Friday, October 28, 2016

Microsoft Researchers Reach Human Parity in Conversational Speech Recognition

The sophisticated technology of recognizing speeches has turned out to be one of the most popular innovations. From individuals to organizations, this technology may play a significant role. So, recently, Microsoft has brought good news for those, who want to make use of this latest technology. The newly developed speech recognition system of Microsoft is highly competent to recognize any human speech just as we do.

This new Microsoft software may transcribe or record any conversation in the most accurate way. In addition to it, the interesting feature of the software is that it tracks the conversations, and at the same time, it puts all words in the right framework. Thus, perfect transcriptions are possible with the help of this software.

The error rates of the software-

The research professionals of Microsoft have really made introduced the best features in the software. However, one thing to be noted in case of Microsoft’s voice recognition system is that it is not completely perfect. There are some possibilities of mishearing words. The rate of speech error in the task of transcribing any conversation is about 5.9 %. This percentage may be compared to a proficient transcriptionist’s error level. One of the major members of Microsoft’s team, Xuedong Huang has announced this unique fact about the software. This is truly a significant achievement of the company. Microsoft’s scientists have also declared that they are first to allow a computer in recognizing voice, like a human being.

An incredible invention of the researchers-

The vice president of the Research department, Harry Shum has also expressed their views that few years ago, they had not believed about the possibility of such accomplishment. The result of all efforts has been realized after carrying out a thorough research on the voice recognition for several years. In the past decades, when the researchers of Microsoft were making considerable struggles for developing an improved software system, many technology-related agencies had co-operated in their pursuit. After working on the technology for about 20 years, the success has been achieved ultimately.

In the previous years, the other technologies, like Siri (Apple) and cognitive computing tool (IBM) have been considered as the most resourceful ones. And now, the speech recognition program proves its effectiveness and potentials. In fact, Microsoft may also utilize this tool to improve the abilities of Xbox system of gaming.

Various techniques applied to make the system-

The group of researchers has tried out different approaches in order to have progress. One of the major aspects is that they have used neural system, in which the various details have been applied. Different words have been exposed as the vectors consistently. They have been positioned together for instructing the PC to know the patterns, seen in true human voice. In fact, Computational Network Toolkit is the major system, which has been used for reaching the goals. After using it, the experts have also attempted to improve the function in practical settings, such as, noisy background.

In this ways, Microsoft’s researchers have created the latest software, and they expect that in future the system may also give individual names and identities to the speakers.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Portrait Mode Now Available on iPhone 7 Plus with iOS 10.1

Portrait Mode

iOS 10 officially unveiled to people in general on September 13. Presently, over a month later, the principal significant programming upgrade has landed for the versatile stage. Apple has authoritatively discharged iOS 10.1 to general public. The product has been seeded in beta discharges since the end of September and conveys a couple of new increases to the product.

The new programming is, not surprisingly, accessible as a free overhaul for those running iOS 9, and the individuals who have as of now moved up to iOS 10.This new component in the Camera application makes staggering photographs and shows off the force of the double camera framework in iPhone 7 Plus. Effectively get to Portrait mode from the Camera application, in the middle of Photo and Square mode. It's accessible as an over-the-air (OTA) overhaul, and ought to take off now, so look out.


To the extent what's new, the fundamental center this time around is the incorporation of portrait Mode for iPhone 7 Plus proprietors. With Portrait Mode, clients will have the capacity to get a shallow profundity of field shot, like what's built on a DSLR. It will put the primary picture in the center, while the foundation will have a slight obscure. Representation Mode isn't for each circumstance.

Apple even focused on this dramatic while demoing the element. Be that as it may, with the right lighting and different variables, the new Portrait Mode will absolutely be an invited expansion for the iPhone 7 Plus proprietors out there in the genuine world.

The 12-megapixel wide-point camera on both iPhones incorporates optical picture adjustment, a bigger ƒ/1.8 opening and another 6-component focal point empowering brighter, more definite photographs and recordings at whatever time of day, while a wide shading catch considers more dynamic hues with more detail.

Modifications and Bug fixes-

The new iOS 10.1 discharge likewise incorporates fixes for CallKit, a couple changes in other first-party applications, and general off camera enhancements to make the general experience better.The rollout of the third iOS 10.1 beta comes six days taking after the arrival of the second beta and a month since iOS 10 was propelled to people in general. Until further notice, just enrolled engineers can have entry to the new beta by means of the Apple Developer Center or through the over-the-air overhaul from the Software Update choice on enlisted gadgets.

Step by step instructions to overhaul: 

Just to go the software update menu from the setting and then general menu and start the download. Ensure you have no less than a few gigabytes free on your telephone's stockpiling. Keep in mind to go down your iPhone through iCloud or your PC in the first place, and keep your iPhone connected to and charging to be sheltered. On the other hand, upgrade through iTunes.

The wide-point focal point is in charge of making a profundity guide of the picture being caught and dismembering the distinctive players to distinguish which ones to obscure.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

iPhone 7 Storage is Slower but It Really Does Not Matter

iPhone 7

Situations are developing and we are in a time, where timing is beginning to matter to Apple iPhone customers. In the moderately recent times, this did not. Apple used to push out their iPhones with slower chipsets and it could run applications and beguilements consummately.

Today, the A10 Fusion chipset from Apple, can without quite a bit of an extend run drifts around its Android accomplices. iPhone 7 plus has the fastest ever processor speed we can crave for but somehow with respect to benchmark, this inclusion is abundance.

Writing speed does not require much speed-

The iPhone 7 to an iPhone 6s customer feels brisk, yet it is next to no of difference. Essentially, the new chipset could render a video speedier on iMovie, however in ordinary use, like photography, opening applications, playing amusements, there is little that the new chipset does whatever other ways. There's no convincing reason to obsess about the slower 32GB shape as it’s basically the composing speeds that are slower.

According to some preliminary tests using Basemark OS II on a 32GB and 128GB iPhone 7, simply the phone's make speed is impacted by as far as possible differentiation, achieving slower speed on the 32GB phone. This is on account of some degree to SSDs' uncommonly puzzled form procedure that frequently forces low-constrain drives more than the greater one. Examining data from the drive, however, is essential and generally plays out the same transversely over different cutoff points.

Appreciatively, it's the read speed that is, for the most part, fundamental. It chooses how snappy the phone boots up, or how quickly an application is pushed. This is the reason the 32GB iPhone 7 will boot practically as fast as the 256GB one. Mainly, a vast segment of your consistent practices on the phone includes watching films and playing entertainments pivot around examining information off of the phone's SSD.

Your telephone writes information to its SSD, similar to when you take a photograph or record a video, it composes that information straight to your nearby stockpiling. Be that as it may, these undertakings require a great deal less transmission capacity than the SSD is really fit for performing. The read speeds still remain set up. This implies gaming and playing recordings won't see a refinement.

The maker points out that the slower right speeds don't for the most part, have any kind of effect, and this comes down to the same pointless abundance speculation. This is because most piece assignments needn't trouble with so much information exchange limit. SSDs can compose information in an overabundance of 100MB/s. Recording a 4K video, the most requesting compose work you can do on a phone, just requires a compose data transfer capacity speed of 30MB/s, which comes no place close to your telephone's compose speed limits. So a quicker compose speed would have zero effect in this situation. What most of this suggests is that it won't have any sort of impact.

Basically, if 32GB stockpiling is satisfactory for your necessities, then let everything out! In case you will dump tremendous video archives on your iPhone, you will be needed to choose the 128GB which will give you a faster make speeds at any rate.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Forgotten Your Password? Mastercard Lets You Pay with a Selfie

MasterCard – Identity Check – Selfie Pay App

As the customers tend to move from credit cards to new technologies, MasterCard is enabling online shoppers to take a selfie in verifying their identity to make payments. Customers would be able to do their purchases without the need of entering a password or pin.

 Developing technologies in biometrics have been assisting financial institutions as well as merchants to free the consumers from providing passwords and pins which had been the main focus at the Money20/20 conference in Las Vegas.

MasterCard showed offits Identity Check – `Selfie Pay’ app which enables users to verify their identity with their bank by snapping a selfie by saying a phrase or utilising a fingerprint. The company had shown the software in August, with Mountain View, California based First Tech Credit Union and Dutch bank ABN Amro.

 It intends to license it to U.S. consumers towards mid-2016 and by 2017, internationally. Bob Reany, senior vice president of MasterCard for identity solutions commented that he hated passwords and that they were improving and making it safer at the same time for consumers. MasterCard has been investing in biometric technology solutions being aware of opportunity of offering more secure payment choices to clients, addressing a pain point for consumer.

New Biomimetic Technology 

According to a survey of MasterCard around 53% of the shoppers tend to forget passwords almost once a week, which is a loss of 10 minutes when they haveto reset their accounts. This ends up in more than a third of them abandoning an online or a mobile purchase.

The representatives from MasterCard had demonstrated on the show floor, a variety of new biomimetic technologies of the company that had been tested together with partners. The Nvmi Band seemed to most interesting.

The Canadian start-up had developed an exclusive technology which influences the wearer’s exceptional cardiac signature also known as your heart rate as a biometric identifier. Reany stated that the next wave would be wearable which will be going from low friction to no friction.

 That would actually be a sea change. Karl Martin, founder and CTO founder of Nymi mentioned in a press release that by working with partners such as TD and MasterCard, they have been effectively demonstrating that continuous authentication could be a more secured and convenient way in making retail payments.

Payment – Fingerprint/Face Recognition 

In order to access the new function, user would have to download the Identity Check Mobile app wherein they can authorise payment with a fingerprint scan or face recognition. While utilising a retailer’s online site or an app, MasterCard consumers would be receiving on their handset, a pop-up screen which would prompt them to authorise the payment via a password, scan or a photograph.

 To make sure that the user is really seeing the camera of the phone and not holding up a photo of someone, they would have to perform a blink gesture. The firm has rolled out their services in around 12 countries all across Europe, after successful trials in the Netherlands, US and Canada. It had been mentioned by the company that 92% of its test subjects desired the new system to passwords.

US-based MasterCard expects more countries would be following suit in the next year. Usually people need to enter passwords eight times each day for 10 various online accounts or application which they tend to use regularly. Over one in five tend to use the same password for everything and 58% seems to depend on a few variations.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Hover Camera Passport iPhone Connected Flying 4K Selfie Cam

Hover Camera Passport

Hover Camera Passport – Exceptional Flying Camera

The latest released Hover Camera Passport is said to be one of the most exceptional flying cameras having a durable and portable lightweight design together with competitive price which is easy to use through an iPhone app. AppleInsider have provided their first impressions after they had gained an opportunity to get hold of the camera.Though it tends to have much in common with the other flying cameras, naming the Zero Zero Robotics Hover Camera Passport a drone would not be completely fair.

Instead of flying long distances or sporting a high end camera and gimbal, it tends to aim on being simple as possible for utilisation and transport.The most remarkable thing regarding the Passport is its design which when folded; being the size of an old VCR tape tends to be almost half a pound and is much lighter than expected.

The protective grates enable the users to hold the Passport safely without any anxiety of the propellers cutting the fingers. When unfolded, it can be seen as an adjustable camera with flash on the front of the device. It has the potential of capturing 4K ultra high definition video and 13-megapixel images which puts it on the same level with iPhone 6s lens of Apple.

Linked to iOS Device

The Passport comprises of sensors towards the bottom together with sonar to measure the distance from air to the ground which enables safe indoor use. This tends to provide the drone with some insight on how far it could be from the ground thus assisting it in maintaining a set altitude. The Hover Camera is linked to an iOS device through direct Wi-Fi which restricts its range. However, this device is not actually planned to contend with the types of DJI or the new GoPro Karma.

On the contrary it is a tiny and portable camera enabling the user to capture quick aerial shots with the least exertion. The Passport has been well designed for the iOS app, providing easy onscreen touch controls for altitude, backward, forward and operating left to right. Moreover, the Passport also tends to turn towards the left or right with a finger swipe on the screen of the iPhone and swiping up or down positions the movable camera towards the front of the device.

iPhone App – Advanced Auto-Camera Modes

The Hover Camera Passport package comprises of two batteries and a wall adapter which tends to charge both simultaneously, a portable and protective carrying case, spare propellers, and a USB cable for manual firmware updates together with a bag and case strap.

A limited early test with the Hover Camera Passport was very impressive. It seems to be easy to get in the air and the protected propeller tends to prop along with its light weight which means that it is quite safe to fly indoors without the anxiety of any dangerous accident. The iPhone app tends to have advanced auto-camera modes, as well as following a subject or taking video of a 360-degree circular view.

Moreover the included camera flash would provide great shots in low light conditions. For a limited time period, it is priced at $549 and in the next few weeks will be priced at $599. Lot of value and prospective is seen in the Hover Camera Passport.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

New PC Industry Consortium to Develop Next-Gen Memory Interconnect

gen z
Computing industry is going through rapid phase of development and revolution wherein computing ability is being improved by thirty percent with each passing decade. But the major problem faced by the computing industry is ‘memory’ expansion which has caused a huge strain on the semiconductor segment. DRAM happens to be driving relatively each and every segment of the computing based market which comprises of not just the Smartphone, personal computers, laptops and supercomputers but also the memory device segment.

Over the past few years memory devices have gained transaction and popularity among the consumers which had turned them into a dominant force which is actively giving stiff competition to the traditional computing market. A new computing industry consortium has come into being with prominent partners across the industry and this consortium has been dubbed as Gen-Z. Gen-Z aim is to develop a new memory interface which can help in tying various components together in a single entity for better profit and value to the end users.

Problems to solve for Gen-Z

Currently it is not possible to scale up the DRAM performance without resulting into unwanted issues later on. The major reason for this problem is associated to the theory that the amount of bandwidth which is made available to each core of the DRAM usually decreases which limits the performance of the DRAM. Even choosing different robust component will not help in stooping the subsequent decrease in the amount of bandwidth available to each core which simply goes down.

Gen-Z brings an elegant solution to this problem

Instead of spending time towards increasing the fundamental functional limit of the DRAM; Gen-Z wishes to increase the performance level of the next generation memory solution which can easily tap into emerging new kind of memory. Currently we measure the type of storage into HDD and SSD but in upcoming future with Gen-Z progression we will have High-Bandwidth Memory (HMB), Managed DRAM and Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) ready for active adoption.

Gen-Z will not just empower the progression in the field of memory storage for computing purposes but it will create a memory semantic fabric possessing to ability to handle communication at the sub-microsecond latencies.

Gen-Z future prospects and goals

As stated earlier Gen Z aims towards creating an attached ecosystem for wide variety of computing products into a single open standard which will possess the ability to support sub-100ns load-to-use capability. Gen-Z gets backing from the prominent players in the tech industry which includes Dell, AMD, Braodcom, Samsung, HP, ARM, Micron and others. So far Intel has stayed away from Gen-Z and it is not a good sign for the success of this venture as Intel

commands a whopping 98% of the server and enterprise markets. Therefore it is necessary that Intel plays a active role in this venture which will enable Gen-Z to create new memory standards that can be compatible with the modern computing needs. Furthermore Cisco has remained aloof from the Gen-Z but it will not thwart the ambitious attempts of this venture.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build for PC and Mobile

 Windows 10 Insider Preview

Microsoft Windows 10 made its debut a year ago where it promised free up gradation to all the computer system around the world either running on Windows 7 or 8 OS. At that time Microsoft even brought its own Insider build program wherein users used to get previews of new features and functionalities in order to improve the overall experience of new operating system. At present Microsoft has decided to kill the old Windows 10 Insider builds for once and all to put an end to this great system. In a post released online Microsoft official has made it clear that all the older Insider Preview build will simply stop working from 15th October.

Rebooting issue will resolved

A number of users have complained about their PC rebooting after every three hours since October 1. Therefore Microsoft has taken the decision to put all old Windows insider build out of action which will help in resolving the booting issue. But removing support from older builds will make them redundant which means PC will not boot up. So users will have to reinstall Windows either from the USB or DVD drive in order to get the computer system working again. A simple typing search into the Cortana search box will help you in checking the status of your old Insider Preview build.

How to check the status of the Windows Preview Build

Open up the Run Dialogue box then type winver.exe and press enter key on the keyboard. A small will appear on the screen showcasing the expiry date for your particular Windows Preview Build. If expiry doesn’t appear on the screen then simply note down the ‘OS Build’ number and check it out in the list provided on the Microsoft’s help forums which specially lists down the expiry dates for every Insider build.
How to install new Insider build version

This isn’t the first time Microsoft is expiring the older Insider builds. Furthermore updating to newer version of build is relatively simple and easy as users are simply required to go to the Setting app followed by Update & Security and finally give a click on Windows Update. Now give a click on the Check for Updates button and it will help in downloading the latest build for your computer.

Currently the Fast ring build no 14396 is the latest Windows 10 build which was launched on September 28th. This update for Windows 10 is dubbed as Redstone 2 which brings a variety of tweaks to the OS. Windows users will be able to hide app list on the Start Menu along with improved navigation in the Photos app, new Windows Update icon and improved gesture and click detection on touchpad. It also brought new Edge extensions and a number of general improvements and fixes have been made in the area of Narrator, app notification and personalization. Even this build also has a number of issues as it a Preview build and Redstone is expected to launch a year later in 2017.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Five Ways to Save Money when Buying Apple Goodies!

As everyone knows, buying any Apple product is going to take a big dent out of your pocket, but if you are a die-hard fan, there is not much you can do but grin and pay up. Class costs money. However, there some ways you can still buy the products and not have to spend every last cent you have. Follow our guide below on how to save money on Apple Gear:

1. Apple Storage Tips

Apple prices each iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch $100 or so more than each bigger one depending on the storage capacity – 16GB, 64GB or 128GB. So work out your storage needs before you buy so you are not caught short and have to lay out money for larger storage capacity down the line. And the Macs are the same – prices increase the bigger they get. If you have a 16GB iPhone and are using up to75% of that, then you need to think about getting 64GB one instead. Rather buy the bigger one first time round.


2. Use Apple Coupon Codes Refurbished Apple products can also be picked at good prices with the use of Coupons. Apple itself rarely has sales or discounts, but coupons are also available on last year’s editions of their products. The minute a new model hits the stores, the older one drops significantly in price and you can pick it up for a steal with coupons. Students and teachers in the Education sector can always pick up a iPhone or MacBook at an education discount. All orders over $50 will qualify for free shipping, or the products can be collected at any Apple Store.

3. Selling your Current Apple Product

Don’t forget that if you want to sell your present iPhone or MacBook, it is worth quite a bit of money – anything with Apple hardware is worth good money. Instead of throwing it into a box in your garage, browse the internet and see what you can get for selling it on a bidding website or other Used Goods websites. And some companies buy old equipment. And finally, Apple sometime have a trade-in day where you can trade in or exchange your old product for a certain amount or a discount on a newer version.

4. Consider Refurbished Apple Equipment

Apple also sell reconditioned Macs and iPads, so you don’t always have to buy brand new – if it is Apple, you know it is trustworthy. You might also pick up some good deals on last year’s products. And just because it is ‘second hand’ it does not mean it is cheap! Because Apple quality lasts for a lifetime, you will still get things in tip top condition, but at a better price than a new one.

5. Apple Warranty

Wherever you purchased your Apple product – store, second hand or refurbished, the warranty does with it. The 3 year Apple Care plan is assigned to the serial number so you will always have it if you need it.

So, all in all, buying an Apple product will stand you in good stead for a long time. Plan carefully when you first buy one and make sure the storage is big enough. Then look after it, and by the time you are ready to buy a new one, there will be someone around glad to buy your old, well-looked after one.

A Windows Laptop Which Rise Up to the Level of MacBook

A number of time laptop manufacturers have tried to mimic the design and specification of MacBook in order to divert customers from Apple product but they had failed miserably. Even when ZenBook 3 is compared with MacBook then it bows down in two areas i.e. the amazing ecosystem of Apple and battery life. However ZenBook has a number of features in terms of functionality, design and capability which ranks higher than the Macbook. Given the fact it is a Windows OS based laptop the adoption rate is expected to rise steeply and popularity will grow from thereon.

Configuration of ZenBook3

ZenBook 3 possesses Intel Core i7- 7500 processor couples with 16 GB RAM and a 512 GB of hard disk. At this configuration the price would be around $1,600 for the US market but it will be bit pricier in the international market. If Asus opted for releasing a low key version of ZenBook 3 with i5 processor, 8 GB of RAM and 256 storage then it will be in the affordable segment of $1000. ZenBook has a standard 1920 x 1080 screen resolution for its 12.5 non touch screen display which is a major letdown as premium laptop in sub 13-inch screen possess 2560 x 1440 or higher screen resolution.

Designed to surprise and amaze

This particular ZenBook features a relatively new and refined look with circular brushed pattern at the back and a deep blue color. The hinge placed on ZenBook 3 happens to be lighter and offer a great comfort in holding the device. Apple is known to offer incredible hardware coupled with its own robust operating system which is tough for competitors to overcome. Asus had a tough challenge in front of it but it has been able to produce a gem in form of ZenBook 3 having a sublime design and an enhanced, predictable and highly responsive touchpad. The two finger scroll will remind users of MacBook and it even has the three finger swipe which shows all open windows on the system.

Zenbook 3 has a backlit keyboard and a huge number of preloaded apps or software which are marginally useful. Applications include Evernote, TripAdvisor, Dropbox along with 5 GB worth of Asus cloud-based storage and an intuitive display option called Asus Eye Care Switcher which changes the screen mode to blue light to reduce eyestrain.

Faster than a MacBook

ZenBook 3 comes loaded with Intel Core i7 chipset which lends it amazing performance capability. It offers incredible experience devoid of any lags or stuttering when it comes to web surfing, gaming, HD video playback, general office tasks along with photo video editing. On a video loop test ZenBook 3 gave a battery life of approximately 7 hours.

ZenBook 3 is the best option for those who are looking for highly portable and user friendly device with Windows OS. Quite interestingly ZenBook 3 has faster processor than the Macbook and comes with a mini-dock without any extra charges.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Apple Rumoured to Launch Three iPad Pro Models

 iPad Pro

Apple’s Three Models of iPad Pro

According to Mac Otakara, Apple intends to launch three models of iPad Pro in the spring of 2017 which comprises of a new 7.9-inch model, updates to the 9.7-inch and 10.1-inch models. The Japan based blog quoting `reliable sources’ states that the latest 7.9 inch Pro model would be featuring four speakers and a Smart Connector identical to the existing line of iPad Pros that had been updated earlier in March this year.

The small iPad Pro would be carrying Apple Pencil support like the rest of the line-up and is expected to replace the iPad Mini 4 provided presently. The three models would be retaining the headphone jack which had been detached from the iPhone line-up in place of wireless Apple EarPods in September when the iPhone 7 had been released. No specific launch timeline and pricing for the new Apple tablets had been provided in the report.

 It had also been reported by Otakara that the 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2 would be receiving a 12-megapixel camera together with True Tone flash. No more additional specifications were shared. Ming-Chi Kuo Apple analyst of KFI Securities had mentioned in August that the anticipated three new iPads which would be launched in 2017 would be a 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2, a new size 10.5-inch iPad Pro and a low cost 9.7-inch iPad. No mentioned regarding a 7.9-inch model had been done by him.

Latest 10.5-Inch Model – Education & Commercial Markets

As per Kuo, the latest 10.5-inch model would be for education and commercial markets. The price of the same had not been disclosed. Kuo believes that the iPad sales would continue to drop by 10 to 20% each year since Apple has seen the decline in sales in its iPad line-up.

He also mentioned that Apple would bring about huge alterations to the iPad line-up in 2018 with the inclusion of a flexible AMOLED panel with a view on enlarged screen resolution together with essential variations to form factor. As in the case of all rumours, readers are encouraged to take the latest iPad report with a grain of salt. Mac Otakara does not seem to have a flawless track record with the rumours regarding Apple, though its sources have confirmed precisely on several occasions in the past.

New Models Shipped with Lightning-to 3.5mm Audio Adapter

The blog had been the first to report regarding the controversial plans of Apple on the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack and adding of new Black and Jet Black colours on iPhone 7 models. The new 7.9-inch model would be occupying a lower pricing tier than the 12.9-inch and 9.7-inch iPad Pro models. However, in spite of its budget price tag, the iPad Pro would be receiving if not all, but most of the features of 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

The website has correctly leaked the naming scheme, pressure-sensitive Home button together with the bigger earpiece model of the iPhone 7.It is also said that the new models would be shipped with a Lightning-to-3.5mm audio adapter, though the 3.5mm EarPods seemed wrong and had suppressed rumours regarding the inclusion of a Smart Connector.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

iPhone SE: Is the cheapest iPhone the best one?

We all dream about using an iPhone but with high prices those dreams crush right in front of our eyes. What if there was a way in which you can have an iPhone that you can easily afford? Feeling excited yet? Presenting the new iPhone SE which provides the looks of an iPhone 5S but contains features and technology that has been used in the newer iPhone 6S models. Moreover the trust of the Apple Brand makes iPhone SE irresistible and a must buy if you are looking for a budget phone.

As the phones these days are getting bigger and bigger, iPhone SE begs to differ from the common trend and presents you a phone that can easily fit in your hand. iPhone SE’s small size packs a powerful punch in terms of its compact features and a stylish and classy design. Not much has changed from the previous version of iPhone 5S, or as you thought! iPhone SE is on a totally different level from the older 5S model both in terms of performance and display.

iPhone SE comes preloaded with excellent features

  • iPhone SE has a 4 inch retina display supported by a front 1.2 megapixel camera exclusively for taking sefies and a powerful rear 12 megapixels camera that captures photos with ultimate clarity and 4K videos. The live photo feature literally brings images to life! 
  • iPhone SE stands out by having the most powerful processor in a small sized phone. Apple’s A9 processor which is a standard issue in the iPhone 6S version provides you a 64 bit desktop like architecture and a high class graphics performance. You can now play any of your favorite games without worrying about phone lag. 
  • Powered by the iOS 10 operating system that is known for its user friendly interface, amazing features and a tight end security. 
  • Contains a collection of essential apps including the patented Face time and iTunes music. 
  • iPhone SE comes in 2 different color variants that is Rose Gold and Gold along with two combinations for the top and bottom of your phone in the form of Space grey and Silver. 
  • At the heart of this phone rests a 2GB Ram and a 16 GB memory slot. Apple iPhone 5S also provides you with iCloud support hence you get basically unlimited memory space.
iPhone SE gives you the nice nostalgic feeling of using old iPhone models but this time it packs a punch in terms of advanced features and components.

The perfect iPhone to suit your budget

The newer iPhones cannot by afforded by everybody and that’s a fact. Keeping this in mind the people from Apple gives you a taste of the iPhone 6S features in the price range of an iPhone 5S! Without a doubt you can say that the cheapest iPhone is the best iPhone till date! With all these excellent features it is the hottest phone in the market as has always been the case with iPhones.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

New iPhone 8 Rumors Reveal Apple's Shiny Surprise

iPhone Rumors

Apple has launched the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus just a month ago which was bashed by the critics for similar design theme as seen in iPhone 6.But it has not dampened the spirit of Apple loyalists who are eagerly awaiting the launch of this device in respective regions. Rumor mills have started working overtime to come up with new thoughts regarding upcoming design theme in iPhone 8. Cook has himself asserted that next generation of iPhone will feature a redefined look which has never been seen before. Here are some suggestions from a renowned industry analyst who offers some insightful details about the possible which will be seen in iPhone 8.

Apple set to enhance the design language in iPhone 8

A renowned industry analyst at KGI Securities named Ming-Chi Kuo has suggested that Apple is working towards bringing drastic changes in terms of design in next version iPhone. Apple is expected to make switch to the curved glass panels which will made available at both the front and back of the device. It is been assumed that this change will be seen in iPhone 8 models in two years of time.

Even users has adopted the design language of jet black iPhone7 will great delight which shows that consumers love glossy and shiny finishes in the smartphone. Apart from making use of glass panels Apple will also be bringing the curved OLED display to iPhone 8 by calling it 2.5 glass. This will help in offering a smooth and completely unblemished exterior to the iPhone users.

iPhone 7 marred with criticism

Apple has made some controversial changes in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus which didn’t go well both with the geeks and critics. This included the removal of headphone jack and change in the home button in latest design change. But most of the users failed to recognize the long term plan of the Apple of improving the overall design and look of the device.

Through simple removal of the headphone jack Apple will be able to bring a design language on iPhone 8 which will feature lesser number of external ports. Through utilization of virtual home button Apple will be simply shifting the ‘on-screen’ home button to the users with a bigger screen size. It also opens up the possibility of bringing an edge to edge screen with lesser bezel and higher compact size in future iterations.

Another thing worth noting is that Apple’s patents are going in the direction of bringing compact and precisely defined device sin future. iPhone 7 is simply paving the way for the transition of the iPhone users to the sleeker and highly compact yet magnificently powerful device in form of iPhone 8 in 24 months time. Apple isn’t much worried about sales as it will remain consistent in upcoming years but the launch of iPhone 8 will again help Apple in wining over the critics and fans alike.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Apple iOS 10 Review: The biggest iOS Update, Ever

iOS 10

Apple’s iOS 10 – Main Alterations

An important renovation to iOS operating system had been rolled out by Apple around three years back which was designed by John Ive, Apple’s design chief and the iOS 7 had brought in a completely new experience for the users of iOS. This was in the form of flattened app icons, modern look as well as touch, to new experience which had been seen in Google pursuing in its latest updates on Android.

Apple had gone ahead with the new design in spite of iOS 7 being criticised for being ridiculously colourful as well as slow. The latest couple of updates, iOS 8 and iOS 9, were built on iOS 7 with minor tweaks, enhancements together with new features though at the same time kept the general look as well as the touch somewhat the same.

Apple had rolled out the iOS 10 update for its well-matched iOS devices and like the iOS 7, the iOS 10 of Apple tends to bring in main alterations in the iOS or according to the Tim Cooks’ words that it is `the mother of all releases’.The iOS 10 had been announced and revealed at WWDC 2016 in June, had been released to app developers as a beta testing form.

Ecosystem to Third Party Developers

Shortly thereafter it had been released to non-developer beta testers as portion of the public beta. From then onwards, Apple had made attempt to progressively release efficient beta forms of iOS 10.Apple has taken a massive step ahead with its iOS 10 by opening its ecosystem to third party developers. Moreover, WhatsApp and Truecaller have also joined it with more likely to join in, in the near future.

The iOS 10 for Apple could be the biggest update so far. The iOS 10 seems to be more of a developed approach from Apple, right from opening the OS to third party developers to small thing such as interactive notifications care together with much more customizable widgets that could probably realize the importance of opening up its ecosystem.

 Apple has mentioned that it has redesigned the experience of the lock screen. To unlock the smartphone one needs to `Press home to unlock’ which means that you depend on the fingerprint scanner or passcode. You can modify it by going to Settings> Accessibility> Home button and toggle on the Rest finger to Open feature.

Apple – Focused on New Redesign/Tweaks

This will permit you in unlocking the phone by clicking the side lock/unlock button as well as resting finger on the home button instead of pressing it. However, this would only function on devices having Touch ID. Apple has focused on new redesigned or tweaked areas on the features of iOS 10.

The biggest change to Siri appears to be that Apple has opened it to third party developers which mean that one would be capable of activating non-Apple apps and operate through voice control. QuickType is a convenient and genuine time saver presently though simple. It will tend to be more proactive in bringing in data from the other apps, providing it as part of one’s reactions.

Maps in iOS 10 have a new design and like some of the other apps which have been refurbishedfor the update; it tends to look simpler and cleaner. According to Apple the controls seems to be easier for accessing.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Apple Files New Patent - for a Paper Bag


Apple’s New Patent – White Solid Bleached Sulfate Paper Bag

Apple tends to file for new patent application on various things and when it does so, people seem to take an account of it. The latest patent application is for a drumroll, a paper bag. It is not any old bag but `a bag container which is formed of white solid bleached sulfate paper having at least 60% of post-consumer content.

According to the report of Gizmodo, the US Patent and Trademark Office – USPTO had recently published an Apple patent application for a paper bag. The bag could hold stuff and one which has already been utilised in the stores of Apple for many months. Considering the bag from the millions of the other paper bags in the world, are its environmental credentials with recycling material of 60%. Recycling paper bags are not an invention and in this case it is how Apple intends to hold the bag together with high proportion of recycled material.

The white paper bags which is made of recycled material is said to be quite flimsy owing to the amount of bleach utilised. Hence Apple has come up with a pack of modifications which could be helpful in keeping its bags pearly white as well as environmentally friendly.

These changes comprise of elegant reinforcements towards the bottom which tend to stick to the side together with a handle `formed completely of paper fibre yarn which is knitted in an 8-stitch circular knit pattern.

Designed to be `High-End Retail Bag’

Accordingto an application of Apple, the bag could be formed completely of paper with the possible exception of adhesives in order to fix portions of the bag together. It further states that `its reinforcement inserts could augment the strength and resistance in tearing the bag container material in making it structurally appropriate for use as a bag, thus amassing the quantity of post-consumer content to be used in an SBS bag.

This could be helpful in plummeting any ecological impact from production, use and disposal of the bag. Similar to the other technology companies, Apple patents a swing of technologies which may or may not make progress to store shelves. The said bag which it intends to pitch to the USPTO could be just another in a long line of inventions which the company is patenting with expectations of preventing other retailers from imitating its look and feel.

 Moreover, it is also said to be a bag which is in line with its specified goal to be more environmentally accountable. In its detailed description, Apple had stated that it is a bag which is designed to be a `high-end retail bag’.

Reinforcement Inserts

The mention of `post-consumer content’ here means that 60% of the paper material of the bag has been recycled. Eventually that amount could be beneficial to restrict its environmental effect on all phases inclusive of production, use and disposal.

As Apple notes that environmental friendly, could at times tend to have negative consequences on a retailer. Apple states in general that any bag having over 40% or 50% recycled material could be `prone to tearing’.To avoid those problems, the bag that Apple seems to have `reinforcement inserts’ tends to keep it strong while providing more recycled paper.

 The said bag seems to look absolutely like any other Apple store bag with the exception of the drawings which does not show the logo of Apple on either side. Apple has not mentioned in its patent filing what the future could hold for the bag.