Saturday, April 28, 2012

Interview: Flashback and the mechanics of a malware

The recent return of the malware in the news Flashback handed in before the security issues around the Mac. 

But there are other interesting aspects in this issue: how to operate this type of software, what are the methods used by publishers to analyze them and how can we explain some variation in the numbers of reported infections. 

Questions were answered Philip Devallois, Senior Security Analyst at Intego, and as such responsible for their laboratory.

Internet access, a human right?

The internet is there a human right? It was the complex question asked during the www2012 conference which was held this week in Lyon. Proposed answer ... Internet played a significant role in the popular protests of the Arab Spring. Would they have happened without the network? Impossible to say, but it is clear that mobile connectivity and social networks have greatly facilitated their organization, to the point they have sometimes been dubbed "Facebook revolutions" or "Twitter revolution".

Friday, April 27, 2012

Apples, coal and hydrogen

It would however be wrong to make a shortcut and assume that the data centers of these companies are perfectly dirty: they are not unique, but the reality is somewhat more nuanced. While Greenpeace tackles specifically to Apple, Microsoft and Amazon, and the case study that we know best, that of Apple.


Is the title of a Greenpeace report on an important but often overlooked: the energy consumption of data centers. This problem is even more important today that we are witnessing a shift of resources to the cloud: the environmentalist NGO is particularly interested in leading this area, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon. Greenpeace ready nevertheless open to criticism based again only on the declarative: it tackles thought Apple is Apple who finally tackled.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Best External Hard Drive Reviews

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Monday, April 23, 2012


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Best Radar Detector

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

iTunes: how to improve it? - II

Fill gaps in iTunes

These applications are quite independent of iTunes: they will break your habits and will not allow you to return easily to the reader from Apple if necessary. If you're not quite allergic to iTunes, maybe can fill its gaps before removing its icon from the Dock.

iTunes software is an old that takes into account end badly and internet options to complete the musical experience with contextual information. Wikit (2.99 €) is a small application that will display information from Wikipedia on the artist, album and song courses.

iTunes: how to improve it? - I

iTunes is a software unloved: symbol of the rebirth of Apple, he also manages the music videos, TV shows, podcasts, books, applications, ringtones, serves as a drive, shop and plant synchronization and backup, and you name it.

An overdose of functions that does not mask some of its shortcomings, and that only reinforces the frustration with this essential Mac. Some software and tips can still improve it ... or just replace it.

Internet Reputation

Now days, every one of us are being trapped or hit upon at least once in a day into the digitalized virtual sphere of our day today life. While prevailing ourselves over internet we possibly would have been subjected to the surprise blow of the scammers, identity thieves and stalkers to lose our internet reputation. This is happening very common on the internet now days. The Internet builds it trouble free for us to evaluate services, products as well as prices. Although it furthermore builds it uncomplicated for other people to stumble on data regarding us — or else can to post somewhat regarding you that may be bogus.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

iPod Touch games

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Aiptek MobileCinema i15: test of a pico-projector for iPhone

Although their use remains limited pico-projectors are currently in vogue. While several manufacturers integrate these tiny projectors directly into their phones, Aiptek has introduced several accessories to add to the iPhone. The Taiwanese manufacturer is not its first pico projector, but it is not known for the quality of its products. What about MobileCinema i15? The response in our test!


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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Android, the puzzle of Google

If Android has attracted the majority of consumers with 50% market share, however, the economic picture is less bright for Google's mobile OS. So that some observers have questioned the relevance of the Google initiative: she would not have done better to stick to a more fruitful partnership with Apple?

Manufacturers routed

If Samsung can boast of record results, the result is much bleaker for others: HTC, however, proposed the first manufacturer to have an Android smartphone sees its sales Business collapse, Acer had a very difficult year 2011, only reviving the profits in the last quarter (its netbooks bear the brunt of the fierce competition of the iPad.

Test: DigiTech iStomp

After the IPB-10 already tested in our columns, Digitech offers iStomp, a pedal for guitarists, whose primary function is modified via an iDevice. The manufacturer combines classicism and modernity for their ultra offer an innovative product. The question is whether they will be tempted by the adventure, a test that is not always the first that comes to mind when speaking of the fairer guitar ... rather conservative!

Friday, April 13, 2012

What do we want in iOS 6? - III

Improve the springboard

The "springboard" forge the identity of IOS devices from the very first iPhone. This space, which includes application icons available will probably not be abandoned anytime soon by Apple, but it could be improved in iOS 6.

Since 2007, Apple's competitors have made some proposals on different interface. The most original is undoubtedly that of Windows Phone 7 that displays icons not static but dynamic tiles continuously updated according to various criteria.

What do we want in iOS 6? - II

Improve the actions of multitasking

IOS 5, Apple added some multitouch gestures to help manage applications on the iPad. Shifts to four or more fingers can open or close the drawer of multitasking, to close the current application or proceeding to the next or the previous one.

These gestures have proved ideal for daily use, but they are also more complex than others, designed by the competition. With his playbook, RIM has chosen to use the frame around the screen: a finger began to slide off the screen to switch from one application to another, from the keyboard or display to return Home to the bar.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Scotts® Snap® Spreader System

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A friend of mine is rough and ready kind of person, although after days of struggle among his home turf, I suggested him to call a back garden service. Like the entire things, technology today is continuously getting much better. Back garden care has seen much a lot of big progress this year and one to talk much preferred is the Scotts® Snap® Spreader System.
It is much trouble free to employ that even the people who are not aware of the back yard things could handle it. The entire thing you need to do is just Snap, Lock and Go! In addition, you can link the Snap® PERKS program on Facebook too. The Snap perks on Facebook start on March 7, 2012. Following your register to the page, you will have the chance to make Perks and win prizes.
Thus, how precisely does the Snap Spreader system work? It is in fact a real trouble free thing. Free from cutting, opening and pouring heavy bags of manure. The Snap® Pac hooks up straight to the Spreader. The system without human intervention sets the flow rate. The Snap® Pac closes up itself hence you can store it with no spilling in anyplace. Just watch the video testimonial to know more.
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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What do we want in iOS 6? - I

Nothing is known so far iOS 6, the successor of the mobile team that currently Apple's mobile devices. There is no doubt that its development is well underway at Apple and the next major upgrade of IOS will certainly be presented soon.

Pending further information, it is not forbidden to dream: we list our wishes for iOS 6 and those of our readers asked on our Twitter, more reasonable wishes of the wildest ...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Graphics cards, spots on the screens: the little cares of the iMac

Defective graphics cards, spots on the screen, the latest iMac were not without their problems more or less important and more or less accepted by Apple. Problems all the more annoying than the iMac is a machine all-in-a dedicated closed to the public and therefore difficult to repair. While a new generation iMac must be submitted by the summer, we should review these concerns conception.

Monday, April 9, 2012

FileMaker Pro 12 is output. Our survey!

Like clockwork, FileMaker has every two years a new version of its software management database used by 18 million people worldwide: FileMaker Pro 12 is available today.

An overview of its new file format

Since its inception in 1985, FileMaker Pro has changed three times file format. FileMaker Pro 12 brings a fourth evolution: after. Fm, the. Fp3, the. And fp5. Fp7, now's. Fmp12. This is the first time since 2004 that FileMaker Pro exchange format file. All files created with FileMaker Pro 12 will be under this new format, with this new extension.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Ultimate in Shredder #FellowesInc

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Nowadays, the business people are becoming smart and each person needs to look after their data hence that they do not find brim over to their competitors. Though every person are on familiar terms with the information that the entire business data are nothing but the money which are typically written, that are on the whole measured to be more exclusive than the accustomed bills. On the other hand, just envisage a case where the papers find landed to your competitor, subsequently the entire your uphill struggle would just go without success.

Data Theft is the most significant thing that each business needs to keep at bay from their competitors while they make use of the top accessible gear to protect their information and facts thus that they are not poured out as they may have made known with no paper without shredding.

At the present time, security has develop into an imperative feature on the whole and each business does needs to continue forward of their competitors through building their information and statistics secure. Though, there are extensive range of information which are produced by means of confidential information meant for business that are usually controller to the computer safekeeping, as well as to triumph over such perils, shredders are used that are on the whole use to destroys the papers in dust in milliseconds, hence will permit you to protect your information.

Whereas, Modern shredders will facilitate you resolve as a lots of troubles that you take delivery of by building it to uncomplicated procedures from massive unwieldy and exasperating things. Although there are plenty more improvement in shredders, one amongst them is The Ultimate in Shredder Innovation. This is an innovative machine known as Fellowes 79Ci shredder that will respond the entire your requirements as this machine conveys you one of the most incredible expertise to work up together with wonderful milieu of noiseless, secure and the most significant accompany perfectly jam proof.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Mozilla confirms the failure of WebM

Mitchell Baker, President of Mozilla, and Brendan Eich, CTO, are both back on the discussions that took place within the organization concerning the adoption of H.264 in Firefox (Mozilla read opens a gap in H. 264).

Brendan Eich explains in a note the reasons that led to this shift to 180 degrees in May 2010, Adobe announced that Flash would support the VP8 (this is where the video portion of WebM) and January 2011 Google announced the abandonment of H.264 in Chrome "in the coming months". None of these ads has been happening since.

The incredible business security flaws

Security is not a market like any other. Every year in early March, meet in Vancouver people around the world show and exploit weaknesses of the major browsers. For each vulnerability exploited, participants leave with an average of $ 10 000. Pwn2Own but, this is sort of the Olympics in this industry. Of glory, but little money! Because with a security breach, it is possible to earn much more money....

Best Songs with your Windows Down

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