Thursday, July 31, 2014

Apple’s Mid 2014 Mac Mini to Support Documents

Mac Mini
Apple has added another unannounced reference to mid-2014 Mac mini in order to support documents with regards to Boot Camp drivers as well as software for Windows compatibility suggesting that the company would be planning for a long awaited refreshing on one of its smallest desktop product.

As Apple goes through its annual hardware refresh expedition with tweaked iMacs, MacBook Airs together with the present MacBook Pro along with Retina display, the Mac mini was not considered since October 2012 when up-gradation of the computer’s CPUs to the then current Intel Ivy Bridge silicon was done by Apple.

The Mac mini is the only computer of Apple vestigial non-Retina MacBook Pro that had not been upgraded and any mid 2014 refresh would make a tremendous change with new CPUs giving the Mini better CPU as well as GPU performance with reduced power consumption.

An addition of a better GPU together with Thunderbolt 2.0 port to the Mini would also make it a capable 4K workstation with useful capability, that OS X Yosemite has been optimized for high density displays.OS X’s support for 4K displays has been improved with the 10.9.3 update though the 15 inch 2013 Retina MacBook Pro together with Mac Pro seems to be the only system which benefits from it. Until now, the only Mac hardware updates included minor CPU changes and reduction in prices.

Boot Camp 5 Supporting 65 Bit Versions

Earlier the MacBook Air and iMac were both shuffled and the Retina MacBook Pro had got a minor bump. According to a screenshot of a web cached version on themodified document, reference is made to a mid-2014 Mac mini using Boot Camp 5 supporting 64bit versions of Microsoft’s Windows 7 and Windows 7.

 The updated build of Boot Camp 5 version 5.1.5640 needs current Mac hardware that was released earlier than 2013 which should be noted that the Boot Camp version 5.1.5671 supports Mac to 2011. It is not known which build Apple intends for use with the 2014 Mac mini.

With the addition of an unannounced updated Mac mini, a support document may suggest that Apple may be working on an overhaul and presumed that the news may have been updated through error.

MacBook Pro with Retina Display/mid 2014 update

The MacBook Pro with Retina display line-up received the mid 2014 update; Apple could have modified the Boot Camp document through default instead of including the new Retina MacBook.

With a popular niche audience, the Mac mini has fallen since stronger sellers like the iMac, Mac Pro together with MacBook line-up still continue in expanding their capabilities with scope for marketing the Mac mini as seen from the various online forums that are posted including various active threads on Apple’s very own Support Communities forum even though Apple has slowed down on upgrading the tiny desktop with updated internals.

If the entry point to a real system is not an error; we would be seeing a new Mac Mini soon somewhere in late August. Apple reserves the label `mid’ for systems which have been released in late spring or summer and Mac’s release in September or later will instead get the `late’ label.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Yelp’s Amazing Features – An Update to its iOS

Recently, Yelp has come up with an update to its iOSapp which would now enable users in uploading short video clip of duration of 12 seconds long together with written reviews and pictures. Yelp has introduced thisamazing feature which would now help users to add short videos showing off aspects such as lighting, ambiance, noise level together with other features of local businesses which are not easily captured in photographs and this feature is made available to all users across the globe.

Photos add a great deal of visual element to reviews and Yelper uploads over 23,000 of them each day from mobile apps. Visuals are of great importance to Yelper as they spend around 2.5 times longer on business pages with images instead of those without them and with the use of the iPhone, Yelp app cannow take around 3 – 12 second videos on favourite local businesses and capture the details better than photos.

Yelp’s new function of version 8.1 has brought about a new dimension to crowd sourced business as well as restaurant guide enabling users to post review videos within 3 to 12 seconds duration. Earlier user reviews were limited to pictures and text.

App with Minor User Interface Tweaks/Bug Fixes

The video review tool could also be accessed from the main page of the app via the central button which when selected, passes out into Check in, Review and Photo or Video options.

Users can switch from still shots to video with dedicated toggle button through the photo or video screen and the new function has given rise to new review possibilities Yelp users who can now describe products in a better way, take note of restaurant’s ambiance or add short videos with narrations to their reviews.

The updated Yelp app also comes with minor user interface tweaks and bug fixes along with the new video capabilities and Yelp is available as a free 30.7 MB download from App Store. The short videos are good in conveying the atmosphere of a business helping others in anticipating their experience like viewing the images of delicious dishes but not being able to convey if the ambiance is more of a date or night or family friendly.

Real Life Consumer Experience 

Yelp states that a video are not meant to be video reviews but snippets to embody the atmosphere of a place. It can show the size and space of a hotel room and the way a chef places the assembled dishes or a layout of a retail shop.

Yelp video helps to convey more details regarding the same. Yelp helps to see what a real life consumer experience looks like without editing or narration; it could be an extension of the visual experience. Together with various rich local reviews, consumers are relying on the Yelp community’s suggestions, business attributes, photos and video to enable them in making better decision on their expenditure and which local businesses they would want to support.

Users could make use of the video feature by opting for Yelp which conveys more through its feature showing the size and space of an atmosphere.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Apple’s MacBook Pro with 16 GB RAM

MacBook Pro
It was recently rumoured that Apple’s MacBook Pro line-up is likely to receive an update and a leak suggesting that all 15 inch models will be standard with a 16 gigabytes of RAM.

 As per French website MacG citing confirmation from a reliable source, the new 13 inch MacBook Pro with the Retina display is presumed to be identified as `J44a’, model while the new 15 inch model is said to be as `J45a’.

Beside this no other information has been on the new high end MacBook Pro modes though in-store signage from China was rumoured, that the new 15 inch models will have slight increase in CPU speed which comes with 16 gigabytes of RAMs in all the models.

The advertisement also conveys that the models would be coming at the same price as the prevailing offerings. This update on a scale from mild to wild is on a mild side wherein the clock speed is improved by 100 MHz to 1.4 GHz giving it a negligible and a modest performance.

 The overall performance of graphics remains the same,though the Intel i5 processor which is used by Apple in the refreshed MacBook Air has similar graphics which operates at the same earlier speed.

Broadwell CPU to hit the Market

Other specification remain unchanged namely Thunderbolt, USB 3.0, 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0. With regards to memory and storage it remains the same and the MacBook Air accommodates 4 GB RAM as well as 128 GB flash storage in its base configuration.

The battery life is at an estimated nine hours between charges for the 11 inch model, while the 13 inch model remains at12 hours. Apple states that the power efficiency for iTunes movie playback has done good improvement with the updated CPU. Intel has promised its first Broadwell CPU will hit the market before the end of the year but speculations are on whether they would be arriving in time or in enough capacity in order to power any new Macs.

Apple had launched a new $1,099 Mac in June and had reached a new price point with low end processor. Moreover the company had also dropped the price in April on its MacBook Air range with a new entry price of $899, with an increase on the speed of its processor by 100 megahertz.

Redesigned MacBook Air

With plans to debut the new 12 inch MacBook model this year together with Retina display it is suggested that this model could be a redesigned MacBook Air and also the first to feature a pixel packing screen while others are of the opinion that Apple could be waiting for Intel’s Broadwell CPUs to be launch the said updated model.

The codename `Broadwell’, is used to refer a 14 nanometer die shrink of Intel’s previous 22 nanometer Haswell architecture and according to Intel it is a new smaller design, bringing about a 30 percent cut in power consumption and simultaneously offering the same horsepower.

The Retina MacBook Air of 12 inch model is rumoured to sport a fan less design that may need cooler with efficient CPUs. It is also expected from Apple to achieve an exceptionally thinner version design along with new click less trackpad and few inputs and outputs.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Apple’s First Beta of OS X Yosemite

Apple’s first public beta of its forthcoming OS X 10.10 software update known as Yosemite will be available for download on July 24th this year for testing in advance of its schedule release till fall. Developers have been speculating with the beta of this software since Apple had announced the operating system at WWDC earlier in June. Users who have signed up for Apple’s public OS X Yosemite beta program, can access the beta without the need of a developer account.

 It works when a user signs up with Apple ID on the beta program website, they in turn receives a mail with a link along with an activation code to download the updated Yosemite build and while developers get updates to their beta versions once in every two weeks, members of public beta will be receiving only a few updates till Yosemite launches it in fall while users’ versions will speed up with the final release version, then. This means that the user will not have to wipe the system and re-install the final release when it will be made available, but will already be in possession of it.

OS X Beta Program at Official Site

Users can take the opportunity to sign up for the OS X Beta Program at its official site, once launched which will enable them to install, test and also provide feedback.

The launch of Yosemite public beta was first announced on Wednesday by Jim Darlymple of the Loop. Users on signing up with their Apple ID will use a redemption code in order to download and install the OS X Yosemite Beta from Mac App Stores and if they tend to encounter any problem, the same can be addressed directly to Apple with the built-in Feedback Assistant application.

Users are also cautioned by Apple that some new features may be unavailable which may include phone calls, SMS, Instant Hotspot, Handoff and iCloud drive while Spotlight suggestions are currently for U.S. only. Some of the services and applications may not be compatible at present with Yosemite.

Focus on Continuity between OS X and iOS

Upgrade may need a Mac running OS X Mavericks that is available at no cost on the Mac App Store and it is recommended by Apple to install the OS X Yosemite Beta on a secondary Mac because the software is in its pre-release testing stage and may have certain issues. The first announcement by Apple regarding its Beta Seed Program was done in April, opening its OS X beta testing process to willing participants of Mac. Users could test pre-release maintenance and security updates to OS X 10.9 Mavericks this year, but the new launch will mark the first time that OS X 10.10 Yosemite would be made available for officially test for non-developers.

Apple now have their focus on continuity between OS X and iOS with its next updates since users will be in a position to hand off content with ease from their iPhone or iPad to their Mac whenever they are within the range. Besides this, user would also be capable of answering and placing calls or responds to text messages via Bluetooth to an iPhone.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Apple’s New Swift Programming Language

Apple Relationship with IBM
As disclosed to analysts, Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive informed that the company’s new Swift programming language would be a huge leap forward for the iOS ecosystem and an excellent contributing means to the company’s new partnership with IBM targeting enterprise app development.

Cook started off his opening remarks stating Apple’s `best ever’ Worldwide Developer Conference had attracted a new record audience of twenty million people across the world watching their keynote, where the company had introduced Swift together with iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite.

With regards to Swift as an innovative programming language for iOS and OS X, Tim Cook noted that Swift was the result of the latest research on programming language accompanied with decades of experience in building Apple platform.

This makes writing code, interactive and fun, eliminating the whole class of unsafe code and generating apps which run lightning fast according to Cook. It makes learning easy, enabling more people to dream big thereby creating whole new categories of app.

 His belief is that with the new OS release and with the combination of Swift, a huge leap forwards for the Apple ecosystem will take place and that they are anxious to see what developers will create with Yosemite iOS 8 together with Swift.

Forged Relationship with IBM

Cook has further described Apple as extending iOS in more directions, outlining the company’s plans for CarPlay which is safe together with intuitive user interface at the time of driving, besides HealthKit integration along with medical providers and fitness sensor makers.

HomeKit as described by Cook is a way to control lights, doors, thermostats together with other connected devices all over the house with the help of Siri.

Cook has further stated that in the enterprise market they have forged a relationship with IBM in delivering new class of mobile business solutions to enterprise customers all across the globe and are striving to provide companies with access to the power of big data analytics on every employee’s iPhone or iPad.

With the use of Swift, Apple will be collaborating in bringing over 100 MobileFirst app to enterprise consumers where each can address a specific industry opportunity or need.

Open Large Market Opportunities 

Cook states that this will open a large market opportunity for Apple and a radical step for enterprise and a great opportunity for productivity and creativity for enterprise customers. He concluded stating `from the pocket, to the car, to the workplace, home and gym, they have a very large vision of what iOS could be and are incredibly excited about their plans.

Apple has paid its App Store developers over $20 billion which is nearly half of what was paid over the last twelve month. Cook added stating that in China, Apple’s iTunes software and services inclusive of the Apple Store has been increasing year after year.

Relating to enterprise app, Cook informed that Apple and IBM both envisage `mobile in enterprise seems to be an enormous opportunity and later responded to queries regarding Apple whether it would continue to take a cut of enterprise app which would be sold through iTunes, to which he stated that there were no plans to change the rules with enterprise.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Apple Granted Patent for Wrist Worn Wearable

Apple has been working on a smartwatch device and the Cupertino Company has been granted a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the wrist worn wearable electronic device with strap capabilities, support for arm and wrist gestures together with advanced proximity sensing circuitry and much more features for the consumers. The device has been dubbed `iTime’ and fits appropriately with speculation regarding the so called iWatch smartwatch.

The claim of its creation as the title indicates, relates to a wrist worn devices which can be connected to other portables such as the computers, iPhone and even the watch’s straps which can integrate sensor with other circuitry to improve the device performance.

This new invention pertains to a convertible type of smartwatch which incorporated with a central electronic devicethat can be removed and secured to an advanced strap system and the idea is liken to Apple’s sixth generation iPod nano which spawned a cottage industry for ad-hoc solution and turned the media player to a wrist watch style device.

Potential Inclusion – GPS Module/Accelerometers/Wireless Communication Packages

With regards to operation, the system is based on converting the square shaped iPod nano into a smartwarch. Initial claims that the media play can be inserted in specially made straps which integrate several electrical components to enhance the capabilities of the device.

Besides, the document mentions sections like GPS modules, accelerometers, and wireless communication packages with haptic feedback mechanism as potentials for inclusion in the advanced strap structure.

Apple gives a briefing on how this `piconet’, works, wherein through either wired or wireless communication protocols, the wristwatch is operational by connecting to a cellular or internet connected device, Information can then be exchanged from iPhone to watch or from the watch to iPhone on user’s request or automatically.

In a single embodiment, the watch is capable of receiving notification which could be initiated from a nearby phone, thereby alerting the user either via audio, visual or vibration.

Once the user has been alerted, he has the option to take out the iPhone or check the notification from the watch which could be in the form of onscreen, audio output like system speakers or headphones.

Contingency for Arm and Wrist Gestures 

Several embodiment enable incoming phone calls, text messages together with social and news network feed besides other information which can be displayed on the wristband’s display.

The app can tap into the functions providing their own notifications probably through iOS APIs and data is pushed to the wearable though users will be able to handle the information directly by inter-acting with the device source.

Moreover the wristband can also be linked to an iPhone to alert the user when left behind by mistake, or stolen or out of range and though not mentioned in the IP, appropriate communications protocol for this function would be Bluetooth4.0 which supports proximity based operations.

Apple is considering a wristband based remote input and output interface enabling a high level control for mobile phone which is known as a smartwatch.There is a contingency for arm and wrist gestures instead of controlling the smartwatch with the use of fingers and users would be able to bounce, shake, tap of interact with the device through physical movements.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Apple’s Latest Mac with AppleCare Protection Plan

Apple insider has been teaming with Apple Authorized Reseller Adorama as part of its continuous effort in delivering the lowest price on its Apple Macs and iOS devices with a 3 Year AppleCare Protection Plans on purchase of a Mac done in the month of July.

The average savings done from purchase range from $300 and $800 off MSRP when combined with prevailing discounts up to $250 on Macs together with added tax savings benefit in around 48 to 50 states.

From the original purchase date, the AppleCare Protection Plan offers direct, one stop access to Apple’s award winning telephone technical support up to three years for question with regards to Apple hardware, OS X iLife and iWork together with global repair coverage for Mac with both labour and parts, provided with convenient service options.

Complimentary Telephone Technical Support

Every Mac has been provided with a complimentary telephone technical support from Mac purchase together with a one year warranty limit. The AppleCare Protection Plan also entitles the user to even extend service coverage to three years from the computer’s date of purchase. Users can engage the services of Apple’s technical support experts as and when needed and get their queries sorted out together with any need for repair services besides global repair coverage for Mac which is offered with convenient service options to their consumers.

The AppleCare Protection Plan can only be purchased while the Mac is covered under its standards warranty period of one year. Users could take advantage of the offers by making a choice on Mac from the Adorama and B&H Photo options wherein the 21.5 inch iMac with 8GB and a 1TB hard drive is available for $1,349 with a saving of $150 cut off from the standard price.

 Adorama and B&H have been offering the 27 inch 3.2GHz iMac with 8GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive at $1,679.99. Besides these, they also have the higher end 27 inch 3.4 GHz iMac for $1,679.99. 

One Year Limited Warranty

This is a great opportunity for users since buying from Adorama and B&H provides the benefit of no sales tax in several states and they charge taxonly in New York/New Jersey and New York respectively. Apple and Mac display that have been offered to their consumers, with a one year limited warranty together with 90 days of complimentary telephone technical support, have the option to extend the coverage to three years from the date of purchase of hardware product with the AppleCare Protection Plan.

Moreover the facility of direct access to Apple Expert telephone technical support is an added advantage for queries relating to Mac topics inclusive of video chats connected to Wi-Fi, using Mac OS X operating system besides iLife and iWork and much more.

Since Apple has designed the computer, the operating system together with several applications, has made Mac an awesome integrated system with the AppleCare Protection Plan providing a one stop service as well as support from their expert team on boards where all issues are resolved within a single call time frame.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Apple and IBM Partnership to Revolutionize Mobile Device

Apple and IBM
Apple and IBM have announced an exclusive partnership that teams to revolutionize mobile device use through a new class of business apps bringing in IBM’s big data and analytics capabilities to iPhone and iPad. As a part of this partnership deal, an extension of IBM’s MobileFirst has been dubbed `IBM MobileFirst for iOS’, IBM has manufactured over 100 native apps and services which have been tailored to the needs of various industries.

Apple will introduce a new AppleCare tier which will be designed especially for enterprise customers when the program goes live. The new IBM MobileFirst will be built in exclusive collaboration which draws the distinct strength of respective company, with the power of over 100,000 IBM industry as well as domain consultants together with software developers behind it, fused with Apple’s legendary consumer experience, hardware and software integration and developer platform, besides IBM’s big data and analytics capabilities.

These combinations will thus create apps that will transform specific aspects on how businesses as well as employees could work using iPhone and iPad enabling companies to reach new levels of efficiency and effectively with great customer satisfaction, all this done in an easier and faster manner.

IBM’s Data Analytics at iOS User’s fingertips

IBM’s MobileFirst Supply and Management program that supplies business consumers with device packages, management and activation services, are all built around Apple’s iPhone and iPad and IBM has also been offering hardware leasing options.

Supported by iPhone and iPad distribution from IBM, Apple is at an advantage in its mobile initiative making headway. According to Tim Cook, Apple CEO, the best mobile devices presently are the iPhone and iPad which have enhanced the system of working with over 98 percent of the Fortune 500 and 92 percent of the Global 500 using iOS devices in their business life.

He further stated that `for the first time they are putting IBM’s renowned big data analytics at iOS user’s fingertips which opens up a large market opportunity for Apple and this is a radical step for enterprise and something that only Apple and IBM can deliver’.

The aim of the partnership is to redefine the way the work can be done, spark true mobile led business change, address key industry mobility challenges, grounded in four core capabilities. Moreover, as part of the exclusive IBM MobileFirst for iOS agreement, iPhones as well as iPads will also be sold by IBM with industry specific solutions to business clients all across the world.

Mass Device/Management/Security/Analytics/Mobile Integration 

Besides the tailor made software, IBM would also be offering services such as mass device management, security, and analytics together with mobile integration. Its MobileFirst platform for iOS, delivers end to end enterprise solution which includes analytics, security, cloud storage and integration tools.

 Moreover, IBM will also make available private app catalogs, data and transaction security services as well as its first party productivity suite which has been specifically designed for the MobileFirst initiative where services will have tie-ins with IBM’s Bluemix development platform, made available on the IBM Cloud Marketplace.

 With regards to support, Apple will be rendering special class of AppleCare services for twenty four hours through telephone and email support while IBM will be handling on-site repairs.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Apple Invention – Behaviour Recognition

Apple patent
The U.S. Patent and Trademark office recently published an Apple invention indicating the method in which an iPhone could set off an alert or lock the device automatically depending on detected changes in the user behaviour.

As per its patent application for Generating notification based on user behaviour, an iPhone or even other mobile can employ behaviour recognition techniques wherein they can determine if the current user is the owner of the device or not. When the usage pattern does not match up with the owner, an alert, notification or system action gets triggered.

The system depends on pattern recognition and learning to identify unusual behaviour and any form of input or interaction with the device is compiled for behaviour data acquisition and system data such as location, input gesture patterns and motion sensor data. Besides this, other data like vocabulary, grammar as well as keyboard orientation preference could be stored for later analysis and recall.

Sensor Laden Device – Generating Information 

With Apple’s new invention, there is a continuous monitoring of user behaviour which is compared to historical data known to be associated with the owner of the device. For instance, an iPhone’s accelerometer generated data on the user’s gait comparing the information with the data that is stored on-board or on a remote server and analysis could take place offsite on a pattern learning server.

A sensor laden device is in constant contact with the user most of the time, generating a lot of information. All details from common misspelling of words, routine device interactions to frequently used phrases and all personal information are gathered by the device.

The behaviour learning server, due to privacy, can be programmed by the user to overlook certain types of behaviour such as location preferences, in which case, generalizations and relative positioning replace granular data thereby protecting the individuals for intrusive analysis.

To overcome computational stress, the pattern learning server can manage group behaviour, classifications and data in clusters rather than analysing and comparing individual action separately. The clusters of behaviour can be compared with one another and data should fall within predefined boundaries in order to proceed with normal operation.

Recognition Server Transmits Signal 

If the boundaries are crossed, it indicates unusual behaviour has been detected and the recognition server then transmits a signal to remotely lock the device till the user verifies through password or any other form of trusted identity like Touch ID credentials. The server can also send notification to third party device or any other mobile phone owned by a different party.

It is not known if Apple will be adopting behaviour learning features in future iOS versions but the latest iOS 8 beta builds does not currently support these functions Due to concern over the growing data privacy, users would be likely to manually opt in to the feature if the technology were to roll out one day and the breadth of measured behaviours would tend to narrow down.

Behaviour learning patent application of Apple was first filed last January and creditsas its inventors, go to Gregory T. Lydon and Sylvain Rene Yves.

All In One App For Your Smartphone

In this technology world, smartphones and internet have been ruling the show and have influenced the system of communication besides providing all the required information and details needed by individuals.

Enhancing the use of technology, an Android application which is powerful enough in bringing about the quickest and easiest means of navigation as well as obtaining useful information, classified, great deals etc. has been made available by Askme which is a free app for all interested users.

All this is made available on one’s Smartphone screen and this application can bevery useful where everyone presently is in possession of mobile devices. While on the go, individuals can now make use of the facilities provided in the technology world, making various functions and activities much quicker and easier than bygone days.

Askme app also known as `The Bapp of all Apps’, is a one-in-all app which has made it possible in providing details of millions of businesses in the locality and power of searching is all present on the smartphone.

It provides the basic details together with the contact details of local business listing which may be useful to the user. When the need of searching for a store and its contact details arises, this app makes it possible to obtain the required details before visiting the stores or even making an online purchase.

Various Benefits with Simple UI

One can post advertisement by using Askme which can be profitable to the user since the level of audience here is very large. One can get to know about the latest local business dealswhich are available there to draw the attention of the viewer who could take advantage of the same.

Shopping online is also made easy with simple UI online portals in this app and by using askmeBazaar one can purchase a variety of products from this online portal. This app provides several benefits such as enabling the user in searching and locating business within the vicinity, take the opportunity of the latest deals and offers placed by favourite local businesses, check on addresses and contact numbers from various business and call them from the Askme app instantly, check on the updated classified on real estate, cars, jobs and various other products listed.

Application for Smartphone Users in India

Moreover, users also have the opportunity of going through reviews posted there by other users, which will provide good insight and information from the users’ experience to the other users thus enabling them in making appropriate and quick decisions.

Besides these, one can also add reviews, photos and other tips for favourite businesses, share favourite business with friends via email, Facebook, Twitter and SMS. Business information like rating, payment methods with opening hours could also help in making choices much easier for the user.

The design of the user interface is very powerful and intuitive which brings about an easy and concise list of products that are provided in a systematic and efficient manner than other apps. Taking into account its productive features and simple UI,with adequate database. Askme app is one of those applications for all Smartphone users in India.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Apple iBeacon - Micro Location Technology

The Federal Communications Commission – FCC filing discovered recently in-depth details on Apple’s first branded piece of iBeacon compatible beacon hardware indicated that the company would very soon introduce the micro location technology to consumer spaces like the `smart homes’.

This was reported by TUAW after the documents were spotted by Securifi. According to OET’s paperwork, `Apple iBeacon’, as the device is labelled, carries the model number A1573.

The original equipment application is the first sign which Apple is testing on in-house hardware solution for location aware iBeacon technology, being filed with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission’s Office of Engineering and Technology- OET. Hardware testing had been done in collaboration with Audix Technology, a facility that was owned by the Chinese company, running assessments by conducting shielding enclosure, semi-anechoic chamber with other equipment, somewhere by April end or mid-May.

The beacon tested had a diameter of around 5.46” and had an operating range between 2402 MHz and 2480 MHz, with the highest frequency of 2.4 GHz in line with the latest Bluetooth protocol specification and the testing passed in all areas inclusive of three selected frequencies was 2402 MHz, 2440 MHz and 2480 MHz.

iOS Enabled Device for Communicating with Transmitter 

The iBeacon technology originally introduced at WWDC 2013, is iOS enabled device for communicating with transmitters through Bluetooth to deliver important information to apps and services whenever the user is within the range, `Made for iPhone, Apple’s introduction with iBeacon specification in February, has brought about an important role for the technology in its services and devices.

However, companies so far have been using third party transmitters such as the Estimote Beacon to work with the technology as well as iOS devices while shopping app Shopkick and Macy’s partnered at the time of holiday season to integrate the technology into stores, last year.

Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association used iBeacons to enhance live events. Apple’s iBeacon has a combination of specialized Bluetooth 4.0 beacons together with wireless data connectivity for location based content services for devices like iPhone or iPad while Bluetooth Low energy beacons can vary transceiver sensitivity with location aware deployment on controlling the system’s effective range.

Capabilities of turning iOS Device into Temporarily Discoverable Beacon 

Besides a dedicated hardware, Apple’s iBeacon platform also has the capabilities of turning iOS device with Bluetooth 4.0 support into a temporarily discoverable beacon and while the company has developed the technology for iBeacon, companies have been rendering services based on hardware use platform made by third party providers since Apple has been using Qualcomm Gimbal products in its own stores.

In the event of the launch, it is yet unknown if Apple intends the product to be marketed to businesses or consumers and it is speculated that the small beacon device would work well with forthcoming feature of iOS 8 like the HomeKit. It is a framework for `smart home’, software and hardware makers.

This forthcoming feature, HomeKit enables monitoring as well as controlling of connected devices such as A/V equipment, lights and other appliances with iOS.

 A HomeKit iBeacon setting could be the most automated home ecosystems on the market with iBeacon installed in home sensing users’ iPhone or iWatches which would be worn by them daily together with Apple TV handling connected device and appliance control.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Apple’s CarPlay – Installed in 24 M Vehicles

According to ABI Research, Apple’s CarPlay API for iPhone integration will be dominating the auto industry which will be installed in more than 24 million vehicles in another five years.

API in its report points to announcements from over half a dozen manufacturers who intend to install CarPlay in new vehicles which include Audi, BMW, Ford, Jaguar/Land Rover, Mercedes, Nissan, Toyota and Volvo.

Apple would be able to reach the milestone with the number of automakers coming on board as partners and the company’s potentials to drive the interest in its latest product, according to report from market research firm ABI Research.

Filomena Berardi, ABI analyst, states that `many believe that Apple is creating further fragmentation and ripple effect in the industry by not being open, though with Apple on the scene, it certainly draws greater attention to in-car apps and now with the Android Auto standard on the scene, both will certainly drive adoption of in-car apps’.Apple had unveiled CarPlay, iOS in the car, at the time of the 2013 edition of its annual developer’s conference in San Francisco and had announced the first CarPlay with equipped models at the Geneva Motor Show.

This will enable drivers to place phone calls, access contacts, listen to voicemail messages as well as control apps like MLB at Bat and Pandora by using Siri or through their car’s in-dash touchscreen on connecting to a compatible iPhone.

Specification – Mirrored to Vehicle’s infotainment System

The specification of CarPlay enables an iPhone to be mirrored to a vehicle’s infotainment system at the time the smartphone is being charged and once the infotainment system is connected, the iPhone is controlled by voice, through the car’s built in touchscreen or by steering wheel-mounted controls.

Drivers, through CarPlay, will be able to use the voice recognition service, Siri, to have text messages read out loud, reply through voice and obtain contact information from an iOS device in making phone calls. CarPlay also has the option of Apple Maps navigation service and has been competing with proprietary interfaces like in Ford’s Sync system together with industry open source specifications like MirrorLink and GENIVI, championed by industry groups.

Search giant Google, earlier this year, announced that it would begin an Open Automotive alliance –QAA while its standards will be dubbed Android Auto and the overall function mirrors that of CarPlay but would be working only with Android devices.

Open Sourced – MirronLink/GENIVI/QAA

API reports that MirrorLink together with GENIVI and QAA have positioned themselves as `open sourced’, and could be considered as competitors which goes against being open. API Research is also of the belief that the uptake of MirroLink would be significant though predicts that additional cars would be fitted with CarPlay and without an open eco system; carmakers will have to collaborate with more partners.

Vice President of Automotive Industry Advisory Services at Gartner, Thilo Kowlowski stated that auto makers should do a better job in offering mobile technology or have it taken away by rivals in the technology industry. Koslowski further pointed to Google, its self-driving car, digital distribution platforms like Google Play together with in-car smartphone connection platforms like CarPlay with signs of improved facilities in store.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Apple Awarded Patent for `Fused Glass Device Housing’

Apple patent
Recently Apple was granted a U.S. patent for a method on building a device with all glass outer casing by puttingpieces together for a complete seamless final look. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office awarded Apple U.S. Patent for `Fused glass device housing’, which is a procedure that enables the efficient fabrication of seamless all-glass electronics device casings.

This all glass casing device would be used to hold the internal circuitry of an iOS device as well as larger electronics such as a TV or a monitor. Its structures are designed to enable maximum durability. Apple’s all glass structures are heavy especially if the material is used to protect against scratches, accidental damage or drops and the company has proposed a new creation method which ensures a light weight design that is durable with eye pleasing aesthetics.

Apple’s suggestion is to join the glass pieces together through a fusing process instead of using a completely glass on glass build and according to the patent, the planar edges and the peripheral glass members can be fused together forming a sufficiently thick brand of material which could be machined down to the desired shape.

Complete Glass Encased Device

The patent would permit Apple to build a complete glass encased device unlike the iPhone 4, which features a back and front glass panels which will enable a complete different aesthetic when compared to other device makers’ designs. All glass Retina Cinema Display would draw much attention with regards to monitor and an all glass iPhone would draw even more attention than usual.

To enhance the integrity of the casing’s structure, raised glass features could be fused to the planar member at weak points in the build like including addition glass structures along the holes or opening in the glass member and internal support ribs which are placed for reducing flexing and breakage.

To serve as holes for buttons, cut outs in the glass surface can be done together with other physical device controls. Glass members are fused together in some embodiments, to develop a five sided box where circuitry, displays and other internal components could be inserted, or pushed into placed. This could be crucial for larger electronics like monitors or televisions which are mounted on stands.

Glass Strengthening Techniques

The backside which is on the opposite side of the display could be tinted to a translucent shade or opaque in order to hid the batteries, flex cables and chips but Apple provides an option to keep the sides transparent and part of planar glass members could be roughened in order to help scatter as well as diffuse light around the display edges.

When all the internals are intact and well placed, an end cap is inserted over the opening to seal off the structure from dirt and dust. At the final stage, the patent focuses on details like polishing and glass strengthening techniques with alternative embodiments which may involve extruded hollow glass rods with fused end caps.

Attention is given to glass fusing methods which may reduce frit to leave seamless joints. The company’s seamless fused glass housing patent was filed first in the year 2013 and credits as its inventors, go to Peter Russel-Clarke, Michael K. Pilliod and SVP of Design Jony Ive.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Apple’s Recent Environmental Responsibility Report

Environmental Responsibility Report
Apple recently released an Environmental Responsibility Report for fiscal 2014, announcing that the company will be focusing on achieving `net zero energy use’, and has taken steps to reduce the impact on climate change, use green material in its products and conserve resources.

Apple had already accomplished this goal with all twenty one of its Australian retail stores together with one hundred and forty of its US stores, its latest data centres as well as its forthcoming Apple Campus 2 headquarters. Its solar array supplying most of the powerthat is used at the data centre at Maiden, North Carolina is the largest privately owned array in the country.

According to the document posted to the company’s latest environmental Responsibility webpage, Apple had placed its focus on three key areas in the year 2013 namely reducing impact on climate change with the use of renewable energy sources as well as directing energy efficiency in its products, adopting the use of greener materials in their products and processes thereby conserving the resources.

Aim on Achieving `Net Zero Energy’

Major section of Apple’s environmental efforts are aimed on achieving `net zero energy’, wherein efficient energy use, generation of energy using renewable resources together with purchase of renewable energy from appropriate providers would be involved.

Maiden, North Carolina, iCloud data centre is used as the `net zero energy’ example and with the nation’s largely owned solar array which generates from 60 percent to 100 percent of the daily energy requirement, with remaining that needs to be purchased in the form of biogas, Maiden is thus 100 renewable. The solar array on its own produces 167 million kilowatt hours of renewable energy per year onsite which is enough to power around 13,837 houses.

It has also been reported that the company has plans to build a third solar array, an indication that may be intended to manage with future expansion to the data centre, near Maiden property. Apple has already purchased a 200 acre of land to build a second solar array nearby.

Efforts to Shrink Packaging Size/Transportation Costs

Under, Lisa Jackson, the new Environmental Initiative chief, Apple was successful in converting the U.S. Apple stores together with the Australian stores to 100 percent renewable energy and to achieve this, the company either purchased green energy from third party provider or participated in utility green tariff programs which ensured that electricity was generated from renewable energy source.

Its forthcoming Apple Campus 2 which has been designed to be environmentally friendly was brought into focus with Apple commenting that the campus would be powered by 100 percent renewable energy with one of the largest corporate solar energy installation in the world while to cut down on HVAC costs, advanced architecture will enable air to flow through specially designed vents. Besides this, Apple also plans to have more than 1,000 shared bicycles made available to Campus 2 employees together with other transport alternatives which includes ride sharing, carpooling and incentives to use eco-friendly forms of transportation.

Apple states that more than 2,100 employees have access to the free biodiesel powered buses per day to travel from corporate offices in Sunnyvale and Cupertino thus avoiding 6,377 metric tons of carbon dioxide emission. The company also states that they will continue their efforts to shrink packaging size to cut down on wastage of material together with transportation costs.

A Simple And Effective Keylogger For Mac OS X

 Keylogger For Mac OS X
For all computer protection and surveillance solution, one can engage the services of Any keylogger, who are the most professional and leading provider which originated in the year 2007. Anykeylogger for Mac are one of best keylogger software for Mac, in the world with six basic and effective features offered to their users which enables them to record all activities that has happened in a stealthy mode on Mac.

Users could check for detailed information at their site to gain more insight on the product and other relevant details. They started off by concentrating on the improvement of their services and user experience and are now capable of offering monitoring services to their customers all across the globe.

 Their application developed, is exceptional which is powerful and strong in the supervision and controlling functions on the computer, meeting up with the requirements of parental control as well as employee management. Their product is appreciated by people from different areas of the world like America, Asia and Europe and is also recommended by several professions especially in the computer monitoring field.

AnyKeylogger for Mac OS X, an effective keylogger for Mac has the capabilities of logging all activities on Mac as well as send the logs to email address enabling the user to monitor the activities done on the computer, remotely. It has six major featuresthat is basic but which ismost appropriate in monitoring the Mac activities. Moreover it also runs stealthily on the background of the Mac wherein others accessing the computer are unable to change the setting of the software or shut the software.

 Their simple interface together with their effective monitoring system has gained them a large number of Mac users together with awards and Any Keylogger for Mac is the one and the best solution to Mac activity surveillance. Free download can be availed at the site on the respective features that are made available to the user together with live support by their efficient team on board.

The key features comprises of capturing screenshots which are based on time interval, to capture screenshot and save memory when the website is visited and to take them in secret mode. It also has the capabilities of recording the sites visited together with the time and name of the website, recording of which is done in stealth mode. Besides these features, it can also record the user name together with the password of application as well as all typed data on the website with the exception of the website password.

 It also records program activity or any application launched with relevant information on the computer with running time, sends logs through email which supports Gmail, does not send screenshots while sending logs and automatically deletes logs which are based on time interval. Lastly, it runs in stealth mode without arousing any suspicion to the user, it is activated by hotkey and is totally invisible in Add or Remove program list, task manager, installation files and start up menu.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tag Heuer - Apple’s New Hire for iWatch Launch

It has been reported that Apple has hired the sales director from Swiss luxury watch maker TAG Heuer to help in promoting its forthcoming entry, iWatch which is expected to be launched soon.The Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer is one of the various luxury brands which operated under LVMH, the multibillion mergers between Moet Hennessy and Louis Vuitton which are very popular.

The hiring has been confirmed by the head of the luxury goods conglomerate LVMH, which owns TAG Heuer, Jean-Claude Biver, during his recent video interview conducted with the American television channel CNBC. He informed CNBC, that the watchmaker’s vice president for sales, Patrick Pruniaux, had left the previous week to take a contract with Apple to launch the iWatch.

A spokeswoman from TAG Heuer told Reuter that Pruniaux `was probably head hunted’, though Apple refrained from commenting on this issue. Pruniaux does not seem to be the first executive to be recently appointed by Apple from the luxury watch sector, Burberry ex-chief executive Angela Ahrendts had also started as its new head of retail and online sales in May with former head of French fashion brand, Yves Saint Laurent Paul Deneve who had been hired last year to work on special projects.

Apple’s Interest in Wearable Technology

The head of Atlas Wearable, Alex Hsieh, had left just last month to join Apple as a firmware developer and it is believed that Hsieh would be working closely with the iWatch team and likely to focus on activity tracking.

 Moreover, Apple has also sought the help of medical professional Michael O’Reilly who along with Apple operations executive, Jeff Williams, met the FDA regulators to seek help in obtaining approval on the iWatch before its launch.

The hiring points at Apple’s growing interest in the wearable technology industry which is expected to be worth $8.3 billion by 2018 and the company is rumoured to be competing with Samsung’s Galaxy Gear in developing an iWatch.

It is reported that the smartwatch will feature a curved touchscreen which will run on iOS, enabling it to get connected to iPhone and iPads, as per Japanese news service Nikkei.

iWatch – Apple’s First Newly Created Product beside iPad

Apple is expected to launch its first wearable at the Media event this October with signs that the device would be the iWatch. It is also presumed that the company would unveil the new iPhone, iPads and Macs during the fall season probably at standalone September and October events.

Eddy Cue, iTunes, chief, commented that Apple’s product pipeline seems to be the most exciting, he had seen in the past twenty five years. The wearable device would also have sensors for collection of health and fitness information like blood glucose levels as well as heart rate data for possible integration in the newly announced iOS 8 HealthKit.

Besides this, other rumours reveal that the iWatch could utilise the Touch ID technology which is already available within the iPhone 5s that will be paired up with third party health devices like the Nike FuelBand with a cost between $199 and $299. iWatch announcement would mark Apple’s first newly created product after the introduction of the2010 iPad

Apple’s Server Side Data Swipe

Apple has sent email informing all its registered developers that the company will be performing a server side data swipe onall CloudKit public as well as private data based stores on Monday, July 7th for iOS 8beta and OS X Yosemite.

This is inclusive of iCloud Photo Library, iCloud Drive and Mail Drop which are the three affected services. Apple has warned developers that this could happen with the release of the first iOS beta which is not uncommon for wipes to occur on several occasions during iOS and OS X beta cycles.

Files affected from Mail Drop and iCloud Drive will not get transferred across automatically at the time of release of the next beta seed while photos and videos will automatically be restored since they are not deleted from local storage which means that all videos and photos stored in the iCloud Photo Library will get wiped but they will remain on the iOS 8device from where they originated and will automatically upload again after the data resetting.

 iCloud Drive will then have to be capable to re-enable through the Setup Assistant after upgrading where all Mail Drop attachment will be deleted following the wipe and need to be sent again.

Wipe Ahead of iOS 8 Beta 3

The new seed of iOS 8and OS X Yosemite is likely to follow this data wipe as operating systems of these news seeds are already due. If this data wipe is not unusual, it does comes at an interesting point of time with suggestions that are not surprising and iOS 8 beta 3 as well as the third party OS X Yosemite Developer Preview could be somewhere round the corner.

The wipe has come a day ahead of the rumoured launch date of iOS 8 beta 3 and also the probable date of the third Yosemite Developer Preview. Apple normally seeds early version of its iOS beta operating system on two weeks intervals which tends to move on to three week intervals late for the testing period where OS X new versions have also followed on the similar update pattern during the past as well. iOS 8 as well as OS X Yosemite are expected to be released in the fall to the public after a long beta testing period.

Both Beta Updates to be Released Soon

Apple’s second betas of iOS 8and Yosemite came two weeks after the software was first provided to developers during the Worldwide Developers Conference and since the updates were seeded, it’s been three weeks.

Though it is not official, there is usually an interval of two week each for beta release. We are now approaching the 3 week mark with iOS 8 beta 3 and the second OS X Yosemite Preview being available since June 17 and probably the beta updates for both would be released soon.

The wipe would probably be a further proof that Apple plans to release iOS 8 beta 3 on July 8th a day following the reset of databases. Since Apple often releases new iOS betas once every few weeks hence a Tuesday release would be making sense and the iOS 8 together with the OS X Yosemite would be released to the public, probably pre-installed on the next generation new Macs and iPhone 6.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Apple Patent for its Smart Lock Technology

Apple Patent
Smartphone locking is a necessity but at times a bit annoying and punching in a pincode or making use of new fingerprint scanner can be troublesome while using the device at home or in a car.Apple technology has a new published patent which comes with an improved secure smartphone which will need a range of unlocking codes depending on the users’ location.

Apple has been considering this issue and the US Patent and Trademark Office have published a patent application recently from Apple detailing technology which can sense the user’s location and modify the phone’s unlocking code, like a smart lock. Some of the locations may be more secured like a user’s home or office which may be considered as safe and may not need much security.

Apple has indicated in its patent application that `it can be desirable to have less security requirements when mobile device is at a secured location, while some location may be considered to be at higher risk or unsecured and these locations need stronger security protection’. The purpose is that an iPhone should be able to recognize the user’s typical location for instance their home, car or work depending on GPS or even a known Wi-Fi network.

Touch ID Fingerprint Scanner

The system then identifies and adjusts the level of security in order to unlock the phone. While at home, the use of a passcode may not be neededor like the places visited often wherein a fingerprint or a simple code may be needed but in distance places or crowded areas, high level of security would be essential in unlocking the phone.

Apple has been working on the iPhone security for some time now and recently the company had debuted its Touch ID fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5S wherein the users need to swipe their finger to unlock the phone instead of keying in a pincode.

Another Apple patent application was published showing that the company was researching a system enabling their uses to sync all of their devices with the same biometric data on their laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Technology to Sense User’s Location for Security Lock

Google too has been working on location based smart locks wherein last month, during its annual Google I/O conference, the company had talks on similar issues for its next updated version of Android naming this feature as a `personal unlocking’. It was stated according to PC World, that this would be giving their users ways and means to unlock their phones depending on the location.

It is apparent that Apple is researching on smart lock technology which would be beneficial to users in terms of security, it is yet unknown if or when this system will make headway on to the iPhone. Apple has been making great progress in updated version with added features enabling its consumers with advanced functions which are easy and swift.

User can now wait and watch for the debut of this updated entry of Apple which will help in locking and unlocking the iPhone depending on the location of the user. Tour Macmyth for latest updates on Apple Technology and gain insight of what lies in stores in the world of technology.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

In Search Of Incredible

Asus zenfone 5
Lasting Incredible Impression

God made man and man-made money… Money made the world go round. Man has made great headway in the field of technology giving rise to great products which has helped in enhancing the lifestyle of individuals. With various new products, cell phones came into existence which started the trend of updated versions in mobile cells leading to smartphones and the rest. With the entry of smartphones, life continues to move on a faster space with most of the functions becoming much faster and easier inspite of which life moves on a roller coaster.

Companies have been competing with one another in bringing about the best products to the end users and while this competitions goes on, it makes me think on the things I could do on `My Superpower Phone’, a Zenfone series, given the option of the merest touch in quickening the daily functions of our lives which would be less tedious. The most prevalent issue in the present scenario is the pollution faced in every section of the atmosphere which is resulting in various health issues faced by people at large. In this technology world, a mobile phone is a constant companion of every individual as they age and mellow with each passing phase of life. My Superpower smart phone could be used to do the things I never dreamt to do before.

Power to Stop Pollution 

Given the opportunity of placing my views on the incredible, I would like to take the opportunity of using the phone in `Stopping the Pollution’ from interfering in the lives of individuals and the next generation to come. We come across various types of individuals who tend to `care or dare’ nature, preserving or destroying it with their different attitudes. Felling of trees is on the rise with no efforts done in replacing them resulting in health hazards. My Phone could be smart enough to impart information as well as prevent these occurrences which would help in the prevention of chopping down these trees.

Pollution of emission from vehicles is another hindrance affecting our health and I would also like to use my phone in bringing about awareness on the dangers of pollution. My Phone could be smartly used without offence to guide and implement action on issues with regards to nature, its depleting resources and the best contribution each individual could make in making this world a better place to live in. My Superpower Phone could also guide me bringing about these changes by eliminating pollution through my phone which could be helpful in saving our planet Earth and preserving it with all its richness of nature and enjoy a serene, peaceful life without the interference of any type of pollution affecting mankind.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Updated iTunes U – Great New Tool for Education Content

iTune U
Apple has now updated iTunes U enabling teachers in creating, editing and managing lessons and course through the iPad, With this updates to iTunes U, it will help educators and students with great new tools to build and experience education content on an iPad.

 From July 8th, teachers using the free iTunes U app for the first timecan now create edit as well as manage their entire course directly through the iPad while students will find new discoveries to collaborate with the ability to start class discussion as well as ask questions right from their iPad. According to Apple’s Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services, Eddy Cue, he states that `Education is at the core of Apple’s DNA and iTunes U is an incredibly valuable resource for teachers and students’.

 He further stated that `iTunes U features an amazing selection of academic material for all around the world and now with the ability to manage better and discuss education content, learning has become even more personalized on iPad’.

Giving Teachers the Liberty to Create & Organise 

The free educational service’s new tool helps teachers in adding learning materialiBook Author,iWork or any of the 75,000 educational apps for iPad as well as photos and videos, in a package which is accessible to students. With the advantage of the built in camera on iPad, teachers also have the opportunity to capture photos and videos to incorporate real world subject matter needed for their course and instantly making relevant content available to their students.

The Head of computing and IT at Cedars School of Excellence in Scotland, Fraser Speirs had stated that `iTunes U is the most powerful destination in bringing the entire educational experience to life on iPad. By giving teachers the liberty in creating and organizing courses right on iPad, educators can be focussed better in enabling students’ participation both with the content and with one another.

Debates and Get Engaged in Conversation 

Moreover, students can also have debates and get engaged in conversations through the service’s discussion feature and teachers can moderate and remove off topic messages. Besides this, teachers and lecturers at all stages of education can use iTunes U to create lessons, coursework, book, test and lectures and students can access the information.

Universities and school also have the opportunity in setting up their own iTunes U site where the free app is made available for download. Students with iPad and who have enrolled in private iTunes U courses will now have the availability to all their requirements to collaborate with their classmates as well as the teachers.

With the help of the Discussion in the iTunes U app, students can now automatically engage themselves in classroom discussions as well as join in conversation on new topics and also set up push notification when new topics come up or replies are added to active exchanges. Forum participation for teachers is also possible with the ability to moderate discussion by deleting any off topic messages.

ITunes U has helped teacher to create courses inclusive of lectures, books, quizzes, assignments etc. for many iOS users and with over 750,000 individuals learning material made available on iTunes U app, it is one of the world’s largest online catalog with free educational content from prominent organizations and top schools.