Monday, August 15, 2011

GPS: Navigon MobileNavigator Premium CoPilot Live - I

In terms of interface, the different software we tested alternate good and less good. Those who were already present in our previous comparison in 2009 have changed little. This is probably the application that is most faithful to the spirit IOS. Its interface is clear and simple, and unlike others, it is not lost in the various sub-menus. Less polished, that of Navigon's not too bad either. There are just screen "Other" which is a little search and in which we tend to get lost quickly. The interface was one of the weaknesses of the previous version of CoPilot. With this version, the publisher tried to upgrade its two competitors. Clearly, there is better, although it is difficult to understand choices.

Thus, the address book does not have a native display. However, the search mode proposed by CoPilot is less effective: there is no small letters on the side of the screen that should allow a direct tap to display all names beginning with a certain letter ...
But on certain points, CoPilot has nothing to envy to its competitors. It is probably he who shows the best cards with management very interesting points of interest (POI) that appear only when the vehicle speed is reduced.
Mappy, meanwhile, is a small catastrophe. It's about a concentrate of everything not to do in an application IOS. It's like having to do with software designed for platform mobile phone from another time: a management "borked" the multi-touch, keyboard coarse, hideous icons ...
Quite simply hide the top bar and show the screenshot to a friend ... If it does not use Mappy, there is very little chance that you that this software is running IOS. So, admittedly Mappy is sold cheaper than its competitors, but that's no reason to rush the job ...

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