Saturday, August 6, 2011

Apple TV Latest Version -2

So, certainly this new firmware does not change completely, but it makes the product a little more interesting. And not to expect, with the advent of icloud, Apple TV should have a nice card to play. With the first model, Apple had already acted in a similar way by offering occasional revisions of the firmware in order to offer customers new features. But with this model, based on IOS, Apple probably affords to go much further and much faster. If Apple TV is still flanked by the status of hobby, with the model released last year, Apple has still turned a corner. In his first quarter of marketing, Apple has sold more than a million (read: Apple TV almost a million units sold). The apple did not release the sales figures of its predecessor. Without reaching the huge numbers of other devices iOS, Apple TV does not sell too badly. During the last quarter, Apple would have passed just under 500,000. Figures to compare, for example, with Google TV, which he seems catastrophic Logitech terminal with its review, has recorded more than product returns those sales for the quarter. If no one has yet managed to make a fortune with this type of aircraft, this segment is attracting more and more players. After Google has launched in the battle last year, is Research In Motion (RIM) to work actively on a small case quite similar to the Apple TV. The recipe is identical to that used by the Cupertino Company: hardware and software architecture very similar to other products in the home including the playbook. The product itself is more focused professionals.

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