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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Apple TV 4K arrives, now Apple's finally ready to play the Ultra HD game

Apple TV 4K – Streaming Video-Player
The long-awaited streaming video-player of apple tv 4K is getting a renovation as the iTunes store squeezes Hollywood for an improved deal on Ultra HD movies. Since the prices of Ultra HD television has dropped they have been replaced by full HD as the default choice while shopping for big screen for the living room. Australians could overlook the Ultra HD broadcasting for the predictable future.

 In the meantime Ultra HD Blu-ray disc players have been gradually taking off though the easiest method of getting Ultra HD movies to your living room is through the internet where one would be having your home broadband connection. Bandwidth is obviously less scarce in US and so Apple watchers had been amazed two years back when the Apple TV 4th gen did not make the leap to Ultra HD.

 American at that point of time already had access to a range of Ultra HD capable streaming services comprising of Netflix, YouTube and Amazon though not the iTunes stores of Apple. If Steve Jobs had been around, he would have described Ultra HD as a `bag of hurt’, which is Apple-speak for `it doesn’t suit the business model at least not yet’ Ultra HD support back then would have benefitted Netflix more than Apple when Apple had been working on its own streaming video goals.
Ultra HD Trend
Two years thereafter, Cupertino is eventually taking on the Ultra HD trend so that apple tv 4K will show up on sign. The latest apple tv 4K had been put on sale in Australia on September 22 with pre-orders on September 15 priced at $249 for 32GB of storage for $279 for 64GB model.

The old Full HD apple tv 4K will fall to $209. Apple does not sell the earlier apple tv 4K models anymore which had not permitted the user to install third-party apps. In the meantime, Ultra HD movies will be coming to iTunes stores mainly for sale instead of rental. The most amazing thing is that the user will pay the same price as HD movies with a cost free upgrade for any of the HD movies one may have purchased earlier if they are made available in Ultra HD.

Apple is not taking a risk here. On the contrary it played hardball with the movie studio in making a better pricing deal rather than other video services which is a part of the continuing power struggle of Apple with content providers.
Support High Dynamic Range – Standard HDR10/Dolby Vision
Competitors such as Google Play in the meanwhile have been compelled to charge additional for Ultra HD movies not that there is much Ultra HD content in Australian store in spite of the launch of the Chromecast Ultra player. The apple tv 4K would be obtaining the support for Ultra HD Netflix shortly.

 The good news is that the player is said to support the High Dynamic Range for standard HDR10 as well as the advanced Dolby Vision chosen by Netflix HDR provides more vivid colours together with additional detail in the brightest highlight and deepest shadows. Amazingly Dolby Atmos audio support has not been mentioned.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Apple TV Is Getting Voice Dictation to End Your Typing Woes


Apple TV –Dictation/App Store Search for Siri

With the updated Apple TV, typing has been a strain; however text input could get a lot better with its next software update. Presently out for developers in beta form, the next tvOS 9.2 will add dictation as well as App Store search for Siri enabling users to contribute text through voice commands.

One can also spell passwords out loud instead of doing things the hard way with the remote. Voice search works the way one would expect on the App Store permitting users to ask Siri to access assured categories or apps. The update is said to introduce Live Photos as well as iCloud Photo Library support, enhanced folder organization together with a revamped App Switcher.

As per MacRumors, the next instalment of tvOS 9.2 would be released to all users in spring officially together with iOS 9.3 for iPhone and iPad. One of the biggest complaints at launch, with the fourth generation Apple TV was the text entry. Considering that the video streamer supported Siri, though did not support dictation for quick search box completion, user account entry became unusual and also seemed unavoidable.

Voice Dictation Feature

The Siri Remote which comes with the new Apple TV enables Siri based voice search and the company is attempting to bring Siri search support on the Apple TV for Apple Music. The tech giant company has sown tvOS 9.2 beta 3 to developers and besides other features it has a voice dictation feature.

On enabling dictation in Apple tvOS 9.2 beta 3, one can speak in the Siri remote and enter text in any field which earlier needed a slow and awkwardseries of swipes and clicks on a horizontal row of letters. Dictation tends to aid the spelling of user names as well as password, besides quick word entry in search boxes. The update has also introduced the potential of searching the App Store from anywhere in the Apple TV interface on holding the button of Siri and speaking commands such as `Search the App Store for Plex’ or What games are in the App Store?”

The update also remedies other complaints on adding support for Bluetooth keyboards, Live Photos, iCloud Photo Libraries as well as introduces the ability to group apps in folders on the home screen of Apple TV like iOS.

Feature Not Available for General Public

Apple TVs will probably receive the tvOS 9.2 update in spring with an official date is rumoured to be announced at the March 15thevent where it is also likely to launch the iPad Air 3, iPhone 5se as well as the new Apple Watch models and bands.

The feature has not been made available for the general public and Apple is expected to include all of the features to users with tvOS 9.2, public rollout. It is strange that Apple has taken sometime in bringing such features to its tvOS platform considering that the feature had been on iOS as well as OS X for quite a long time. Taking into account that tvOS tends to make good use of text input system, it leaves one to consider over its apparent reasons.

We would be seeing at least one more beta before tvOS 9.2 is rolled to all across the world. Considering the fact the Apple is adding new features with every release of pre-release software for Apple TV 4, there is probably likelihood that the final build would bring surprises not seen or heard earlier.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Guide to Mastering the New Apple TV


Apple’s Streaming TV Box –Redesigned/Revamped

Apple’s streaming TV box features a redesigned remote control, a revamped interface with a full Apple Store. Besides streaming content from Netflix, Hulu and other services, the Apple TV doubles also as a gaming console.

It is said that Apple TV is not just for streaming anymore. It latest embodiment which will be shipped this week, tends to provide on the big screen almost anything one would earlier have done only on an iPhone or iPad. The new Apple TV seems to be an accomplished device though it is not flawless. The streaming TV features also tend to outdo its predecessor.

The Apple TV being a dependable streamer though till now its range had been limited to a few services which included HBO besides Netflix and Hulu. However, Apple did not let the addition of other channels like the competitive videogame play from

All this seems to have changed and the new Apple TV features the iPhone like app store which enables you with the choice of your own streaming services. It is no longer forceful in directing you to iTunes and the other service of Apple. One can customize their favourites on the home screen.

Quality of Video – Full High Definition

The quality of the video on the new Apple TV is very successful at full high definition which is technically known as 1080p and should be quite a bit for most of the individuals. Though video supporters may tend to complain that it does not maintain a high quality video standard known as ultra-high definition or 4K like the other streaming boxes do, but there are not many 4K TVs or much of the programming made available so far.

The remote of the Apple TV does not seem to have a headphone jack that the other streaming devices such as the Roku 3 and 4 as well as the Nividia Shield tend to provide, to spare family and roommates during night.

Apple TV on the contrary supports Bluetooth wireless headphones and one needs to buy them separately. So far it is not known whether one will be able to stream video from Amazon and Google Play. Both the companies seem to have competing video stores and one point could be the cut that Apple tends to take on in-app digital sales.

Voice Search with Siri Virtual Assistant

Other main services expected on the Apple TV include Google’s YouTube. The CBC News app will be compatible for iOS with Apple TV at the time of launch and on adding the CBC News app; users would then be in a position to watch The National live and on demand together with demand episodes of Marketplace as well as the Fifth Estate and latest news clips.

Besides this, the new Apple TV also permits voice searches with the use of Siri virtual assistant. On request, Seinfeld or Jennifer Lawrence together with Apple TV can look through the catalogs for iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, HBO and Showtime with much more.

 Users could also ask for good documentaries to view. By default the Apple TV comes with the following apps namely iTunes Movies, iTunes TV Shows, the App Store, photos, music, search, computers and settings. Besides these stock apps, the fourth generation Apple TV unveils an App Store full of third party apps as well as games for the television.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Apple Pulls iFixit's App After it Tears Down the New Apple TV


Apple Banned iFixit Developer Account

After the announcement of Apple TV recently, Apple had provided developers with Apple TV Developers Kits for use in the creation of tvOS apps for the device. Teardown site iFixit had taken apart one of Apple TV units which was meant for the developers and had faced some consequence in doing so. The team at iFixit is learning a lesson on the importance of abiding developers’ agreements.

Apple it is said had banned iFixit developer account the repair-it-yourself outfit in violating a re-release Apple TV sent out to the developers and its terms and conditions.According to a post on the iFixit blog, the teardown that had unveiled the internal components of the new Apple TV had violated the terms and conditions of Apple resulting in iFixit’s developers account being banned resulting in the removal of the iFixit app from the App Store.

With the new Apple TV, iFixit revealed a few interesting changes, like the USB-C port towards the back, an Apple A8 processor and 2GB of Hynix RAM and 32GB on integrated storage. The power supply was changed from 1.75A at 3.4V to .917A at 12V. However the amazing part is that iFixit is of the belief that the current drawn is transmitted to the logic board through its screw terminals, eliminating a small tangle of wire.

iFixit Ignored Fine Print

Moreover, they also engaged in the 4th generation Apple TV’s new remote. The iFixit’s Apple TV unit had been sent from Apple directly with similar restrictions that were applicable to Apple TV units sent to the other developers.

However, iFixit choose to ignore the fine print. The blog post read, `we weighed the risks, blithely tossed those risks over our shoulder and tore down the Apple TV anyway. Some days later we had received an email from Apple informing that we had violated their terms and conditions and the offending developers account was said to be banned.

 However, the app of iFixit was linked to the same account and hence Apple pulled the app also. Their reasoning was that we had taken action which could have stalled the performance or intended use of the App Store, B2B Program or the Program’.

iFixit app being removed from the Apple Store is instead planning to restore its mobile website with no plans to rewrite the app. The decision to aim on the iFixit mobile site came up prior to the app being pulled by Apple and hence not a big loss to iFixit. iFixit’s Chad Wien does not seem to be upset about the app being pulled.

He stated that it was out-dated and the company would be more focused on developing their mobile website. However he seemed to be upset or confused with Apple’s reason of sending a new Apple TV to iFixit if they had no intention of tearing it down.

They presumed it to be a part of some plan marked in Cupertino or someone needed Wiens and his crew to tear down the device to get it banned. The site has informed that the app seemed to be out-dated and damaged with bugs due to iOS 9.

After the release of Apple TV Developers Kits, several other developers shared featured titbits, photos etc. regarding the device. It is not known if Apple had got in touch with the developers regarding the non-disclosure violations.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Apple TV Usage is Surging -- At The Expense Of Mac

Apple TV
TV Everywhere on the Rise – Surpassing Roku

According to a report from Adobe, the computer maker’s streaming media box has envisaged its share of TV Everywhere viewings is doubled at the start of this year, surpassing main rival Roku. It seems that much of the growth is people changing in their Apple TV for online video which they previously watched on their desktops or laptops. Tamara Gaffney, principal analyst for Adobe Digital Index stated that looking at the Mac access,it has dropped.

 For Apple, they are transitioning the lover of their computers into a lover of the Apple TV device. Online video is on the rise since several users tend to watch on the go from their mobile devices with more programmers putting in-demand content on the web.

This has given way in the creation of good benefits for maker of `over the top’ boxes such as Apple TV which catches up to television in order to play online video for the big screen in the living room. This quick growth may have hidden dangers for Apple which means that since demand is mounting for one of its lowest priced products at the cost of some of their expensive products, it could mean the services on streaming media boxes may grow in importance when compared to the hardware.

Traditional TV Industry’s Gateway System

Consumer video viewing and browsing behaviour from the first quarter of last year through the first quarter of 2015 had been examined by Adobe. The data had been aggregated from over 500 billion visits with more than 200 billion online video starts and 2.8 billion TV Everywhere authentications for premium video content.

TV Everywhere is considered to the traditional TV industry’s gateway system in putting shows online and the TV Everywhere authentication is when one has been asked to enter the cable or satellite service password before viewing a movie or a show. It was observed by Adobe that Apple TV signified 10% of TV Everywhere authentication during the first quarter which has increased by 5% in the final quarter of last year and surpassed Roku that had an 8% share in the last period and 1% up point.

Apple TV – Popular Holiday Present

According to Gaffney, the data indicated Apple TV to be popular holiday present and observed its share could rise once again when Adobe could examine the data collected after Apple cuts the price of the box to $69 from the $99 in March. A caution with regard to these standings is that TV Everywhere authentications are not the full image of online video viewing and does not include time spent watching free video as well as content that is delivered by subscription services such as Netflix. Other observations from Adobe are –

  • TV Everywhere viewing has quadrupled in the last year
  • Apple TV and Roku, over-the-top counter devices as well as gaming consoles like Xbox, has made the greatest impact in TV Everywhere share growth to around 24% from 6% from last year
  • Although Thursday night has been made traditional `must see TV’, evening for advertising dollars, the most popular for TV Everywhere viewing seems to be Wednesday nights
  • Popular online browsers for viewing has been increasing Google’s Android as well as Chrome and continues to grow more than Apple’s Safari, though by a mere few percentage points. Google’s overall rating is 18% and Safari up by 15% which is at the expense of Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Apple Plans Web TV Service in Fall

Apple TV
Apple’s - Internet Based TV Service

Apple, it has been revealed, is in talks with several leading television groups for an Internet based TV service for its iPhone, iPad as well as Apple TV set-top box. It has been reported that the technology company is working out in offering slimmed down bundle of TV networks this coming fall and the service would be having around twenty-five channels which would be anchored by broadcasters like ABC, CBS and Fox that would be made available on Apple devices like the Apple TV.

An anonymous source has informed that the service which would be announced later this year offers a bundle of channels and would be smaller and cheaper than the overstuffed catalog offered in a cable subscription. Apple’s plans for a web TV series was followed by an announcement that it had formed an exclusive partnership with HBO offering the premium cable network’s new digital TV service, known as HBO Now.According to sources familiar with the matter, at present, the talks does not involve NBCUniversal, the owner of the NBC broadcast network and USA and Bravo cable channels due to a fall-out between Apple and NBCUniversal parent company – Comcast Corp.

New Service – June, Launch – September 

Till last year, Comcast and Apple had been in talks and were working together on a streaming television platform which would be combining Apple’s expertise in user interfaces along with Comcast’s strength in the delivery of broadband. According to source, Apple was of the belief that Comcast was easing it along while the cable giant had its focus on its own XI Web enabled set-top box. Another media executive had stated that it would be difficult to launch a service without NBCUniversal channels, for Apple.

Apple in the meantime was in talks with Walt Disney Co; CBS Corp. and 21st Century Fox Inc.; besides other media companies to offer the well-known channels while leaving the several smaller networks in the standard cable TV package. News Corp and 21st Century Fox, the owner of The Wall Street Journal were part of the same company till mid-2013. Some sources have also revealed that the company would announce its new service in June and its launch would be in September while media executive has stated that they believed that Apple is planning to price the service at $30 to $40 per month.

Live TV Streaming Service 

For years now, Apple had been on and off talks with media companies with a hope of creating a subscription TV service which could be delivered over the internet and several of its proposals turned out to be essential but failed to succeed. Apple’s TV services would now be entering the market amidst strong competition in Internet TV services and most of the companies are looking for means of targeting those who would not want to pay the nominal $90 price for a TV cable package with hundreds of channels and intend to enjoy online video.

Apple is continuing with its proposal in creating a live TV streaming service in its recent talks, with a huge on-demand library which would be stored in the `cloud’ and it could be difficult for Apple to get rights to all the programming intending to offer, including full seasons of shows. Several of the media companies tend to have deals to license contents like these to outlets such as Hulu and Netflix.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Redesigned YouTube App for Apple TV

Apple TV

Google recently unveiled a redesigned YouTube app for AppleTV along with a variety of new features while Apple too added four more channels including one from the popular mixed martial art league UFC to its line-up.

It is prominently a brand new YouTube app bringing the client updated with some of the various other platforms which reflects the design of other set-top box clients where the access would be easy to subscriptions as well as search functions. The YouTube app utilises the OAuth to login for security purpose instead of naïve password entry.

 However, the YouTube update would also mean that users of Apple TV would start to see ads for the first time on the platform and some of the users would be disappointed with this addition and it is impossible to opt out of the update.

The channels rolled are, for Conde Nast’s `The Scene’, `Fusion’, Dailymotion and UFC for premium subscription fighting and martial arts content. The Scene – from gather video content from Conde’s magazine and third party sites such as The Verge while Dailymotion seems to be more like a free-for-all video upload site a la YouTube.

No Subscription Essential to View Apple TV

None of these channels however, need a subscription to view on Apple TV. UFC has a pay-per-view or an annual `Fight Pass’, for a yearly subscription of $99 for mixed martial arts fans. Fusion on the other hand provides video programming for young and diverse audience with `unique mix of news, pop culture as well as satire’ and the network is a joint venture between Univision and ABCwhich is a digital news network with their focus at the millennial audience.

Dailymotion brings about most of the content from the web properties which include content from gaming network IGN to the Apple TV. The four channels and the YouTube are rolling out presently and would be appearing automatically on an Apple TV.

Apple will be highlighting the changes for the first time with a `New’ banner in the interface. Apple TV had added the new channels last in October with the addition of FYI and Feeln, which is A Beats Music app that had been added in September.

Refreshed User Interface 

Besides a refreshed user interface, the latest YouTube app also have additional functionality long missing from Apple TV incarnation and users can now subscribe to channel directly from the set-top box such as the app’s search function which uses a find-as-you-type configuration for quick searches.

With the YouTube update, Apple has now added this new content from UFC, The Scene, Fusion and Dailymotion bringing about their personalized recommendation to the latest version enabling users to browse through new content depending on their viewing history.

UFC which has been rumoured to be headed to the set-top streamer for some time now will enable viewers to access plenty of content inclusive of Pay-per-views as well as video from UFC Fight Pass. Meanwhile, The Scene brings about curated short form video content from brands which include ABC News, Epicurious, Forbes and GQ.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Apple TV – Hub of Digital Home with Twitter and Facebook Integration

Developer notes connected with the updated beta software for Apple TV relates to the device used to `test HomeKit with the help of iOS apps’, with implication that the Apple TV will now become the hub of the digital home.

Moreover an analyst has also stated that Apple will be working with Twitter and Facebook in bringing about these apps to the Apple TV. HomeKit had been working with Apple TV from the time of the first iOS 8.0 update as per an unknown source.

On testing the HomeKit protocol, the app developer had stated that when the Apple TV was turned on, the interactions between the iPhone and the simulated devices were quicker, reliable and smoother than with the Apple TV turned off. iOS developers have the potential to play around in the simulator that Apple provides them due to the fact that HomezKit does not work along with any present connected devices since there are no HomeKit certified devices in the market.

Viewers can expect to see HomeKit certified devices likely to show up in the forthcoming year. Apple had also announced a series of official hardware partners who were keen on building their devices to suit Apple’s HomeKit specifications at the forthcoming iOS developers’ conference in June and some of the official partners include August Smart Lock, Honeywells’s Lyric thermostat and Philips Hue light bulb.

Remote Access Point for Devices in the Home

Apple TV is a tiny box which plugs to the TV and connects wirelessly to the internet to enable access to films. iTunes music, TV programmes and much more features. The Apple TV seems to be the device which can be used to control all the devices in the home and the latest beta software includes `support for Family Sharing’ and can also be used for testing Airplay and HomeKit with iOS apps.

Apple TV would probably be a remote access point for devices within the home which could be accessed through iCloud from any location. We are all aware that Apple TV features HomeKit support but this is the first time that Apple has make a reference to it with regards to Apple TV and a Forbes source revealed that the 7.0 update Apple TV provides added support for HomeKit. The source also claims that the Apple TV would be serving as the central hub of the HomeKit features stating that the `HomeKit support is built in the Apple TV firmware.’

Access to Facebook & Twitter via Apple TV

Rumours are on that Apple will also be offering access to Facebook and Twitter through the Apple TV. Chowdhry of Global Equities Research Trip is of the belief that Apple is on its way working with Facebook and Twitter in bringing those apps to the Apple TV and the addition of these apps would be part of a Social TV.

The purpose is that some TV channels would be showing Tweets using a particular hastag at the bottom of the screen when the program will be aired and with limited live content available to watch on the Apple TV, tweets could be timed so that they tend to appear at the right time schedule.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Apple’s Patent – Next Generation iOS Remote App System

Apple’s Patent
Apple’s patent published recently reveals a next generation iOS remote app system which will be capable of translating the Apple TV’s UI to smaller format iPhone and iPad screens at the time of streaming back the external content such as movie from some of the same devices.

Apple’s patent application, as filed in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, for `Browsing remote content using a native user interface’, specifies what amounts to advanced Apple TV remote control app which interprets media content as well as semantic information in reproducing graphical user interface native to an iPhone or iPad display.

The patent application for next generation remote app was first filed for in March 2013 with credits to Nickolas James Paulson, Thomas Alsina and Lucas C. Newman as its inventors. The proposed iteration, unlike the Current Remote app of Apple, that employs a bespoke UI tailored especially for iPhone or iPad would size down dramatically, an Apple TV’s GUI based on semantic cues that may be sent to the client device from an Apple TV source or a Mac running iTunes.

This method enables a much enhanced user experience which moves beyond the prevailing digital reproduction of remote control hardware.

Full TV Interface/Icon Matrix

The app for instance can display a full TV interface or an icon matrix, remotely, which includes media description, ratings, posters purchasing options etc.

Moreover code for interpreting semantics boards which are sent by the host device can be kept on client board iPhone or the programming could be tapped from an off-sit server like iCloud. With semantics translation kept in the cloud, enables greater flexibility with older devices which are not usually supported by modern app.

Possibilities of two embodiments have been outlined by Apple for remote app, one of which is active and the other passive. The active version enables users to interact with an Apple TV or any other host device in real time such as any selections that are made on the iOS device tend to reflect immediately on the larger television screen.

Active/Passive Operation 

The document deals with active mode but a mention has been made of passive operation whereby a client device stores up user input and pushes the date to the host device when prompted to do so. For instance passive mode enables one user to browse through a host’s media catalog without disturbing other users.

One important feature is that it involves content collected to augment media that is played or streamed by the host Apple TV like a user starting a movie through the iOS device and then leaves the remote app to search for trivia on the web. Whatever information is gathered outside the remote control app can be sent to the host device for display irrespective of it being an overlay, other means of presentation or a sidebar.

Besides the operational enhancements, Apple has also been aware of the client devices that can be paired with an Apple TV through proximity sensor technology with support for iBeacon. With Apple TV software, the updated version 6.1 that had been launched in March, the set top streamer can scan for compatible devices through Bluetooth.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Apple’s New Launch - Apple TV in Newest Beta

Apple tv
With the arrival of the beta 4 update, Apple has finally launched a new Apple TV software beta alongside iOS 8 beta and the fifth Yosemite beta which includes the long awaited interface update and the design is said to be very dramatic.

The new interface consists of new icons which have been designed to resemble the icons in iOS7 with a less glossy and a flatter look. Many icons have new colours like the computers, music, movies and TV shows and the slim Helvetica Neue font that Apple had adopted previously with iOS7. The on-screen have also been updated.

Earlier Apple TV beta had added new Family sharing options together with support for iCloud photos and both these features have been introduced in OS X Yosemite and iOS 8. Presently the Apple TV beta is only available to the registered developers though the updated software would be released to the public at large in fall probably along with the launch of iOS 8.

The new Apple TV update can be downloaded by registered developers from the iOS Dev Centre. Apple has not completely done away with the grid of icons approach for Apple TV but has revamped the UI, an iOS 7 style makeover with a new set of icons which are flatter than their earlier counterparts.

Default Icons Reworked/Weight of Typeface Changed

Each of the default iconshave been reworked with more modern cover to avoid the present defunct iOS gloss effect for a matte finish while the background starburst effect which has been given leads to gradients that is present in iOS 7. Besides this, the weight of the typeface has been changed to slightly thinner with the icons no more casting reflections.

The pictographs have also been changed to make them look sleek and the `setting’, icon has been given a radical change with the same nested gears icon found in the latest Apple mobile and desktop operating systems.Lastly, the glow which surrounds the currently selected icons are tightened to include a better define white ring offset by a small black margin.

Apple TV User Interface Paradigm 

On the whole the Apple TV user interface paradigm seems to be largely unchanged from its earlier debut in the year 2007 and rumours have been spreading for years which picked up steam in 2011 with the publication of the autobiography of Steve Job, where the late Apple CEO was quoted as saying that he had `finally cracked’, the television issue.

These rumours came up in the early 2014 when various media outlets recommended that a refresh would be essential but nothing materialized till then. With recent reports, there are indications that Apple’s new set top solutionwas stalled since negotiations prolonged with the content providers.

Consistent design across platform is a good thing though third party apps tend to hold on to their same old icons and getting some consistency there, keeping in mind the platform as a whole has not been drawing much attention of late. The latest update is likely to come around the same time iOS 8 would come, this fall.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Siri Voice Control Support For Apple TV

Siri Voice Control Support For Apple TV
Recent report states that Apple will be working on building its voice activated application Siri into its Apple TV to rival Amazon’s Fire TV.

Apple’s Siri, the virtual personal assistant which is presently available on the company’s mobile products will be making headway to the Apple TV set top box. Pierre Blazquez, the French software developer had found reference to Sirisupport for Apple TV in a section of iOS 7.1 code recently wherein the code refers to the device family `3’ that has been the number for Apple TV since the set top box began running iOS.

 It was reported that for some time Apple’s settop box would get Siri support and with this move many companies including Samsung and LG would be offering voice control for their television software.

Launch in Early June

This upcoming miniature set top box would be unveiled early this June with features like voice commands and games console and will become a serious Apple product in its own right. This hockey puck sized device which plugs at the back of the television set connecting to the internet with dedicated app will enable the streaming of content from other Apple products like Mac, iPads, or iPhones which till now has been considered as just interesting hobby of the company but will now be making a change for the better.

New Set Top Box with Fast Processor

Amazon too had earlier announced its launch for Fire TV set top box inclusive of remote control with a built-in microphone in order to enable users to speak the name of a move, TV show, actor and director, into the remote with Fire TV displaying the list of the results.

It could stream video and audio from services like Netflix and Pandora like the way other gadgets were functioning but unlike several of its rivals, the Fire TV has voice search as well as the capabilities to play video games.

It was also reported that Apple would be releasing a new set top box which would have a faster processor accompanied with an updated interface enabling users to navigate with ease between TV shows, movie together with other online content.

Siri Voice Assistant – Upgraded Version 

According to reports, it was stated that the new code found within Apple’s software indicates that the tech giant would be bringing its Siri voice assistant to an upgraded version of the Apple TV which would seem that Apple would be competing for consumers on high end of the video streaming market with the new Amazon Fire TV.

With regards to Fire TV, user can hold a button on the remote control to search content by taking the name of a movie, artist or a TV show where the device would display results to the user’s audio query. Moreover the Amazon streaming box also enables the user to play video game which can be downloaded from the app store of the company.

With their focus on being competitive with Amazon Fire TV, it is reported that Apple is considering in bringing about many features to its device which would be costing $99 meaning that Apple would be gearing up in improving its gadgets with more feature if it intends to remain competitive against its rival.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Apple TV

Apple’s New Device with Quick Processor

Apple TV
It is reported by Bloomberg, that Apple had held negotiation meeting with Time Warner Cable somewhere in the middle of last year along with other potential partners for video content and an agreement with Time Warner Cable could probably mark the first deal with a satellite or cable company. The new device will be a successor to the current Apple TV which is in the process of testing and is likely to be announced towards April for sale by Christmas, it was reported. It would be a set top box instead of the full fledged TV set and that the product would include revamped operating system in line with iOS. It is also said that the new device which plugs into a television set would have a quick processor unlike the earlier version with an upgraded interface enabling people to navigate between TV shows, movies, together with other online content. The Time Warner deal would enable Apple TV customers with a wider choice of live TV channels while at the moment customers can access only a limited number of individual channel apps some of which worth mention are ESPN, HBO, ABC, PBS, Bloomberg TV, Disney, etc.

Time Warner Deal to be Finalized Soon

According to Apple Chief Executive Officer, Tim Cook, he states that the year would be full of new production introduction. It is also reported that Time Warner who had been in talks with Apple for over a year now would be willing to hand over the reins of the customer facing user interface to Apple and that the deal would be finalized very soon. Apple who is aiming to make the device available for sale by the time Christmas approaches is a bit uncertain on the release date since the company is still in the process of securing new agreements with programming together with distribution partners, which was anonymously stated.

New Apple TV with Added Support for Apps

With reference to a new Apple TV hardware which was discovered earlier this week, in a recent release of iOS 7, rumors indicated that a new Apple TV would now see added support for apps as well as Bluetooth game controllers in the forthcoming months. Towards the end of January, Apple TV had received new prominence on the Apple Online Store with suggestions that the platform could be developed into more than just a hobby. The long delay between introduction of the new entry and its launch is something which Apple is capable of handling as it is a known fact that Apple prefers to announce and release products in a short period of time. As Apple has been developing the new strategy for Apple TV, these past few years, there are issues as well as legalities relating in establishing partnerships with the movies and television distribution companies which it seems may make this venture of Apple TV content experience not much of a difference from the current and past Apple TV models. Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, showed big ambition for the television issue while speaking to Walter Isaacson. We need to wait and watch of what lies in store with the launch of Apple’s new entry. Do visit Macmyth for updated information on Apple News.

Monday, January 20, 2014

How to control Apple TV with a third-party remote

Apple tv
Apple Televisions are becoming more and more popular and as it is normal with any new technology; different problems have started surfacing as usage increases. One of the most common issues with any television is the compatibility of remote control devices, with many equipments having specific remote controls that control that equipment, thereby making it compulsory on the users part to either ensure that the remote is kept in good condition or go back to the company for purchasing remote controls; in case the one you have fails. This throws open another challenge in the way of availability, as post a number of years the company tends to discontinue production of certain models as well as accessories that come with it.

Apple TV also faces a similar problem. What do you do? Are you aware that, a third party remote, which has come with some other equipment of yours, can now be paired to work seamlessly with the Apple TV. There are a few steps that you will need to follow to ensure that the Apple TV is paired with a remote control device other than the original one.

First select the remote that you want to use on your Apple TV. . There are numerous buttons on your remote and frankly, there are always some which do not have any use with the present set up that you will have. Select one of these buttons. This will serve as your Apple TV remote control button.

On the TV, open settings select General, press Remotes. There you will find an option called “Learn Remote”. From hereon, it is just a matter of following certain simple steps to pair this device with your TV.
Select Start. Apple TV will show icons that normally indicate the six buttons on an Apple remote. There will also be the Up or + button which needs to be in highlight mode. Using your remote, press and hold the button on your remote that you want to use on Apple TV. A blue progress bar will indicate the progress as far as the pairing is concerned. Once the progress bar is full, it is a clear indication that the pairing has been successful. One of the six instructions for an Apple remote has been converted to suit your remote. Similarly, you could follow the same steps to configure all the six functions.

A few programs that you could use for the other five are certain advanced features like playback, fast forward, rewind, next chapter etc

A couple of issues that could crop up when you are pairing are:

1. “No Signal Received” – Check the remote to ensure that the button you have decided to use has been enabled. Also check the battery strength of your remote.

2. “Button already learned” – This message appears if the button that you are using already has a function assigned to it. Select another button and repeat the pairing procedure.

Overall, an excellent feature that sadly, has not caught the eye of the consumer in a big way. This can certainly revolutionize the usage of televisions in times to come.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Apple discovered wireless problem with Apple TV

Apple has apparently found that there is some wireless problem with Apple TV in the third generation wireless problem. However, this affects only a small part of the device as Mac reported. The devices should be allowed to be exchanged without difficulty the apple stores staff members reported when contacted. With the Apple TV, there are some localization issues in relation to wireless networks. In addition, there may be permanent disconnections. The replacement of the Apple TV hardware happens under certain conditions. It is important that the device has the latest iOS version 5.2.1 installed. Moreover, it should have no problems with any offers from third parties.

Top of the image affected by the problems Apple TV Wi-Fi models are shown. This is apparently some older models. Apple TV was released in March last year. The current version includes, the ability to play 1080p video among other things.  Almost unnoticed in January, Apple introduced a new version of Apple TV. The only noticeable difference is the processor that's inside in the device. Apple TV from last year has a dual core processor and now it contains a single-core A5 processor, which is slightly smaller than the processor in the previous version. Nevertheless, it is merely an updated version of Apple TV 3 and not a whole new version. The new version is apparently only an intermediate model before and it may behold a new version of the set-top box or even the new Apple TV into the world.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Apple iTV

Apple is preparing to launch iTV for the Smartphone and tablets, and shake up the television market. All the rumors and the most beautiful fan design at a glance. Apple dispensed with his TV on a full HD display and offers the same to a 4K model it seems. According to "DigiTimes" Cupertino is working on an Ultra HD device called "iTV" at a resolution of 3840x2160 pixels. But there are skeptics. Reasons are an ultra-high-definition TV would be very expensive and not a product that the consumer exchanges quickly with a new model generation. The company is thrives on but that customers always buy new equipment.

Even in Steve Jobs biography reveals the Apple CEO in an interview with Walter Isaacson, that he has become intensely concerned about a television. How far the work had progressed in Cupertino to a TV set, but Jobs did not reveal. It then regularly circulated about the alleged new Apple TV. The name Apple TV is, however, already tied to the set-top box, which for years provides television channels with an iOS-like interface; access to iTunes has and brings content from the iPhone and iPad on the big screen. In Britain, a channel called iTV radiates from its program since 1955. Thus the two popular names for Apple's television are already occupied. So it's exciting to what name at the end and the choice is.

The predictions concerning the size of the Apple TV's vary between 30, 42 and 50 inches - with more than just a screen size to start are possible. A retina display size that would still priceless. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently referred OLED as insufficient, so it will be interesting, the technology for which Apple chooses. With the iMac and the Thunderbolt display Apple has screens on offer, which could be modeled on the design of a television. Alternatively, there is also an orientation on iPad mini or a completely different appearance. So far, however, only curiosity raged outside Cupertino and waiting for them to publish their designs for the iTV. From the company headquarters, there has been no evidence for this yet.

Movies, series and music and more already sell through its iTunes store. A basic listing is thus available, but on a TV of course also includes the classic television. In addition, there will certainly be apps for the small screen and possibly Apple uses this opportunity to also introduce the iTunes Store flat rate offers. With the surface of the set-top box Apple TV Apple has been trying for several years in practice, such as a TV remote control. The user interface of the iTV will indeed guided by the appearance of the Apple TV software, but will certainly be changed by Apple and yet to clarify them.

A television of course Apple can go wireless or cable network online. In addition, probably a ThunderBolt port is available, the Apple used on all computers. To USB ports and there is no way a TV needs logically an antenna input. Exciting is the question of whether Tim Cook and his team believe that external devices may provide via HDMI, DVI or VGA video signals, or whether they consider unnecessary. There is so far no one really sure. According to the predictions of some experts, it would have been the end of 2012 Apple TV is able to buy. Currently, the fall is 2013 as the earliest release date, said an announcement would be considered as early as March. Surely this is long but not yet. Apple may wait even two or three years to present a perfect device with affordable Retina display.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Is the Apple TV soon be available?

The rumors and growing evidence assures that Apple TV could soon be in stores and they will revolutionize the market soon. The late Steve Jobs mentioned a TV that could be produced by Apple - with a completely new operating concept. The current Apple CEO Tim Cook in his first TV interview also touched the issue and called the idea "very interesting".

Now there is finally a concrete Note: Thus the "Wall Street Journal" reported today that the U.S. group known several drafts of an Apple TV with Asian suppliers. The newspaper claims to have learned the details from well-informed people, it should be specifically at supplier companies’ act to Foxconn and Sharp. However, the informants should have limited that it is not an official project yet handle Apple and the TV is located in an early testing phase. A possible start date not mentioned.

Back in November, analyst Gene Munster had conjectured by the financial firm Piper Jaffray, an Apple TV could come to the market in 2013 end. Given the now leaked information such earlier date is not very likely. Other evidences suggest that Apple is preparing for an upcoming TV.

So shall the Internet Box "Apple TV" according to media reports soon get a software update, which allows the connection of wireless keyboards and other Bluetooth devices may be possible.

So far, the "Apple TV" is only the bringing together of the iPad, iPhone, Mac and TV. Additionally, iTunes can play media from the net. Maybe the software update is already a preparation for such a TV that takes advantage of the "Apple TV" and even better in the "Apple TV" is already integrated. Still, the group wrapped while in silence, but the report by the Wall Street Journal makes the doubts are getting smaller. Earlier, some experts have claimed to have seen the first prototypes of the "miracle" TV.

It was suggested to the Apple TV with a completely new gesture control the market a new impetus. Maybe we enable our TV so soon with a wave or shouts and it automatically switches to our favorite program?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rumor: Apple in talks with U.S. channels

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple has opened negotiations with the largest U.S. cable operators. The objective is clear: to convince them to add their content to the Apple TV, or even a future television lettuce.

These players are a must in the United States. They provide the most watched programs and also fund the successful series. If Apple wants to release a solid offer TV, the company must provide users with direct access to these channels, but also they offer programs on demand.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Apple TV has to invent

The rumor of a television hit the apple might be the rumor of the coming months / years, much like that of the iPhone during the previous decade. If the first Apple phone was launched in 2007, the first rumors from 2001. It is obvious that Apple is working on such a subject for years. This is a market too large and too strategic to the Apple brand remains away.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A new iPad eye on the Mac

Two years after its introduction, the iPad still has no serious competition - no one can claim to rival the 15 million tablets Apple sold last quarter. The Cupertino for not resting on its laurels, and introduced a refreshed Apple TV.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Revolution of the PAF

The rumor of an Apple TV as, half confirmed by Steve Jobs himself, is constantly talking to her. The planets will align them-for a new warning shot in the style of Cupertino?

An impregnable fortress

So far television as such was under the rule of cable operators: real gatekeepers of access to content, they do not intend to let disintermediation easily, and Apple has been busy for the Apple TV pay to be enthroned on the side of free set-top boxes and delivered by cable operators, which has earned its status as "hobby".