Friday, December 21, 2012

Is the Apple TV soon be available?

The rumors and growing evidence assures that Apple TV could soon be in stores and they will revolutionize the market soon. The late Steve Jobs mentioned a TV that could be produced by Apple - with a completely new operating concept. The current Apple CEO Tim Cook in his first TV interview also touched the issue and called the idea "very interesting".

Now there is finally a concrete Note: Thus the "Wall Street Journal" reported today that the U.S. group known several drafts of an Apple TV with Asian suppliers. The newspaper claims to have learned the details from well-informed people, it should be specifically at supplier companies’ act to Foxconn and Sharp. However, the informants should have limited that it is not an official project yet handle Apple and the TV is located in an early testing phase. A possible start date not mentioned.

Back in November, analyst Gene Munster had conjectured by the financial firm Piper Jaffray, an Apple TV could come to the market in 2013 end. Given the now leaked information such earlier date is not very likely. Other evidences suggest that Apple is preparing for an upcoming TV.

So shall the Internet Box "Apple TV" according to media reports soon get a software update, which allows the connection of wireless keyboards and other Bluetooth devices may be possible.

So far, the "Apple TV" is only the bringing together of the iPad, iPhone, Mac and TV. Additionally, iTunes can play media from the net. Maybe the software update is already a preparation for such a TV that takes advantage of the "Apple TV" and even better in the "Apple TV" is already integrated. Still, the group wrapped while in silence, but the report by the Wall Street Journal makes the doubts are getting smaller. Earlier, some experts have claimed to have seen the first prototypes of the "miracle" TV.

It was suggested to the Apple TV with a completely new gesture control the market a new impetus. Maybe we enable our TV so soon with a wave or shouts and it automatically switches to our favorite program?

Google Maps Available On iPhone Again

Three months after the banishment of Google Maps from the operating system for iPhone and iPad (iOS6) the search giant is back with its own maps app on the Apple devices. Google provides its new Map App for free today in 29 different languages in the iTunes Store, including in German.

In contrast to the old Google Maps, the new cards will no longer be displayed as a heavyweight bitmap graphics, but as slim vector graphics that can be loaded on the road much faster. Significant improvement was also the integration of road panorama service Google Street View and Google's gigantic database of location information, where, for example, restaurants, or attractions are described and evaluated.

Users can now get navigation suggestions for the trip by car and public transport as well as for going on foot. Two features that have been implemented on android missing, but in the iOS version: So you can start on the Apple devices on Google Maps searches or navigation with voice input. You can also save any maps for offline use.

Monday, December 17, 2012

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