Thursday, June 30, 2016

Apple has Removed its Most Annoying Feature from iOS 10


Apple Confirms – Default Apps Can be Deleted

When faced with shortage of storage space, it tends to be quite frustrating. You are unable to take a photo or download a new song. You tend to be incapable of streaming anything since your phone seems to get too slow. Useless apps which are never used such as Wallet, Find Friends, Tips, and Stocks are not removable and are just there. Till now, Apple had announced a host of new features at the WWDC Conference, ranging from smarter Siri to bigger emojis. But what was not mentioned was the fact that you would soon be capable of deleting default apps in order to save space. The supporters of Apple had observed these default apps are now made available for download on the App store which means that beginning with iOS 10, Apple would be permitting iPhone and iPad users to delete any built-in apps which users may not need and download them again later if the need arises. Those who have downloaded the developer beta have tweeted the change, observing that a bunch of default apps like Weather, Music, Calendar, Mail and Stocks can now be deleted though there seems to be some exceptions, such as Messages, Photos, Camera, Health, Settings, Safari together with clock,that are still stuck probably since they seem to be too integral to the system.

Guidelines for Saving Space 

A full help page, had been released by Apple confirming the apps that could be removed from your home screen with the iOS 10 update. All these apps tend to use less than 150 MB and it is always good to avoid unwanted clutter on the home screen. The following are the guidelines to make space on your iPhone –

Know your stats

Under Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage, one can see precisely how much space is available and a list in descending order on which apps have taken the maximum space.

Stop Storing Texts

Texting could take up much space than one may realise, particularly if you tend to send a lot of photos and videos. Besides deleing threads, one could go to Settings > Messages > Keep Messages and select 30 days. Your iPhone tends to set it to Forever by default.

Getting Rid of Temporary Files 

It is essential to purge cookies, browsing data and your dingy browser history in Safari which can be done by going to Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Date. This would instantly free up the much required space.

Beware of Internal Downloads

Those using Spotify or Podcast would observe that they seem to be the biggest offenders.Plenty of files downloads on the phone offline could utilise plenty of gigabytes of space. You could delete you may not needs or go to the app’s settings, de-selecting any option to download files for use whenever your phone seems to be in offline mode. You could also check through ebooks, notes and voice memos.

Scrap Photo Stream 

Photo Stream tends to automatically sync up your last 1000 photos across your devices which means that 1000 of the photos seems to be taking up double space. In order to turn this feature off, you could go to Settings> Photos & Camera and toggle off My Photo Stream.

Maintain a Regular `App Cleanse’

Maintain a monthly cleansing by going through and deleting any app you may not use or have forgotten that it is there and has been occupying valuable space.

Turn Off `Save Original Photos’ 

If you are utilising photo-based apps such as Instagram, there is no option to save whatever photos that are published to Camera Roll. In the case of Instagram, it is switched on automatically which is meaningless if the image is already uploaded. In order to turn this off, you could open the app and go to its Settings, turning off `Save Original Photos’.

Monday, June 27, 2016

iScout ‘Head up Display’ Helps Drivers with Directions and Blind Spots


iScout Head-Up-Displays for Safe Driving

Having no standouts on the markets, Heads-Up Displays – HUDs for cars did not catch up and a new competitor, iScoutis making attempts in addressing several of these issues. iScout is a patent that is pending HUD which develops all information needed for driving like fuel level, car speed, GPS navigation as a floating virtual image before the vehicle. It syncs to the smartphone displaying incoming calls, reminders, messages, social media content together with notifications and several other features like blind-spot view accompanied with an integrated dashcam.

 It shows notifications from apps such as WhatsApp, rejects or takes call with a hand-wave and tends to have blind-spot cameras. The purpose of HUD is to make driving much safer wherein the driver will not have the need to take his eyes off the road for any information needed while driving. Recent study indicates that it takes less time for the driver to get this information from a HUD as against looking at a conservative display – phone screen/GPS device, as it takes substantially lesser time for the eye to move the focus from the road to the display and back. This warrants that the attention of the driver is on the road and hence tends to lessen the accident risks.

Photochromic Display Works in Day/Night Conditions

It is launching on Kickstarter and may never be shipped. With this bit of doubt out of the way, the company tends to have a solid-looking sample together with plenty of good features. The `photochromic display works in both day and night conditions and seems to have its own app and GPS to display heads-up route direction. Moreover the device also tends to connects to the smartphone over Bluetooth, enabling the user to accept or reject calls by waving your hand, for instance while keeping the GPS on the screen.

 The user can also compose text through voice dictation and view notifications from apps like WhatsApp and Twitter or even control music from Spotify etc. Since iScout has the capability of connecting with the OBD plug of the vehicle, you could also view information such as fuel level, speed and maintenance problems. Should you be running short of gas, it could indicate an alert, guiding you to the nearest service station.

Premium Model – Blind Spot Cameras

Premium model tend to have blind spot cameras which activates automatically when turn signals are used helping to keep the eyes on the road. With regards to the camera, the device has a forward looking dashcam in the event of any accidents. The product is being marketing by the company as a safety device. However, receiving notifications on the device could be as distracting as checking the same on the phones. According to the company, it’s about as safety-friendly as one is going to get in a connect car.

The display for instance `is focused into the distance and shown just below your line of sight, which means that it will need very little of your attention to check your GPS, speed together with the other information compared to in-car on-dash devices. The iScout is on pre-order for basic edition, starting at $269 and $299 for premium model with blind spot cameras.

Friday, June 24, 2016

The New Sacai Apple Watch and Other Very Stylish Tech Accessories

The expression, `tech case’ tends to be a developing market with more options. For instance it could displease your attention to know that the floral pouches that are seen at Gucci’s recent catwalks had been made to be precisely spacious enough to slot in an iPad. Other advanced brands have been developing ladylike bags, pochettes and briefcase which are useful besides looking stylish. For instance, Knomo tends to offer `power clutch bags’ in its line of organisers which tend to feature padded tech segments with unique MyKnomo ID codes to assist reunite owners with lost belongings. Its power pouches tend to incorporate a portable battery pack in order to keep your device charged while on the go. Aspinal of London has also transformed its classic bags by converting them into `tech totes’ while Marylebone style stocks bonus internal pockets, cable paths as well as a 3700mAh battery which tends to provide over double the regular battery power of a Smartphone or iPhone. Moreover it also tends to come in a somewhat smooth monogrammed case. The following are the five accessories which tend to make your work day extra efficient:

The Clever Clutch Bag 

The Enomo’s Elektronista clutch bag is said to be a modern dream of woman. It is encased within the pastel leather with more pockets than one will know what to do with them and a compact battery. One will never have the opportunity of losing anything.

The Briefcase 

It is not manly or old-fashioned and has several pockets as well as device compartments within its glossy, slim frame and the blue hue means that it can be used for weekend excursions without being incompatible against denims.

New Designer Apple Watch 

One of the favourite cult designers in the fashion industry has partnered with the biggest technology company in the world and has come up with a fat sensual watch strap. The attractive Chitose Abe of Sacai is perceptive behind the crisp cotton shirts with flowing pleated backs all across the high street why the puffa jacket seems to be having a stylish moment this winter. Sacai has now turned out to be the second luxury house after Hermes to assist Apple fashion up its lustrous watch. While Hermes had created a stealth leather addition, Abe has engaged her trademark wit turning the watch into a glossy jewellery piece, black faces which tend to come with customised screensaver front by Abe in order that the screen as well as the strap blends effortlessly into one. The strap is pleasantly coarse, in black, gold or black and silver chain repetition on one side, with crocodile embossed leather on the other side.

Punchy iPad Case 

The inside of the dark, cavernous tote bags is brought to life with a colour-pop iPad sleeve and investing in a leather style would ensure that your case stays punchy for long, which means that it would be easier to find whiledelving through everything in search of one’s gadget.

Crafty Organiser

This hard-working case which has the look of a diary, tends to have your iPad mini together with an additional notepad and card slots and seems impeccable in putting together and super-organised for meetings.

Monday, June 20, 2016

The Smart Earplugs That are Giving 20,000 US Soldiers 'Super Hearing’ and They Could be Coming to Your iPhone

Super hearing

Smart Earbuds to Diminish High-Level Instinct Noise

With more than half of the troops returning from battle zones having some kind of damage to their hearing now around 20,000 military members seem to be using earbuds which tends to diminish the high-level instinct noises while intensifying very low signature kinds of sound for great hearing capabilities. The military device known as Tactical Communication and Protective System – TCAPS, can be utilised in headset for all ranges from construction workers to music lovers.

TCAPS tends to reduce noise to 85 decibels, enabling soldiers to hear as well as communicate over loudnoise of gunfire which is at least 150 decibels. When placed in the ear, the tip of the earbud tends to sit for 15 to 20 seconds to enlarge to full capacity for comfortable fit where the tips can last from a week to a month based on how clean the ears may be as well as the fit, as reported by Leesville Daily Leader.

The unit tends to bear a resemblance to a traditional pair of earbuds together with some additional high tech features and some of the models can connect to the communication gear of the soldier. TCAPS was first developed in 2007 by Army’s Training and Doctrine Command at Fort Monroe.

Earbuds – Solve the Problem of Hearing Damage

Captain Jack Moore, part of the Project Manager Soldier Warrior team stated that the team wished that these earbuds would solve the problem of hearing damage by actively decreasing damaging battlefield noise as well as enhancing the hearing and communication in delivering tactical advantage.

He added that over the years, they have seem a large amount of dollars being spent in benefiting the soldiers who had lost their hearing in training or battle and that they are now attempting to resolve the problem in a way which they can not only get improved hearing protection but also an improvement in communication competences integrated too. Lt. Col Kristen Casto, audiology consultant to the Army’s surgeon general had informed NPR that `your ears cannot handle loud sounds without suffering mechanical damage to the inner ear which results in permanent hearing loss’.

Adjustable Volume Knobs

Casto explained that the soldiers have turned to a simple way of protecting their ears by sticking a piece of expandable foam in the ear though when the need to maintain auditory awareness arises, it is not the proper hearing protector. TCAPS could only provide soldiers with protection from high ambient sounds as well situational alertness though the device permits clear two-way audio communication between the radio and the user.

Doug Brungart, chief scientist at the audiology and speech pathology centre at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Centre informed that the technology is not actually that complicated and adds that you can think of the system as having adjustable volume knob. The louder the sound tends to get outside, the more it seems to turn down the volume and the person wearing the device could still hear the sound though it will never get so loud that it would cause any kind of damage.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

8 Reasons you are finally Going to Wear Your Apple Watch


The Next Software Update of Apple Watch 

Apple had made an announcement at its yearly developer conference on Monday and renamed OS X to MacOS showing off new features on TVOS. The succeeding software update for Apple Watch - Watch OS 3 drew a lot of attention and tends to look exceptional. The following are the eight features which seem to make the Apple Watch a lot better:

1. No staring blankly at the wrist

The Apple Watch from the first day, has been overwhelmed with slow loading time for apps and presently the process goes thus - one can raise their wrist and tap on an app icon, the circular, spinning dots start up and with the wrist raised, on can walk the dog, take out the trash, or take a nap and then the app tends to eventually load. According to Apple, with WatchOS 3, the mostly used apps seem to load seven times faster. The onstage demo of app launching seemed to be inspiring and if it tends to work the same after the WWDC stage, loading the app faster would be making the watch very helpful.

2. Apple Watch gets an app dock

Now with the loading of app being much faster, it could be reasonable to have a quicker access to these apps. Apple presently has included an app dock which is similar to MacOS or iOS and you could set some apps to reside in the dock and open the dock quickly on pressing the side button of the watch. On scrolling through the previews of the apps, you could tap on the respective card in launching the app which is much better than using the side button as a shortcut for digital touch.

3. In fitness, compete with friends 

Tracking of activities on the Apple Watch has been remote since the same cannot be shared or the stats sent to family members or friend and to motivate them for improvement. Apple seems to bring friends on the Activity app wherein one can cheer on or trash talks with those on your list of friends based on their regular activity status.

4. Scribble

Apple has the potential of writing on the watch utilising the finger when at times, one is unable to dictate a message to the watch. Apple has a feature known as Scribble and when it is activated, you can write the message one letter at a time on the screen of the watch. The watch will then identify the handwriting, translating it into text which is ready to be sent as a message.

5. More Apple Pay 

With the launch of WatOS 3 this fall, one will not only have the option of using Apple Pay on tapping your wrist on compatible terminal for payment but also complete purchases directly on your wrist with the help of the app.

6. Improved switching between watch faces

The procedure of switching between watch faces has been enhanced which needs a simple swipe to the right or left across the prevailing watch face. Besides this, the Apple Watch app on the iPhone would now display the complication an app tends to have which would be helpful in making a purchase decision, on being aware precisely what an app seems capable of doing on the wrist.

7. Just Breathe

A health app known as Breathe will alert you to take a moment and breathe and the thinking here is that you take some minutes daily to clear your mind and be more conscious of your breathing to relax and reduce stress levels.

8. Accessibility 

Apple has created a wheelchair mode for the Apple Watch and when activated, user would get credit for activity as they move around in a wheelchair. Instead of getting hourly alert to stand up, wheelchair user would be informed that `it’s time to roll’.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Apple Patent Hints at 'Bone Conduction' Headphones


Apple Researching on Bone Conduction Technology

Patent awarded to Apple recently indicates that the company has been researching on the use of bone conduction technology in enhancing voice call quality in its EarPod headphones. The US Patent portrayed a diagram specifying a pair of wired earbuds having an internal accelerometer that tends to distinguish between the voice of the user and ambient noise by just sensing the vibrations in the bone structure of the user.

The technology is said to be in contrast to prevailing bone conduction headphones like the AfterShokz Bluez which seem to transmit sound through cheekbones so one hears the music rattling around in the head. Apple has also been awarded another patent for a `liquid resistant acoustic device’ with a mesh umbrella which could possibly produce a waterproof speaker port for forthcoming devices.

An identical component tends to exist in the Apple Watch. A patent has developed portraying that Apple is considering experimenting with waterproofing features for a forthcoming iPhone build and a second patent could lead to EarPods that tend to have the prospective of noise-cancelling through an integrated accelerometer and a bone conduction procedure.

Patent – Liquid Resistant Acoustic Device

The patent for liquid resistant acoustic device tends to define how a standard headphone jack could comprise of an `umbrella section’ in the prevention of internal damage to a device. Being filed way back in July 2014, the protective measure seems to sound comparable to the O-ring of Apple Watch, in its speaker unit that provides an IPX7 rating for the Watch. Many reports have recommended that the Cupertino Company has been considering water-proofing its 2017 iPhone duplication and the invention defined in the patent could become a part of the construction of the forthcoming iPhone or iPad.

 Though there seems to be many discrepancies on the invention, the solution grips on improving the standard protective mesh layer found in most headphone ports with an `umbrella’ so that probable damage to the internal acoustic device components or to the mesh can be alleviated. Still interesting is another patent that had been filed in March 2013 which tends to define hands-free headphone system centred on an internal accelerometer that has been designed to enhance recorded sound quality.

Accelerometer Retained in Earbud – Utilised in Detecting Vibration of Vocal Chords

The patent which had been spotted by source that  had stated that an accelerometer which has been retained inside an earbud could be utilised in detecting vibration of the vocal chords of the user based on vibration in bones as well as the tissues of the head of the user. This with the aid of an on-wire microphone tends to filter out non-vocal acoustics for the receiver.

A single variant also records the probable use of an inertial sensor as against an accelerometer though most of the listed versions seem to aim on separating `voiced speech as well as unvoiced speech, with the previous being familiar and improved by bone construction.

Irrespective of seeing a `bone conducting’ set of EarPods hitting the market anyone who seem to have been on the receiving end of a inaudible,, distorted hands-free conversation could find some peace in the fact that improvement seems to be at least reflected upon for hand-free quality call.

Friday, June 10, 2016

iPad Pro 9.7 Review

iPad Pro 9.7

Pro 9.7 –Smart Move by Apple

Apple intends the user to replace the laptop with an iPad, particularly if the laptop seems to be powered by Windows. However, before the changeover, the iPad needs to perform everything that a laptop can do and much more. It is here that the iPad Pro tends to come in. Released at the same time as iPhone SE. one would think that the little brother of iPad Pro could be an afterthought from Apple. However, the Pro 9.7 seems to be everything one would want in a laptop.

It is a smart move of Apple by enfolding the competences of the full size iPad Pro in the dimensions of an iPad Air 2. The outcome is the substantial power of the 12.9inch Pro version though with the added portability of a standard iPad which seems to be very good. WIRED had deserted from a campsite in Dorset to check if there was a possibility of working totally on the iPad Pro 9.7 for a couple of days and then compare the experience to filing copy, dealing with emails as well as web search from a desktop PC. Besides this, the evening entertainment, music as well as video would also have to be provided by the tablet.

Difficult to Differentiate Between Air 2/Pro 9.7

It seems difficult to differentiate between the Air 2 and the Pro 9.7 with its same weight, same dimensions except for the four speaker grilles towards the top and bottom of the casing which has been inherited from the first Pro, which shows the difference.

Moreover, there is also the addition of the keyboard cover with conforming trio of magnets towards the side edge for the purpose of connection and the camera lens tends to stick out a touch on the Pro as well. When it is opened and placed on the table, the Pro’s 2048 x 1536 display with the pixel density of 264ppi deals admirably in the day’s glare. Apple has claimed that fiddling to decrease reflectivity on the table by around 40% cannot be confirmed though in the tests reflections seemed to be much less predominant. This made the sessions of screen-based activity in the open space not only possible but also pleasant.

Edit Three Streams of 4K Videos Simultaneously

The A9X and M9 coprocessor which has been taken from the 12.9 Pro tends to make multitasking on the 9.7, a delight. Moreover the RAM is dropped from 4GB to 2GB though it is not visible and the Pro seemed to handle everything thrown at it, amazingly. For instance, it can edit three streams of 4K video simultaneously.

Till date it is the most powerful iPad with its new A9X chip and does everything an old iPad can do with a much better performance. It is also well-suited with the Apple Pencil as well as the Smart Keyboard and is now made available in a smaller version with a 9.7-inch display. The new model is said to be easier to carry along anywhere though it packs in precisely the same stroke as the 12.9-inch iPad Pro with the same stellar speakers. It also tends to accept the incredible 12-megapixel iSight camera from the iPhone 7 together with the dual tone LED flash.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Apple Files Patent for Walkie Talkie Headphones


Apple’s Patent for Device to Call over Local Wireless Network

A patent for a device which tends to permit people to call each other over local wireless network has been filed by Apple wherein the patent describes a set of headphones connected to a mobile device. The headphones are said to transmit voice calls to a person wearing an identical set-up and who could be within the range for the devices to get connected. It does not seem that Apple intends to phase out all non-technological human interactions at the moment, though the patent may provide a way to talk securely and subtly in busy environments for individuals.

The device tends to utilise ad hoc wireless network that enables user to speak using encrypted signals, which could be complex to interrupt. The patent states that the other types of local communications like walkie talkies do not support encryption and could be vulnerable to interference. According to the patent, the wireless headsets, elsewhere would permit users to `communicate over secure wireless communication connection while at the same time retain freedom of movement within a range of each other. Moreover, the device could also be capable of automatically detecting and notify similar headsets within a certain range.

Direct Audio Communication Between Users

The patent details features, from the headset, like ambient noise filtering, Bluetooth calls and the ability to control a variety of apps comprising of email and camera.Apple has mentioned in the patent filing that conditions for direct audio communication between users in close vicinity could be less than ideal. For instance where two users seem to be nearby in a noisy atmosphere, direct audio communication between the two could be difficult taking into consideration the interference from ambient noise, that could hinder one or both the users from being able of distinguishing words that are spoken by the other user.

Such ambient noise would need the users to be in proximity of each other, which could impede freedom of movement of one or both the users during the duration of the direct communication. Unrestricted freedom of movement of one or both the user may be essential, in some instances and a headset which tends to double as walkie-talkie device could handle these issues. Digital communication suite tends to offer improvements such as signal encryption as well as multi-user conference calling. Besides, ambient noise could also be filtered through the application of dedicated software.

Patent First Filed in November 2014

The wireless headphone does not seem to be the only development which Apple has been probably keeping a secret for the moment. The German paper Franfurter Allgemeine, had reported in April, that the firm has been setting up a dedicated `car lab’ in Berlin. The rumoured plan of Apple to launch an electric car, the German car lab, by 2019, is intended to bring `15 to 20’ of the top automotive engineers of the country on site to play with the idea, which is likely to be connected to Project Titan.

As in the case of all patents, there is no surety that the product would develop and Apple refrains from commenting on rumours. It is not clear whether the company intends to implement such technology. The advanced walkie-talkie patent application of Apple had first been filed in November 2014, crediting Esge B. Andersen and Cedrik Bacon as the inventors.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Samsung to Supreme Court: Apple got too Much Money for its Design Patents

Apple vs Samsung

Grossly Over-Rewarding Design Patents – Hurt Competition/Innovation

When it comes to legal damages, it is said that design patents are given considerably value and Samsung has argued to the U.S. Supreme Court in its patent dispute with Apple. In a brief opening which had been filed recently with the nation’s highest court, Samsung had presented its cause on why an earlier ruling in favour of Apple should be discarded. It is said in the filing that `at a minimum, a new trial is essential’.

Samsung opposes that Apple should get the profits only from the parts of a smartphone which encroach on the patents of Apple, the front face and a grid of icons on the interface of a user and not the profits from the complete phone. It is mentioned that `grossly over-rewarding design patents’ would hurt competition and innovation and would lead to `absurd’ results in the other lawsuits.

Samsung had made a comment in a statement that `if the current ruling is left to stand, it would value a single design patent over the hundreds of thousands of ground-breaking technology patents, leading to vastly overvalued design patents’.

Damages Collected for Complete Value of Device

Apple had not responded to a request for comment. In March, the Supreme Court had decided to evaluate the long-running dispute between Apple and Samsung and for the first time had looked at a design patent since the 1800s. A pronouncement by the court may have a ripple effect over the technology industry and eventually affect the gadget one tends to buy since it could ultimately define the value of the design work.

Samsung desires that the Supreme Court should provide guidance on what is covered by design patents that tend to protect the way an item is utilised and how it works as well as on what damages it could be collected. Presently damages can be collected by the companies for the complete value of the device and not just the trespassing design features.

In the case of Apple versus Samsung, it had led to an initial damage award amounting to over $1 billion. The original trail of Apple against Samsung in 2012 had mesmerized Silicon Valley as well as the tech industry since it had exposed the inner workings of two extremely secretive companies. It had been just of one the several trials across the world since the rivals fought both in the marketplace as well as in the courtroom.

Samsung to Pay Apple in Damages

Last year, Apple and Samsung had agreed to bury the hatchet in their overseas cases though their US court conflicts seems to continue. Samsung had filed a motion with the Supreme Court requesting it to re-examine the patent breach case after it lost its case in court to Apple.

 As a consequence of the trial, Samsung had to pay off to Apple the $548 million in damages that had been ordered by court. That motion had been granted by the Supreme Court and for the first time it had considered a design patent and is likely to consider the case later in the year.

Samsung had requested that the next weeks’ damages retrial should be kept on hold in order to evade a probable fourth trial and `avoid probably duplicative and wasteful proceedings’.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Apple Pencil 2 new Features and Release Date Rumour

Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil – Stylus for iPad Pro – Best Tablet Stylus

The Apple Pencil, the stylus for the iPad Pro is perhaps said to be the best tablet stylus presently in the world. The first Apple Pencil had been launched together with the 12.9-inch iPad Pro in September 2015 and hence the most apparent time to anticipate an update is in autumn 2016. In the iPad Pro 2 report summary, various theories were considered regarding when Apple would update the 9.7-inch types of the device and these could have suggestions for the stylus accessory.

One is that Apple tends to do an iPad update in September 2016 though it is clearly a minor one, only to bring the Pro 12.9 to the standards of the 9.7 and then the iPad Pro 2 comes out in March 2017 thereafter is updated on a yearly basis. An Apple patent has been found which recommend that the future Apple Pencils could be offering same features. The patent filed in 2011 and had been published on May 3, 2016, defines an intelligent stylus wherein each nib seems to have its own sensor that tends to pair with a separate sensor in the body of the stylus. Two tilt sensors in the tip tends to calculate the precise orientation and the angle of your hand and as one tends to write or draw, the relative position of the sensors is detected by the Multi-Touch display.

Touch Input Information

Hence one can create the effects of shading by just tilting Apple Pencil the way one would do with a charcoal or a conventional pencil. The patent’s detailed description states that `the stylus 110 can include multiple sensors to provide information about its condition, where the sensors can be selectively used alone or in various combinations. The ability to provide information beyond simply touch input information, particularly information about the condition of the stylus which the stylus determines itself, gives this stylus intelligence, absent from a traditional stylus’.

Apple has also mentioned in the patent that the possibility of turning the back end of the Apple Pencil into an erase. The detailed description states that `for the additional contact/proximity sensor at the stylus non-tip end, the MCU can determine the stylus’s condition at the non-tip end as touching or hovering over a surface for instance, to emulate an eraser’. Besides this it also states that the MCU can extract fingerprints from the touch measurement and can identify the user of the stylus. The MCU can transmit the user identification to the touch sensitive device.

Touch Sensitive Device – Authenticate User’s Stylus

The touch sensitive device can then perform some action based on the identification. For instance, the touch sensitive device can authenticate the user of the stylus and can accept stylus input if the user is authenticated and deny stylus input if the user is not. Patently Apple had smartly marked what it tends to believe to be a reference in a 2014 Apple patent filing to a stylus which can control the track-pad on a Mac.

 It is speculatedif the Apple Pencil would achieve the skill of controlling iPhones and other iPads besides the Pro models, the Mac range is a bigger jump than expected. Patent for the Stylus With Inertial Sensor comprise of drawing which tend to show what appears to be a Mac and track-pad system.