Monday, August 15, 2011

Pigs in Trees: the revenge of the pigs will be terrible

The pigs have taken to their rank in Angry Birds ... their revenge will be terrible in Pigs In Trees [1.0.2 - US - € 0.79 - PAN Vision AB] and Pigs in Trees HD [1.0.3 - US - 1, € 59 - iPad - PAN Vision AB]. This game takes the idea of a struggle between pigs and birds, but this time next pigs. It also maintains a tone with these crazy pigs that live in trees and do not intend to let the birds who want to pique their place.

The allusion to Angry Birds is obvious, but Pigs in Trees has nothing to do in terms of gameplay. This is an arcade game where you must draw lines to attack the birds. The pig follows the line and attack in that direction, the idea being to prevent birds from reaching the trunk and to maximize the number of birds killed in one line. The principle is very simple, but the game is intense, addictive and not so simple. The following three campaigns for 45 levels, scores on the Game Center and many accomplishments to be made.

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