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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

icloud Preview is open, and finally if you have a developer account at least. Preview the new images.  The site provides access to webmail, calendar and address book online to all who have an account icloud. If you have a MobileMe account, you will have to transfer the data to icloud, but the link is idle. We note in passing the use of pop-up identical to those of IOS.

Behind the login screen, there are the traditional choices of application. There is Mail, Address Book, Calendar, Find My iPhone and a newcomer with iWork. As expected, the iDisk has disappeared, as well as the MobileMe galleries.  All web applications have been updated with each time an alignment IOS versions. Mail Webmail is similar to the iPad, the Address Book Contacts on iPad, the Calendar to iCal. The rendering is really excellent and is very close to native applications. 

The tab does iWork is currently only highlight the integration of the three applications icloud IOS. We assume that we can then access documents stored on the cloud from the Apple interface. is wide open to all modern browsers: the site works on Safari course of Chrome that uses the same rendering engine, but on Firefox, Internet Explorer. An error message appears with Opera 11.50, but the site is still accessible. The animations are still largely reserved for Safari ... Not surprisingly, JavaScript is essential for the proper functioning of the site as not fail to explain an error message if you try to use without We should not imagine not feeding icloud: You must accept cookies to access the site.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

iGeneration iPad 1.0.1 is Available

An update of iGeneration iPad (1.0.1 ) is available for free download on the App Store. It brings bug fixes.

- External links displayed a blank page.
- Panel A does not miss / Favorites cannot be retracted if they were firing on the panel containing the list of items.
- In the browser websites: Repositioning the navigation arrows and added a refresh button.
- In the menu of sharing: adding a command to open the article in Safari Mobile.
- The line breaks were not included in the comments.
- Some very long url overflowed windows comment.
- Pinching to zoom did not work in external web pages.
- There were some bugs in the menu and shared with Twitter.
- Small corrections have been brought into operation the input panel comments.
- The Easter egg was discovered, it was removed.

In future update the display of quotes on the homepage which are sometimes truncated will be corrected. An updated version of the iPhone with several functional improvements is still under development.