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Useful iPhone Apps for Walt Disney World

 Walt Disney World
Are you planning for a trip to Walt Disney World? If your answer gets positive then you have to get all information about the Walt Disney world. There are millions applications available for the Smartphones nowadays; Even though there are several apps which has the best features. In this post, I have discussed top and best iPhone application for Walt Disney world trip. Here they come;

1.“Walt Disney World Maps Box”:Walt Disney World Maps Box is the bestselling iPhone application for Walt Disney World. Walt Disney World Maps Box contains full map about the Epcot, Magic system and remaining Disney theme parks which are located in the Orlando.Walt Disney World Maps Box clearly gives you a map of each and every Disney theme parks with perfect attractions and individual rides too.Walt Disney World Maps Box enables the users to prioritize the must-visit sites around the theme parks in the Walt Disney World. By using the GPS, Walt Disney World Maps Box shows you the exact places around the Theme park.

2. “Walt Disney World Park Hours”: Walt Disney World Park Hours comes especially for Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Water Parks and Hollywood Studios. Walt Disney World Park Hours gives you the exact timing of opening and closing of the theme parks and also Walt Disney World Park Hours includes the daily updated events and schedules for the Shows that are exactly covered in this application. Walt Disney World Park Hours also gives you exact information about the year activities occurring in the above listed theme parks.

3. “Disney World Dining”: Disney World Dining is an impressive application which is developed especially for the Disney world users.Disney World Dining is a dining application which is developed by VersaEdge Software LLC and Disney World Dining includes all restaurants and its full menu with its price as well as its ratings.Disney World Dining allows the users to determine which restaurants to visit and which one to skip. You can also find the restaurant which is closer to you with the help of Disney World Dining application. Disney World Dining allows you to reserve your seating in any restaurants which are available in the list.

4. “Disney World Magic Guide”:Disney World Magic Guide is a bestselling application for the iPhone and Disney World Magic Guide is developed by VersaEdge Software Limited Corporation. Disney World Magic Guide is a comprehensive application which has practically everything which is needed for the Walt Disney Tour. Disney World Magic Guide has an information packages which has opening times of the theme park, Maps with GPS, ride descriptions and so more stuffs regarding the Walt Disney.

5. “Mouse Memo”: Mouse Memo is a must have iPhone application if you need to organize everything for your Walt Disney tour. Mouse Memo is developed by C.Y.borg’s Neura Net and is handier when compared to other applications. You can organize everything for your tour with the help ofMouse Memo.

Best alternatives for iPhone 5

Samsung Galaxy S4
iPhone 5 is a one of the best smartphone which was released by Apple Inc. But the important thing is that, you can’t do everything with the iPhone 5. Suppose if you want to work with larger screen size or you might need a NFC function, then you have to go for any alternatives for the iPhone 5. Here you can found the list of best alternatives for the iPhone 5 and here they are;

1.Samsung Galaxy S4: Samsung Galaxy S4 is a best choice when compared to iPhone 5. It brings out various features in Samsung Galaxy S4; Samsung Galaxy S4 suns on android operating system and it has a brilliant camera which enables you to shoot high clarity image with extra-ordinary flashing. Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with cool gesture control from which you can simplify your task very easily and Samsung Galaxy S4 also offers best way of multitasking for its user.

2.HTC One: HTC One is another best-in-class mobile which offers you tons of features in it. HTC One comes with android operating system and has curved aluminum outer case. HTC One has quad core processor that enhances your process with higher performance. You can run various high graphics application on your mobile without lag. The quad core processor in the HTC One brings you to run many applications in a single time itself. HTC One has a fantastic low light camera which makes you to snap images even in low light too. You can use this HTC One as a remote for your TV.

3.Motorola Droid Maxx: Motorola Droid Maxx is release by Motorola Corporation with Verizon Network. Motorola Droid Maxx comes with all the best features of the latest smartphones around the world. Even you can control your mobile without touching it. It comes with touch less control system which is called as Floating Touch display from which you can easily control Motorola Droid Maxx without touching the screen itself. Motorola Droid Maxx has long lasting battery which stands up to 10 hours approximately. Motorola Droid Maxx has active display too.

4.Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 brings out the larger screen experience; you can use this device for viewing your media files very largely. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has a sleeker design which makes the Samsung Galaxy Note 3prettier. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has improved pen capability from which you can easily scribble over your screen. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes in the phablets family and you can even use this as a tablet too. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has nearly 11 hours of battery life.

5.LG G2: LG G2 has a display of 5.2 inches screen from which you can innovate much stuff from the mobile itself. LG G2 a unique and fantastic design with unique power button as well as volume rocker design. LG G2 allows you to do wonderful multitasking which separates this smartphone from other smartphones.

Hope you might like this stuff and your comments are always welcome !!!

Summation Technology

If there is a performance at the school at which you work, such as a play on the stage or a band concert in the main auditorium, odds are that it is going to be recorded. Parents are going to do this for themselves, but you should also set up an official camera on a tripod so that it is a steady, clear recording. The tripod can also have an unobstructed view of the performance, whereas the cameras that people in the audience are holding will often be blocked by other people.

The biggest reason to do this is that parents are probably going to come to you after the performance and ask if they can get a copy. Some of them may not have wanted to record it on their own so that they could really watch their children and soak up every moment of it. Some of them may have recorded it but found later that the recording was a very low quality.

If you have a good recording, you can just duplicate the DVDs with the DVD burners that you can get from Summation Technology and then give out copies to the parents. They are going to love this because they do not have to worry about figuring out how to hook the video camera up to the TV or the computer. They can just pop the DVD in a DVD player and watch it in seconds. You may even be able to sell copies to offset production costs.

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Top iPhone application for Finding Gas Station.

Smartfule apps
None of us likes to give higher price for the gas. Suppose, if you’re on a road trip, or may be a business trip, you will always like to pay lower price for the gas as low as possible. In this post, you can get the best application for getting best gas station around you while you’re on a business trip or a road trip. By using the power of GPS and internet, you can get the best information about the best gas station. They are given as;

1.Fuel Finder: Fuel Finder is an impressive iPhone application which provides you a strong interface that brings you a list of best features. Fuel Finder helps you to get into a closest station which is located nearby you. You can get roadside help for you, when you’re low on fuel. Fuel Finder is found on the app market for only 2.99$ and Fuel Finder doesn’t require a subscription pack, so that you can use them for lots of information.

2.Smart Fuel: Smart Fuel gives you a best feature where you can get more detailed report of your fuel. Smart Fuel enables the users to bookmark their recent gas stations it also provides an accurate station listing. Smart Fuel comes with month of free train period and you can continue the subscription further by paying 4.99$ for 6 months or for 14.99$ for 24 months of time. The interface allows you to save your fuel and you can save more by subscribing to this application.

3.Road Ahead: Road Ahead is an app which brings out the necessary amenities which are available in the high ways; you can find the best objects which are present in your way. Road Ahead provides the list of gas stations which are available in the high ways and with its prices too. You can find out the best gas station over the various localities and you can scroll through the various localities station for best prices. Road Ahead is all-in-one application which offers you many services and you can get all information about your trip with this application itself.

4.Gas Buddy: Gas Buddy is a brilliant application which gives you all information about the gas station and its prices for totally free. If you were searching for an application which is totally free of cost for your road trip, the Gas Buddy could be a best one in the list. Gas Buddy has a list of features which is totally comes for free of cost.

5.Fuel Smart Pro: Fuel Smart Pro is a premium application which comes with list of comprehensive gas stations and with the accurate prices. The interface of the Fuel Smart Pro is very nice and the features of the Fuel Smart Pro are solid. Fuel Smart Pro makes your travel more simple and elegant; you can subscribe the application for 2.99$ per year. Since it is pro version, you can go for Fuel Smart Pro for better use.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Keyboard Shortcuts for iPhone & iPad

Keyboard Shortcuts
iPhone and iPad are becoming a bestselling gadgets in the world and most of the people started to fall over it. In this post, you can get the top tricks and shortcuts for Keyboard in your iOS 7 devices. They are given as;

1.This is the one of the best trick form which you can enter the text very quickly in your device. If you want to insert a text you can insert it very fast by simply holding the corresponding characters and a list of related accented characters will appear in a popup menu and you can choose them from the pop up list. Release the key when you have selected the correct accented character and you can easily enter the character in the text.

2.You can easily split the keyboard of your iPad keyboard and you can type faster in the keyboard with both of your device. If you want to split the keyboard simply press the keyboard icon which is present in the lower right side of the screen and choose split option. This allows you to split the keyboard in the iPad and you can type faster with this split keyboard. Suppose if this option is not available in the iPad, Go to Setting -> Keyboard and select the split keyboard option in the Ipad setting to enable the Split Keyboard.

3.You can easily insert a space in between two words and you can also insert a dot (.) after the end of the line by simply double tapping the space bar. If you were tapping the spacebar twice you can easily get the dot after the word and the next letter which is followed by the dot will be automatically starts with capital letter.

4.The keyboard of the iOS is pretty good and it is very smart in adding the apostrophes in the text you were entering over it. If you were entering the text without apostrophe, the keyboard will automatically enter the apostrophe in the text wherever it is necessary. For example, if you were entering the word “dont” in the keyboard, then it will automatically enter it in the keyboard as don’t. You can even long press the comma button to include the apostrophe in your text.

5.Safari web browser in the iPad and iPhone has a special feature which allows you to automatically insert the domains when you were entering a web address in the address bar. By simply pressing the dot button for a while you can easily get a list of domains which you can easily choose from that and you can quickly open the website in your browser.

Hope so you have likes this list of tricks and shortcuts for your iPhone and iPad keyboard; this will help you to improve your typing speed and you can easily enter the text by using this keyboard shortcuts.

How android is better than the iPhone

android vs iPhone
Android is the one of the leading operating system which is used in most of the mobile phones rather than using iOS. Since apple comes with its iOS devices, people are buying android based smartphones for their day-to-day use. In the field of entertainment, Android is the king which plays various roles in creating innovation among the developers. On the other hand, Apple’s iPhones are class and they are most sophisticated ones which is available in the market. This makes you to get confused which one will be your favorite choice while selecting the devices. The features of android make the android to be a better choice while considering both iPhones and Android mobiles.

1. Storage Memory: The memory capacity of the android smartphones will range according to their hardware features. This allows you to extend your device memory to external storage too; you can extend your storage of your smartphone by using external memory sticks. But this option is not available in the iPhone; the memory capacity of the iPhone is limited since it has only built-in memory. This adds a point to the android devices and you can extend your memory by using external memory stick. Users can easily buy the memory sticks and they can replace one memory stick after another when it gets full of free memory space. Even they can dedicate each memory stick for movies, songs and so on.

2. Multi-Tasking: The process of multi-tasking is very poor in the apple’s iPhone. You can only open a single application at a time. In iPhones, you cannot open more than a single application. If you want to open other applications, you need to close the previous one and then only you can able to open another application in your device. But the android mobiles are totally different, you can open any application as you want until the RAM gets full. This is an amazing feature which is present over the android devices. You can run more than a single application at a time. For example, you can open Facebook Messenger to chat with your friends and at the same time you can minimize it and open another application too. This even adds another point to the android mobiles and devices.

3. Battery: Apple’s iPhones comes with the in-built battery which cannot be removed very easily. In case of any failure, you cannot easily change the battery of the device and you need to take it to the service center. But you can easily change the battery of the android devices. In case of any battery failure, you can easily change the battery by simply removing the case of the android devices. The removable battery in the android devices brings out the android mobile to be the best devices than the iPhone.

Hope you have found the best devices for your day to day activities and you can easily bring out the differences between the iPhone and the other android devices by using these features.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Top Best Free iPhone Music Apps

Band of the day
iPhone little expensive than other leading brands of mobile and tablets. In the same manner iPhone apps can be little too expensive than that of Apps in Google Play Store. This major expensiveness is due to its source. iPhone apps are closed source unlike the Android market. These app will be especially expensive when try to get them too much.Providentiallysome of the best music apps won’t cost you a much. Apps in iPhone can be used to listen free music or also functional to identify unknown song on the radio, so on fetching this iPhone app would add worthy to your collection.

1. Band of the day 

If you interested in discovering new music everyday this will be a precious app. Often app like other music app won’t provide you any sample music regarding the search. Band of the day provide you nearly 3 or 5 songs related to your search and helps to relate that is that musician satisfies your interest. When you skew like mad on a few genres-singer or writer,folk or blue then you’ll love this app, would have downloads at Itune.

2. Pandora Radio 

If you checkout the iPhone App store and review the most downloaded music app then Pandora Radio will be at the top. This is so because it is easy to download, very simple to use and works extremely to your satisfaction. Pandora app sets itself apart from the internet radio, as it allows to play a customized playlist as per the user. But the drawback comes to existence when you need to listen to more music because you’re limited to 40 hours of free music.

3. Shazam 

If your favorite number is going on the radio and doesn’t know who actually composed it, surely it’s going to be frustrating. Shazam really resolves this problem by hearing the music 10sec, it gives the complete details about that particular song. This song provides you 5 song identifications per month.


An competitor to Pandora which offers the same service as them but also it has some unique features associated with them like tour dates, calenders. You can skip as much song as you can and no restriction. It offers as many songs as possible but takes a lit longer to buffer.

5. Slacker Internet Radio 

Slacker Internet Radio offers you to access hundreds of radio stations. Offer you to personalize according to user’s wish, fine-tune also possible to those stations.

6. Rhapsody 

App discussed above will avail at free of cost initially but this app will cost at least $9.99 per month. This on the other side will offer to hear over 11 millionsong. Rhapsody allows you to listen songs offline, which is a massive benefit.

Best Practises of DVD Printing

You've taken the time and effort to produce a DVD for your clients, workers or the general public. Now you want to present it in the best possible light, Duplication Centre can help.

With clients including BMW, Vodafone, Aviva and more, Duplication Centre have built an enviable reputation for customer service, quality, quick turnaround and price since they launched in 2004. The Essex-based firm have built an unrivalled reputation and 50% of their clients are happy customers coming back for more, so the quality speaks for itself.

A Complex Art

DVD printing on a large scale is a complicated art and Duplication Centre has invested heavily in the market-leading Xerox machinery to print directly to the disc. They will not use cheaper litho, offset or thermal printing techniques, as they simply don't believe they give the best result for the client. Duplication Centre does not print on labels that can be stuck to the disc either, it gives a cheap and often grainy finish that does not belong at this level. Instead they offer full-colour printing direct to the disc that gives the best result each and every time.

So if you want simple black letting or one-colour letters you can be sure that the edges will be crisp and clean. And if you want to go further and have a dramatic full-colour design covering the surface of your disc then you know if will turn out perfect, vibrant and rich.

The Customer is King, They Remember That

At Duplication Centre they pride themselves on customer service, too. So as well as 24-hour turnaround times the client gets a dedicated DVD Duplication manager that is available 24/7 to answer your queries or just to let you know how your disc is progressing. When you're on a tight deadline, that piece of mind if priceless, as is the tracked next-day UK mainland delivery service that lets you know exactly when your discs will arrive.

Duplication Centre firmly believes in transparent pricing, too, so an online tool on the website tells you exactly what you'll pay before you even pick up the phone. In fact their automated system means you never have to. You can order online, deliver artwork and track the whole process online, saving you time and money.

Online Art Creation

When it comes to artwork, Duplication Centre can save you money again. You can upload professionally designed Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw files, or you can use their innovative online Artwork Creator tool. You don't need any design skills and even with limited computer knowledge you can have your own, professional-looking design produced in mere minutes.

A thin coat of lacquer ensures the colours pop and your DVD is not only protected, it will also come with that luxurious lustre that marks an expensive disc apart. And Duplication Centre does not forget the packaging.

Package Price

Duplication Centre offers DVD wraps, booklets or printed inlays for DVD cases, even Digipaks that are fully cellowrapped if you wish to go for the full dramatic effect. They use 210gsm Xerox stock gloss paper that has the right weight and quality and can provide a full DVD wrap and printed booklet for the DVD case, unless the client simply wants the DVD wrap or a booklet in a plastic wallet for conference giveaway DVDs and other uses.

Whatever packaging you decide upon, Duplication Centre will give you the best possible results at the best possible price, in the best possible time.
Martin Jonson is director of the UK's leading DVD/Blu-ray/CD duplication company providing exceptional quality at the lowest UK prices. He offers next day delivery anywhere in the UK and will complete your job quickly with the greatest care. You can connect with him on Google+.

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Mactracker updated to OS X and iOS

Mactracker, this database of Apple hardware and software has been updated to OS X and iOS . The software is free for both. The change in shape is more visible side iOS, but Mactracker is primarily a database interface which is fairly common.

The mobile version is now reserved for iOS 7. The content is rich. The number of utility compiles technical data and details on all hardware configurations and accessories Apple. In addition to some elements of order anecdotal as code names and startup sounds different Mac.

Can indeed listen (special mention for the first Power Mac 6100/7100/8100 more crystalline than today). Go down the specifications, the Play Startup Chime button. Apart from this little refreshment , content has expanded with the addition of references to the latest mobile Retina , the late 2013 iMac, the new iPad and iPhone and iOS and OS X newly released, the maximum number of cycles of batteries Mobile is now available , etc.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Is Scotland falling behind on superfast mobile broadband?

A report by Ofcom, the UK’s communications watchdog, has published a report showing that despite nearly 75 per cent of UK homes having access to superfast broadband, this figure is significantly lower in Scotland.

In the report, it is revealed that only 52 per cent of properties in Scotland have access to superfast broadband. There is a small increase compared to the previous year, when this figure stood at 45 per cent, but overall, the country is lagging behind the rest of the UK. Only 9 per cent of homes in rural and remote parts of Scotland can access superfast broadband, which is considerably less than the 25 per cent reported in rural areas in the rest of the UK.

Ofcom’s data also shows that more than a quarter of Scottish homes don’t have access to even 2G coverage, whilst over half can’t access 3G networks. The price comparison website uSwitch said that the rollout of the EE 4G phone network to increasingly more towns and cities could help the situation in Scotland. Broadband expert Marie-Louise Abretti said:

“The Scots are trailing well behind England and Northern Ireland when it comes to superfast availability – frustrating for anyone suffering sluggish speeds,”

“With mobile internet not up to scratch in Scotland either, Ofcom’s report makes for grim reading.

“There is a glimmer of hope as EE has plans to roll out 4G to rural areas, but the network has suggested these plans may be put on hold if Ofcom increases spectrum fees,”

Scotland’s mobile data use was found to have increased by a massive 51 per cent compared to last year, as more people take advantage of 4G contract, PAYG and 4G SIM only plans on EE and other networks. However, despite the growth, mobile data use in Scotland was found to be lower than in the rest of the UK overall.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Best and the Worst of the iPhone 5c

The iPhone 5c, marketed as the cheery little sibling of the more serious, secure, and stuffy 5s, is advertised for those who want a little colour in their lives. Two new changes will strike you right out of the 5c’s box - first, this is no longer the sleek grey or stark white instrument of Apple’s past, but a smarties-toned jelly bean of a phone available in grass green, sky blue, bubblegum pink, butter yellow, and white. Unfortunately for those whose colours of choice run more on the darker side of things, there is no option for a palette darker than pastel green. And second, the 5c is one of the first that runs the crisp new iOS 7, a toned, flattened, and ultra-powerful new interface for the iPhone operating system. Here’s a look at some of the essential pros and cons of the new device.
We’re very glad to see that the 5c cleverly hangs onto the best aspects of the retired iPhone 5 - its A6 processing chip, 326 ppi retina display, and iSight camera with 8 megapixels. But the 5c gains two whole hours of talk time on battery life, more LTE bands on the global network, and a little weight in its polycarbonate exterior. Those upgrading from the iPhone 4 will find themselves with a beautiful new phone, and those upgrading from the iPhone 5 will find themselves with very nearly the same phone, with better battery life and a new paint job. If you find yourself debating between the 5c and the 5s, remember that the 5s is heaped with extra features that the 5c isn’t…but will you actually use them?
In releasing the iPhone 5c and iOS 7, it seems like Apple was targeting those who dearly wanted to join the basic Apple family, but somehow hadn’t had the opportunity to yet. It’s an extremely user-friendly phone, but lacks the Touch ID fingerprint sensor of the 5s, as well as the larger 64GB storage option. The 5c was Apple’s nod to those who wanted to jump on board with this year’s generation of phones, without getting too deep into a more complex, expensive, and powerful phone like the 5s. But unfortunately the outer shell of the 5c doesn’t feel as quality as that of the 5s aluminum casing, and the color and size options are fairly limited. 
iOS 7 is not a complete overhaul from the previous version of the operating system, but with added features like a Control Center, even smoother transitions and transparent colors to match the 5c tones, and a more beautiful home screen layout with some new one-swipe commands, it is different enough. 
At £470 to £550 on its own from the Apple store, the iPhone is predictably not cheap - though some have joked that because of the different body materials, the S version of the phone is for Sophisticated while the C is for cheap. While the expense is not quite a con, because the phone is reasonably priced considering the level of advanced technology, it’s certainly something to consider. According to presale hype, the 16GB iPhone 5c can be had at Three for £37 a month on a two year contract with a £49 up-front handset fee
And to bring it all back to reality, we end with neither the best nor the worst, but simply the most absurd of the iPhone 5c. Thank goodness for the Huffington Post UK, who have done tests of the 5c on concrete, various other materials, and finally up against a .50 caliber rifle. Yes, that’s right.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Apple pushes out iTunes 11.1.3 with bug fix

iTunes is a particularly important tool for users of iDevices . Apple has now released version 11.1.3, which fixes a few small problems. With iTunes 11.1.3 Apple's multimedia management program moves on to the next round.

The update is available for Windows and Mac OS X. It solves a problem with the equalizer and improved according to Apple, the software performance when switching between representations in large iTunes libraries. The update also fixes a few other minor errors. Because of some new features and the release of iOS 7, you should quickly change.

Without iTunes 11.1 you could not manage iDevices with iOS 7 if you have brought latest version of iPhone or iPad, the update is imperative and with the old version you cannot access to the data. The update also has podcast station on board that allow you to create your own stations with preferred podcasts - and thus make them available with new episodes at a central location. Your transmitter, subscriptions, and the positions where you stop playback, the app synchronizes “podcasts “via iCloud.

Who wants to leave it to chance, which iTunes song plays next, uses the new Shuffle. Select “Random Genius Play “to have iTunes start playback of tracks that go great together. Click again to hear something else. For users in the United States is iTunes radio on board.

In order to get accesses to 250 stations, each playing a specific musical genre. Subscribed to iTunes Match, the new service is ad-free. An international launch date is still pending.

Top 10 Reasons To Buy An Iphone

1. Amazing video
The person whoever is not interested in video will also after synched with iTunes on MacBook Pro. Once you get used to seeing video on the iPhone’s gorgeous 3.5 inch screen, you won’t want to use an inferior phone ever again.

2. Email and Visual Voicemail
Another thing on iPhone is email. You can check your Google mail whenever and wherever you want. It’s so convenient and very well done on the iPhone. It’s comfortable to read and easy to type replies via the on-screen keyboard. It won’t take long to get to the point where I can type pretty fast on it .Visual voicemail is great! You will love being able to pick and choose visually which message you want to listen to.

3. Google Maps
For those people who gets lost very easily and whenever you’re driving around, you can just stop and pull directions up with Google Maps on your iPhone. It’s very useable and it gets the job done.

4. Music and Audiobooks
As with video, the iPhone makes a superb iPod. In fact, it’s the best iPod ever. You can even keep a few different playlists on your iPhone. It all works together, including your audio books.

5. Power
Just look out the power of iphone

• Talk time: Up to 8 hours
• Standby time: Up to 250 hours
• Internet use: Up to 6 hours
• Video playback: Up to 7 hours
• Audio playback: Up to 24 hours

You can find that your iPhone pretty much adheres to what Apple has said.

6. Safari
It is just amazing to use Safari and get the real web on your iPhone. It’s so different from the “mobile web” .Before I used Safari on my iPhone, I thought the web on a phone was just stupid. There’s no flash support yet but there will be and since you can zoom in and out, it works really well and comfortably for your eyes. Safari a big reason at this point.

7. Multi-Touch
Here’s another thing that is sceptical about. The touch screen on the iPhone works great for typing email as well as browsing web pages, zooming in and out of photos, and so on. It only takes a few minutes to get used to the basics of using the touch screen and not much longer to get used to the keyboard.

8. Pictures and iPhoto
The iPhone/iPhoto combination really does add value to the iPhone though people don’t talk about it too much. Pictures create real time fun and brings us old memories back.

9. Navigation
The iPhone is very different. You can easily get to the functions you need and whenever you want to get back to the main screen, you just push the button at the bottom. The iPhone is supremely comfortable to use when it comes to moving around within its software. Don’t underestimate that until you’ve had a chance to really use it.

10. Fingerprint scanner
Apple has introduced a new fingerprint reader on the home button of the iPhone 5S, thus it provides an extra security to the device. The stainless steel detection ring scans skin layers, at 500ppi and its thickness is 170 microns. By the ring around the home button, it knows that your finger is there and you don't have to tell it to scan.

Difference Between iPhone Camera And Other Mobile Phone Camera

iPhone Camera
Apple is heavily promoting its new improved camera as a primary feature of the iPhone. With greater megapixels, a sharper and faster lens, and illumination sensor, the popular technology company is hoping consumers will now turn to the iPhone for their primary photography needs, as well as everything else.
One of the most appealing features of iPhone cameras is the ability to apply filters to your photos with apps. Many of these apps create the look of old antique film cameras.

The iPhone image files gives up a 22.9 megabytes about the size of many recent point-and-shoot camera files. Image corrections in software like Photoshop are still limited at this size, so accurate exposure and colour at the time the image is captured is important.

The phones optics will result in a noticeably sharper image that gives better tonal range. Shadow details and even highlight definition is totally different from other mobile phone cameras.

The iPhone battery drains quickly during a long time camera usage. Actual numbers will vary depending on how often your screen is on, and what else is active on your phone.

Camera operations can be improved by adding two new features. By touching the central subject area on the screen such as face, you can lock both the focus and exposure until you take a picture, so that you can recompose the frame. However, the lock will be released after shooting the first photo.

On the side of the phone Apple has added additional shutter releases to the volume buttons which is easier than screen touching. You can shoot only one exposure at a time.

Overall, the iPhone camera produces images as good in quality and is simple, user-friendly and fully automated. When you add in options for post processing techniques and filters and with the growing library of apps, you have a product not just for consumers but it is also for a professional who is looking to shoot inconspicuously and quickly.

How to Get the Most From Your iPad

When the iPad was first released it turned out that Apple was once again changing the world of mobile technology forever. There kind of seems to be a theme there, huh? It seems that every time there is a big change coming in the mobile technology industry, Apple is always on the bleeding edge of it. Well, now that Apple has become the leading mobile tablet producer, many of you have already purchased your own iPad and are constantly looking for new ways to utilize it. Here are a few of my favorite ways that you can max out the performance of your device.

Get a SIM-Only Plan for Your iPad

The iPad can easily connect to wireless networks for sure, but because it is intended largely for use as a mobile device I always tell people that if you can't get a data connection because you're nowhere near a Wi-Fi network, then you've lost a lot of the functionality of your device. That's a problem when you consider that the iPad was meant for traveling with. I usually tell people to get a data plan for their iPad so they can use it on the go. Here is a list of several of my favorite data plan options for avid iPad users. And here is another great guide to picking a great mobile SIM plan.

Get Mobile Device Insurance

Once again we go back to the intended purpose of the iPad as a mobile device. You were intended to travel with it or take it outside of your home with you. Most people think that their homeowner's or renter's insurance will cover their iPad but they don't realise that this applies only when the device is in the home. If you take it outside of the house and it gets stolen, lost, or damaged, then you are out of luck. This is why a dedicated device insurance policy for your expensive iPad is never a bad idea.

Purchase a Good Set of Headphones

Whether you prefer ear buds, on-ear, or over-ear headphones, I recommend that everyone get a quality set of headphones for their device. Nothing can raise the value and pleasure you get out of your iPad like a good quality sound experience. Listening to music on the train? Watching a movie on the plane? Well, you'll get even more pleasure out of it by getting some good quality sound out of your iPad. Trust me on this one.

Learn to Love the Bigger Screen

Most of what you can do on your iPad can also be done on the smaller iPhone. This largely isn't a problem. However, for things that require significant screen time such as video calls over Skype, watching movies, playing games, etc. the bigger screen of the iPad is a godsend. I have an iPhone and an iPad, and when I'm able to, I always choose to do the tasks and functions that require more screen time on my iPad. My eyes thank me for it.
There are a lot of things that you can do to enhance your user experience when it comes to using your new iPad. The few listed here are what I consider to be the absolute essentials. But don't let that stop you from considering your own personal enhancements for your own iPad user experience. If you're going to invest in a SIM plan for you iPad, I suggest you check out these low cost SIM-only contracts.
Laura Ginn is a professional writer and blogger who spends a lot of time at local coffee shops writing on her iPad. Because she takes her iPad with her almost everywhere she's become an expert in getting the most out of her user experience.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Best financial apps for iPhone

financial apps for iPhone
Trending in technology has increased the usage of Smartphone for most of the events in this world. Even you can track your expenses by using these devices. There are tons of applications are available in the market which allows you to track your expenses and other spending of your day to day activities. In this post you can easily learn the advantages of various iPhone apps which are used to track your day-to-day life financial activities. Here you can get the short listed best application for your iPhone;

1. iReconcile: iReconcile is a best application which let you to manage your day-to-life activities from your mobile itself. iReconcile is one of my favorite app which comes with tons of awesome features which makes you to spent according to your budget. It has extensive report system that offers you brilliant reports about your expenditure. You can view your weekly, monthly and yearly budgetary reports using the iReconcile application in your iPhone. You can easily setup the budget in your iReconcile applicationand you can even choose the various categories for the expenses; by using the rollover option in your iReconcile, you can easily add your remaining funds in your next month expenses. This option helps you to do better life under a budget. I would suggest you to try this application in your iPhone and you can track your expenses.

2. Expenditure: Expenditure is another iPhone app which can be used to track your budget. Expenditure is a featured application for your iPhone mobile and you can easily get this application for only 1.99$ in the App store. By using Expenditure, you can add the expenses and the transactions which are occurred in your day-to-day life. Expenditure allows you to customize your expenses which can be easily controlled by setting up the budgets in your Expenditure application. You can allocate budgets for various categories and you can track your balances according to those budgets. You can even add images along with your transaction which easily expresses you the various budgetary activities of your expenses. Expenditure application comes with a built in currency convertor which let you to convert the current expenses to various currency values. This feature makes this application to get placed in this list of best financial application.

3. Mint: Mint is a free application for your iPhone which allows you to keep track of various activities of your daily life. Mint is a best application which comes with various features that monitor your transactions and also your daily expenses. Mint can automatically track the various transactions without any sort of inputs provided by the users. Mint directly connects with your bank account and it tracks any changes that are happening in your account. Mint has given the ultimate security to access your back account details through various award winning online portals. It automatically categories the various transaction that are occurring in your bank account depending upon the spending. It constantly monitors your expenses and gives you an ultimate report regarding your daily expenses.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

How To Transfer The Contact in iPhone

iPhone contacts
Most of the people suffer a lot after buying an iphone without any basic knowledge about an iphone which offer only a limited function to user likes to make a call, message and other multimedia purpose, but it limit the transfer of media files and contacts. Here we will discuss about how to transfer the contact in iphone.
Basically iphone use the phone memory to store the contact unlike the other mobiles phones. It is simple to transfer the contact from sim to phone by insert the SIM into the phone and go to settings, select the mail, contact, and calendar and choose the import the contact , then the contact are imported to phone memory.
To import contacts from a SIM card, follow these steps:

• Insert the SIM card
• In settings, choose “Mail, Contacts, Calendar”
• Select “import SIM contacts”.

In other term of contact transfer from iphone to iphone or other phone via pc it involves following method:

• Import contact from pc to iphone(using an itunes)
• Import email(vcf) contact to iphone without iphone

Import contact from pc to iphone (without using an itunes) Follow the link to understand the complete transfer of contact to iphone

• Download the copytrans contacts
• Install the copytrans contact app and connect the iphone to pc
• Wait for hardware detection after driver installation you find an iphone name in the left side pane of a copytrans contact 
• Select the iphone as soon the all the contacts will apper on main panel of the software
• Select the contact which has to transfer
• Click an export option
• Save it as a single file as a single file name with extension as vcf
• Go to gmail
• Select contact in settings of an gmail
• Select import contact in gmail option
• You will find an dialog box with some option as to import contact from pc
• Choose the file with extension as vcf
• And click import button.
• Close the gmail.
• Disconnect old iphone from the computer.
• In your new iphone go to your settings
• Select the “mail, contacts and calenders”.
• In that select “Add Account”
• Select the Account type as “other”
• Next select “Add CardDAV Account”
• In cardDAV , select server as a gmail, enter your gmail id and password and click next.
• Click continue
• If it show that authentication as failed
• Click ok button • You will taken to account screen. Select “advances settings”
• Select “Use SSL” to OFF
• Set port is set to 80

Now your contacts are imported to your iPhone successfully without using iTunes.
Transfer the contact to iphone using an itunes:

• Connect a iphone to pc
• Select the iphone device in the left side pane an itune
• Select the synchronize a contact check box
• Select windows contacts
• Click sync button
• Then the all contact will be synchronized with itunes.

Click the below link •

if you jailbreak your iPhone mobile you can exploded a more option and facility, moreover we will install third-party application which added more spicy full features to iPhone you can import contact use any third-party application available in the market, once mobile has jailbreaked you will use iOS as a mini mac os and also jail breaking breaks the warranty of iphone.

Three impressive iPhone apps to try

Smart phones are the one which is changed the way how we live. Smart phones are become within your means and it is used by large number of people around the world. Smart phones are mixed with our daily life. Smart phone apps are very useful to us to do things easier and faster. iPhone apps are very impressive. Here we examine the three mobile apps.

Digi social: 

This is the social networking platform where you can find the friends near your surroundings. To enter into the Digi Social, first you have to register with your mobile number or you can also login with your Facebook account. Like all other social networking, it also has news feed which allows comments and messaging services. This app is available for free and it does not contain any ads. This is one of interesting fact about this app. The developers should think a way to improve its coverage and makes it as an effective social networking platform. This is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPod touch(3rdgeneration) and iPod(4th generation) and also for iPad. This app also exists in android devices.The basic requirement of this app iOS 4.0 or above.


There are so many new abbreviations, Acronyms and a code has been added to the English dictionary. Acro-Dict helps you to know about all the new AAC which is related to work, home and also your daily life. If you search any abbreviations in this app, it shows all the possible expansions under the suitable categories. You can also use this app in offline, since all the data base is available offline. Because of this, there is no need of Internet connection to use this app. Acro-Dict offers you a better tutorial and with the help of this the user can know more about this app. Though Acro-Dict has also had on screen keyboard, the user likes to type in their iOS keyboard. Since the in built keyboard does not support some features. This Acro-Dict app is available on iPhone, iPad. The basic requirement of this app iOS 4.0 or above.


Starmatic is the latest version of old Kodak brownie Starmatic camera mainly designed for iPhone. The users can express their photographic talent and to be inspired by the other excellent photographs takenby others. This is the photo sharing app. You can share your photos in the Starmatic community after taking pictures of your own. You can also add effect to these pictures with the help of stramcolor film. This app is very easy to use with a lovely sidebar controlled UI. In this app, you can also view, like and share the photo of other users. Instagram is the inspiration for this app and it is very impressive. This is compatible with the iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPad. The basic requirement of this app is iOS 4.2 or later.