device or reset the connection with specific devices, then you can go ahead.

How to AirPlay Music From iOS to Mac:

  • You should ensure that you have turned on your device and signed into macOS with a similar Apple account as the iOS device. 
  • After that, you can begin playing a song or podcast on the iPhone or iPad. 
  • Click on the AirPlay icon in the app's media interface. 
  • Choose the device from the list of AirPlay devices. 
  • Now, you can start listening to music or podcast via the speakers or any external speakers attached to the device. 
  • Please navigate to the Control Center and open it. Hence, you must go to the menu bar icon in the top-right corner of the display. Thus, it is possible to control the playback on the device.

How to AirPlay Video From iOS to Mac:

  • You should ensure that you have turned on your device and signed into macOS with a similar Apple account as the iOS device.
  • After that, you can begin playing a video on the iPhone or iPad. ● Hit the AirPlay icon in the app's media interface. 
  • Choose the device from the list of supporting devices. 
  • You can now see the video playing automatically on the screen in fullscreen mode. If you want, control the playback directly on the device. In this case, you should move the mouse and choose the on-screen playback controls.

How do you AirPlay from your Mac to a Samsung TV?

Do you have an AirPlay 2-compatible Samsung TV? If yes, you should go through the above instructions to turn on and use AirPlay mirroring or casting from the device. You can find names of compatible monitors and televisions for both Apple and Samsung on their support sites. If you want to look for your television model number, check the packaging in the user manual or on the device's back.

How do you AirPlay from a Mac to a Fire TV?

If you are willing to cast a Fire Stick, you should download an application like AirScreen on the Fire Stick. After that, choose the Fire Stick device from the AirPlay icon drop-down menu. Then, if necessary, follow the above instructions to choose Toshiba and Insignia Amazon Fire smart televisions.

The Bottom Line:

You can now know how to AirPlay from Mac. Check out the steps and perform them to do that.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q. Why can't you find it on your Mac?

Navigate to System Preferences, Security & Privacy, Firewall, and Firewall Options, respectively. After that, you should check the box beside Automatically allow signed software. Thus, you can receive incoming connections. Then, you should turn on AirPlay Mirroring in the menu bar. Finally, you can add the AirPlay icon to the menu bar to find it easily in the display's top right corner.

  • Q. Do you have it on your iMac?

It supports the 2018 or later versions like MacBook Pro. You will require your iOS devices to run iOS 15 or later. If necessary, head toward Settings, then General and Software Update, to check in on the device.

  • Q. How do you activate it?

Ensure that you have enabled it. In this case, you should hit the Input select button and choose it on the TV remote control. Next, choose AirPlay & HomeKit settings, and enable it.

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Best Apple Watch Buying Guide

Apple Watch Buying Guide

You will want to consider several combinations before buying an Apple Watch. But it can be tricky where to begin. Check out our Apple Watch buying guide to understand what you should do.

First, you should choose the correct model according to your needs. For example, the mid-range SE or the Series 7 model can meet your needs. In addition, you can save your money going with the older Series 3 model.

Apple Watch Buying Guide:

Consider these aspects of the Apple Watch buying guide to purchase the best model.

Size of Apple Watch:

The Series 3 is available in two sizes, 38mm and 42mm. Besides, you can get Series 6 and the SE in 40mm or 44mm. In addition, Series 7 is available in 41mm or 45mm. These models are generally suitable for an average woman and an average man's hand/wrist dimensions.

The height of the model represents the measurements in millimeters. We measure the display size diagonally from corner to corner, in inches. Besides, weight is one of the critical factors to consider. It varies according to the material, size, and if cellular is included.

You should also consider the wearable size and ensure which size is correct for you. Hence, you may need to buy in-store rather than order online. Going to an Apple Store or a reasonably well-appointed reseller can provide in-stock watches you may try on before purchasing.

Remember that the material/color/strap configurations rely on the size. Therefore, the choice in the category can decrease the options in others. Consequently, it is advised to prioritize size above other considerations.


It is also a vital factor you want to consider while buying.

Series 3 color options

  • Aluminum: Silver, Space Grey

SE color options

  • Aluminum: Silver, Space Grey, gold

Series 6 color options

  • Aluminum: silver, gold, Space Grey, blue, red 
  • Stainless steel: plain, gold, Graphite 
  • Titanium: plain, Space Black

Series 7 color options:

  • Aluminum: green, blue, red, Starlight, and Midnight 
  • Stainless steel: plain, gold, Graphite 
  • Titanium: plain, Space Black

Remember that color never affects the cost, unlike the material. Therefore, you can choose whichever version you prefer and which complements your chosen strap.

Strap Size and Color:

Several straps are available to select. Check out the underneath section to understand it.

Solo Loop: English Lavender, Chalk Pink, Marigold, Clover, Dark Cherry, Abyss Blue, Starlight

Braided Solo Loop: Maize, Dark Cherry, English Lavender, Abyss Blue

Sports Band: Clover, Marigold, Clover, Dark Cherry, English Lavender, Abyss Blue, Starlight, Midnight

Sports Loop: Maize/White, Pink Pomelo/Tan, Abyss Blue/Moss Green, Dark Cherry/Forest Green, Product RED, Tornado/Gray

Nike Sports Band: Olive Grey/Cargo, Magic Ember/Crimson, Midnight Navy/Mystic Navy, Anthracite/Black, Pure Platinum/Black

Nike Sports Loop: Cargo Khaki, Summit White, Black

Leather Link: Golden Brown, Dark Cherry, Sequoia Green, Midnight

Modern Buckle (38mm, 40mm, or 41mm only): Wisteria, Chalk, Midnight

Every option is available in many colors and finishes. The Nike+ and Hermès have similar internals and specifications as the standard models. But these don't have the same straps. Besides, these come with a few other minor differences, like a preinstalled Nike app.

The Nike+ model consists of aluminum and is for people who prefer running. However, if you want a sport-oriented model, go with this one. Besides, the Hermès consists of stainless steel. In addition, it contains fancy straps and an Hermès stamp on the back.

Docks, Stands, and Chargers:

It has a small, basic charger. But if you are willing, you can purchase an additional dock to charge overnight. Besides, it enables you to display the time also. So always go for the best stands and chargers. But now, it doesn't come with any power adapter. Therefore, if you want a power brick, you must buy one. In this case, you can use the 5W USB Power Adapter.

Should You Buy The Apple Watch Series 7?

The series 7 is available on sale on 15 October 2021. We recommend purchasing it, but it depends on which product you are upgrading. If you want to switch from Series 6, you can do so only if you need excellent screen quality. Otherwise, you should stick to the product. The fast charging function is one of the advantages of the model also, and it is lucrative in everyday life.

But it doesn't offer any additional health features besides improved fall detection compared to the Series 6. Therefore, when health is a major concern, you should go with series 6. Regarding materials, the SE and Series 3 cannot offer many choices. While you can have many for this version, it enables you to select many materials and colors for the clock.

Should You Buy Apple Watch Series 6?

You should know that the company is not selling this model anymore. Therefore, you may expect the value of the version to drop in other resellers. This version comes with an always-on display like Series 7.

Users have to wake it up with a tap or raise their wrists. What unique about series six is that it can measure blood oxygen and take an ECG.

Should You Buy The Apple Watch SE?

The SE and series 6 are available in 44mm or 40mm case sizes. Besides, both come in a slim size than the Series 3. In addition, Series 7, 6, and SE are compatible with Family Setup. This function is convenient if you have kids. Moreover, these come with an always-on altimeter.

Series 6 and 7 have an Always-On display, but the SE hasn't. This display allows you to see the time always, not only while raising the wrist. Besides, these help to measure blood oxygen and take an ECG, which are lifesaving features. In addition, the SE version informs users of an irregular heart rhythm and provides notifications of a high or low heart rate. If the lifesaving features are not essential to you, then you can go with this version.

Should You Buy Apple Watch Series 3?

Although the company is still selling the third-gen model, it doesn't indicate that you should buy it. Several features are available which are not working correctly with this version. In addition, it is less future-proofed. Moreover, it will prevent the watchOS software updates quickly compared to the other models.

It is available at an affordable price, but we recommend you invest a bit more money to choose the SE. However, selecting the SE can offer you the benefits of three years' worth of upgrades. It is a similar overall size to the SE, but the display is smaller for the larger bezels.

Although it has an altimeter, it lacks fall detection, a compass, and the always-on screen feature. In addition, the speaker and mic are not very advanced. Remember that it is not compatible with the Family Setup feature. Therefore, it is not a good selection for your offspring. Moreover, this version doesn't feature a cellular option. Consequently, you can not use it to make calls or get data when you haven't got your iPhone handy. However, it has a W2 wireless chip instead of the W3 in the SE and 6.

The Bottom Line:

Our Apple Watch buying guide says that the Series 7 can deliver an unrivaled experience to iPhone users and offer seamless integration between watchOS and iOS. If you want to get these benefits, you must be an iPhone user.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q. Which series should you buy?

You should purchase Series 7. It is not a big upgrade over the series 6 in terms of features.

  • Q. Can you answer calls on it without a phone?

With the help of a Wi-Fi or cellular connection, you can answer calls through your iPhone isn't with you. In addition, you can use Siri to get directions, send iMessages, etc.

  • Q. Is the SE version worth it?

It is a good value for people who will not need the ECG and blood oxygen monitoring features.

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How to Fix Black Spot on iPhone Screen?

How to Fix Black Spot on iPhone Screen?

You can see a black spot on display if you are an iPhone owner. It is not a spot. Instead, it is a small bubble of air or dirt under the touch screen glass. Therefore, knowing how to remove the mark from your phone display quickly is essential. It usually happens when you use your mobile excessively. We will describe the topic step-by-step in this article.

Why is there a dark spot on my iPhone screen?

The black spot means an LCD bleed because the Smartphone has an LCD. There may be a hard bang or another impact for which liquid is forced to leak out your liquid crystal display (LCD). Usually, it spreads slowly. Therefore, you should use a display replacement or get it repaired quickly.

How do you get rid of the black spot on my iPhone screen?

You can mix equal parts of distilled water and 99 % isopropyl alcohol in a small spray bottle. After that, your job is to spray the solution in a small amount onto a clean microfiber cloth. You should use a gentle circular motion to rub the ink stain from the touch display.

Do black spots on phones spread?

When pressure on one area increases, it can appear, usually from behind on the phone. If you answer the question, it can spread even while you power off your mobile. Remember that 'L' in Lcd stands for liquid. It does not depend on whether your mobile is powered on or off. However, it will not spread if it is a dead pixel.

Why are black spots appearing on your phone display?

If your display is cracked, it becomes vulnerable. As a result, the OLED also gets damaged. If more pixels get damaged, the dark spots will spread over the mobile display like an oil stain. Generally, a scratch or chip in the display is why the underlying LCD panel gets exposed.

How do you stop dead pixels from spreading?

You can take the help of a removable office sticky note. It helps you to mark the location of the dead pixels. After that, your job is to power off the LCD. You should dampen the cloth. Then, you need to pressure the area and enable the LCD. After that, your task is to remove the pressure from the display. Remember that these pixels are much less likely to correct themselves over time. You can not repair via any of the well-known methods. However, you can reenergize stuck pixels by powering on and off them.

Do dead pixels go away?

Your first task is to wait for a while till the dead pixel is not disappearing. It can vanish on its own, but we can't say how long it will take. You may have the dead pixel for the remainder of the tool's life, or it will disappear in a week. Replacing the display is the most reliable process to solve the problem.

Steps of how to fix black spot on iphone screen:

This section lets you know how to solve the problem efficiently, and you can follow the steps to solve it.

Step 01) Clean the display with a dry cloth:

Remember that you should clean your mobile correctly. It may get gross and sticky over time if it is not possible. In this case, you should take the help of a dry cloth or microfiber cloth to wipe the display down. Ensure that you must not try using paper towels as these are very rough on the display. You need not use household cleaners like Windex or ammonia-based sprays because these may damage the finish of the display.

Step 02) Take the device to an authorized Apple dealer or service provider:

When you encounter the problem, you will find issues while reading a text and seeing images. The issue is that Apple never sells replacement displays, indicating that you have to go to an authorized service centre. You may go to the Apple Store and invest $100+ for the repair.

You need to purchase the kit with all the tools and supplies required to replace the display. It is not hard as you are new to repair, and you may save much money by following manually.

Step 03) Using a cloth and rubbing alcohol:

If you drop the mobile, the display can get black spots. But these are challenging to clean off, making your mobile look dirty. You must not want mobile to appear dirty as it can embarrass you.

Whether you use rubbing alcohol with a soft cloth, rub out these areas without damaging the display or leaving any residue behind.

Step 04) Dry off any water droplets:

In this case, you should use rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) and a dry lint-free cloth or paper towel. Hence, your first task is to ensure that you have dried off any water droplets entirely with rubbing alcohol before continuing.

As soon as it occurs, your job is to take the help of the cloth or paper towel. It allows you to rub in small circular motions over the affected area. Remember to continue the process for thirty minutes until you have removed all residues. Thus, you can have a clean display.

Step 05) Take the help of professionals:

Due to the problem, using your mobile may become problematic, so you can not use the mobile easily. Remember that it is a sign informing you that something is going very serious with your device.

However, you need to bring in the mobile for professional display repair or replacement to solve the issue. They will help you to get rid of these.

Step 06) Don't touch the display with dirty fingers:

Remember that you must not touch the display with your dirty fingers. Otherwise, things are becoming worsen. In this case, what you can do is try cleaning it yourself. But you may end up doing more work for yourself. So, you must be careful about it. If you are not, you may scratch the surface of your mobile unwantedly and ruin its appearance completely.

In this case, you should use remover to spray onto a soft cloth. Then, your job is to wipe away any dirt on display. You can use the cleaner safely also on other touch displays like mobiles and tablets.

The bottom line:

How to fix black spot in your iPhone? It is a challenging task to do. But if you have attempted to clean it with an eraser and still see these, you should follow other remedies to remove them. It can work better than those you have tried.

The best thing you can do is to ensure that any liquid has thoroughly dried off before touching something on the mobile. Besides, you may wash your hand while working.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q. Can iPhone black spots be fixed?

Yes, you can

solve the issue. A broken pixel may be the cause of why you have encountered the issue. In this regard, you need to know that a broken pixel appears on your display when it is not working correctly. Whether your mobile has a broken pixel, you can use software like PixelFix to eliminate the problem.

  • Q. How much does fixing a black spot on the iPhone screen cost?

Getting rid of the issue usually costs from $50 to $150. But it relies on the severity of the damage and the repair shop.

  • Q. Can these on the phone Be fixed?

You can solve the problem quickly. But the solution is not permanent. Therefore, these can reappear over time. Generally, these appear because of a scratch or chip in the display that exposed the underlying LCD panel. The manufacturer can repair or replace the display if your mobile is still under warranty. If your mobile is not under warranty, you can use a third-party repair service to solve the problem for a fee.