Friday, November 30, 2012

OSX Time machine


     Apple's operating system "OS X" offers "Time Machine" is a function for automatic backups, but has only a few settings. You can make the time machine to do perfect with the right tools. The initial configuration of the time machine is very simple. Connect the external hard drive as a backup device, open the time machines stone positions and set the drive as the location. Here after the time machine save once in an hour all the newly added and amended files automatically. Just like saving the files; retrieving the files or the program also very easy. Open the Time machine access the desired file through search and click on restore now the lost data will be back on its place. The simplicity of the time machine has lot of advantages like simplicity in tools easy to operate etc, but also it has some disadvantages also. Its one hour interval for backup is fixed and it automatically scans and stores the backup data once in an hour.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

All about iPad mini part.I

Apple has always defended its size 10 ", suitable for single shelf, which is loved mostly by Steve Jobs. But now, the market pressures eventually convince Cupertino to work on a smaller model.

Apple never chose his screen sizes randomly. In digging into history, old-timers will remember as the output of the Mac IIsi with its screen in "portrait" which surprised everyone (but very convenient way to view an A4 sheet on the screen). At its output, the 1.0 iMac was also equipped with a 15 "screen (not 17, yet became the norm), the iPhone is stuck 5 years with its 3.5" ... Almost every time, Steve Jobs came to defend their choices, dictated by him, by compromise and ergonomic techniques. Thus, with its 10-inch diagonal, the iPad was as iPapy-format ideal for use that flowed for reading magazines, surfing the net, watching videos proves that Jobs was not wrong.

The format of 8 "was defended tooth and nail by Apple during the presentation of the iPad mini displays as 35% additional area in 4/3 compared with tablets 7", often 7/9. iPad mini was born of this approach: the market was the applicant, the competition was organized, but it was perfect the concept in finding acceptable compromises and more importantly, without losing an entire application ecosystem.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Apple update fixes annoying error on iPhone

     Recently Apple released the first update for IOS 6th version 6.01 with particular interest of the users of iPhone 5 and iTune match. This particular update repaired the entire update feature on Apple’s latest Smartphones. Previously the user could not actually update the iPhone 5 wirelessly due to the error of iOS6 but now it can be rectified thro’ updating the iOS6 to 6.0.1 and the error message could vanish. The update fixes a problem with iTune match also.

     Regarding the Bug fix; it improves the stability of wireless connection with WPA2 encryption, the LED flash which not works properly when snaps are taken and the error that occurs when the invitations you send via exchange. In addition it fixes the horizontal line that appears in part on the key board. The problem, despite screen lock to be able to access data from the Pass Book App is now solved according to Apple.

    The update to iOS 6.0.1 is available for iPhone models 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, iPads in the second and the fourth generation iPod ready.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Vipre Antivirus (2)

Vipre Antivirus software is one of its kinds which optimize the overall performance of the computer with the combination of antispyware and antivirus into a powerful single With great achievements being done in the field of technology, all activities have been improving at a quicker pace thereby giving way to efficient and effective progress in practically every field.  When it comes to computers and its solutions to protect it from malware threats, amazing products are available to meet this requirement and a tour at can give an understanding of the same. This highly performed software helps to overcome the slow down in computers and protects it from virus that may attack the system tool which is unlike any other antivirus program available.  It is the all in one security solution for the computer which protects them from spammers, hackers, etc; and safeguards computers with amazing performance.
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Besides being an all in one PC security solution, it removes browsing and search history, inclusive of history stored by other applications.  It reveals setting which are otherwise hidden and helps to add programs to the Always Allow option.  It also has the Secure File Eraser that can permanently delete an unwanted file from the system.  It has multiple leverage detection methods in monitoring and protection against web threats which also includes zero day threats and automatically scans USB flash drive, other removable drives and files for threats when inserted or plugged into the computer. The download is easy to use and the software safe for every computer.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ademero Document Management Software

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ademero for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

     With technology playing a very important role in the present scenario, great achievements can be made by improving working skill and accuracy.  Every business gets involved in marketing selling and delivering their products which involves a lot of workflow.  To cope up with the efficient working of this activity, service providers have been catering to document management software that enables users to work efficiently in an effective manner.  Users can take advantage of browser based application offers that are offered by the Vendor - Ademero and some of the best products on document management solutions can be availed from Content Central who are one of the best for work flow and document management solutions. Their easy to use products have been the result of great improvements done through the passage of time with the help of their client’s feedback which has proved to be very beneficial to all small and huge businesses alike. They have the most advanced features with clear cut user interface in their products.  Ademero offers Solution management, Full service Document Imaging, Hosted Document Management and Solution Migration Conversion.  Users have the option of accessing and interacting with the application through a preferred web browser and take advantage of downloading the trail version software available to them.

The user needs to understand the working concept of the document management software which will help them in decision making and helpful in enhancing the working process with skill and accuracy in an organization. Content Central have a lot to offer for Document Management and workflow solutions and users can take advantage of the browser based application offers, for quick deployment, controlled and logged access and remote connectivity. The user has the ability to create a document using PDF based electronic forms where the documents and the files can be scanned from network folders, document scanners, user interaction or email accounts. The scanned images are converted into fully searchable PDF file where all the documents can be restored with the help of the content keywords, based on the document needed.  All the features of the product are offered at affordable prices with many built in components which are designed to suit   the need of all their users, who have the option of identifying their need of interest and opt for the same.
For an efficient and smooth function of any career, the selection, purchasing and implementing of document management system should be an involved process which brings about plenty of challenges across your way. Some of the guidelines provided at the site are: Making a realistic business case for DMS – document management system, methods of calculating the real cost and returns, pitfalls to avoid when buying enterprise software, clearly defining success for your project and keys to new platform implementation success. The user’s guide can be downloaded for further guidance by the user at their site to get an understanding which can be of great help to them. Users can take the assistance of a live chat or email support should there arise any queries which are efficiently attended to by their excellent support team on board.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Overview of iPad mini - II


IPad mini, for what? Apple responds that everything can be done with an iPad can also be done with this new model. In fact, iOS is strictly identical, even if everything is smaller on the screen. The surprising effect again at first, but we quickly get used to the text and icons smaller.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Overview of iPad mini - I

That is, the iPad mini is available for everyone and not just in some supermarkets. In writing, we also recovered two copies, one in black last week and ordered the other white in an Apple Store.


The first contact with the new iPad ... through the box. Apple has been very successful to account for the size "mini" in its product offering box tiny, really small next to that of the standard iPad. At first glance, it almost looks like a book, which is certainly not a coincidence.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

iPad mini: the best, despite without its Retina screen - III


One can imagine an update will be available to correct these few teething problems related to the screen. The balance sheet remains very positive, however, as performance tests conducted by some testers. The iPad mini is only entitled to the A5 chip from the iPad 2, in theory less powerful than the chip A5X the new iPad released in the spring, but tests conducted by Engadget show different results.

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Friday, November 2, 2012

iPad mini: the best, despite without its Retina screen - II

The screen of an iPad 2

If the tests are unanimous on the manufacturing quality of the iPad mini, they all emphasize also the absence of Retina display. The general conclusion is: Apple has not integrated its Retina display without visible pixels to the tablet, and it shows. The Verge points to the problem:

Thursday, November 1, 2012

IOS 6.0.1 is available for download

Apple offers to download iOS 6.0.1. This update contains improvements dixit Apple and bug fixes. Here is the list of improvements:

- Fixed a problem preventing install on the iPhone 5 updates software wireless mode OTA
- Corrected a problem sometimes causing the display of horizontal lines on the keyboard
- Fixed an issue that could prevent the flash from the camera